Sunday, April 29, 2007

Take by the hand and tell me you would take my anywhere.

Another weekend done. Another Monday on the horizon. I find that I'm always a tad nervous before another week starts. I feel like there is so much I have to do over the course of the upcoming week, and I honestly don't know if I'll get it done. However, by the time Monday finishes, I always feel so much better. If Mondays could somehow be eliminated, I'd feel so much better.

I feel like I had an overall productive weekend. After getting my taxes done on Friday, I spent Saturday sleeping in, shopping (new shoes!), and doing laundry. Today, I got some more shopping in, including food shopping and some organizing done.

I feel like my belongings are such a mess. I have so much useless crap that I have to go through. While doing laundry, I was able to go through my closet and get rid of a huge garbage bag full of clothes that I don't want any more. The scary thing is that I know there is probably more clothing in there that I could get rid of. How is it possible that something I liked enough to buy two years ago now looks so ugly to me?

I also bought the paper shredder that I've been meaning to buy for, well, forever. I have a bad habit of shoving papers into a shopping bag under my desk, or a couple of shoes boxes on my desk, as opposed to dealing with them. Most of them are just bank statements and those stupid cheques that come with your credit card. Anyway, tonight I spent about half an hour shredding, so I'm feeling likeI fought the paper war, and I'm winning right now.

Anyway, I feel that I'm on my way to organizing my life so that I'll be able to uproot it easily come the end of July when I'll be moving.

Happy Monday everyone.

ps This may be the most boring blog post in the history of blogging, so I'd better liven it up with by revealing some secrets:

a) I cannot focus on The Hour with George Strombolopolous because he's too attractive. He could be talking about a very important issue that I'm interested in but I don't hear the words he speaks. It's a problem because I think it's a good show.
b) I like P!nk. Total guilty pleasure.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

You cannot fight me, you don't have to like me...

I just noticed that this is my 400th post. I'm always amazed at how long I've kept this thing up.

Anyhow, woo-hoo for weekends. Especially weekends that feel just a tad longer. Yesterday was a PD day, and it was one that was held away from school - actually, at a beautiful botannical garden.

Yesterday was dragonboat practice #2. It was quite a bit colder out than the first time we practiced. However, I felt that it was a much better practice because the coach made us do more drills this time. We had a different coach, a 22 year old guy who was even't a coach, and he was much better than last week's "I've been coaching for 10 years" guy. I actually felt like I'd had a good workout by the end of practice and really enjoyed myself this week.

Last night I also did my taxes, which I'd put off for a while. This year I owe money for the first time ever in my life ($29!). Aren't I supposed to pay fewer taxes when there's a Conservative government??? Stupid Stephen Harper... Although, at least my transit passes saved me from paying more. I know, I can't really complain about $29, but it's the first time in my life I've had to send them money.

After paddling and doing taxes, I was too tired to do something fun, so I went to bed early. I could have watched a movie with my roommate and her friend but I didn't feel that I even had the capacity to focus on a movie.

Today, once I get out of my pajamas, I plan to do a little bit of shopping, then start doing some cleaning, organizing, and laundry. Oh, and I also plan to take some time to read. I haven't been able to get into a book since March Break. I've started a few, but gotten nowhere. I don't know if that's indicative of the books, or my mental state. Whichever, maybe a latte will help me read. Lattes fix everything.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The only thing on my mind was the light years between our own kind.

Tonight was parent-teacher interview night. It was a good night overall. I was busy, but not so busy that I didn't have time to chat with some of the teachers around me.

I am a girl of routine. One of my coworkers knows this very well. She makes fun of me because whenever we walk to the subway together, I insist upon crossing the street to use the west entrance of the subway station, as opposed to directly using the east entrance. I do this because it allows me to be outside as long as possible, even though I have to wait for an extra set of traffic lights. I hate not following my routine.

