Sunday, July 30, 2006

Greetings From the Old Country (my actual old country even)

Welcome to vacay post number 1 coming to you from Cardiff Wales! I would have used the number sign there, but I can't find it anywhere on this weird British keyboard... Also, the shift key is in a weird place, so I am apologizing in advance for weird capitialization.

So far the trip's been great! We had a bit of a delay in leaving Pearson (power failure), and almost slept in this morning (the wake up call we ordered did not arrive), but if that's the worst that can happen, whatever, right?

Yesterday was spent in London. I LOVE LONDON!!! I have never fallen in love with a city so fast. It's so great. We walked around in the afternoon and then took a cruise of the River Thames in the evening. It was so beautiful.

Today we went to Henry the VIII's palace, Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath. Loved all of those places. Tonight we're staying in Cardiff Wales (I'm officially in my old country now) and then spending the morning in the city. We then proceed to the coast, where we will take a ferry across to Ireland. The trip will take four hours, but I'm kind of looking fwd to just chilling and reading (I've got Dave Gorman's Googlewhack on the go).

I've been taking tonnes of pictures which I will post when I get back and once I have a new computer.

I'd better be off before my quid's worth of internet time is over. Cheerio!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Just a flip of the wrist and I am waving you goodbye.

Last night I went to see Sarah Harmer. Fabulous show. She's totally in my top five of all time favourite bands/artists. My favourite moment was when she went and played the drums while singing the end of the song Lodestar. I love that song. She also played Weakened State which is probably my favourite Sarah Harmer song of all time. The concert was at the Harbourfront Centre, which is a small outdoors venue by the lake and parfait for a summer's evening.

(The only negative was that they had an electronic billboard advertising what was upcoming at the Harbourfront. Everytime I looked up I was reminded that the Weakerthans, my fave band in the whole wide world, is playing for free on Saturday, while I'm in the old country. I know, I know, quit whining. But see, I'm an only child I expect my favourite band to play on a weekend when I am in the country. Argh. I don't like not getting my way...)

Soooooo.... I'm all packed and ready to go!! I'm just waiting for my ride. My plane doesn't leave 'til 10 pm tonight, but I'm going to my friend's house until her 'rents give us a ride to the plane station. (I once accidentally called the airport the plane station and I kind of like my made up term).

I hope that maybe possibly I'll be able to blog once or twice from the old country, but we'll see if I have time/oppurtunity to blog.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rooftops and Invitations

All right, there's a huge pile of dishes to be washed, laundry to be done, packing to start and errands to run. Sooooo, blogging time it is. I've decided to steal stuff from other blogs.

A) Cute Animal Quiz from Guggenflurgen:

You Are A: Duckling!

DucklingThe cutest of the cute, these baby ducks are often spotted in the spring following closely behind their mother. As a duckling you will grow up quickly, becoming one of the adult ducks seen commonly in ponds and streams. Playful and timid, charming and vulnerable, ducklings are nature's very definition of innocence.

You were almost a: Lamb or a Bear Cub
You are least like a: Groundhog or a SquirrelWhat Cute Animal Are You?

B) 5 Things from Scott:

5 Things always in my purse/briefcase/backpack:

1. Ipod
2. Cell phone
3. Juicy Tube
4. Book
5. Gum

5 Things always in my wallet: (Remember, it's a Nightmare Before Christmas wallet)

1. My student card (for good luck)
2. Tonnes of cards (credit, debit, store points cards etc)
3. Concert ticket stubs
4. Lots of freakin' receipts that need to be removed and organized
5. A little bit of cash

5 Things always in my refrigerator:

1. Many bottles of salad dressing
2. An open bottle of wine (oh gosh, makes me sound like a wino -- in my defence, it's not necessarily my bottle, okay)
3. Yogurt
4. Something that needs to be thrown out
5. Ketchup

5 Things always in my closet:

1. That load of laundry that never gets done.
2. My Care Bear (shhhhhh)
3. Clothes that I keep meaning to donate to Salvation Army
4. A box full of old purses
5. Dust (one of my summer projects is to fix this)

5 Things always in my car: (Or things that end up in the 'rents' car when I borrow it)

1. Air Freshener thingy
2. Pennies
3. A pack of gum
4. An empy water bottle
5. Directions to someone's house

5 (or more) Things always on my desk: (at work - if I can still remember what it looks like)

1. Stickers, stickers, stickers
2. Stapler with coloured staples
3. My Oscar
4. Pile of marking
5. My collection of bottles that need to be brought downstairs to be recycled

Okay, now that I've procrastinated, I feel ready to be productive. Then I will reward myself with a trip to Starbucks. Woot.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Go put your records on, tell me your favourite song...

