Thursday, March 30, 2006

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.

I'm suffering from a terrible malady: spring fever. I'm sooooooooo not impressed with having to be cooped up inside all day when it's lovely out. I think I'm getting more restless then the kids.

It doesn't help that the the third floor of our school, on which I teach, is hot hot hot right now. Plus, the caretakers have an ongoing battle with overheated science teachers on the issue of having open windows. The windows in my classroom need a handle in order to be opened. Now, I am not in possession of one such handle. Luckily, I am able to get the windows opened by using two students: one to turn the knob while one stands on a chair and pushes the window open.

This semester I have been teaching in the room next door to mine for one period. In this room, my two student solution does not work to open the windows. It's been fine so far, but today the classroom was like an oven on account of the warmer weather, plus I'm sure they still have the heater cranked, and hot air rises to the third floor you know. Anyway, the teacher who is normally in that classroom is in possession of one of the coveted window opening handles, but I wasn't sure of her hiding place. Today, the kids were boiling and so was I. I sent a student to look for her, but no luck.

I found her after school to ask her where she hides the handle. Turns out, she always carries it with her in her briefcase because if she hides in a drawer, the caretaker tends to find it and takes it away. (He doesn't seem to understand that insufferable heat does not a good learning environment make. Apparently this issue's been going on for years.) So we have a new handle plan. The handle is hidden in a locked drawer in the science office, with the appropriate key hidden in another drawer. Will it be found? I hope not, or my next post will be that I'm taking a week off of work on account of heat exhaustion.

Last night I found a shirt in my closet that I haven't worn in probably two years (most likely due to the fact that it needed ironing). Anyway, I ironed last night and wore it today and loved it. Don't you love it when you can go shopping in your own closet?

Survivor is back on tonight. Stupid NCAA basketball messing up my tv plans for like three weeks. Ridiculous.

I don't have much planned this weekend, although I really need to do some spring cleaning. My bedroom looks like some sort of clothing bomb went off in it. Plus, I think that the dust bunnies under the bed are on the verge of forming some sort of unholy army and staging a coup. In other words, the real question is will I be able to come up with plans quick enough to avoid my spring cleaning?

Okay, I'm running out to run an errand get myself a coffee (half real, half decaf - that should let me sleep) before Survivor. I'm ashamed to admit that I've become addicted to Starbucks coffee. It's now the coffee that I crave. The unfornuate thing, besides the fact I feel a little cliche and rather like a corporate schill, is that my neighbourhood Starbucks is under renovation for the next week. So I'll have to settle for the Second Cup. There is a Tim Hortons near me too, but that's my least favourite coffee. Well, except for Coffee Time coffee, which tastes like warm dish water to me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Be kind to me or treat mean, I'll make most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine.

What a busy Tuesday.

I got to school early to help out with the breakfast club. I cooked scrambled eggs. Yes, I cooked. Me, who received a birthday card with the greeting "Every pot is a no-stick pot if you no cook in it."

I had a science department workshop this afternoon, so I didn't have to teach my period 4 class. We took a break where I ran down to the caf to grab a coffee and I ran into about 3 of my period 4 students in the halls. They were like "Miss! You're skipping class!" to which I replied "I'm skipping class? Hello, where are you supposed to be right now?"

After school I helped the set crew paint the school for the musical. Yes, I painted. My painting skills are only about a smidgen above my cooking skills. Anyway, it was pretty fun.

I got off one subway stop early on the way home to run a couple of errands. I stopped by Roots and looked at their leather purses. I love those purses but they're ridiculously priced. *sigh* You'll be pleased to know that I averted a frivolous impulse buy.

I walked home taking a detour through the cemetary. It's was so lovely outside today. Dare I say spring is here?

