Monday, October 31, 2005


Yeah, I know I suck at not posting pictures of myself.

See, when I started my blog, I wanted to go totally anonymously because then I could just write what the heck I wanted to about my life, my friends and my work. I just didn't want anyone to read it and find out that it was me. Not that I think that would happen, but I do have incredibly bad luck at such things.

At one point, I thought "screw it, I need to post a picture of myself so my wonderful blog friends can see what the heck I look like" and I did post a picture for all of two hours but then my nagging brain was like "No, you wanted an anonymous-y blog. Stick with the plan," and I took it off.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the whole posting pictures thing and I still don't think I want to, but I will e-mail some pictures to "loyal readers". Yeesh, maybe one day I'll make up my mind whether to post pictures of myself regularly. I'm so freaking indecisive about too many things. Hence, I still have the bloody temporary title for my blog that I just typed in waaaay back in March when I started the thing.

Long story short - requests for pictures will be obliged.

Happy Halloween!

Well, frankly, I'm just sitting here dreading the inevitability of having to deal with teenagers with far too much sugar in their bloodstreams tomorrow. Now that's scary.

I totally stole Aaron's Halloween "costume" suggestion of saying that I'm dressed up as my evil twin. In my first period class, one student asked me where my costume was and I said "I'm wearing it." And she was like "huh?" and I said "I'm my evil twin." That scared them because I was sitting at my desk trying not to laugh at them because they were saying "Oh my gosh, she's her evil twin. I bet she's going to be really mean today. Look, she's sitting there plotting. I'm scared. Oh no!"

Then I used the same joke on my notorious fourth period class who looked at me like I was insane and then I said "You're supposed to laugh at my jokes." Then they were like "Lame joke, Miss," and I gave them dirty looks. Then one girl said "Look, I think she's trying to be evil but she can't be evil. She the most un-evil teacher ever!"

So anyway, not only am I slightly mad at some of them for not believing that I can be evil, none of them noticed my new necklace! (I made it yesterday at the bead store.) Argh! Normally I always get compliments on my jewelry, and today I'm wearing a necklace I made myself, and nothing! Hmmph. Fs for the lot of them I say. Oh well, maybe they'll notice next time I wear it. I dyed my hair a darker shade last weekend and none of them mentioned it until Tuesday. When one kid said "nice hair Miss", I replied "Thanks. No one noticed it yesterday." Then the rest of them were like "No, we noticed! We did! We just forgot to say something."

Here's a picture of my necklace so you can all compliment me on it. ;)

So tonight TB is coming over and we are going to drink wine, eat candy and popcorn, and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and a Halloween Simpsons episode. I vote for the one with "The Shinning" and were Homer goes back in time ("I wish I wish I hadn't sat on that fish").

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Spring forward, fall back down...

I tell you, this must be my favourite day of the year! I got to sleep in this morning, yet still feel like I woke up pretty early. Sweet. This morning I went to Tim Horton's to get some blueberry bagels and a coffee. Anyway, when I got to my apartment door, there was decoration on the door that wasn't there when I left. It really threw me off. Then I noticed that I was standning in front of the door of the apartment two floors below me. I'm glad they had something on their door. If they hadn't, I would have been trying to put my key in their lock and they probably would have thought someone was trying to break in. And, if they'd come and opened the door, I would have screamed thinking that there were strange people in my apartment. Oh, I would have looked cool.

Yesterday I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Centre. Now, there wasn't a giant inflatable colon there (Could I have missed it?? How does one miss a giant inflatable colon?? ) but it was pretty cool none the less. My only complaint was that I should have gone on a weeknight instead of a weekend because it was very busy. Anyway, here's a picture of the skateboarder exhibit so you can get an idea of what the thing was like. No, the body was not a skateboarder in real life, but he gets to be one now.

Last night I decided I'd rent a bad horror movie (House of Wax - The only positive thing I can say is that Paris Hilton was killed), finally do my laundry and start knitting a scarf (Christmas present for a friend).

Since Halloween is tomorrow, I wanted to post a fun Halloween picture on my blog. In my last year of university, we took my friend A's aunt's cat into our apartment for the year. I still don't understand why. She was defnitely fun to have around - she was the grumpiest, most eccentric cat ever. Her real name was Patches, but we called her Cat a la Breakfast At Tiffany's since we figured Patches was a pretty wimpy name. Anyway, at Halloween TB and I carved a Jack-O-Latern of her at her grumpiest. Then we took a picture of her looking grumpy beside her grumpy pumpkin doppelganger.