Anyhow, at lunch today she suggested that we should go to a restaurant a couple blocks away for dinnner before interviews. I looked at her with a strained looked and said "Yeah, that would be nice, but I always go to the mall for dinner before interviews." She could tell that not going to the mall before interviews would be the equivalent of using the wrong subway station entrance, so she agreed to keep with my routine. Plus, I pointed out to her that we could look at shoes at the mall - an advantage that the other restaurant clearly didn't have.

After interviews, a few of us went out for drinks. I had a great time which made me realize how lucky I am to have made some great friends within my staff. We pledged that we must always do the post-interview drink thing, which makes me happy, since I love having a routine to follow. :)

ps Tomorrow is a PD day - no planning! It's so nice waking up without thinking "what am I going to do with those kids today?" every once and awhile.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well don't fear, it's just the bullets bouncing off my helmet.

I actually went searching for post ideas today, because I really have nothing going on to post about. I can across a suggestion to list your favourite bands/artists from A to Z. Who knew that some letters would be so hard to fill??

A - Alanis Morrisette
B - Ben Folds (Five)
C - Christine Fellows
D - Death Cab for Cutie
E - Esthero
F - Feist
G - Great Lake Swimmers
H - Hawksley Workman
I - I don't have any special letter I bands.
J - Joel Plaskett Emergency
K - Kathleen Edwards
L - Lowest of the Low
M - Matthew Good (Band)
N - Neko Case
O - Oasis
P - Postal Service
Q - Quite frankly, I have no Q artists on my iPod
R - R.E.M
S - Such a hard decision - Sloan? Stars? Sarah Harmer? I cannot choose between those three.
T - Tori Amos
U - U2 (I guess... I'm not a big U2 fan, but they're better than The Used, who have one song I like)
V - Veruca Salt
W - Weakerthans!!!
X - I have X-actly zero X artists.
Y - Yellowcard is my only Y band. Eep.
Z - Zwan

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tomorrow we can drive around this town...

*Sigh* Here I sit at the unhappy end of a weekend once again. I really should be trying to sleep right now, but falling asleep on a Sunday night is such a hard chore, don't you find? Especially when you're facing another very busy week at work.

I had my first dragonboat practice on Friday night. The weather was fabulous. Honestly, I think being on the lake was the perfect place to be that evening. We spent most of our practice going slow and practicing our technique (which I suspect I suck at), so the hour wasn't as strenuous as I feared it would be. I thought we were doing okay, despite some older woman heckling us from ashore. "Are you rowing or are you paddling?" she yelled. -10 karma points for her, I say. At least -10.

I raced home, changed out of my fashionable rowing clothes (now wet and smelly with Lake Ontario water), had some dinner, then packed up to catch the late train to St. Ratford. Thank goodness, I was travelling west and not east, as the VIA tracks east of Toronto were blocked due to a Mohawk protest.

On Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands and then headed off for the karaoke party. All I have to say, is that if I've been indulging in spirits, and I'm around people I'm comfortable with, keep microphones the heck away from me. Especially if I have my iPod handy and can bust out 90s classics like Basket Case, Hey Jealousy, and Ironic. I apologize to people in the room who were sober. And those who were not. Although, I'm thinking that I should maybe invest in a karaoke device to have at home, because there's something therapudic about singing into a microphone. Sure beats a hairbrush.

Sunday was a sleepy day spent relaxing with the 'rents and having a coffee with a friend. Gotta love those lazy Sundays.

Have a happy week!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I think she said "it's like a kiss from God"...

Do you ever have those times when weepy rock songs make you really weepy?

I do. It kind of sucks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The city or the country we just want to make some noise.

It's nice to be getting ever closer to the end of the week. This week has been crazy-busy at work, and so will be next week, but I think once those weeks are finished, things will calm down a bit. That's what I say now, but I'm sure when the first week of May does roll around, I'll be singing a different story.

Today I picked up the new album "Ashtray Rock" by the Joel Plaskett Emergency. I've listened to it all the way through, and it's definitely one of those albums that you can listen to all of the way through and love the whole thing. It's a concept album that revolves around a love triangle that breaks up a young band, and it totally works. It's got a lot of super-fun, fist-pumping songs that make me feel long for summer. Plus, I think it will be great to hear live, which I'll be doing on May 26th; I just bought my tickets today. Woo! All is well in life, as long as I have a concert to look forward to.