Tomorrow is the dreaded grade 10 literacy test. Ontario requires students to pass this test to graduate high school. It's a huge pressure for schools to maintain decent pass rates, especially schools with less academically-oriented students (like mine). Anyway, any positive energy you could send my students' way would be appreciated. ;)

Since everyone loves Ikea, I'll leave you with a cartoon I got today via email.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

We'll all fight like cowboys and pray like nuns.

Sigh. Another weekend done and over with and I'm experiencing the typical Sunday night gloom. At least there are new Simpsons and Desperate Housewive episodes on tonight to ease my pain.

Well, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I was sooooooooo tired on Friday night that I just stuck around at home and went to bed early. Exciting.

On Saturday I spent sometime shopping. I am incapable of entertaining myself without spending money, I tell you. I finally brought in the paintings that I bought in Australia and Cuba to get framed. It's going to cost me a bit, but thankfully I saved some birthday cash for that purpose. I also decided to buy myself a decent pair headphones for my iPod after receiving an "evils of earbuds" lecture from my roommate earlier in the week (she'd seen a report on tv).

Saturday night was supposed to be my Hawklsey Workman concert, but it was cancelled becuase he's sick. It's postponed 'til June 10th which is a lifetime away. Becca T and I rented a movie instead. We watched "A Date With Drew" which is a documentary about a guy who wins $1100 on a gameshow and decides to spend it trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore, who he's had a crush on all his life, while making a movie about it. He's only got 30 days to do it because he can't afford the camera he bought at Circuit City, so he's taking advantage of their 30 day return policy. It was a pretty cute documentary. Perfectly fluffy and funny.

Of course, after watching it you have to discuss which celebrity you'd pursue if you were in the filmmaker's shoes. For Becca T, Chris Murphy of the band Sloan would be the obvious choice since she used to have the HUGEST crush on him (she spent a whole summer sketching his portrait -- I hope she doesn't kick my ass for divulging this on my blog... meh, she doesn't check it very often so I think I'm safe... oh, but the sketch is amazing). However, we both agreed that it should be a date with someone of Drew's status. Maybe me on a date with Johnny Depp would make a good movie. I can't really think of anyone else... Most of my celebrity crushes are on musicians who are too obscure to make a documentary that would appeal to a wide audience. Who would you pick?

Happy Monday!

ps My post title is a line from "Don't Look in Their Eyes" which is a Stabilo song that is the free tune of the week from iTunes. I'm really digging it. Stabilo remind me so much of a 90s band, but I just can't put my finger on which band...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday to you!

It's my blog's first birthday today! I honestly can't believe that I kept it up this long. I almost let it go after about a month but then my friend Mathew made fun of my lack of updating.... then I kind of got back into the habit and started to get comments and go more addicted to posting and reading other blogs.

So yeah, it's my blog's first birthday and I'm grasping at straws trying to think of something to blog about. Yeesh. You'd think it'd get easier after a year of it.

Oh, here's something interesting... One of my colleagues passed me some info on teaching ESL at a camp in South Korea for 2 weeks in the summer. All expenses are paid, plus you get a small salary for the two weeks. It looks rather tempting but it overlaps with the course that I was planning on taking (which I'm required to take in my first two years of my permanent contract with my board). Now, I could procrastinate and take the course next year, but I'd rather get it done in three weeks in the summer as opposed to having to take it one night a week from September to March (that seems so long). Plus, I was looking forward to planning my trip to Wales with my pal FF after our courses are finished. I think my course of action will be to stay the original course, and keep the info and see if the thing is running next summer.

Right now I'm totally into the song "Hold On, Hold On" by Neko Case.

Boy, my brain is really mushy tonight. That's all I can come up with. Just had to make sure I made a birthday post.

ps The picture I posted makes me want to watch that episode of the Simpsons (the one with Mr Burns' teddy bear). Luckily I own it on DVD.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Soooooooo tired...