Well, I should be going. I gotta meet TB and we're going to the bead store to make necklaces. Later non-corpse Skaters!

Friday, October 28, 2005

It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about have me some fun.

Yay! It's the weekend and a long weekend at that. Yes, I consider getting an extra hour a "long weekend". ;)

I haven't cemented any weekend plans yet. I should do something Halloween-y I suppose. There is a party I could go to tomorrow night but I dunno if I'll go.

One thing I hope I'll do this weekend is to go see Body Worlds at the Science Centre. I get to go free, since I'm a teacher, but my free pass is only valid until October 31st. This exhibition uses *real* bodies, so I figure going to see a bunch of dead bodies is rather Halloween-y, right?

And, if you read my last post, you'll know that I need to do laundry. I don't really hate doing laundry; I just hate organizing it and lugging it all the way from the 27th floor to the laundry room in the basement. I was gonna do it tonight, but now that I bought new socks I can procrastinate for another couple of days. My casual weekend clothes always seem to be clean; it's the work clothes that I'm always washing.

As I was leaving school today, I was putting my iPod headphones on and had my iPod in my hand. There were a couple of grade 12s who I passed by in the stairwell and the one kid said "Wow she has an iPod" when he thought I was out of earshot. Yeah, so I felt cool. ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!

ps I have a special fondness for the R. Kelly song I quoted *only* because Joel Plaskett sang it once when I saw him live. Fun covers make me smile.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wish I had just one pair of clean socks and a photo of you.

The title of my post is from a Weakerthans' song that I could relate to earlier today. I had to go buy some socks because all of mine are dirty (save a pair of super thermal ones and a couple of pairs of ankle-summer socks) and I don't feel like doing laundry tonight.

On my way home from the sock-buying I missed my subway stop for the first time ever. I was only going one stop (lazy, I know, but that's what a Metropass is for) and I was thinking and I didn't realize my stop had gone by until the doors shut. So, I got off at the next stop and had to switch platforms so I could catch the train back to my stop. The most pathetic thing was that I missed my stop when I was awake. I've never even missed on before when I was sleeping on the train; I always somehow magically wake up at the right time.

Hope ya'll have a fan-tas-tic Friday! TGI-freakin'-F!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well maybe I'm a little bit slow, or just consistently inconsistent...

I'm totally digging "Middle of Nowhere", the Hot Hot Heat song quoted above.

Speaking of being consistently inconsistent, my period 4 class were little angels today. Frankly, it scared me. I think their behaviour was due to the fact that I told them that I was planning to take them outside tomorrow to do an ecology lab, but if they screwed up today, there would be no ecology lab. And, they wouldn't get a second crack at going outside because they are re-sodding the field starting on Friday. So, maybe it was my threat, maybe it was the weather - I really don't know.

So, since they were good, I spent a good hour tonight constructing home-made anemometers to use in their little ecology lab. They measure wind-speed. Here they are:

I made the protractors myself. I got the little ping-pong balls at the dollar store from a set with a toy gun that shoots ping pong balls. So now I have two guns but all my ammo is used up.

Anyhow, thanks to all of my lovely commentors (commentators?) for consoling me over my silly sadness over not getting tickets to a concert that doesn't exist anyway.

Well, now I'm off to some crappy reality TV (Martha Stewart's Apprentice). Have a good night and a happy Thursday!

Monday, October 24, 2005


Well, I picked up the phone at 11 am sharp this morning to attempt to get the Sarah Harmer/Weakerthans tickets. After being on hold for 3 minutes, I found out that they are sold out. Why oh why would they have two of greatest acts around play in a measly 341-seat theatre?? I bet the only people who got tickets are people who know someone...

Anyhow, TB and myself have decided the only way to deal with this travesty is to deny the existence of the event. So, what concert? Huh? Nope, no such thing.

I did get my Ben Lee tickets today. So at leat I'm guaranteed one November concert and I know it'll be super fun.

Hmmm, not much other news. Tonight I plan to be slothful. Here's a picture of a sloth. I think they're nifty creatures.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Oh gee, I just wrote a whole post and it got lost. Somehow blogger got stuck on the publishing screen and kept saying 0% of my blog was published and now I'm mad.

Okay, I apparently did not lose said post because I tried publishing this one, and then the other one was there all safe and sound. Jeepers.

I'm still trying to post pictures though. Oh yay!!! Success!!

