Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I tried to focus my attention, but I feel so A-D-D.

Well, I'm another day closer to the weekend.

Actually, I can't complain. I had a pretty good day today. My often troublesome period 4 class of jokers almost gave my assistant and I a stomachache from laughter. We were doing a little experiment in class today which required me to cut an apple into slices and put the slices in different liquids to see which was the best preservative. Anyway, as I was cutting the apple, I was talking and I think I started to gesture with the knife (just an everyday bread knife from home - not sharp at all!) and one of the kids was like "Whoa! She's got a knife! We'd better be good today!" and then they were all quiet, except for me and my assistant who started to crack up.

Tonight I was productive and got some cleaning done and had some ice cream with my roommate as we watched a bit of Desparate Housewives. Here's my sad ice cream story. When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, they had Ben and Jerry's ice cream on sale so I bought some. Well, I decided to be healthy and get yogurt instead of ice cream. Unfortunately, they only had what I though was vanilla yogurt but I decided to be good and get that. Well, I got it home and noticed it was not yogurt like I thought, but vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is soooooooo boring! What's the point? I cheated myself out of a fun flavour and I'm still be unhealthy. Flibberty-jibbet!

Lastly, I snapped a pic of my new iPod case. Here it is:

Monday, September 26, 2005

Wake me up when September ends...

...although it is coming quickly to an end... I resolved that I'd have to give that title to a post in September, and honestly, I thought I'd be thinking that much sooner than this. Even though September has really been too busy for me to complain too much.

Anyhow, the rest of my weekend was good. Saturday was busy. After getting to bed at much past 3 am, I met up with TB and FF for brunch. Then FF and I went shopping on Queen St. where I bought a new purse and a new iPod case! It's black and has sparkly silver stars on it. I'll take a pic tomorrow and post it... Then we met up with a friend from Stratford who was in town and did some more shopping at the Eaton Centre. I got home at about 8 pm and I was absolutely exhausted. I could barely stay awake while watching Desparate Housewives DVDs that evening.

On Sunday, I went to the "Word on the Street" book festival at Queen's Park. This is actually the first year that I've attended. It's super cool - goodness knows why I've always missed it. I got three books for my dad for Christmas, a bag of Canadian fiction for $5 and some super cool subway station buttons from a magazine (spacing.ca I think). I got one for TB and three for me (one work, one home and one for the Christie subway station, which I think has the best subway station name of them all). I'll take a pic of those too and post later. Oh and I also saw Jack Layton milling about. He was carrying a thermos of coffee. Hmmm, is my blog quickly become a source of political gossip? Perhaps!

Today was a pretty good day. No dramas. My period 4 class are still quite the bunch. Even though I think they may be raising my blood pressure and turning some of my hair gray, I must say they're growing on me. They're a bit funny. Although I often have to be careful not to crack a smile lest they see that as a sign of weakness.

I ended up staying at school pretty late today prepping my emergency lesson plans so I wouldn't get in trouble from the VP.

This evening I came home and watched more Desparate Housewives. Last week I bought season 1 on DVD and my roommate and I are totally hooked. TB came by later in the evening. Our plan was to read at a coffee shop (an old tradition) but we just ended up chatting the whole time.

Well, I think I'll watch one more episode of Desparate Housewives then hit the hay.

Edit - Here's a picture of the entire subway button collection. Click here to enlarge it and see if you can find Christie station (which I pass through everyday on my way to work!) By the way, they are missing the new and rather useless Sheppard subway line. Bet people hardly notice. Although I must admit, I do require the Sheppard line for my trips to Ikea.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

They all split town and left me sitting with a bottle of wine...

Tonight TB and her roommates had a much-belated housewarming party. She moved in at the beginning of June, I believe. Anyway, it was a very well attended (at least 60 people!) wine and cheese gathering. Here's a crappy camera phone pic of the pile of shoes by the door, that actually extended down the stairs.

Anyway, I had a really good time. I got to see a lot of my Toronto friends who I really don't see that often. I find that I have the tendancy to just get caught up in the daily grind of work and life that I do not see my friends as often as I'd like. So yay for parties! Next week, the Ws (my friends who I helped move at the end of August) are having a house-warming party, so I'll be seeing a lot of the same people. It will be nice to have just a week go by between meetings instead of several months.