Long, long day at school. Got there early to help with the breakfast club, which is doing well. Then, stayed late to supervise the painting of the set for the school musical. Inhaled too many paint fumes I think. Gotta stay late again tomorrow because the grade 8s are coming to register for next year (here's hoping for a good crop) and then on Thursday we have a staff meeting. Le sigh.

Well, I think some of the kids have come back from March Break lazier than they were when they left. Yeesh. Some days I feel like I'm in need of a good cattle prod.

I was all excited for my Hawksley Workman concert on Saturday. I got an email today saying the concert's been postponed until June 10th because he's sick. I was realllllly looking forward to going on Saturday. I want immediate gratification, dammit! (My I'm-an-only-child-I-want-my-way-now sometimes comes through. But I'm not a spoiled brat, really.)

Well, here's to romorrow being hump day and this week being almost over. I hope we get some actual spring weather sometime. I'm tired of being cold.

ps Today some kids in my period 4 class asked me if I was in highschool in the 1980s or in the 1990s. I said "puh-lease... figure it out." Then one said "80s... right?" and the other said "maybe some 80s, some 90s". I said "apparently you don't want to pass this course." Argh. I try to keep my age on the down-low but then they over-estimate my age and I get mad. Oh well, they're still better than the kid who mumbled "they've been using the same book for thirty years" when I'd told him that I'd read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. I told the class that story and they laughed and said "at least we're not that bad!"

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I was backstage in Toronto and that’s the way I like it.

Ben Lee was extremely enjoyable last night. I love seeing a quality artist in a small venue. The only disappointment was that he didn't play "Apple Candy", which is Becca T's favourite Ben Lee song, but she took it well. He played "Bruised", which is a song that he did with Ben Folds and Ben Kweller (as the Bens), which made me happy. I've decided that "Bruised" is my second favourite song of all-time; my first being "Reconstruction Site" by the Weakerthans. After that I'm stumped. I only have the top two settled on.

I had a super lazy Sunday. I read a book called "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin. It's a sequel to her first book "Something Borrowed" which I did not much care for, but I was intrigued to see what happened to the characters. I much preferred the sequel, even though there were some things that bothered me. One of them being that the main character is supposed to be not the smartest person, yet uses words like bucolic and sybarite. Puh-lease. I think the author was trying to show off her vocabulary there... Anyhow, despite my grumblings, the damned thing made me cry a bit. Yeesh.

I had an interesting question posed to me today: if you could attend any three concerts in history, what would they be?

My answers:
1) Ben Folds playing with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra in Perth. Luckily I've got that one on DVD.
2) I would have liked to see the Beatles. I'm not picky on the show.
3) Beethoven - I'd preferably see him conduct a symphony like in the movie Immortal Beloved (not sure of the historical accuracy of that).

So, dearest reader, what would your three concerts be?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Oh man am I glad to be home. Home being Toronto. I call Stratford "home" too, since that's where I grew up and even years down the road when I've not lived there longer than I actually did live there, I will still call it home. When I'm in Stratford, I call Toronto "home", since that's where I live but when I'm in Toronto, I call Stratford "home". This pattern has lead me to coin the phrase "home is where I'm not" to clarify what I mean by the word.

So yeah, it was a pretty fun week. I spent a couple days being slothful and watching movies with the 'rents. I visited my friend Ramona and her 10 month old son. She lives way out in the middle of nowhere so I was so proud of getting there and back without getting lost.

I went out for dinner one night with some friends from high school. My friend Teresa's son, who is doing really well at living up to the terrible twos image, decided that it would be fun to hit my fun red strawberry mango splash beverage with his teddy bear, spilling it all over my pants and my new white sweater. Aren't kids fun?

I made a trip into London to visit my pal Heather from high school and two of my university friends who are now living in London. My parents' car had broken down on the day I had planned to steal it to go to London. This frequently happens when I go home - the car breaks when it's been totally fine when I'm not around. Guess it doesn't like me or something. Anyway, we got a loaner and I got to drive it for the day which was kind of fun. It was way newer than our car and pretty nice.