So I've decided to put off the computer purchase until after my trip to the old country. Much more logical, I think. Plus, sneaking into my roommate's room and using hers while she's at work is working quite well for me at the moment. (In my defence, she did say I could use it any time... To which I replied "What if I feel the need to blog at 3 am? Is that okay?") Anyway, I can feel slightly less stressed for awhile.

I'm feeling kind of sleepy from my lunch of chicken fajitas and mango margaritas.

Bought a new umbrella for my trip. Bring on your worst rain I say.

As I was walking down Bloor Street this aft, I saw a movie being filmed. They had all kinds of yellow cabs parked out front a store that were labelled "NYC Cabs". I wished I had my camera to take a picture, but of course I didn't. Then I remembered that I temporarily don't even have a computer to put my pics on anyway, so whatever.

I hadn't seen a movie being filmed in quite awhile. When I was in university, there were constantly movies being filmed on campus. Sometimes I'd be walking across campus and there'd be all kinds of horses and buggies and people dressed in clothes from the 1800s, and I felt like I'd travelled back through time (except for all of the cameras and whatnots). My favourite scene was when Becca T and I made a trip to a library whose sign was altered to say "Philadelphia Police Headquarters". We both started to fake-panic and wonder how the hell we ended up in Philly on our way to check email.

When my pal Becca T finished school and was in between jobs, she worked as an extra a couple of times. She had a stint as an extra at a lesbian party on Queer As Folk so I love to tease her about how she's not a lesbian in real life, but she's played one on TV.

Of course, all of this thinking about movies being filmed is reminding me of the episode of the Simpsons where the Radioactive Man movie is being filmed in Springfield. (The googles! They do nothing! <-- That line always goes through my head when I have to tell my students to wear goggles during chemistry experiments.) Perhaps I'll go watch that now. I love TV on DVD.

Monday, July 24, 2006

You can breathe but the air is running out on you.

I'm pretty sure that I know what my hell will look like. There will be an infinite array of computers and I will be given the task to determine which one to buy. Argh. I hate computer shopping so much. It's a horrible, horrible thing for an indecisive person like me to have to cope with.

Other than being haunted by the ghost of my dead laptop (I just had a fleeting temptation to say screw getting a new one and go demand my old old old old clunky desktop back from my aunt), life's grand. I had a good mini-vacay-from-summer-vacay-in-Toronto by crashing at my 'rents place in Stratford for a few days. I spent some time catching up with old friends and chilling and making a to-do list to complete before I head off on my trip.

As my dad was dropping me off at the train station this morning, he asked me when I was leaving for the old country. This made me laugh for a couple of reasons: a) it brings back fond memories of when my grandfather referred to Wales as the old country; and b) it made me think of the episode of the Simpsons where Grampa is reminiscing about the old country, but he forgets which one. I've decided to henceforth refer to my trip as my trip to the old country. (Did I mention my plane leaves THIS Friday night?)

I'm reading a hilarious book about the old country (albeit not my old country) - Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks (Hawks - not Tony Hawk the skateboarder). I've had it kicking around for years, and never actually read it. I decided that since I am going to be in Ireland in about a week, perhaps now would be the time to read it. It's feckin' funny. The author was bet 100 quid that he couldn't hitchhike the circumference of Ireland in one month with a fridge. I just finished the part where the fridge goes surfing. I totally recommened this book.

Tomorrow is lunch with my pal Flora who is making the trip to the old country with me. We will plan what we will do with our free time in London. All I know is she wants to shop. I am fine with this.