I'm hereby resolving to make more of an effort to get together with people. I want to throw a board game party sometime after Thanksgiving. That will be a good start.

Oh, in other news, my roommate is so freaking funny. She came along with me to the party. I guess she was only planning on staying 'til 10:30 and then meeting up with her bf. Well, she totally lost track of time and before she knew it, it was 12:00. She called him and he was well on his way back to the 'burbs. I guess he'd waited at the Starbucks near our apt. until it closed and then headed home. She said to me "I'm such a bad girlfriend. Christielli, make sure you never date me."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I swim with the fishes 'cuz the fish are alright... oh my my..

The title of my post is from the new Matt Good song "Big City Life" which I am so digging and listening to over and over again. Here's a picture from when we were snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. I decided to add this pic to today's post since it goes with the song and today I've been wishing I was back in Australia, most notably in tropical Queensland.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.

I spend about 40 minutes a day on the subway per day, as long as things are running smoothly. I'm not much of a subway reader, except for the entertainment/gossip pages of the Metro (Toronto's free commuter paper). Usually I spend my time listening to my iPod, dozing off, thinking and looking at ads.

So, I was happy today when the subway was stopped long enough at St. George station so I could snap a picture of the ad campaign by Global TV that makes me smile. Check out jogging Homer in the background!

And yay for JD for winning Rockstar!

Tonight Martha Stewart's Apprentice is starting. I'm a sucka for reality tv!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

L is such a loverly letter for words like licorice and lace...

A couple of nights ago I was bored and searching through iTunes for some new stuff. I came across a 2002 compilation by Nettwerk called "For the Kids". It has some fun stuff on it. I got "The Rainbow Connection" sung by Sarah McLachlan and "La la la la lemon" by the Barenaked Ladies. Does anyone remember that song from Sesame Street? It was a bit sung by Ernie and Bert. Hilarious. I love it.

So I've survived 2/5ths or 40% of my week. Now, 2 of my 3 classes are still really good but my 4th period class is quite the challenge. They were especially bad yesterday, so my assistant and I really came down hard on them today. Honestly! Can they not grow up? I hate having to be bitchy. Argh. Anyway, they were better today, so hopefully some bitchiness will train them and I can go back to being my sweet self.

I'm excited because the English dept. has decided to start a book club. I've always wanted to
join a book club! I think the goal is to read one book per semester (we're teachers so most of our time is spent marking, not reading...) and we're supposed to do one fiction and one non-fiction book. We're supposed to make some suggestions. Hmmm, I pretty much read everything that I want to, so I really can't think of something off the top of my head. I hope they don't pick something I've read before, I'd really like to read something new. Suggestions anyone?

(Aside - April, I'm reading "Shake Hands with the Devil" right now and finding it fascinating. Have you seen the documentary? My roomie's bf is going to lend it to me...)

In other news, tonight is the finale of Rockstar: INXS. I hope JD wins because he is Canadian and, let's face it, he's the edgiest of the three and therefore the most rock-and-roll. I'm pretty sure they'll pick Marty. I have a friend who says that Marty looks like a serial killer - I tend to agree. I'm still sad they offed Suzie though.

Before I watch that, I have other rock-n-roll business to attend to. In A Coma, Matthew Good's best-of collection, is out today. Apparently it's only $22.99 at FutureShop. Now, I do own pretty much every MG(B) CD (I think I'm missing one EP) so the collection isn't really necessary for me, but there are two new songs on it plus it comes with a second disc with acoustic reworkings of selected songs and some rarities PLUS a DVD with the collected music videos. I love when artists put out best-of collections that have enough candy to make it worthwhile for fans who already have the collected works.

So off I go to bask in the glow of commercialism!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

And I broke like a bad joke somebody's uncle told at a wedding reception in 1972...

Well, I've just returned from my cousin's wedding. Hence the wedding-related-song-quote-title of this post. It's from the Weakerthans song "Reconstruction Site" which is my very favourite song in the whole wide world. This luckily meant that I didn't have to rack my slightly wine-addled brain very much for a wedding-related-song-quote.

