Thursday, September 27, 2007

The pause feels like an extra year of high school.

Today was one of those odd days where you end up doing a bunch of different things, and having a bunch of different emotions and feelings and experiences, so that the day feels more eventful than some entire weeks you've had in the past.

It was just busy because we had a special day at school, during which I ended up bonding with a classroom of grade 10 boys over Feist's 1234 of all things, then I had an activity-filled rest of the day, then I went out for a yummy dinner to celebrate a colleague's birthday, and finally I ended up having a couple of friends over to watch the season premiere of The Office.

On the way home from dinner, a couple of my colleagues and I got into a total Oprah conversation where we discussed insecurities and things in our lives that have messed us up, and ways to cope with life, emotions, and feelings. You know, definitely very Oprah-y stuff. It was weird because I actually opened up to them about some things that I very rarely talk about, even to my closest friends who I've know for a long long time. In fact, I think it would give some of friends quite a surprise to hear me talking about these things so matter-of-factly. I'm lucky because I realize that I do have colleagues that I totally do consider friends, and it's neat to have people at work that you like spending time with and consider friends on a personal level. Anyhow, as I was having my Oprah moment, one of my colleagues commented that I sounded like I'd come to terms with a lot of this stuff, which I really had thought that I'd more or less bottled away, but maybe I'm coming to grips with things.

Enough Oprah talk. The Office was hilarious. Oh, it was nice to see my old friends again. I love that show. :D

And... of course you know I've been obsessively listening to the new Weakerthans CD and, of course, I am in love with it. My current favourite song is "Reunion Tour", which didn't stand out to me at the beginning, but after a couple of listens, its instrumentation converted me to loving it.

Well, tomorrow is Friday, so happy weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I know I know it's the sky that makes the ocean blue.

It's late Saturday, technically Sunday morning, and again I'm amazed at how quickly weekend days fly by. I wish I could slow time at will.

I recently bought season 1 of Heroes on DVD and my pal Becca T and I have been working on watching it together. We're almost done. On Friday night, we got take out sushi, and watched a bunch of episodes during which we consumed a bottle of wine. We've just started disc 6 out 7, so we've almost reached our goal. The season premiere is on Monday. We won't be done in time for it, but I'll tape it and I'm sure we'll be caught up. I really like the show. I figured that a good Monday night show would be a good addition to my week. I love having TV to look forward to.

Today I slept in and lazed around my place using the fact that I'm trying to get rid of the last vestiges of my cold as a reason for my sloth. I read a bit and watched the 1998 movie Elizabeth. In the late afternoon, I tackled my dishes and brought down the large pile of recycling that I'd been avoiding for weeks, so I don't feel that the day was wholly unproductive.

This evening I went to a party at Becca T's. It was pretty fun. I got to see a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in a long time, plus my dear friends Jon & Ali showed up unexpectedly and we had fun.

It's crazy how fast time flies. I'm still amazed that people I met in university, who I consider my "new" friends, have actually known me for almost 10 years now. It's weird talking to new people and realizing that this is my fifth year teaching.

I guess it all makes me wish that I could bend space and time just like Hiro on Hereos.

ps The new Ben Lee CD is super fun. I recommend it if you like fun poppy music that you can sing along with.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I was kissing Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream.

You know it's Monday when:

a) You put on outfit #1 for work and then turn on the TV to find that the weather will be too cold for outfit #1. You change into outfit #2, and realize that the shirt just isn't doing it for you, so you make do with outfit #3.

b) You arrive to work early so that you have time to well, familiarize yourself with what it is that you do for a living, and find that your office is cold. As in Antarctic cold, and there you are without your parka, snowpants, mittens, and winter boots. You forgot them at home, since it still is technically the season of summer.

c) Every time you make the trip from your office on the cold cold cold third floor (Hey isn't hot air supposed to rise? What happened to that?) to the main office downstairs, you realize that you forgot things upstairs and have to make the jog back up. At least the physical activity is warming you slightly.

d) Your "clients", as I'll call them, are super energetic after having a weekend to rest up, and you are exactly in the opposite state of energy since you feel a cold coming on.

e) You go downstairs to make *one* photocopy and the damned machine jams, and you can't fix it even though you spend 10 minutes of your precious time trying to fix it, and you know very well that it's not actually jammed, but in fact it just wants you to fiddle with its knobs. So, your only recourse is to ask the secretary who scares you for help.

And that's how you know it's Monday.

Note: I actually had an all right day at work today, and despite all this, I enjoyed myself overall, as I frequently do. I was just inspired to write a bitter post.

Also, Tuesday's gonna be good because there is a new Ben Lee CD coming out, and I'm going to buy it at the record store where the cute boy works, and it will be warm enough tomorrow to wear outfit #1, which is super cute, and I'm glad that I didn't waste it today. ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

So find a sweater, and you'll be better.

My old pink-and-black-and fun template randomly stopped working, so I had to quickly change to a new run-of-the-mill readily-available blogger template. Maybe someday I'll have the time to find something better, but 'til then, this nice green template will have to suffice.

I've survived week 2 of being back to work, and it's going well. Knock-on-wood of course, but even though it's still the honeymoon period, my classes are giving the vibe that they'll be pleasant for the long term.

I had a crazy-busy weekend last weekend, so I'm really excited not to have any big plans for this weekend. Last night I went for some post-work drinks with colleagues, then ended up having to run home quickly as opposed to wandering around some stores to avoid being caught in a thunderstorm. After dinner, I passed out on my couch watching a movie and woke up there this morning. I think that I just may have be tired.

Today was a crisp cool fall day, which reminded me how much I love love love autumn. I went for a walk this afternoon while listening to my iPod and noticed how a lot of my favourite artists like Christine Fellows, Death Cab for Cutie, Hawksley Workman, The Weakerthans, and Neko Case actually sound a little bit better when the weather gets cooler.