I think that after lunch, I may just bite the bullet and go buy the computer that I almost bought today before my indecisive nature took over and brought me home to do more research. The only way to end this madness is to buy a computer. Or maybe I'll convince myself to hold off until after I'm back from the old country. I'll keep you updated on my adventures from computer hell. (Thank God this happened during the summer, I suppose.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


On Monday at about 4:00 pm, my trusty laptop decided that it had had enough of this world. The last thing I typed on it was a message to Sandee - "sorry, having computer problems".

After what seemed like 2 hours on the phone with computer support people, it seems like the problem is with the motherboard, and doesn't seem to be worth fixing. At least the hard drive should be fine, and I shouldn't lose anything that I've neglected to backup. Sigh.

Soooo... looks like someone will be going laptop shopping. I guess it's fun, but I don't really feel like worrying about that right now. I think I'm going to wait until I'm back from Britain to deal with my computer difficulties.

Tonight I'm going to take the train to Stratford for a mini vacation there. I haven't been home yet this summer because I keep procrastinating... Blogging will be sporadic and done entirely from the quaintness of the local library.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleeping all day, staying up all night...

I had a fantabulous day despite the hot hot heat.

I woke up pretty early and had a leirsurely breakfast. And by leisurely, I mean it took me about two hours from start to finish. And no, I did not cook myself some gourmet meal, I'm talking an English muffin, an egg, strawberries, juice and coffee. As I dawdled, I questioned myself to how the hell was I able to wake up at 6:30 am and be out the door at 7:30 (at the absolute latest) a few short weeks earlier...

Today I caught a matinee of the excellent documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, thus continuing my weekend of eco-documentaries. It's a great comapanion piece to An Inconvinient Truth. It was very well done, and pretty fun. The movie starts with some background info about the electric cars that were developed and actually available to consumers in California in the late 1990s. Yeah, I didn't know about that either. We're talking zero emissions here. After the background, the movie goes through the evidence for all the different suspects in the style of a murder mystery. Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson (with a crazy beard) make appearances, not as suspects but as lovers of the car. Anyhow, I left the movie with a disdain for oil companies, car companies, and George W Bush. Well, I guess always had disdain for those things, but now more so. Go see this movie, or remember to rent it when its out on DVD. It's only playing in one theatre in Toronto, so I suppose if you're in a small town, you will be out of luck. Perhaps its release will expand.

On my way home from the movie, the freakin' subway had some sort of malfunction and stopped, so I had a bit of a hike home. Normally, I wouldn't care, but don't you love when these things happen on the hottest day of the year? At least I was carrying a bunch of groceries or something. That would have sucked.

When I got home, I turned on my trusty computer and saw my friend Mathew on MSN. He'd gotten free tickets to Edgefest II from work, but I had intially planned to go to Stratford this weekend so I'd declined. I've decided to postpone my visit until later in the week because I don't feel like leaving my air conditioner (there isn't one in my room back home), plus my dad is all grumpy because his shovel-foot is acting up. Anyhow, it turned out that Mat hadn't found a taker for the tickets, so I got to go to a spontaneous concert! We arrived in time for Hawthorne Heights (kind of screamy), The All-American Rejects (pretty good) and Yellowcard (quite entertaining as well). It was a great concert for a summer night, and being by the lake made it bit cooler. So yay for spontaneous free concerts!

Well, I should be off to bed soon. Tomorrow's task is to get some pounds and euros for my trip.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Can I Go Nowhere With You?

I've been hit with an insane thirst for knowledge. Thank goodness it came during summer vacay, when I actually have time to explore outside interests, as opposed to marking another project or planning a lesson on isotopes or linear equations or whatnot.

(Aside, I ran into a friend from teachers' college today. Teachers are frustrating people. We are the worst for talking about our jobs. Even on summer vacay.)

Back to my thrist for knowledge. I guess I developed it while I read Suite Francaise by Irène Némirovsky, which takes place during WWII. When it comes to history, I feel pretty un-learned. I did not take a history course past grade 9 (pile on the maths and sciences, I said). In university, I took a history of science course, Darwinism to be precise, but that doesn't count. I'm pretty much like Grampa Simpson, whose knowledge of history consists of what he's pieced together from sugar packets. My sugar packets are novels, memoirs, and movies. I've found that the best way for me to learn history is to trick myself into learning it through reading fiction/memoirs or watching a movie.

