Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gone Fishing...

Well, not really. I've fished once and it was a horrible experience.

I'm leaving for the airport in less than 5 hours and I'm not quite yet done packing. I'm sure that I will be blogging from the road, so I'll catch ya then. :)

Edit: It's now 1:34am, and I'm more or less packed, except for my toothbrush and other stuff that I will need. We're leaving for the airport at 5 am, which means I need to get out of bed at about 4 am, which means tonight's sleep will be more of a nap than anything. I'm kind of hyper right now, so I figured I'd see if I could use my computer as a sedative.

I was able to download the new Matt Good album from iTunes shortly after midnight, so I'll have that for my travels.

The itinerary is Edmonton/Jasper/Vancouver/Victoria/back to Van/White Rock (wedding)/Seattle. I'm excited. We're taking the train from Edmonton to Vancouver (stopping in Jasper) and I'm excited because I'm a bit of a train geek and excited to be taking the train somewhere other than St. Ratford. I really do enjoy trains, and the one through the Rockies is supposed to be beautiful. And did I mention that 8+ years of frequent train travel has earned me the trip for free? Woo-hoo.

All right, I'm going to try to have that nap. Catch ya somewhere northwest of where I usually type from. :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Or will you spend your life in the cinema?

I'm just back from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (And you thought things were going to get less Harry Potter around here since I finished the book.) It's my favourite Harry Potter movie hands down. I loved it. I think it's because I am quite partial to that book because I think young Harry's got the makings of a fine educator. Even they changed some details, and left a few things out, I think it was a fine adaptation and I can't wait for #6. Oh man, the stuff that'll go down in #6 will be crazy.

Anyhow, I'm coming to the close of my first week of real vacation (i.e. no course). It's been swell. I'm totally finished unpacking, and I've got all of my stuff up on the walls, so my apartment is feeling quite like home now. All I need is a coffee table. I'm using a large blue Rubbermaid container as a makeshift coffee table right now. It's actually making me quite nostalgic for the old apartment because the very same container was used as a coffee table before my roommate got one.

One thing I really do miss about having a roommate is having someone to show stuff to when you come home from shopping. One thing I find dangerous about summer vacay in Toronto, is that I have a lot of free time, and I like to go for walks in my free time, and it means that I invariably end up shopping. Now, a solution for this problem would be to leave all forms of payment at home, but unfortunately, I end up actually having to go shopping for a specific item, and leaving with a few extras. Today's task was to buy a sweater to go with the dress I'm wearing my old roommate's wedding, and I ended up with that, a new T-shirt ($7!) and two pairs of shoes. In my defense, the shoes were super on sale, and will be really good for work once I have to bite that bullet. Anyhow, earlier in the week, when I accidentally bought a different super-cute shirt (damn these summer sales!), I got said shirt home and wasn't sure if I liked it anymore. So, I used the self-timer on my handy camera, took a pic, and sent it to some friends who assured me it was indeed cute. Technology is great, eh?

Okay, tomorrow I have to go shopping again, this time for a wedding present for my old roommate. Which brings me to the topic of my trip out west, which is coming upon me really fast. I leave on Tuesday! And, I'm starting to think about all kinds of last minute details that I need to iron out soon. Thank goodness I have this weekend.

Anyhow, it's late so I should go to bed. I need to get up early tomorrow since I have a bajillion errands to run. Hope you all have excellent Fridays!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I've been under the ground, eating prayers from this old book I found.

Well, I finished it. One kind of wants to slowly read a book that they've been waiting 2 years for, but when it's very good, the idea of slowly relishing it goes out the window.

Side note: one thing I learned from this volume of HP is that Harry was born in the same year as I was. There's a scene where he goes to his parents' grave, and their death date is Oct. 31st, 1981. Since they were killed when he was 1, I did the math, and yeesh, if I'd been a fictional girl in Great Britian, I would have been in Harry's class. Freakin' hell, I would have been Hermione, since like to think I have her brains, her righteousness, and yes, her tendency for know-it-all-ism. To top it off, I'm Muggle-born.