Speaking of summer, I think we're finally getting some spring weather. Thank goodness.

I'm especially glad that it is warming up, because I have my first practice for the rowing team that I signed up for while, ummm, a little under the influence. I've never done any sort of rowing in my life, but it should be fun. I might be sore on Saturday (or should I say I will most definitely be sore), but whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger, right?? This weekend, I had to buy some non-cotton type pants to wear, and I ended up getting a matching tank top and jacket, so at least I'll be fashionable, right? The only sad thing is that my new clothes will get Lake Ontario water on them, ew.

Well, I think that's it. Hope that Friday gets here fast. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I will never see the sun. Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge.

Tonight was the Great Lake Swimmers concert. My verdict: fabulously beautiful. First of all, the concert was in a church, and I now am of the belief that more concerts should be in churches because of the great acoustics. The music was absolutely gorgeous. All of the musical arrangements were stunning. All kinds of interesting instruments were used: banjo, pedal steel, xylophone, upright bass, violin, mandolin, and yes, even a harmonium. Wonderful.

Now, I am quite new to the band. I'd heard of them before, but never listened to anything until I read glowing reviews of their new album Ongiara. I love that album. Tonight I heard some of their older stuff, which is gorgeous too. The title of this post is from a song from their first album, which is self-titled, that is about taking the TTC to work every day and going past the same stops. Of course, I had to make sure that I owned that song, so I picked up the album. Something to listen to on the way home from work, since every day I also pass through those stops. And, even in that order (on the way home).

Also, Owen Pallet, aka Final Fantasy, played violin at the show. I'm not sure if Final Fantasy stuff is for me, since it's classified as electronic, but he's a great violin player.

Well, that makes for two fabulous concerts too weekends in a row. Next weekend is a girls' karaoke night in St. Ratford area. Girls - you have a lot to live up to. I expect Ben Folds/Great Lake Swimmers calibre performances. If not, I will bust out my worst Simon Cowell on you. No pressure. ;)

I've also been watching a lot of that new Feist video that I posted last night. It's my new addiction, I suppose. I soooooo wish I could do that song for karaoke. And, I've watched the video so much that I could probably accompany it with a lot of dance moves. It's probably best for all involved that my friend's karaoke device will surely not have that song.

Well, tomorrow, or I guess it's now today, involves me doing report cards. Oh what fun. I hope the rest of you have enjoyable Sundays that are not work-related. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

1-2-3-4 tell me that you love me more.

When all else is sucking in your life, at least there's always great music out there.
(Note: not all else is sucking in my life right now, but work politics are making me say "grrr".)

Here's a list of musical happenings that are subsiding the inner growl inside of me today.

1) Great Lake Swimmers. As I've mentioned a couple of times (redundancy is a fault of my, I'll admit), I'm seeing them tomorrow. Less than 24 hrs 'til show time!

2) Feist - I came across this video today and realized that I'm super-excited for her new CD (out May 1st).

3) Tori Amos - Oh, will I be one over-stimulated girl on May 1st, when two great CDs are released. I've been getting all of the teaser emails for this new album, and I gotta hand it to Tori for being such a creative person. She's taking over the personae of 5 women for the CD (hence the title American Doll Posse), complete with blogs for each of them. Anyhow, I'd read the lyrics to the first song, "Yo George" online and I fell in love with it just from the lyrics. I got to listen to the song this week, and I love it. Listen to it here!

4) Even though I've not heard anything from it yet, I'm sure the new Joel Plaskett Emergency CD will very awesome. And it's out on Tuesday!!

Hope you all have fantabulous weekends!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just a ying and a yang or a couple of pints, please.

My four-day weekend totally mellowed me out, so it was pretty hard getting back into the groove today. I did it, but every cell in my body, espeically those in my brain, protested.