Of course this can be dangerous - what if the book isn't accurate? I read a novel about Anne Boleyn that was terribly inaccurate; however at least it sparked me to do the research to find out that it was indeed inaccurate...

So anyway, back to my summer quest for knowledge. Since I can't learn everything there is to know in a summer (or can I?) I've decided that this summer's topic will be WWII. (Anyone know any good books about WWII?? One that's a little more substantial than "WWII for Dummies" but not the tome of Weinburg's "A World At Arms"... I picked up that thing in a bookstore and could barely lift the freaking thing.)

I read Elie Wiesel's memoir "Night" a couple nights ago. It's been on my to-be-read pile for a bit. It was chilling.

I bought a memoir by a woman who was a Polish schoolgirl during WWII and helped rescue Jews. I can't remember the title and it's all the way in the other room right now...

I also plan to alternate informative reading with my typical taste for contemporary fiction. And memoirs I guess. I've been reading a bunch of those. I just finished "A Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls which is a great read. Pick it up. Now I'm starting on a Canadian novel, "The Birth House" by Ami McKay.

On a different note, I saw the movie An Inconvinient Truth today. It was very well done. Go see it. Make sure that you're in the mood for something a little university-lecture style. That's basically what it is. But it's very coherently put together. I commend Al Gore for taking the initiative to: a) educate himself and b) make it his mission to educate others. I always admire a person who has done the research and presents it to me with some snazzy graphs (he had me at the first line graph).

Of course, documentaries like this make me angry. You can't help but watch it and think "Why is this man not President? He was elected after all, and he can speak well and he's very informed." (Did anyone see when he hosted SNL and they showed the parallel universe where he was president? That was hilarious!) And, of course it makes me angry that global warming is a problem being ignored by the US government. And, I'm almost even angrier that Canada has not been exactly stellar in its efforts. Although, in An Inconvienent Truth, Gore makes us look better as pointing out that we're better than the US... Personally, I would say that we're "less worse" than the US. I coined the term "less worse" back in high school when I felt that the term "better" didn't work for something since it implies some sort of good. My mother hates when I say less worse because of the inherent bad grammar but it sums up how I feel about many things in this world.

And... things are getting far more worse now that we have our new PM Stephen W. Harper who can really rival GWB for bad environmental policy.

Okay, enough of rambling... although it does make me feel better. Go see "An Inconvinient Truth" though. It's great.

And now, off to bed I go.

ps I leave in less than 2 weeks for Britain! Woot! I picked up my travel documents today!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I said I'm Luke, I'm 5 and my dad's Bruce Lee. Drives me around in his JCB.

Random List of Thoughts for today:

1) Today's title is from the song "JCB" by Nizlopi. Watch the awesome video here. It makes me so happy. I know that I'm such a kid deep down inside 'cuz I love anything that's rather childish. Anyway, I love, love, love this song. I actually discovered it from MuchMusic. I believe the last thing I discovered on Much was Green Day back in '94.

2) One year ago today I was snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

3) Today is my parents' 36th wedding anniversary. They went out for Chinese food for lunch.

4) Today I went on a long walk to run errands. One place I had to go was Sunrise records to pick up my Sarah Harmer tickets. I walked into the store and noticed a coworker there. He had his back turned so I sneaked out of the store to avoid him. Real mature on my part, eh? This guy is always kind of cold to me and is the only person that I run into quite a bit outside of work. Anyway, I didn't much feel like a chilly how's-your-summer-going conversation, so I figured I could pick up my tickets later and ducked out.

5) I watched my favourite summer tv show, Rockstar, tonight. Lukas, who is from Toronto and looks like Hawksley, is my favourite followed by Dilana, who I like despite the fact she kind of scares me. The other Canadian was better this week. Anyway, as I post, I'm casting my votes and chatting with Raina, fellow Rockstar devotee.

6) I finished the book Suite Francaise last night. It is a fabulous, fabulous book. It's really too bad that the author was killed before she could finish it. I think that if she had lived and the book had been published after the war (as opposed to in 2004), it would have been considered a classic by now.

