Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Jays are disappointing. Ugh.

I love love love Beyoncé's Lemonade and can't wait until the Formation tour comes to town.

Sadly, I've had a lot of friends lose loved ones in the past couple weeks.  :(

That's about it these days.

Monday, April 18, 2016

If you need me, I'll be under a pile of lab reports.

It's report card season!  Aka one of my four least favourite times of the year.

When the report card deadline nears, my procrastination skills skyrocket. I had three good chunks of downtime this weekend that I could have used to tackle the 13 sets of lab reports that I've let pile up during the first half of this semester, but instead I used them for sleeping, watching baseball, going to the gym, going for a walk, getting myself a better internet plan, getting into meaningless arguments about sports I don't follow, and reading an entire detective novel in one sitting.

This evening, the time for procrastination was over, so I spent over an hour shooting the shit with friends at work.  I got a ride home most of the way home with one of them, and then walked a few blocks home in the beautiful weather.

I passed by my local pub and noticed the Raptors game was on.  I really wanted to watch because I have a vested interest in the game.  Remember how I mentioned meaningless arguments about sports I don't follow?  One of my baseball friends called the Raptors garbage in our Jays WhatsApp chat, and I got mad about it and the resolution was that if they make it into round 2 of the playoffs, he pies himself in the face on video, and if they don't, I pie myself in the face on video.

I decided to grab a beer and a burger, and claim a table for marking.  I got three sets done!  And the Raptors won. Now I'm only three Raptors wins away from not getting pied, and 9 sets of marking away from getting caught up.  Woo-hoo!

Monday, April 11, 2016

I was saying Boo-tista.

It was Opening Weekend here in Toronto, so you know that my weekend revolved around baseball.

Friday was the Home Opener; my third in a row, and the fifth in a row that the Jays lost.  As far as HOs go, it was pretty fun despite the loss.  The game started with a ceremony where Josh Donaldson received his American League MVP award, and then he went on to hit a grand slam.  After the slam, the game was great for awhile.  I felt relaxed and confident.  The Jays were 5 runs ahead.  Just the kind of game I like.  Well then the awful Red Sox got their own grand slam (hit by a less valuable player) and then they actually went ahead to win the game.  Oh well, I had moments of fun at least and I got a blue rally towel and a 2016 schedule magnet, so B+ HO overall.

I watched the game from home on Saturday and quite enjoyed the beginning of it when Joey Bats hit two home runs in a row.  But then stupid Boston blah blah blah and I got disgusted and turned it off.

I had tickets again for Sunday's game.  The giveaway was a souvenir 2015 AL East Champions pennant that I wanted.  I got to the game early with some of my friends and had a really great day at the ball park.  The Jays finally won.  Marco Estrada pitched a gem of a game and Donaldson brought the rain again.

One of the main reasons why baseball is so fun is that I really love my baseball crew.  My good pal Mathew, my friend Vic and I are on our third season of flex passes.  This year my friend Vern bought in too and sits with us.  Mathew always gets a spare pass, so there's a rotating bunch of people who are the fifth of the group.  My friend Elisa and a friend of hers also got flex passes, and it looks like they chose many of the same games as we did.  So far, they've always been sitting on section over and one row up so we can wave to each other.

I also love our random baseball in-jokes.  Last season, Mathew was griping at Jose Bautista saying "what has that guy done for us lately?" to which I replied "He hit two home runs yesterday!!!" And Mathew replied "Well what has he done today?" Now whenever Bautista does something amazing (like the bat flip in game 5 of the ALDS), I heckle Mathew with a "what has he done lately?"

Another favourite in-joke is that somehow along the way, inspired by our love of baseball and the Simpsons, we sometimes say "I was saying Boo-tista" when the crowd is booing.  Now Bootista is our nickname for Joey Bats and my phone recognizes the word Boostista before Bautista.

Anyway, the point of this is that I'm glad baseball games are back for the excitement, and for the laughs.  But not for the losses, hey there Blue Jays, let's minimize those.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

It's baseball season!!!

Right now I'm watching the Jays' third game of the season.  They won the first two, and currently the score is 2 - 1 in their favour.  There are 162 games in a season, so there is a long way to go and tougher teams to face (we are playing Tampa Bay) but hey, I like this season so far!

Watching baseball on TV soothes me so much.  (Even though it works me up sometimes.) There's nothing better than making it a day at work, and then a tough workout at the gym, and coming home to a Jays game.

I hope to become more productive during my baseball watching.  I could be marking or doing some crafts but right now I'm just happy watching the game and messaging my baseball pals.  At least I got in a small blog post, right?  Now back to this at bat.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vacation buzz fading... fading...