Anyhow, I'd give the book, nay the entire series, about a million stars out of ten. Best. Heptology. Of. Books. Ever. (Thanks Jon Stewart for the word heptology.)

Well, I'll come down from my HP-induced state of euphoria since those of you who aren't into the heptology (shame!) are getting bored, and those of you who are into the series are getting sore necks from nodding in agreement with me. Basically, this whole Harry Potter phenomenon has re-affirmed my hypothesis of happiness.

Basically, I think happiness lies in enjoyment of the little things in life. I am a generally happy person, not because I have an amazing life; I mean, my life's pretty swell but there are aspects of it that I could dwell upon and act grimly about, but I find my overall cheery demeanor comes from the fact I get true joy out of little things like:
a) the final volume in a popular children's heptology
b) the use of a weird word like heptology
c) concert tickets
d) new albums
e) frappucinos
f) movie dates with friends
g) sleeping in on Mondays
h) trips with friends
i) shiny objects
j) hilarious TV shows
and I could go on. (Okay, I kid about letter i, but I got a small amount of joy out of making that joke even if it's little cornball. The little cornball reference reaffirms my enjoyment of letter j. )

So, I say to all of you, find some little thing to be happy about on this Monday. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

That what's mistaken for closeness is just a case of mitosis...

Holy long time without a post Batman. I'd like to say that I've been busy unpacking the remaining boxes that are littering the floor of my new digs, but you can just tell by the construction of this sentence that's not the case. I suppose the knowledge that there is still a lot of time left of summer vacay promotes procrastination.

Today was the last day of my course - woo-hoo! Yay for that being over. Although, I did enjoy the people in my class; you get a little bit close to people when you're stuck together in a windowless classroom for three weeks during your summer vacay and you're forced to discuss a wide range of controversial topics. We went for some drinks after today's class; ya gotta love sitting on a rooftop patio drinking beer on a Friday in the summer. I just slept off the effects of my beer; I hate to say I'm becoming a bit of a lightweight.

Tonight, of course, is the release of the seventh of last Harry Potter book. I got into the Harry Potter series during Christmas of 2000. Basically, I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I asked for the first book for Christmas. Well, I got hooked and here I am today waiting for the clock to strike 12:01 am so that I can get my hands on the very last book. It's totally going to occupy me until I'm finished, and I might just read it for a second time after that.

In other news, I'm digging the Andrew Bird album "Armchair Apocrypha". I dig that there's a song that actually contains the word mitosis. Continuing with music news, I got tickets to see Damien Rice at the beginning of September. Today I found out that Ben Lee is releasing a new album on Sept 18th. Yay!

Hmmm, not much else to say for the day. Oh yeah, happy bday to Wes, one of my fave bloggers. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today, today is gonna be a better one.

Quick post - I should be in bed right now, or at least finishing my homework assignment for my course (5 days left!). Or making my lunch, but I've been wasting a little time online since I found out that my internet is working a day early. :)

Anyhow, the move went well - it took longer than I anticipated, and it rained a bit, but those were the only dilemmas. Oh, I had a minor panic attack when I thought a box of my CDs went missing (I'd mislabelled said box "books", because I shoved a couple of books in there, and therefore thought it was a box of books, hence the mislabelling.) After finding the box of CDs, one of my kind St. Ratford pals who came down for the move, put some of them in my CD holder, which toppled over not once, but twice, luckily not taking anyone out, but damaging a few CD cases. It apparently is not as steady on carpet as it was on hardwood. I think I've remedied the situation, but I think it would be rather ironic if I was hurt by my beloved CD collection.

After completing the move, we went on a break-neck Ikea trip, where I dropped a lot cash. The cashier actually asked me "are you ready?" before giving me the total, which turned out less worse than I'd anticipated, mainly because they were out of the coffee table that I wanted, and I was too indecisive to pick out a dresser quite yet.