7) I started another book on my summer reading list: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. So far very good.

8) And... thanks for all of the great comments on my blog's new look. I'm loving it too.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Change Will Do You Good.

After 1 year, 3 months, 18 days and 269 posts, I decided that it was time to give my blog a new look. Well, Voila! I was attracted by this pretty pink template for two reasons: 1) its name is "Rawk"; and 2) its colour scheme matches my iPod case.

Now, as for the lame title of my blog, I'm going to stick with that. I only typed that in when I started my blog since I couldn't think of a title and figured that I'd come up with one sooner or later. Never happened. Now I'm attached to the wordy awkwardness of the title.

I think I'm happy with this new look. There are a few tweaks that I think I will do (I don't like the order of stuff on the sidebar) but I've done enough playing for today.

Okay, enough of the computer geekery. Let's rehash the weekend:
  • My pal Wendy visited and we had a good time. Went out for dinner, went the bead store, the cheap bookstore and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2. My assessment of the movie is 1.5 stars for the movie + 0.5 stars for the cliffhanger ending + 1 star for Johnny Depp = 3 stars out of 5.
  • Watched the World Cup at my friends' place. This was the first time I've ever watched a (professional) soccer game in its entirety. I was amazed and amused by the whole dramatization of injuries in soccer (diving or whatever it's called). My friend told me she saw footage of a team (Portugal) practising looking really hurt... Anyway, the whole headbutting incident made the game rather interesting and I'm happy that Italy won since I was cheering for them.
  • Last night, at 1:45 am, I realized I had not yet watered my roommate's flowers as I had said I would. I did not remember that they had forecasted thunderstorms for today. Hauled myself out of bed and made several trips onto the balcony to water the flowers. Got the bottoms of my pjs muddy in the process. You bet I was thrilled to see the rain this morning. Decided to spend another couple of hours in bed because of this weather that seemed to be mocking me.

Anyhow, now that the rain has stopped and the sun is peaking out, I think I will go for walk. I'm pretty sure that this walk will end at a Starbucks, so I'll bring a book with me just in case. I'm almost done Suite Francaise, and I'm anxious to start a new book from my summer reading pile.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Help Matthew Stay

I read a story this morning on the Toronto Star that really affected me. In a nutshell, there is a Vietenmese orphan living in Toronto who has struggled to get an education and now he facing deportation. It really saddened me, and also made me think that with Canada Day having just passed, we should be honoured to have a person like this in Canada, as opposed to deporting him.

If you feel similarly, follow the directions here to send an email to the Minister of Immigration.

Friday, July 07, 2006


All right, so here they are - my answers to my "Two Truths and a Lie" from the previous post. Thank you all for playing. I left your scores in the comments section. Congrats to my dear friend Jo who was able to identify the highest number of my lies: 6/10. Again, to all of you, thanks for taking the time to play ;)

Trio #1 - Encounters with the Law
a) When I was a teenager, my friends and I drank vodka in front of the police station. Truth - we drank it mixed in cups Tim Horton's hot chocolate.
b) I was once escorted back into Canada by the US immigration police. Truth - long story. Let's just say kid in grade 9 goes to visit her grandma in Sarnia, falls asleep on the train, misses stop, gets woken up by a cutoms agent, gets taken back to her country by the immigration police. At least the kid can laugh about it years later.
c) I've gotten 3 tickets for speeding in my life. - Lie! I've never gotten a ticket for speeding. Knock on wood.

Trio #2 - Embarassing Concerts
a) I went to a New Kids on the Block concert when I was in grade 6. - Lie! Never seen 'em.
b) I went to a Clay Aiken concert. - Truth - This happened last summer (my roommate got free tickets, okay), check out my review. It doesn't comprosmise my musical coolness in the least, okay...
c) I went to a concert where the top 3 Canadian Idol contestants at the time (Kalan Porter, Teresa Sokyrka, and Jacob Hoggerd) all performed. Truth - they played at Beachfest at Sunnyside park a few years ago. I was there for other bands (namely Hawksley).