Okay, here's a neat series of pictures from when Ben was doing the song "Not the Same". At the end of the song, he conducts the crowd in the vocal harmonies at the end of the song. It's so fun and these three pictures totally capture his energy.

Too fun. Now I'd better publish fast before my stupid interent cuts out or some such calamity.

If it feels good do it, even if you shouldn't, don't let people mess you around.

Here's the post I thought I lost, all safe and sound:

Last night I almost got my dear friend TB evicted, or at least got her in trouble with her landlord.

We had decided that we'd just spend a low-key evening hanging out in her neighbourhood. It was so gross and cold and rainy out, so really there wasn't much else to do but go out for coffee and then hang out at her place.

Anyway, I'd made a copy of my new Ben Lee CD for TB to help pressure her to come along to the Ben Lee concert with me. My diabolical plan totally worked; she's so coming along on Nov. 6th. I'm soooo excited.

We then decided to look online to see if there were any other good concerts coming up. We checked the "Just Announced" listings in Now magazine. As we were scrolling down we both saw the same thing:

Sarah Harmer and The Weakerthans acoustic performance as part of the OnStage Series, Glenn Gould Studio (250 Front West), $30.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed really really loudly. Oooops. She lives right above her landlord, so screaming loudly at 10:30 pm probably wasn't a good idea but I could *not* help it. We had been bitching earlier about that the Weakerthans hadn't played Toronto since April, and it was getting time for them to show up here. Apparently, our prayers have been answered.

Or, they will be if I can get tickets. The box office opens on Monday at 11 am, which is totally convienent because that is when I have my prep period. So I'll call as soon at the clock hits 11 am. I read online that there are only 341 seats at this theatre; luckily, the details for this concert haven't been posted on either Sarah Harmer's or The Weakerthans' websites, so I think we'll have a good chance of getting them. Cross your fingers for me!

Anyhow, so I've got *hopefully* two concerts lined up for November which will make up for October which has so far been lamentably concert-free. There's also a Kathleen Edwards/Joel Plaskett show in November and I might try to pressure my roommate into going to that with me.

Since this post has turned totally into a concert post, I'll post some pictures from the Ben Folds concert I went to in August. (I just got them from TB whose friend had taken them at the concert. I, of course, neglected to bring my camera.) Anyway, we'll see if Blogger and my internet are both co-operative. My dumb connection keeps cutting out. Grr.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I wait in 4/4 time, count yellow highway lines...

I had a pretty good Wednesday. A lot of the kids in my period 1 class were away for a field trip, so they just studied for tomorrow's test while I got some marking done. My period 3 class was pretty well behaved. I laughed at one kid who remarked "I wish I was a teacher, then I wouldn't have any homework." I didn't see him staying 2 hours after school marking projects. I also sincerely doubt that he stayed up until midnight last night doing homework either. I stayed up late watching some rather old science videos about ecosystems, hoping that they'd be suitable for my crazy period 4 class. They actually were and even after they complained that the videos were too old, they seemed to enjoy them. They were about the food chain and endangered species, so there were lots of fun shots of animals. It was funny watching their reactions.

Anyhow, even though I did have a good day, I decided to do some shopping. My first stop was the dollar store, where I only really needed to buy scotch tape but I ended up getting some fun retro 70s stickers and insect stickers for work purposes. I always say I got into teaching because it's one of the few jobs where you can use stickers. My supply of cool science stickers is running low, so I figured these dollar store ones would tide me over until I can get my friend to take me to the Sandylion sticker warehouse in Markham where I will stock up. Even though my students think they're cool, I know they appreciate a nice sticker. Once I didn't put stickers on a quiz and one 17 year old boy in my period 4 class was like "Miss, where are the stickers?" It made me laugh.

Anyway, I also got a light up Snow White pen and a Finding Nemo notebook. They were oh so necessary for my quality of life.

Then I wandered over to Payless Shoes. I scored these cute shoes for $21 and the purse for $11.

Okay, since I'm posting pictures of things, here's a picture of a pin-on flower that I found on the ground in February. I was in Yorkville, the neighbourhood in Toronto with the most expensive stores, so I figure it's probably worth far more than I'd ever spend on an accessory. I get a lot of compliments on it. I wore it today.

Finally, here are a picture of some flowers that are in our dining room. On Monday night, I commented to my roommate "Wow! Such pretty flowers! Did you get them today?" and she replied, "No, I got them on Friday." How I went 4 days without noticing them, I don't understand!