So, the wedding was very nice. My aunt from Stratford has been staying with me for a few days and I took the GO Train out to Mississauga for the wedding. My relatives from Ottawa were also at the wedding. My parents couldn't make it, so I was sort of sent as their representative. I don't even really know my cousin that well.

Anyway, I'm just sort of in a melancholy mood right now. Weddings always make me this way. I guess that's because I'm at the point in my life where get married is the next logical big step, since I've done the whole education thing, and now have the career that I want. But, I'm totally NOT ready to get married. Which works out okay, being as I really don't have anyone to marry at this point. I'm lucky that my family doesn't pressure me about my total lack of marriage inclination or prospects. I was totally expecting to hear some comment about me being the next in line to get married, since I'm the next oldest cousin. But I didn't. The worst I got was having to get up to catch the freaking bouquet. Whenever the bouquet is tossed, I always make sure I'm standing in some spot where the bride could never toss it. My 16 year old cousin did catch the garter however. So I guess the poor sucker's next. Ha! Hmmm, if said wedding occurs anytime soon, it would totally be a family scandal so at least I'll be amused.

Well, another reason for my melancholy could be that I haven't done anything very fun in awhile. I need to go out or something. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride has opened early here in Toronto at the Paramount Theatre, so I think I should go see it one night this week. And top it off with a round of martinis. That would be good.

Edit: I just thought of something funny that happened. I was talking to my 16 year-old cousin and grilling him about what kind of music he listened to (I always fear for my little cousins' musical souls). He asked me "Have you ever heard of Green Day?" I laughed so hard at the child. "Of course I have heard of Green Day," I said, "I've been listening to them since 1994!" Then I proceeded to give him a long lecture about how he'd better make sure he listens to albums as a whole because downloading has lessened people's appreciation of albums as a whole - which is a sad, sad thing.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Live through this and you won't look back.

I decided to quote a line from my most-listened-to-song (see previous post) for the title of this post.

Now I really really do love my job. In all honesty, I could never see myself doing anything else. But some days...

Today was picture day (pain in the ass), another teacher broke my desk in my classroom (don't ask), I had to give a kid detention for writing on a desk, two of our three photocopiers are down and my last period class were incorrigible. One of them banged her head on the wall while goofing off and I kicked another one out for throwing paper while the rest of them were overstimulated by the broken desk and the injury.

But, on the bright side... most of them are going to be away tomorrow for the Terry Fox run. They become so socially conscious when it means a day off school.

Thank God tomorrow's Friday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Evolution Schmevolution...

Wow, I can totally tell that summer vacation is over by my lack of posting. So far it's been a good start to the year but I'm soooooooo tired. It's been really hot too (30 degrees plus humidity today) so that sucks. I'm actually in a classroom with air conditioning but even it was boiling in the afternoon.

Anyway, I was so exhausted that came home a bit earlier and had a nap. Now I'm spending time getting reaquainted wtih my good friend television. I watched the American version of The Office, a bit of the final Cdn Idol and right now I'm watching what I think is the final episode of Tommy Lee Goes to College. That show makes me laugh. Poor Tommy's having trouble in chemistry. Now it's time for Rockstar. Go Cdns go!

So I don't have too much else to say, unless you want to hear about how I really need to be prepping a lesson on drawing Bohr diagrams of atoms.

On another note, one thing I really I love about my iPod is that keep track of how often you listen to songs. Here are my top 10 listened to songs:

1) Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars
2) Souvenirs - Christine Fellows
3) Sleeps with Butterflies - Tori Amos
4) Natural Disaster - Joel Plaskett
5) Every Day is a Holiday - Esthero
6) Mushaboom - Feist
7) Reunion - Stars
8) Lola Stars and Stripes - The Stills
9) All That I've Got - The Used
10) Agoraphobe - Matthew Good and Ryan Dahle

I can't believe that I've listen to that Used song that much. That's the only song of their I know. Their lead singer kind of grosses me out from when he was on The Osbournes.

p.s. Everyone in the world shoud be watching the Daily Show this week for their "Evolution Schmevolution" special!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Affection has two Fs, especially when you're dealing with me.

Week one of the 2005/2006 year is finito. It was a pretty good week. I can't complain. 2 out of 3 of my classes are really good and the third isn't so much. I've had worse though.