Trio #3 - Flying High (on planes, of course)
a) I flew on 18 different flights within the span of 10 months. Truth - I flew a lot when I worked in Northern Ontario.
b) I was once on a flight where I was the only passenger. Truth - They were tiny planes. I scored a Saturday flight with just me, the pilot and the co-pilot.
c) The longest flight I was ever on was 16 hours long. Lie! - LA to Australia was only 14 hours.

Trio #4 - Crappy Books I wasted precious moments of my life reading
a) I read Pamela Anderson's novel "Star". Truth - it was bad and didn't even have an ending.
b) I read Paris Hilton's book "Confessions of an Heiress". Lie! - I only read "fiction" by starlets.
c) I read Nicole Richie's novel "The Truth About Diamonds". - Truth - it was bad. I don't know why I read it. I suppose I'm the kind of person who's attracted to trainwrecks.

Trio #5 - Interesting(?) University Courses
a) In university, I took a course that was all about fungi. Truth - it was actually quite good.
b) In university, I took a course in the evolution of sexual behaviour in primates. Lie! - I took lots of evolution of behaviour courses, but never one specifically on this.
c) In university, I took a course in Greek & Roman mythology. Truth - fulfilled my humanities requirement. I liked it at the beginning but then got sick about hearing about silly gods.

Trio #6 - Encounters with Musicians
a) I attended the wedding reception for the bass player of a band that I really love. Truth - Let's just say I know someone who knows someone who invited me. If you really know me, you can figure out what band it is. Here's the story.
b) I gave Hawksley Workman a chocolate bar. Truth - Some friends and I went to his book signing, saw a lady give him flowers, wished that we had something for him, ran to the corner store and got him a big Hershey bar 'cuz we knew he liked chocolate.
c) I kissed Ben Folds on the cheek when I met him. Lie! I did meet Ben Folds but I was too nervous to even really say anything. But I did get my picture taken with him.

Trio #7 - I used to be really obsessed with the band Sloan...
a) I spent hours drawing a portrait of Chris Murphy of Sloan. Lie! My pal Becca T did this during the height of our mutual Sloan obsession. I can't draw to save my life. It's a really good portrait though.
b) I painted and designed a paper mache box with pictures of Sloan for my pal Becca T. Truth - I can do collage-y type crafts.
c) I wrote a choose-your-own-adventure story about Sloan. Truth - It was a present for Becca T... She had given me one the previous year, so I wrote the sequel. The idea is horrendously nerdy, I know. But they're really funny.

Trio #8 - Tasty (?) Australian Cuisine
a) I've eaten kangaroo. Truth - It's really good. I actually had it twice. It's like a really tender red meat. I'd recommend it.
b) I've eaten emu. Lie! I could have had it there, but it didn't seem exotic enough to be worth my while.
c) I've eaten crocodile. Truth - It's rubbery.

Trio #9 - Encounters with the Law Part 2
a) I trespassed in the backyard of a policeman's house. Truth - we had to sneak through it to get to this really crappy pit party back in high school.
b) I had a friend who was a police officer who used to take me out "fighting crime" in her police van at 1 am. Truth - This is the type of thing that would only happen up north. We really had nothing to do so we'd drive up and down the one road in town and gossip.
c) I've been in a police helicopter. Lie! I totally made that up. Not even a shred of truth.

Trio #10 - Encounters with Celebrities
a) I met John Travolta. Truth - It was when he was promoting that crappy movie, Battlefied Earth. I got his autogrpah.
b) Tom Cruise waved at me. Lie! No shred of truth there. No encounters with the "cruiseazy" one. Thank God.
c) Ellen Degeneres gave me a really dirty look. Truth - Becca T and I were shopping in Indigo years ago (this was back when she was dating Anne Heche) and I noticed her and I said (far too loudly) "Look it's Ellen Degeneres!" She wasn't supposed to hear... I'm just loud when I'm surprised. Sorry Becka, she would do that.

So with that out of the way, it's almost the weekend! My friend Wendy's coming to visit me today and we're going to perhaps shop and go out for dinner. On Sunday, I'm going to a World Cup party at my friends' place. Forza Italia! (I think that means "Go Italy"... That's what the Roots Tshirt says, at least...)