I decided to join some other high school friends for St. Patty's day in Waterloo. We wandered around until we finally found a bar that did not have a crazy line up. I drank green martinis called Freaky Irishmen. Lots of fun.

I stayed over at my friend's place in Waterloo and she drove me to the bus station this morning. I'm so glad to be back in the city. I love looking out my window and seeing the cityscape and the lake and the subway and the CN tower.

Before "March Break is over" depression hits me, I still get to go see Ben Lee tonight, beginning my 3 concerts in 4 weeks marathon to make up for the fact I haven't even been to one this year.

Anyhow, I have errands to run, books to read, blogs to catch up on, and it's a really nice day. Lata!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A lyric, a time, a crusade, a line. One minute, a friend, a road without end.

On Friday night, I took time to put a bunch of CDs that I hadn't listened to in eons on my iPod. I've been listening to stuff like Pearl Jam, REM, the Wallflowers and Zwan all weekend and it's making me happy.

Anyhow I figured since I'm procrastinating cleaning my apartment and packing that I might as well post the second half of the list of 100 things about me that I came up with during a bout of insomnia.

51) I lived with my pal Becca T for 5 years. We never had a fight.
52) The only people I really argue with are my parents.
53) Oh, and my students. We argue all the time over school rules like no hats, no cell phones, etc. Teenagers... sigh.
54) I really like the school where I teach.
55) It’s very multicultural.
56) I wish I had learned to speak Polish when I was a child.
57) I was close to all of my grandparents. I miss them.
58) I’m still very close to my friends from high school.
59) I see most of them at least twice a year.
60) I wish that I saw them more often.
61) I’ve been to 4 Canadian provinces – Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Manitoba.
62) I’ve been to 3 Australian States – Queensland, Southern Australia and New South Wales.
63) I’ve been to 9 US States.
64) My favourite television show is the Simpsons.
65) I can relate most things in life to an episode of the Simpsons.
66) Actually, I’m pretty sure that I can relate all things in life to an episode of the Simpsons.
67) My favourite episode of the Simpsons is where Bart shoplifts. It makes me cry.
68) I own seasons 1-7 of the Simpsons on DVD.
69) I plan to own all seasons as soon as they are released. Even the newer seasons, which I don’t like as much as the old ones.
70) There is no other television show that I’d bother collecting.
71) I used to really love some reality TV shows; I’m over them though.
72) I still watch Survivor though.
73) My favourite Survivor was the series in Africa.
74) My goal is to visit every continent, including Antarctica.
75) So far I’ve been to two.
76) I’m not ready to get married and have kids yet.
77) I’m not sure that I’ll ever be.
78) I’d like to write a novel.
79) I’ve started a few, but I never have time to get past chapter one.
80) I have plans for them in my head.
81) I suspect my writing is horrible.
82) I wish that I was musically talented.
83) I can play the piano badly.
84) I love Ben Folds because he can play it brilliantly.
85) I have Ben Folds’ autograph and got my picture taken with him.
86) That was back in the days of cameras with film. I had to waste a whole roll of film of my friends and I running around the Eaton Centre so that I could get it developed right away.
87) I miss the excitement of getting a roll of film back when you’re not sure how your pictures have turned out.
88) My Nana taught the basics of knitting when I was 10.
89) I wish that she was still around to teach me advanced knitting.
90) I want to take a knitting class sometime. My goal is to be able to knit mittens (not just scarves and hats which is all I can do now).
91) I don’t think I’ll ever knit a sweater
92) I like knitting because I can turn a ball of yarn into something. Plus it gives me something to do while watching TV.
93) I like to think of myself as pretty creative for a left-brain math and science girl.
94) I think I was initially interested in math and science because it was traditionally not the domain of women. Oh, and I was good at it.
95) Also, I always liked those subjects because they were supposedly “black and white”. Later on I learned that they are not.
96) I prefer to teaching science to math. You don’t get to do fun experiments in math.
97) I find politics quite interesting. I wish that I was more knowledgeable about them.
98) I always vote in federal and provincial elections. My voting record in municipal elections has been shaky because I’ve always been moving around when they happen. I plan to remedy this.
99) I listened to Christine Fellows as I wrote this list.
100) It actually wasn’t that hard to write a list of 100 random things about myself while suffering from insomnia. You all should try it sometime. ;)