On Friday night, Sloan was playing Frosh Week at U of T. In 1998, when I was a frosh (oh God, I'm old) , The Killjoys played. Anyone remember "Today I Hate Everyone"? TB and I both decided to go to the show. It was on Back Campus and open to anyone who knew it was going on. We figured we were totally entitled to it after all of the $$ we've funnelled to U of T over the years. It was a really good show. Nothing's better than Sloan on a sunny day.

Of course, of course, of course I neglected to bring my camera but I did snap a couple shots with my phone. The first is a nifty juxtapostion of the stage with the UC Clock Tower in the background. You can kind of make out Chris Murphy in the second.

Anyway, today I slept in until noon. I needed it since I was averaging about 4 hours of sleep each night last week. My roommate has her bf's car today and she was nice enough to drive me to the grocery store. I dropped $100 on heavy stuff that I don't normally buy since I have to lug my groceries home.

TB came over this evening. My roommie baked a tasty dessert (it was kind of like a cake with plums in it) and we drank red wine and watched the Phantom of the Opera. I loved that musical when I was in grade 6 and my parents were nice enough to take me to Toronto that summer to see it. We went to the Eaton Centre and I was really impressed by its vastness. Little did I know that one day, the Eaton Centre would become "the mall" in the sentence "I'm going to the mall."

Well, tomorrow I've marking and planning to do. Oh, and I guess it's the season premiere of The Simpsons. Woo-hoo!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Skipping the TIFF

I used to live in the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival district. Every year at this time, I'd have to weave around long lines of Festival Patrons while trying to complete my daily errands. However, it was always very exciting since you'd never know when you'd see a famous person like Sarah Polley just passing by or Jason Biggs sitting by the window of a hotel bar.

Anyway, now that I've moved a bit north, I barely even know that the Film Fest is on. TB and I were thinking of taking in a flick this year and I spent about an hour looking for a good movie that had available tickets and would fit into our schedules. Lamentably, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride was sold out (no surprises). A lot of the big name movies were sold out or had tickets left for a weekday morning show. I was very excited to see that there were tickets available for a Saturday am showing of the new Wallace & Grommit moive, but it's for next Saturday when I have a cousin's wedding to go to. *sob*

There were a few questionable movies that we could have gotten tickets for, but $22 is a lot of money to spend on what could be a crappy movie. I've been burned by the Festival before. In 1998, I saw some Billy Baldwin movie that was the most pointless, confusing thing ever. It was called Shattered Glass and I doubt it was ever released. One of the movies sounded okay and had some stars in it, but then I read the phrase "alternate reality" in the synopsis. Warning bells for a far-too-cerebral-artsy-type film went off in my head.

So I think we're just going to have a drink in Yorkville and keep an eye out for celebrities and skip the movies this year.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day One

Well, I survived day one. I won't even say how many more there are, even though I know.

It was only a half day, which was sweet and then we had meeting in the afternoon.

It's nice to see all my colleagues again. Although it almost feels like I never left, and the last two months didn't even really exist.

My wrist is sore from helping poor little grade nines figure out how to work the locks for their lockers.

Right now I'm watching Rockstar and cheering for the Canadians. Then it's off to bed. I don't like this waking up at 6 am.

Remember how I complained that I didn't get Death Cab for Cutie tickets? Well, it was just announced today that Matt Good is playing the same night. So it worked out! Also, my pal told me that Jon Stewart is doing stand up at Massey Hall. I want to go! Tickets are kind of expensive so I don't know if I'll find someone to go with, so we'll see if I end up going...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Then Labour Day came and went and we shed what was left of our summer skin.

The title of my post is from the song "Summer Skin" from the new Death Cab For Cutie CD. Did I mention I love that CD?

Anyway, it's quite aproppriate, since Labour Day is almost over. And it was a pretty good one. For the second year in a row, TB and I attended Beachfest down at Sunnyside Park. This year we had our good friend ML in tow, which was great, since I haven't seen him in forever and a day.

Last year we went mainly to see Hawklsey Workman and ended up catching some Canadian Idol finalists and took off after that because the last band was The Calling, which none of us had a calling to see (insert groan here).