Hope you all have super weekends!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Secret's in the Telling.

K wrote a neat post about secrets on her blog inspired by the book/blog Post Secret. As I was spilling my deep, dark secrets in her comments (really not so deep or dark), I started to think of that game "Two Truths and a Lie". You know, the one where you list two truths and a lie and then your friends/acquaintences/well-wishers/etc. have to figure out which one is the lie.

So, I'm going to post ten trios of statements, each of which contains a lie. Try and spot the lies! I'll post the answers later...

(Oh yeah, and if what I come up with is lame and sucks, forgive me, it's late.)

Trio #1 - Encounters with the Law
a) When I was a teenager, my friends and I drank vodka in front of the police station.
b) I was once escorted back into Canada by the US immigration police.
c) I've gotten 3 tickets for speeding in my life.

Trio #2 - Embarassing Concerts
a) I went to a New Kids on the Block concert when I was in grade 6.
b) I went to a Clay Aiken concert.
c) I went to a concert where the top 3 Canadian Idol contestants at the time (Kalan Porter, Teresa Sokyrka, and Jacob Hoggerd) all performed.

Trio #3 - Flying High (on planes, of course)
a) I flew on 18 different flights within the span of 10 months.
b) I was once on a flight where I was the only passenger.
c) The longest flight I was ever on was 16 hours long.

Trio #4 - Crappy Books I wasted precious moments of my life reading
a) I read Pamela Anderson's novel "Star".
b) I read Paris Hilton's book "Confessions of an Heiress".
c) I read Nicole Richie's novel "The Truth About Diamonds".

Trio #5 - Interesting(?) University Courses
a) In university, I took a course that was all about fungi.
b) In university, I took a course in the evolution of sexual behaviour in primates.
c) In university, I took a course in Greek & Roman mythology.

Trio #6 - Encounters with Musicians
a) I attended the wedding reception for the bass player of a band that I really love.
b) I gave Hawksley Workman a chocolate bar.
c) I kissed Ben Folds on the cheek when I met him.

Trio #7 - I used to be really obsessed with the band Sloan...
a) I spent hours drawing a portrait of Chris Murphy of Sloan.
b) I painted and designed a paper mache box with pictures of Sloan for my pal Becca T.
c) I wrote a choose-your-own-adventure story about Sloan.

Trio #8 - Tasty (?) Australian Cuisine
a) I've eaten kangaroo.
b) I've eaten emu.
c) I've eaten crocodile.

Trio #9 - Encounters with the Law Part 2
a) I trespassed in the backyard of a policeman's house.
b) I had a friend who was a police officer who used to take me out "fighting crime" in her police van at 1 am.
c) I've been in a police helicopter.

Trio #10 - Encounters with Celebrities
a) I met John Travolta.
b) Tom Cruise waved at me.
c) Ellen Degeneres gave me a really dirty look.

All right, will anyone get ten out of ten????? Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So you could always meander and forever be able to run away...

Last night my roomie and I went to see "The Devil Wears Prada". My verdict = fun.

Summer vacay rolls on, and as such, I really have nothing to blog about except how I'm procrastinating doing my spring cleaning (which I saved for the summer). In lieu of having anything interesting in my life to blog about, I'm just going to listen to ten songs randomly on my iPod and blog about them. Here goes:

1) Without Mythologies - The Weakerthans > Probably one of my least fave Weakerthans songs, although I always enjoy it live. Who am I kidding? If they sung Frere Jacques live, I'd enjoy that too. I kinda always giggle at the word "hoar frost" in the song. I wasn't really sure of what that is, so I looked it up. Here's a picture of hoar frost.

2) Lost Together - Blue Rodeo > Whenever I hear any Blue Rodeo song, I think about how much I like Jim Cuddy's voice. I've seen Blue Rodeo twice; both times for free. Maybe I should pay to go to one of their concerts sometime...

3) Somthing Pretty - Patrick Park > My blog buddy m@ kept telling me to get this song and I finally listened and I'm glad that I did 'cuz I really like it. It makes me think of all of the farmland surrounding Stratford for some reason, even though the land there isn't filled with tobacco fields. Oh, thinking about farms has just made me remember that last night I had a dream that my friend Joanna's horse stepped on my iPod and broke it. I guess I should more accurately file that under the nightmare category.