I had a pleasant trip home to St. Ratford. I haven't posted much about my parents' health lately, but both of them are doing much better. They're not perfect by any means, but improving a lot so I have been able to cut back on my trips home. I look forward to spending many more lazy weekends in Toronto.

Oh my, I'm experiencing huge blogger's block right now. I'm having a hard time even thinking of anything else to say.

Ummm, here's a list of some things I'm looking forward to:
- Great Lake Swimmers concert on Saturday
- New Joel Plasket Emergency CD next Tuesday
- New Tori Amos CD on May 1st

Here's a list of things that I'm not looking forward to:
- The huge pile of stuff I have to get done at work this month. I feel that April is a freight train that could run me down.
- The eventuality that in a couple of months I have to go apartment hunting, pack, and then move.

C'est la vie, I suppose. Hmmm, I promise a more creative post next time.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Number one song after number one song.

First concert of 2007 has finally happened, and boy, has it set the bar high for the rest of the concerts of 2007.

If I lived in some sort of state where I could only go to one concert a year, I might very well pick Ben Folds as that concert. He puts on an incredible show. No one rocks a piano like that man.

The highlights of the show was his Canadian version of "Rock this Bitch" (it's a huge inside-joke song for Ben Folds fans), his cover of Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg's "Bitches Ain't Shit" (go to iTunes and buy that cover now if you want a good laugh, albeit it with a lot of swearing), and his cover of The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights". On top of all this, he played 22 other Ben Folds classics. (I'm a nerd who writes down the set list when she gets home from a show and then makes it into a playlist on her iPod. That's how I know the exact number.) I think the two unexpected songs that I was very excited to hear were "Emaline" and "Evaporated".

That was the fifth time I've seen Ben. I hope number six isn't too far away.

All right, time for bed. Early train to catch tomorrow morning.

Update: Posting setlist as requested by Megan. (Not in order by any means. I have a good memory, but not that good.)

Miserlou, Trusted, All You Can Eat, Jesusland, Annie Waits, Rock This Bitch, Bastard, Still Fighting It, There's Always Someone Cooler Than You, Bitches Ain't Shit, Losing Lisa, Gone, Lullabye, Emaline, Evaporated, Narcolepsy, Kate, Such Great Heights, Gracie, Landed, Army, You to Thank, Underground, Zak and Sara, Not the Same.

I think I got all 25 songs there. :D

Update #2: I just booked concert #2 for '07: Great Lake Swimmers!!! Woo! It's next Saturday...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Clever disguise but it won't work this time.

I had one of those days where I thought about how some people bring out the best in me, and others the worst in me. Thankfully, my life is full of 99% of the former and 1% of the latter. But, gee, that 1% can be trying. Anyhow, even though I did have to put up with some of the 1% today, I had enough of the 99% to make my day pretty swell.

Ach. There is a huge pile of dishes by my sink. Anyone wanna come over and wash them for me? Don't all run now.

A cold snap started today. It's pretty darned chilly out there right now. I went for a walk in the cemetary today after school, and it started to snow on me. Snow. Apparently the forecast for tomorrow is below zero, as is the forecast for Friday. Which sucks, because I was planning on wearing a light jacket to my Ben Folds concert on Friday, and now I'm going to have to dress more warmly and rethink my whole outfit. Boo.

Yes! Ben Folds is on Friday! Finally, my first concert of 2007. The concert offerings in Toronto had better pick up so I can improve this.

In other-things-to-be-excited-about news, there is finally a new episode of the Office tomorrow night. I am way more excited about the new episode than I am about the fact that it's a four-day weekend coming up. Don't get me wrong: I am excited for the long weekend, but I would work two extra days for a new Office episode.

Saturday morning I'm taking the train to St. Ratford for Easter. I predict a relaxing weekend. Which I will need because when I'm back, report card insanity starts. Not to mention about a dozen other types of insanity. Oh summer, where are you??

Monday, April 02, 2007

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made.

Or, how not to start a Monday.

After hitting the snooze button thrice, I drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom to hop in the shower. As I'm just about to step in the shower, I hear a big crash. "Not my laptop!" is the first thing that comes to mind and then I realize it sounded like the noise came from the kitchen, and my beloved computer is probably safe.