This year the line-up kicked ass! Sarah Slean, K-OS, Ron Sexsmith, Stephen Page of BNL, David Usher, Kathleen Edwards, Tom Cochrane and Blue Rodeo! Did I mention it was *free*?!? Now, unfortunately we missed K-OS because the website said he was on at 1:40 but then they switched it 12:45. Anyway, let's never speak of that again. Also, we didn't catch Sarah Slean because she was too early. We'd have to leave before noon to see her, and that was too early for all of us - ye gods, how am I going to survive going back to work?

Anyway, it was such a good concert and the weather was great. It wasn't too hot (like last year). We also had a really great spot (last year we were really far back.) Everyone was great and Blue Rodeo was fun because they had Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Slean, Kathleen Edwards, Tom Cochrane and Stephen Page come up and sing along with them. I love that.

The other thing I like about Beachfest is that the airshow is going at the same time, so you get to enjoy the music while watching the Snowbirds. Kathleen Edwards was the (un)lucky performer who got to play during the airshow; she was great - she said that she was happy just being their background music and joked that the guys in the sky must have definitely graduated high school, whereas she'd just scraped by.

Poor David Usher! He had walked from his hotel to the park and got hit by a car on the way! But, the show must go on, and he put on a great show. ML pointed out that wouldn't it be funny if you were the person who hit David Usher; it would make great conversation every time a David Usher/Moist song was on.

Quote of the evening goes to ML. David Usher asked if people would prefer an up-tempo song or a slow song for his last and everyone was all for the up-tempo. He said "I guess you don't want to be intimate with me." ML yelled "I'll be intimate with you David!"

Well, that's my long rambling review of my afternoon. What a great way to end the summer. Oh, I of course neglected to bring my camera, so I snapped some pics with my phone. Here's an example. This one's Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, believe it or not. Honestly, why did I buy a digital camera when I leave it at home all the time? Welcome to my blog, home of crappy camera phone pics.

Well, that's it folks. Gotta get ready for work tomorrow.

p.s. I'm totally digging this mash-up of Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Eminem. Look on the right hand side of that page to download it.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

So why are you alone wasting your time when you could be with me wasting your time?

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the new Death Cab for Cutie CD? Good on them for making me happy after Transatlanticsm. I was in love with that CD and I was totally expecting their follow up to most likely disappoint me. But it hasn't! It's not as grand nor as sweeping as Transatlanticsm, but it's a fun little disc.

Anyway, I have been spending far too much time today reading articles about the situation in New Orleans. This one made me sad that I've never visited New Orleans (make sure you read reason #15). I read another article that described how so many people couldn't leave the city because they were living paycheque to paycheque and couldn't afford a way to get out. I wish I could remember where I read this article since it was very well done.

Make sure you read Michael Moore's letter to Bush if you haven't.

Well, this afternoon I went and got myself a new pair of shoes for school. I can't believe it starts on Tuesday. I really wanted to get a new pair of running shoes, but I figured since the kids have to wear black dress shoes with their uniforms, then maybe I should too. Then, when they try to get away with wearing running shoes, I can tell them that I'd like to wear running shoes too but out respect for them, I am not, so they'd better go get their proper shoes on their feet. So instead of getting fun black comfy runners, I got this fun chunky pair of black dress shoes. Here they are in all of their dress code glory.

Gets me frustrated...

I am very angry at myself. Today I went to run an errand, and I managed to lose my subway pass. Argh. It either fell out of my pocket or purse or wherever I'd put it. So I'll have to go buy another one tomorrow. I only hope that whoever finds it can use it and will benefit from it.

Anyway, that put me in a bad mood, so I've decided to cheer myself up by watching a tape of the Muppet Show that I have. I love the muppets. I just watched an episode with Peter Sellers. Last night I watched "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" which was all right, although I find biopics are never my favourite types of movies, since normally the protagonists aren't extremely likable. But, Geoffrey Rush was excellent in the role of Peter Sellers. Now I'm watching an episode with John Cleese and he's stretching poor Gonzo's arms out of shape.

One thing I was rather shocked at was that they had a little skit where Ms. Piggy was dressed in a wedding dress and was obviously pregnant and singing a song about how she was left at the altar. Then Kermit comes out and sings "I can't get to church to marry you today. My wife won't let me." It was funny but a little shocking. Can you imagine what the religious right would say about this today? They pick on the Teletubbies and SpongeBob for supposed homosexual references, so what would they say about inter-species -pre-martial-adulterous sex resulting in an illegitimate pregnancy? Good thing this was safely aired in the simpler days of the 1970s.