On deck for this evening: some homework, some reading and some Martha Stewart: The Apprentice.

p.s. Stupid blogger. It took me for-freaking-ever to post my pictures because blogger was being uncooperative. Grrrrrrrrr...

Monday, October 17, 2005

You don't hear me on the radio, and that's the way I like it.

I was a bit bored on Saturday night, so I decided to wander down to a late-night CD store. I bought Ben Lee's latest CD. (Artwork above - is too girly for a guy's CD? Discuss...) I love it!!! I had seen Ben Lee open for Ben Folds back in August and I had enjoyed his set so much, that I'd considered buying his CD but hadn't gotten around to getting it. Well, that was totally silly because it is an awesome disc! I've been listening to it constantly, and it's got some fun catchy pop tunes that will totally improve anyone's day!

Speaking of that concert, a friend of TB's had gone to the concert with us and had taken some awesome pics. I, of course, had neglected to bring my camera. Anyway, on Sunday, she gave TB a CD with those pics, but I'll have to wait until the weekend to get it, because TB is away this week for work. Anyway, as soon I get those pics, you'd better believe I'll post them here!

After listening to Ben Lee's new CD several times, I wandered over to his website to check out his tour dates, and he's actually playing TO on November 8th!! I'm going to have to definitely go to that. On Saturday night, I played the CD as I played cards with my roommate and her friend, and they digged the Ben Lee CD so I might talk them into going with me.

Scarf update: finished it last night during Desperate Housewives! Christmas present #1 finito! Picture of finished product below. Next on the knitting agenda is a scarf for my friend Jol, and I can totally talk about it on here because she never reads my blog. However, before that, I have to finish my friend MC's birthday present from 2 years ago. Don't ask. Long story of person buying craft kit, getting 3/4s of it finished in a month and taking another 2 years to finish it. And, since I'm a big mouth, she has known about it almost the whole time. I had told her that I'd have it to her by this Thanksgiving for sure (her bday is Sept. 10th) but nope. Anyway, I'm not allowed to start another knitting project until this present is complete. I instructed my roommate to yell at me if she saw me starting a green scarf.

Well, that's enough babbling for now. I have work to do (lesson planning, blech, it never ends) and a book to read. I'm feeling the need for coffee so off to the Second Cup I may go. However, I must get half decaf at this hour...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paper Anniversary it occurs to me...

Today is exactly one year to the date that I moved into my apartment in Toronto. Before that I had spent 4 months living with my 'rents in Stratford after working in northwestern Ontario for a year. After that experience, I moved back to Stratford to figure out what to do next. I really didn't want to work in Stratford and then I heard through a couple of my old roommates that their former summer roommate was looking for a roommate in Toronto. I knew that deep down that I really did belong in back in Toronto where I had lived for 5 years while attending U of T. Or perhaps those post SARS-era Toronto commercials with the saying "You belong in Toronto" really sunk into my head. Either way, I ended up hooking up with my current roommate and we found a place. I moved in on October 15th and by sheer luck and good timing, I got a long-term occasional position at my school within two weeks of moving in. In May, I got a letter saying that I had a permanent position with my school board, and with more good luck, the fates aligned and there was an opening at the school I was already at. I was so happy to not have to move schools. Anyway, it's been a super profitable year considering I got a position so quickly and it turned into a permanent position so quickly as well. I totally took a risk moving back here and I'm so glad that I did.

Update: Check out the rainbow that was visible from my balcony this afternoon.

Friday, October 14, 2005

There's an eye in me soup.

Well, I finally saw "Tim Burton's Corspe Bride" tonight and I loved it loved it loved it! I think everyone in the whole wide world should go see this movie. I think one of my favourite characters was Victoria's father - pictured below and quoted in my title.

Scarf update: it's now longer than it was before I pulled it all out. I might work on it tonight.

I finished reading "A Million Little Pieces" earlier in the week. I really liked it.

I really don't have much on tap for the weekend. Perhaps tomorrow I'll clean a little bit and I will deal with the mountain of recycling that has accumulated underneath our kitchen sink and maybe go shopping. Argh. I must watch the shopping. It's my default activity for when I have time on my hands and I end up buying something. I feel like I haven't been shopping in forever but I did quite a bit when I was in Stratford last weekend. It's complete silliness I tell you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And smell the burning leaves in autumn driveways...