First Day of March Break = Busy but Enjoyable

Oh man... I think I crammed a whole week's worth of March Break into the first day.

First off - I wore my spring jacket today for the first time this year! Woot! It was a lovely day outside!

Had brunch with Becca T and my pal FF (who'd gone to Austrlia with me). Mentioned to FF that I wanted to go to Wales. We're going to look into going in August. I really hope I can get the trip together. I need something to look forward to this summer since I'm going to be spending July taking a course.

After brunch we hightailed it to the Eaton Centre and did some shopping. I got a spring scarf from H&M, some of my fave Body Wash from Sephora and an Olympic sweatshirt and pants from the Bay (they're on sale now).

FF had to go back to Whitby. I returned home so that I could pick up a package at the post office and drop off my shopping. Then Becca T and I went and took the subway and the complimentary shuttle bus to Ikea. The shuttle bus kills me. It's so rickety - I call it the refugee bus.

Anyhow, Becca T bought a bunch of stuff at Ikea but I'm proud to say that I only spent $6. I've never had an Ikea trip so cheap. Saving up for Wales, uh-huh.

Went back home. Grabbed a bite to eat and then got ready for my friend J's 30th bday party. It was a lot of fun. Oh man, I miss my friends who I neglect even though I live in the same city. Argh. I MUST make a point of hanging out with people more often. It's pathetic. I moved back to Toronto a year and a half ago because: a) I love this city; and b) I missed my friends after I taught up north for a year. Well, I see the darned city every day but I average getting together with most of my friends once every six months; usually when it's someone's birthday.

Becca T and I spend sometime looking through old pictures with J's roommate. There was a group of us who hung out a lot in the summer of 2001 and it was too fun going through those old pics. Gosh, we look young! Since the 5 year anniversary of that summer is coming up, we've decided we're going to have a "reunion" summer.

Also saw my friend L, who I also hadn't seen in forever. We also decided that our track record of seeing each other is abyssmal and we must make an appointment to get together and play Simpsons Road Rage and Harry Potter cards like we did in the old days. (Yes, I truly had a wild and crazy youth.)

Soooo, long story short, I am going to make sure that all of my promises to do this and go there and do that with this person and that person are not empty promises and that we actually follow through. Good Lord, it's not like we live in different countries; we're only a few subway stops away.

Becca T and I started the night off by drinking some whiskey with J's roommate. Then, Becca wanted to move on to wine. I hesitated, not being very sure about the rule about having whiskey before wine. But then I made up a rhyme: "whiskey before wine and you'll be fine." So, if I can figure out a rhyme about mixing alcohol, then I'm allowed to do it. And I'm fine. Really I am.

Tomorrow I have about a billion errands to run and then I'm taking a train to Stratford. I'm thinking I'm not going to lug my laptop home, so posting will be non-existant to minimal unless I make a trip to the library. Which could happen depending on how many social appointments I make while I'm home. So I'll probably catch you all later, when we're on the unhappy side of March Break when it's almost over. Have a great week.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

March Break Baby!

In one more day, that is. However, I'm actually pleasantly surprised that this week has been relatively fast and painless. I was expecting it to be long and the kids to be a little more wound up.

Anyhow, I'm pretty psyched for the week off. My tentative March Break plans are:

Saturday - Brunch with Becca T and FF. Party for my pal J's 30th (!) birthday. I'll have to watch him close to see if he explodes or anything upon turning the big 3-0.