Yay for fall!

Monday, September 10, 2007

My book, my book's gonna make you look.

I survived the first week of school. In a way I'm glad to be back; I honestly do miss the little urchins during vacation. I see a lot of them in the halls, and when they say hello, I remember "Oh yeah, I really enjoy this person!" Anyway, my classes are great so far; I love the September honeymoon period. I hope it can last all year.

I'm also not mourning summer too much because I'm not letting myself get so caught up with work that I neglect my social life. On the evening of the first day of school, I went out for drinks with a couple of dear friends, and that was such a remedy for the back-to-school blues. I had one of those moments when I felt that all was right in my life. I realized I had enjoyable friends, a great apartment, a job that I love, and I had a really yummy caramel apple martini in me.

A friend of mine from home came to stay with me this weekend. Friday night was filled drinking and some trouble-making at the pub across the street from my place. On Saturday, we went across the border to Niagara Falls NY to do some heavy duty shopping. It totally felt like I was back on summer vacation what with going on a mini-road trip and the sunny warm weather.

Tonight was another fabulous night. I met up with my dear former roommmate whom I haven't seen since her wedding in BC. It was great meeting up for dinner, which was followed by seeing Damien Rice in concert. And oh, was it a great concert. If you are not familiar with Damien Rice, you should: a) familiarize yourself right now; and b) make it a life's goal to see him life. He started by playing my three favourite songs (Rootless Tree, Amie, and Eskimo). Actually, it's hard to call three my favourite songs since they're all so good, but I do really like those three. My favourite concert moment was when he held a long note during the song Eskimo. As he did, the lights became all star-like and it was just very cool. His band is amazing. It was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I think it made my top ten. Hmmm, one day I should sit and ponder what my top ten concerts are. That would be interesting to quantify.

Anyhow, I guess as an update to my current life, I can summarize by saying everything right now is fabulous, and the forecast calls for fabulousity remaining throughout the fall for sure. :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Then labour day came and went, and we shed what was left of our summer skin.

I've got my lunch made, my newly-purchased school supplies all packed up, and my outfit for tomorrow picked out. It's 8:10 pm and I'm ready to go for the inevitability of going back to work tomorrow. Am I glad? Sure, it'll be good to go back to the normalcy of having a routine. Sometimes, one can get a little bored of summer vacation, but I really haven't had time for that this year. Between taking a course, packing, moving, unpacking, travelling, a visit to St. Ratford, and various social activities, I haven't had much time to get bored yet. So, in that respect I could use some more time, but I guess I can go back to real life tomorrow. Since they're forcing me. Actually I could really use a paycheque right about now too.

Anyway, I've gone for a couple of long walks this weekend, and during these walks I've reflected on the summer that was. However, since my iPod was on, I spent more time thinking about the songs that will always be associated with the summer.

Summer of 2007 Soundtrack:
1) When it Flows - Great Lake Swimmers
2) Moving Pictures Silent Films - Great Lake Swimmers
3) Imitosis - Andrew Bird
4) Heretics - Andrew Bird
5) The Night Starts Here - Stars
6) Take Me to the Riot - Stars
7) Window Bird - Stars
8) The Con - Tegan & Sara
9) Call it Off - Tegan & Sara
10) 1234 (Van She Technological Remix) - Feist
11) Born Losers - Matthew Good
12) She's in it for the Money - Matthew Good
13) The Devil's in your Details - Matthew Good
14) Young Leaves - Attack in Black
15) Northern Towns - Attack in Black
16) Time Won't Let Me Go - The Bravery
17) Walls Fall Down - Bedouin Soundclash
18) Eyes - Rogue Wave
19) Civil Twilight - The Weakerthans
20) Night Windows - The Weakerthans

I started the summer listening to a lot of Great Lake Swimmers. Then I picked up the new Andrew Bird CD which had a song with the word mitosis in it, which made my inner science geek happy. The new Stars CD was then released solely on iTunes and that dominated the old iPod for awhile. I'd been really looking forward to the new Tegan & Sarah album, and I listened to that a lot during the summer.

At the end of July I was off on my trip, but not before I bought the new Matthew Good CD from iTunes so I could listen to it during my trip. I spent long train rides and walks down the beach in White Rock listening to Hopsital Music. On a whim, I picked up the Attack in Black album "Marriage" since I'd seen them open for the Weakerthans in June and it was only $10. That turned out to be a great decision since I ended up listening to it the entire time I had my rental car. It's a really good road trip album by the way.

When I got back from my trip, I went to visit the 'rents. A visit to my 'rents usually involves me driving a lot and listening to the radio. The two radio songs that I picked up on and actually enjoyed were "Time Won't Let Me Go" by the Bravery and "Walls Fall Down" by Bedouin Soundclash.

I recently purchased the first season of Heroes, and Becca T and I have been watching it together with the goal of having it done by the time the second season starts. (I wanted to have a new TV show, and I'd heard good things about it.) I heard the song "Eyes" by Rogue Wave on one episode and made a point of getting it.

My summer has ended with the relentless playing of two songs from the upcoming new Weakerthans album. I love both of them, and I am so excited for the new disc which comes out on Sept. 25th. If these two songs are any indication whatsoever of the quality of the new album, it'll be pretty swell.

Tonight I have to try to get my night owl-self retrained to going to sleep at a decent time so I can be up at 6-ish. Yuck. I'm currently read a fabulous history book called "Sex with the Queen" that is about the royal affairs of queens/princesses through history. It's great; it's like really juicy celebrity gossip, yet educational at the same time. Anyhow, I'm going to do a bit of reading, then hopefully fall asleep at a decent time. Happy back to school.