This post's title is taken from the song "Stop Joking Around" by my dear Hawksley Workman. He likes autumn and so do I. It's my favourite season. I even enjoy a gray fall day, just like today.

Anyway, here's a picture of the progress of the scarf I started to knit for my aunt.

No, I did not make a mistake and post an earlier picture of the scarf. Last night, while watching Gilmore Girls, I was trimming the wool from where I'd joined two balls together and the knot where I'd joined them had come undone. I'd just started on my third ball of yarn, so I thought it'd be no problem to pull out what I'd done and re-do the knot. Anyway, after I'd pulled out that work, I had to attempt to get my stitches back on the needle. Not so easy with the super fuzzy wool that I'm using. I just got frustrated and pulled out the whole damn thing and started over. I knew that I'd end up dropping and a stitch and making a hole... The perfectionist inside of me just wanted to start over. Anyway, I've learned to be more careful about joining new wool.

Argh. Isn't it ironic when the things we do to relax end up really stressing us out?

Oh, but I do still quite adore knitting and I'm looking forward to re-knitting my scarf while watching "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" tonight.

By the way, my fondness for knitting is pretty much my only flair of domesticity. I hate cooking. Once I finish this post, I intend to go microwave myself a nice dinner.

Yay! The week is half over. Tonight's homework is to start writing a test for one of my grade 9 classes. Tomorrow, my dear period 4 grade 10 class will have a unit test. So, I'm sure they'd appreciate any prayers you could throw their way at 1:40 EST. They need it, since they never crack open their books at home. The way most of the students at my school work is that they bomb quizzes/tests/assignments in the first few weeks of school, then all have nervous breakdowns when midterm marks come out and cry and beg teachers for second chances. So at least I have that to look forward to, and I'll try not to be too smug and say "I told you to study for your chemistry test" when they come crying to me.

Last night TB and I went to see Wallace & Grommit's "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". It was hilarious. We used to watch the old Wallace & Grommit shorts as stress-relievers in university. I think my favourite part of the movie was when the villian mistook a black rabbit for his toupee and walked away wearing the rabbit on his head.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Long weekend over :(

*sigh* The only positive thing I can say about the end of a long weekend is at least it is the beginning of a short week.

My weekend in Stratford was really good. Here is a run-down of my activities:

a) Did some shopping. Went to Giant Tiger and stocked up on knitting supplies. Since fall is here, I feel like knitting again! Yay! I already started knitting a scarf out of super soft fuzzy wool for my aunt for Christmas. Here is my progress so far:

I also got a new book ("A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey) and read quite a bit of it.

b) Went out for dinner at Falstaff's with some friends. Had a horrible dining experience because:
- the first drink I ordered was tasteless, so I had to send it back;
- I requested a salad without onions and they brought me one with onions, so I had to send it back;
- the second salad they brought me still had onions so I broke down and picked them out;
- after the meal, there was some stuff stuck in my teeth. How embarrassing.

c) Then we went to see Fallen Angels at the Festival. It was super funny. Think "Sex and the City" in the 1920s! It's a play by Noel Coward and quite shocking considering it was written in 1925.

d) After the play, we went to my pal V's house, had a couple beverages and played poker. My friend WJ introduced me to peach schnapps and coke. Yum!

e) On Sunday, I had coffee with my friend R and her baby. Then I had Thanksgiving dinner with the 'rents and went to T's house to watch Desperate Housewives. We are both rather disappointed with the new season.

f) I caught the 8:43 am train back to TO this morning. When I got back, I was super productive and did laundry, cleaned my room, fixed my desk and rearranged furniture. Then I read for a bit and did some work.

And that brings us to:

g) I blogged about my long weekend!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Randomness and Happy Thanksgiving

On Tuesday night, I walked over to TBs so that we could go out for coffee in her neighbourhood. I brought my camera with me especially so I could take a picture of the sign outside of the huge cemetary that I have to walk by to get there. This sign makes me laugh. I think it's a death pun on the level of the funeral home on the Simpsons that proclaims "We put the fun back into funerals."

Yesterday, I noticed that I had a scratchy throat that has now developed into a full-blown annoying cold. I felt like crap today but dragged myself into work anyway. I wanted to start some projects in a couple of classes today, and there was other stuff going on in the school that I didn't want to miss. One annoying thing about teaching is that it's actually more work to not come into work so I always end up never using my sick days unless I'm on death's doorstep. Anyhow, I think I'm feeling a bit better now and I'll be OK tomorrow as long as I remember to stay hydrated at school and take the cold medication that I bought.