Sunday - In the evening, I'm taking the train to Stratford. I should be home just in time to watch Desperate Housewives.

Monday through Friday - Hanging out in Stratford. I plan on stealing the 'rents car to visit London and Waterloo to visit some friends. I also plan to catch up on watching movies and reading.

Friday (St Patty's Day) - Hmmm, not sure what I could do. I could hang around Startford and see what's up or I can come back here. We'll see.

Saturday - Ben Lee at the ElMo!! Woot!

Sunday - Get ready to go back to the old grind.

Sooo... just gotta get through that one last day.

ps I'm thristy. I've been drinking my roommate's pop while she's been in the Bahamas. Tomorrow I gotta go replace it. Anyhow, might as well have another.
pps I've been a total couch potato tonight. I watched Survivor, My Name is Earl, The Office and now I'm watching Without A Trace. I really love My Name is Earl. That's a great show.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Newsflash: Insomnia leads to long lists

I fell asleep while watching the movie Rent tonight and now I can't sleep. I've seen other bloggers write a list of 100 things about themselves. I decided I'd try that, figuring that I'd nod off after item #20. Apparently not. I was able to get all the way to 100.

Here are the first fifty things about me. I'll post the other fifty sometime when I can't think of anything decent to blog about.

1) I was born in 1980.
2) I lived on a farm until I was almost 3.
3) I’m an only child.
4) I’m a cat person.
5) I like dogs too.
6) I had a rabbit named Flopsy when I was in fourth grade.
7) I skipped the first grade.
8) I was always obsessed with my grades in school.
9) I have two degrees – An honours bachelor of science and a bachelor of education.
10) I read about a book a week.
11) I love Harry Potter.
12) I also love Lemony Snicket.
13) I like books that take place in Canada, especially Toronto.
14) I’ve lived in Toronto for about 7 years (on and off).
15) I love the city; but I always look forward to returning home to the small town where I grew up for a break now and then.
16) I think cemeteries are cool.
17) I can see Mount Pleasant cemetery from my window.
18) I used to hold my breath when driving by cemeteries so that I wouldn’t inhale any spirits.
19) I don’t really believe in ghosts but I like the idea of them.
20) I really once think that I heard a ghost, but deep down I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for the occurrence.
21) I went on a walking ghost tour of Stratford one summer and it was very fun.
22) I want to travel more.
23) I sometimes order travel information for places that I’d like to go on the internet just for fun, even though I’m not planning an immediate trip.
24) I received some information on Wales in the mail the other day.
25) My paternal grandfather was from Wales.
26) His family moved to Canada when he was about twelve.
27) He had 14 brothers and sisters. None of them had more than 3 children themselves.
28) My mother was born in Poland during World War II.
29) She and her family were captured by the Germans and were forced to work on a farm in Germany.
30) After the War they immigrated to Timmins, Ontario.
31) Both of my parents attended the University of Toronto. My mom graduated, my dad dropped out.
32) I also attended U of T.
33) My guidance counselor in high school told me that it would be a mistake to go to U of T. It was the best decision of my life. Ha!
34) I took a course in the World of Popular Music. I got a really good mark in that class.
35) My best mark in university was in my Evolution class.
36) I think Darwin would be a great name for a cat.
37) As soon as I have a roommate who is not allergic to cats, or when I live by myself, I am going to get a cat.
38) I love the song by the Weakerthans that is written from the point of view of a cat.
39) My favourite song of all time is “Reconstruction Site” by the Weakerthans.
40) The first non-children’s album I owned was by Whitney Houston.
41) The first CD I owned was a compilation called 2 Awesome. It had great stuff like TLC, Sir Mix-A-Lott and Sophie B. Hawkins on it.
42) The first “alternative” CD I owned was Vs. by Pearl Jam.
43) I own lots of CDs. I’ve lost track of how many.
44) The artist who has the most songs on my iPod is Tori Amos.
45) I didn’t like Tori Amos until I worked in an art gallery where that was the only CD that was around for me to listen to. Then she really grew on me.
46) The first concert that I went to was a Melissa Etheridge concert.
47) I can’t count the number of concerts that I’ve been to since then.
48) I try to go to at least one concert a month.
49) I used to have a rule that I was only allowed to buy one CD a month. I don’t follow that rule anymore.
50) I’ve been lucky – I’ve really gotten along with all of the roommates that I’ve ever had.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ba-ba... this is the sound of settling...