Day 2 of back to reality is in the books.  Man, I didn't want to come home so hard.  Who knew that I have natural skills in the area of luxury tropical vacationing???

Yesterday while sitting at my desk planning lessons and reaching into my lunch bag for lunch (i.e. random foodstuffs I had at home) all I could think was how much I missed having a lunch buffet, and man, would a lunchtime beer be grand.

Okay, I'll stop whining and summarize with the fact that my vacation was fun, relaxing, fun, fun, and more relaxing.  I loved it.  Man, I'm lucky to be able to do such things.

Oh, and on the Boris/Helga front, we saw them many more times over the course of the week.  They were even on our flight home.  Everything we saw them, Helga was wearing her perma-frown and Boris was on his phone.  They clearly do not have my level of vacationing skills.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tales from the Tropics.

I woke up on Monday to pouring rain.  For some odd reason I was wide awake at 7:30 am, so I made a pot of coffee and drank it on my balcony while watching the rain and listening to the sounds of assorted tropical creatures.

My vacation buddy Nadine messaged me from next door sounding quite dejected about the rain.  However, I could see blue sky peeking out from behind the clouds.  I took a picture and sent it to hee with the message "it's going to clear up".

I was right, and the day ended with me looking like a sunburned lobster.  (My beach skills are awful.)


Yesterday we went for lunch at the snack bar near the privat beach.  It was busy, but we scored a table.  As we started to dig in, an older couple (whom we have now named Helga and Boris... I'm sure they had names of their own but we didn't care to ask) asked if they could join us as there were no free tables left.

Being that we are polite Canadians, we said yes.  Turned out they were Canadians too.  After the waiter asked Helga if she'd like a drink, she commented to us "why do they always assume that you want a drink here?? Don't they know that you can be healthy like us and just drink water?" Nadine and I exchanged glances.  I guess Helga didn't get the memo that people were on vacation and might want to let loose a little.

We chatted with them, and as they told us about some resort they once stayed at which was better than this one, they begrudgingly accepted that this resort was okay, but then started harping on the fact that the wifi connection is a little slow and spotty.

Boris started going on about how he purchased a $10-a-day travel plan so that he could make his important business calls on vacation.  Helga mentioned "I'm a teacher and not having reliable internet here is difficult for me.  I sometimes get ideas for lessons and want to work on them right away."

I kept my mouth shut and Nadine looked at me.  There was an unspoken agreement that we would not bring up that we are the kinds of teachers who go on vacation during March Break and do not think about our lesson plans.

Luckily at that point we were done eating and excused ourselves and headed to the beach.  However from our encounter with Helga and Boris we have a fun running vacation joke where every so often one of us will exclaim "I have an idea for a lesson plan but I don't have access to the Internet, what do I do?" To which the other person will reply "how will I make my important business calls?"


I have a well-developed silly side.  I don't even need to be drinking for it to come out.  This evening I didn't drink at dinner, and then afterwards we went for a walk on the dark deserted beach.  It ended up with me taunting the ocean, and the ocean getting my shorts wet in return.  (Don't ask... I was kind of re-enacting an episode of the Osbournes... remember that reality TV gem??)

We decided to head up to the lobby bar to get a drink after Nadine assured me since my shorts were dark, no one would notice that they were wet from taunting the ocean.  As we were walking inside, a woman stopped me and asked me if my name was Chrissy.  She thought that she had gone to
elementary school with me.  (For some reason I decided I wanted to be called Christy in grade 5, however most family members still call me Chrissy.)

Turned out we had, and she had seen me on the beach earlier in the day and was trying to place me.  I would not have recognized her, but if there's one thing I've heard, it's that I look exactly the same as I did as a kid.

We had a nice conversation and reminisced about people from back in the day. And it turns out she is a teacher too.  However, thinking about childhood and growing up sometimes leaves one unsettled.  One thing I am glad of, is that I'm still good friends with one person from elementary school, my friend Mel.  It's nice to have someone who's known you through it all.

Oh, but the funniest part was that I had that convo in wet shorts.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Made it to tropical paradise.

It was sunny for our 40 km car ride as well as our choppy 5 min ferry ride to our island resort off the cost of Samana, DR.

There were intermittent showers for the rest of the aft/evening but that was ok. Warm rain is the least of my worries.

The resort is rather luxurious. This will be a different sort of vacation for me. Usually I am go go go on a trip but this one will be relax relax relax.

I am currently tipsy on a lemony-gin drink called a white lady. I feel like a cliche.

More later.