After school tomorrow, I'm going to catch the train to visit my parents in Stratford for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm not dragging my laptop home, so I won't be blogging until Monday. On Saturday night, a few of my friends and I are going to see Fallen Angels at the Stratford Festival. Should be a fun weekend and I'm really really looking forward to the break.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A fist pounding on a vending machine, toy diamond ring stuck on her finger

What's up with this crazeee summer weather in October? It was freakin' 27 degrees outside today. Hence I'm using a line from a laid-back summer song ("Girl" by Beck) to start this post.

Anyhow, nothing's better than being stuck in a sweltering classroom with 20-odd teenagers on a beautiful Indian-summer-like day. I hope you all have your sarcasm detectors switched on.

But really, I do like my job. That period four class of mine are always good for a few laughs. Today one of the kids, who frequently gets detentions for being a little too chatty and disruptive during class, hung back after class. He had gotten pretty used to getting detentions and forgot that he didn't have one today. Actually, I think he's gone about four classes without getting one. Anyway, my assistant and I laughed at him staying back.

Also, I got a kid in trouble for not doing anything at all. We were discussing "useful" acids and one kid said "I can think of an acid that is useful" in a tone that made it sound like he was talking about something totally sketchy. I told him he was being inappropriate and he was like "I'm talking about paint thinner, Miss. What did you think I was talking about?" I admitted that I didn't know, it just sounded like he was talking about something bad. Yeah, I love it when I get kids in trouble for nothing. The other day I yelled at some kid for swearing and he was like "I just said something was shiny." I apologized and explained that when people are as ancient as I am, they tend to be a bit hard of hearing.

Random picture of my marking pens. I love these suckers.

Sadly, the manicure I got on Saturday is getting a bit chipped, so I think I'll remove it tonight.

I stole this cartoon from Raymi's blog awhile back. It kills me.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pictures for April and Raina

Okay, after checking out some buddies' blogs today, there are a couple of pictures I need to post for them.

April posted pictures of her new place at the beginning of September. She pointed out that she had an absolutely fugly dining room light. Now this light has become central to OHFG (Operation Hot Fence Guy). I have the identical fugly dining room light, so I've decided to post a pic of it for April. So April, if you are ever really missing the fugly light once you get HFG to replace it for you, feel free to travel to Toronto to visit its twin. ;)

Today Raina had a great post about how you can learn a lot about a person from their wallet. So here's a picture of my wallet for her:

Here's the story of my wallet. I used to have a very respectable black wallet from the Gap that I really loved. After 4 years, it got pretty beat up and I was in search of a new wallet and I could never find one I liked as much. Anyway, my friend FF took TB and I to an Asian mall in the suburbs so we could go to a cutesy Hello Kitty store. I saw this wallet and really liked and decided to buy it to use for a couple of months until I got sick of it and found a new grown-up wallet.

Well, that was a year ago and I'm still using it because it's such a fun conversation piece. I love when cute boys in music stores and book stores comment on my wallet! *sigh* I just can't give it up because of this. Anyway, a "Nightmare Before Christmas" wallet is a million times better than a Hello Kitty wallet, right Raina? Hee-hee.

Autumn's here... So find a sweater, and you'll be better...

Happy October everyone!

I started my month with a 10 am manicure. In August, I bought this package from a beauty salon near my place. For about $50 I got four visits: one for a haircut, one for a manicure and eyebrows, one for a facial and one for a hair follow-up with 5 accent highlights.

I bought my October Metropass on the way to the salon. TB and I have been arguing about the colours of October Metropass. She thinks they're hideous and I think they're rather fun and a good attempt at being a bit festive. Here's a pic of my newly manicured hand holding my spooky new Metropass:

Starting a new month is always fun when you have a cool Muppet calendar like I do. (Man, I'm geek.) This month it's Sam Eagle who is definitely one of my favourite American patriots.

So anyway, for the remainder of the afternoon I plan on lounging about watching Desperate Housewives and then eventually clean up the mess of wine glasses from yesterday evening. TB came over and we played Cranium with my roommie and her bf. Good times although TB got a little mad at me when I kept insisting that the supposed stretch limo she was sculpting looked like a handgun.

Tonight my pals the Ws, who I helped move at the end of October, are having a housewarming party. I'm looking foward to it.

p.s. The title of my post is from my all-time favourite fall-related song "Autumn's Here" by my dear Hawklsey Workman.