I throw my pjs back on and head into the kitchen which now looks like a grisly crime scene. The shelf above the chopping block in the kitchen had decided it was no longer happy be securely adhered to the wall and gave way. On said shelf was, among other things, a jar of (expensive) fire-roasted pepper tomato sauce that I'd given my roommate for Christmas. It had hit the floor, and its contents were now on the floor, on the door of the fridge, all over the cupboards, and yes, even on the table, chairs and wall in the dining room. My roomate's cookbooks were scattered amongst the tomato-y mess, along with the contents of a jar of grape jelly that a friend had made for me. Sadly, I will never eat said jelly. (Note: jelly doesn't splatter spectacularly like tomato sauce. So, if at one point in your life, you get really really angry at a person and decide to hurl a jar of condiment inside of their kitchen, go for the tomato sauce, not the jelly.)

I look at the mess, and decide that I'd deal with it after my shower. After the shower, I surveyed the mess, which I really really really just wanted to leave for later and realized that it would be 100 times worse to clean once it had dried, and decided to go wake up my roommate. I knock on her door explaining that there was an unfortunate situation in the kitchen. She had totally slept through the loud crash.

Anyhow, it was the most quality time I'd ever spent with my roommate at that hour of the morning.

I am never, ever, putting a jar of foodstuff or anything breakable on a wall-mounted shelf again. In fact, I may just steer away from this type of shelf if at all possible. A grisly scene like that scars you for life.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pay attention to me, I don't talk for my health.

I make a point of watching two awards shows every year (even though I end up watching more, these are my two must-sees). The first is the Oscars which I watch for the glamour and glitz, and the second is the Junos (The Canadian music awards) which I watch for the Canadian music.

Well, tonight is Juno night, and after a big kerfuffle (CTV originally wasn't going to air them until like 11 pm here in Ontario as to not interfere with the Amazing Race. Thankfully, enough people got angry about that), I'm sitting here watching them. And like any good science-minded person, I like to make observations about what ever is happening around me, so here are my 2007 Juno Awards observations.

- Most things Canadian do have some sort of aspect of hokeyness to them. Could it be because hokey is one letter away from hockey? Maybe…
- Honestly, get Jann Arden to host these things every year. Then, we could do away with the hokey skits that are supposed to be funny, because that woman actually is very funny. But maybe that will never happen (see above).
-There is something strangely sexy about Gord Downie. Especially when he is performing or reading poetry.
- A string section makes Three Days Grace a little bit less worse. A little bit. Note: I did not use the word better, because I feel that implies that they have some sort of goodness.
- I figured out what awaits me if I am faced with eternal damnation. I will be locked away in a room with Ben Mulroney and Nickelback, hearing him ask inane questions like “Have you guys thought about running for office?”
- I hope Wes isn’t watching this, not because he hates awards shows, but because all of these commercials for Saskatchewan might make him homesick.
- I honestly do like Nelly Furtado. Even though her previous Folklore incarnation was more up my alley, her new stuff’s fun. And, I have nothing against her hosting, but really just get Jann Arden every year, please. Or even the Barenaked Ladies. They’re naturally funny too. Hosts with natural funniness will eliminate the need for hokey skits featuring Michael Buble.
- Sloan sooooo should have won Rock Album of the Year. Not only was Never Hear the End of It brilliant, it had the most tracks. If not Sloan, I would have liked to see The Hip win, but they don't give the old bands the awards.
- Awwww shucks, but Ben of Billy Talent (who won the above award) just shouted out Sloan and the Hip in their thank-you speech, so it's okay that they won the above award.
- The City & Colour/Alexisonfire performance was too short. Especially the City & Colour part.

Overall, this year's Junos were okay. I can't be too critical, because no matter what, it is a celebration of Canadian music, and there are always excellent performances in there with the bands I may not love so much.

I hope that next year there will be performances by two of my favourite bands, Stars and the Weakerthans, since their new albums are supposed to be released this fall.