Boo!!! I lost my Oscar pool at school. Although the winner got 15 right so I wasn't far off the mark. I'm going to study up next year on all of the "odd" categories like short documentary and shot live action and the like to give me a competitive edge!

Well, I was able to easily survive Monday with my Oscar hangover. One of my students was humming "It's Hard Out There for a Pimp" this morning, so I was all "Did you watch the Oscars last night?" and we chatted about the show and the various movies.

So last night, as Becca T was eating cheese and crackers, she commented to me "ummm, two of my crackers are stuck together" and I replied "So break 'em apart!" "Umm, I can't. They're stuck together by a string..." Below is a picture of the stringy crackers. And yes, by string I do mean a non-edible string that you would use to tie something together. Hmmm... I suppose I should go back to the store demanding a refund or threatening to sue... but you know, that smacks of way too much effort.

Anyhow, thank goodness Monday is ov-a! 4 more days until another weekend! ;)

13/24 ain't bad....

My posted Oscar picks were 4 for 7. Not too shabby. And, although I'm probably just as bummed as Tim Burton is over the Corpse Bride loss (okay, maybe slightly less bummed), I think I'll survive.

Overall, I predicted 13 out of the total 24 categories. That's over 50%, so at least I passed. Becca T got 13 too. Rematch next year.

Very surprised at the Crash best pic win. I thought that it'd either go Brokeback for both best pic and director or Crash for best pic and director. I wasn't expecting a split.

Jon Stewart made me happy. I thought he did a great job. Of course, I'm totally biased so I don't really count myself as an objective opinion. I killed myself laughing when he referred to himself as the "fourth male lead" in Death to Smoochy and therefore, not a Hollywood outsider.

And the Oscar to cutest actor at the Oscars goes to... oh look, a tie between George Clooney and Jake Gyllenhaal. Both cute. Becca T and I had the ever important "Would you date George Clooney despite his advanced age?" discussion. She said yes, although her parents would be concerned. I said yes, even though my mother would try to steal him away from me. Mom proved me right when I called her after the Oscars to see how she'd enjoyed the show and the second thing she said was "George Clooney is very good looking. I'm glad he won." (Btw, the first thing she was that Jon Stewart did an excellent job... like mother, like daughter I guess.)

Becca T made me almost die with laughter at one point. George Clooney had come onto stage and I said "Oh look, it's George Clooney" and she replied "What's he doing?" in a tone that implied we were watching, oh, a football game and George Clooney walked out onto the field. Thankfully, we'd run out of wine at that point because I suspected she didn't need any more.

Becca T was disappointed that Capote didn't pick up more Oscars. She realllllllly like the movie, mostly because she thought Truman Capote was an interesting character and she would have liked to have been friends with him. Methinks someone is getting a Truman Capote-themed birthday present this year.

What was Charlize thinking with that bow on her dress?

I think my favourite gown of the night was Michelle Williams'. I liked the colour. However, I withold my final verdict until I see more pictures of it in magazines. I only saw a few brief glimpses of it on the red carpet, so I may be wrong. I also thought it was cool that Sandra Bullock had a dress with pockets. Neat-o.

Allright, so I must be off to bed. Tomorrow's just another Manic Monday. I'll let you know if I win the staff Oscar pool. I figure that I should at least place.

ps I sincerely doubt I will ever mention George Clooney this much in a post again.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Go on and save your scissors...