I love the old critics on the Muppet Show. My pal TB and I have decided we're going to be roommates in the nursing home and totally act like these guys. They're also my calendar boys for September (I have a Muppet Show calendar).

On another note, I just read about how Kanye West blasted George W. Bush's "response" to the hurricane. A poignant quote from West: "I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, they say they're looting; you see a white family, it says they're looking for food." Here is an article claiming that our dear friend Bill O. at Fox News has been doing the same thing. Another interesting thing is that the Rev. Jesse Jackson has been saying the same thing about the response to the hurricane, but as always, statements from celebrities will always garner more attention than from prominent community leaders.

Well, as my friends the Muppet critics just said, "See you next time - unless I break a leg! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!"

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Which one of these things doesn't belong?

Let's play a very fun game of match the website headline to the news organization!

Here are yesterday's morning headlines from the websites of MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN:

"Where's the Help?"

"The Agony Goes On"

"Personal Attention"

Can you match the headlines to the networks? Betcha can't guess which one is Fox! For the answers, click here.

(Found this at Antonia Zerbisias' blog. She's the media critic for the Toronto Star. She's great; she actually went on Bill O'Reilley's show and showed him a thing or two.)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Those sneaky devils at Apple are so good at marketing...

There are currently several subway cars painted with iPod ads. I was bored while waiting for my train today so I snapped this picture.

A certain cable company be damned!

So, I spent most of my last official day of summer vacation by first sleeping in and then just lounging about reading a lot of news articles online.

I was quite dismayed when I turned on the TV this afternoon to find a bunch of channels missing. When I'd first gotten cable, I'd called the cable company and asked them if there was any way I could avoid paying the $75 installation fee. Turned out that I could sign up for digital cable for free for the first month, and then downgrade afterwards. So, we did that and after that month (or was it two?) of having far too many channels, we downgraded to basic cable, since neither of us really spends that much time watching TV (I just require the Daily Show, Simpsons reruns and a good dose of cheesy reality shows - all available via basic cable). Anyhow, after I'd switched to basic cable, we still got about 6o channels! Sweet! And I was being charged for basic cable, so there were no complaints from me.

Well, I guess the so-called jig is up. I feared this day would come. I'm actually finding myself missing CNN (good background noise since the CBC is on strike), MuchMoreMusic and Showcase, since the subway has been full of ads for cool shows on that channel. Oh, and I'll miss the Comedy Network since they show the Daily Show at 11 pm versus CTV's 12:05 am.

So, if that wasn't enough hassle from that company (how dare they take away something that I didn't deserve anyway?), I went to the video store chain that they own to rent a movie and they claimed I had a late fee of $20 for a movie called "Lost in La Mancha"! Has anyone heard of that movie??? I don't even know if such a movie exists and I know for sure I didn't rent it. Anyhow, I had to argue with the poor cashier, who seemed pretty new to the job, but finally one of her co-workers told her to wipe the fee off of my account.

(Edit: I just googled "Lost in La Mancha", it does exist but it definitely is not something I'd rent!)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Unnatural Disaster

Normally, I'd be posting about the trivial events of my day, like how I got my hair cut for back to school and that I went to a Blue Jays game in the evening (they lost).

But, I've just been reading up on the effects of Hurricane Katrina in the Southern US and I just can't be bothered to write about those non-entities.

I found it unbelievable a few days ago that New Orelans had to be evacuated.

I found it unbelievable that thousands of people had to camp out in the Superdome.

I can't describe what I feel when reading sentences like: "He described scenes of lawlessness and desperation, with people simply dragging corpses into corners." Or: " 'They have quite a few people running around here with guns,' he said. 'You got these young teenage boys running around up here raping these girls.' " (Both of these come from a CNN article.)

I looked through some other blogs to see what others are saying. I think April's post today was excellent. Here is an interesting post from Matthew Good.

I'm beyond sad to watch how this tragedy is unfolding. I can't believe that there wasn't better preparation put in place for this hurricane that was ample warning about. There's nothing more I can really say.