4) Love & Death - The Stills > I'm bad. I bought the Stills' first album "Logic Will Break Your Heart" eons ago and I never really listen to it. I think that is because I bought it at the same time as I bought Damien Rice's "O" and that CD won the battle of competing interests. I have to admit that this song isn't bad but it's no "Lola Stars and Stripes". I love that freakin' song. Guess The Stills peaked for me with Lola. (Deep dark secret - Lola would be on my list of potential baby names. Not 'cuz of the song, I've always thought it's a neat name. However, too many celebrities have been stealing that name. Boo.)

5) Care of Cell #44 - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs > This is a cover of some sixties song from the aforementioned duo's 60s cover album. It's okay but it's too sugary sweet for my mood right now. Next please.

6) All You Need Is Love - The Beatles > Apparently I'm stuck in the 60s at the moment. But if I am gonna be stuck in the 60s, I might as well be stuck with the Beatles. My fave all time Beatles song is "A Day in the Life" which we studied in the World of Popular Music course I took in university. Best. Course. Ever. Love that my degree included studying musical movements from disco to punk to the Beatles and everything in between.

7) Don't Forget - Martha Wainwright > I like Martha a lot but I probably don't listen to her enough. With the exception of the song Bloody Motherfucking Asshole, which is in my top 20 of most-listened-to songs. I like its passion. I like its swearing. The song I'm listening to is pleasant, but maybe not one of my faves. Next.

8) Indefinitely - Travis > While I was watching Keane at Edgefest on Saturday, I thought that they reminded me a bit of Travis at time. Then I thought about how a lot of British bands are interchangeable to me. Still, they're good when you're in one of those, you know, mournful moods. I like this song but it's too slow for my mood at the present moment. Next.

9) Just Pretend - The Bens > Ahh, my favourite two Bens (Folds and Lee) with another enjoyable Ben (Kweller) thrown in for good measure. Oh, I totally think that they should call up Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie and ask him to be on the next EP. If there is going to be another...

10) 405 - Death Cab for Cutie > Oh wow, and speak of the devil! This is from the DCFC's live EP "The John Byrd EP". I love the line in this song "Misguided by the 405 and it lead me to an alcoholic summer..." Also I love the use of the word "askew" in this song. Not used nearly enough in song.

Okay, so my iPod just generated a total stream-of-conciousness post. Neat. Now I'm off to check the mail and maybe meander over to Starbucks. Ciao! (In honour of Italy, who's going to the World Cup finals...)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My God, she said.

Here's a rundown of my summer vacation so far...

Thursday Evening: Pub-Crawl with Colleagues

We drank from Yorkville to Little Italy and over to Chinatown. 'Nuf said. It was great; I haven't really done the drink with my colleagues thing before and I think my reputation of being quiet might be over and done with.

Friday Evening: Dashboard Confessional w City & Colour at the Molson Amphitheatre

Awesome, awesome show. Took my roommate with me; this was our first concert together after almost two years living together. Hmmm, how has she managed to live with me for that long without getting taken to a show? Anyway, she really likes City & Colour and enjoyed her intro Dashboard.

I was very impressed with Dashboard's show. I think he's grown as a performer since I saw him back in 2002. My only criticism is that the average age of the audience was far too young for my tastes. Blech. I hate feeling old.

Anyway, here's a picture from the show. A pretty far away shot, but you can see the cool lattern type things that were onstage.

Saturday Evening: Edgest at the Molson Amphitheatre

Two concerts in two days at the Amp. We only made it for the last three bands: Hot Hot Heat, Keane and Our Lady Peace. Hot Hot Heat were super fun, Keane were great (despite the fact it rained during their set and I got pretty wet) and seeing Our Lady Peace satisified my inner 17 year old. Fave song that OLP played was Hope - I'd totally forgotten that song existed.

Anyhow, today I relaxed and read for a bit. I need to start cleaning and organizing a bunch of stuff in my room (my first summer project) but why do today what I can comfortably put off until tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and happy belated Canada Day, y'all.