Oscar night is here.

Snack food (chicken fingers, carrots, grapes, cheese 'n crackers, ju-jubes) - check
Wine - check
Ballots printed out - check
Becca T invited over to watch show with me - check
Aparment cleaned - not yet
Blogging to procrastinate cleaning apartment - check

Ahhh... I swear, Oscar night is one of my fave nights of the freakin' year. Plus this year Jon Stewart is hosting, which makes the night even more special for me. I love Jon Stewart. There is no way he will bomb in my eyes, no matter what eveyone else says.

On Friday night Becca T and I went to see Capote. I was a little nervous that Becca T wasn't going to like it, and then I'd feel guilty for having dragged her there. I believe she liked it even more than I did... Our consensus was that it's a good film and that Philip Seymour Hoffman deserves the Oscar that he'll probably get tonight.

Hmmm, I'm going to post my picks for some of the bigger awards so that tomorrow you can all be amazed by the seeming telepathy that I share with the Academy - or you can laugh at me.

So, after looking into my crystal ball, I predict that:

Best Pic - Brokeback Mountain
Best Actress - Reese Witherspoon
Best Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actress - Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actor - George Clooney (who could deny Clooney? - he's dreamy)
Best Director - Ang Lee
and... Best Animated Picture has better be Corpse Bride or else I'll weep. I love that movie.

Okay, well, I'd better go spiff up this mess of an apartment. Again, whenever I have to clean, I spend most the time lamenting that I do not live in Harry Potter's world and cannot enchant my dishes to clean themselves. Oh, the unfairness of it all.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It kinda makes you want to cry that a moth is not a butterfly.

Another week almost down and it's getting so close to March Break that I can almost taste it. I am so ready for a break right now. Speaking of breaks, my roommate is off to the Bahamas tomorrow. Lucky girl. She and her fiance are going to visit friends there. Why don't I have friends in tropical locations?

Anyhow, but I had an overall fabulous day. I'm quite pleased because I managed to score Matthew Good tickets. He's playing at the Mod Club (a fab venue) in April and tickets just went on sale today.

I'm excited for the weekend. On Friday, Becca T and I are going to go see Capote which I'm looking forward to. I read In Cold Blood not too long ago and I'm very interested in the subject matter of the film not to mention that there's Oscar buzz around it. There's another reason to be excited for the weekend; Sunday is Oscar night. Oscar night is my Superbowl. I love it. I'm a geek who sits there with my scorecard and checks out how accurate my predictions are. I've also got my ballots for my staff Oscar pool. I won last year, so I'm feeling quite pressured to pull it off again.

Right now I'm reading Assasination Vacation by Sarah Vowell and enjoying it muchly. It's a non-fiction book about Vowell's travels to sites associated with the presidential assissinations of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. It's super funny. I saw Vowell a couple of times on my beloved Daily Show and I'm glad that I picked up the book.

I'm also enjoying the new Hawksley Workman CD. Only 23 more days 'til that concert! I'm loving the song "When These Mountains Were the Seashore". It's got a great country twang to it, which is a new sound for Hawksley. I say he should stick with it. I'm so amused that I detested country music so much when I was younger but now I'm into so many artists with a country sound (new Sarah Harmer CD, the Joel Plaskett solo disk, etc.). But, I've learned it's "nu-country" that I hate. Blech.

Tonight is Survivor. I'm in third place in my Survivor pool. Gotta pull up my socks. I was in first at one time.

After Survivor, I gotta mark lab reports. My first period class has been nagging me to get them back and I promised them back on Friday. I can't let them down. I once had an instructor in teachers' college who had promised to get a project back to us on a certain day, and she didn't, so she baked our class an almond torte instead. Since my culninary skills are lacking (read do not exist), I'd better mark those reports. Also, it beats having to mark 'em on the weekend.

On that note, happy Friday and happy weekend!