Post-Ikea trip, we went to dinner at a really good Middle-Eastern restaurant in my old neighbourhood, which isn't too far from the new neightbourhood anyway. Then, one of my friends went home, while my other friend, who was staying overnight, declared that she wanted to get drunk because she typically is stuck driving, so we found a pub, and stayed out quite late. After last call, we stopped at a 24-hr grocery store for cake, and then stayed up pretty late. So my first sleep in my new place was a short one.

Today was spent getting odds and ends for the place, going for a long shopping excursion downtown, putting up curtains and some of my new furniture. I've unpacked a lot of my boxes, and now all of the empty ones are an eyesore on my living room floor. That will be something I can tackle tomorrow after class. (Did I mention 5 more days?)

I also called my old roommate to see how she was doing. She is going to keep the old apartment, and her fiance has started to move in his stuff. On Tuesday, I'm going by there to thoroughly clean my old room and bathroom, and then we'll have dinner. It's cool having my own apartment for the first time in my life, but when you have a roommate that you get along with really well for 2.75 years, it's really bittersweet to move on and out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Take me take me to the riot....

Well, I'm thinking this will be my last blog post written here on the 27th floor. The move is on Saturday afternoon. I got a lot of packing done this weekend, but I've been slacking these past three days, so tomorrow and Friday will be busy; hence no blogging will be done. The internet will be working at my new place as of Monday, so I'll update you about the move and the new place then (while I'm most likely waiting for the cable guy).

Anyhow, as of today 7/14 days of my class are finished! Woo-hoo! There are 4 different units in the course and a different instructor per unit. Anyway, we are now done two of the units, and I think the 2nd set will be more interesting. I think the course is on an upswing... I hope...

Yesterday I found out that Stars released their new album 4 days after completion on iTunes. The physical CD won't be out 'til Sept 25th (coincidentally the same day as the new Weakerthans album). Anyhow, I had to get it right away and it is excellent. Yay!

Well, I think this will be a concise wrap-up of my blogging from this apartment. Catch you on Monday from the 4th floor of a much smaller building that is about a 20 minute walk northeast of here.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

With your summer hat and smile, you came here to leave there.

You learn a lot about yourself in the midst of packing. I've learned:
a) I own a lot of Tshirts that I forgot about.
b) I save shopping bags for some reason.
c) I save shoe boxes.
d) I have a box of stuff that I haven't unpacked since I moved here. I've decided to not touch and bring it to my new place, where I'm sure it will remain packed up.
e) I have too much junk. I'm trying to get rid of it, but I get sentimentally attached to the stupidest things. Luckily I have shoeboxes to shove that stuff into.
f) I have a bad habit of holding on to mail. I'll just shove it into a shoe box or shopping bag and leave it. I've been shredding stuff from 2004!
g) I really should dust more often.
h) I have a lot of socks.
i) I've thrown out enough old lip glosses to, ummm, hmmm, it's hard to come up with an analogy for that, but let's just say it's a lot of old lip glosses.
j) I love Lifesavers story books, but I never eat them. I just gave my roommate's fiance enough Lifesavers to last an eon.

Anyhow, I pledge to become a better-organized, neater, tidier, less materialistic, less pack-rat-ish individual when I move into my new apartment. I'm sure if there are any neatfreaks reading this, I've given you a heart attack with some of my descriptions.

I'm onto season 3 of Arrested Development during my packing downtime.

I accidentally flagged my own blog for objectionable content. Has anyone done that before? That button is quite easy to accidentally click. Yeesh.

I have a homework assignment to do tonight. Boo!! And, had to break down and buy printer ink so I could print out said assignment. That was an expense I could have done without.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I know it's real slow, honey...

2 days of my course done, 12 more to go.

I laugh at the ridiculousness of *me* having to sit in a student in a desk in a high school classroom. Although, it's strange how one can morph back into student mode very easily. Yesterday, I showed up to the first day, only carrying a pen and a little notebook in my bag; there were some people with neatly organized binders with actualy dividers. I tend to be like that when it comes to my actual school work; but since taking this course is a contractual obligation, I decided that my act of rebellion would be to be a little disorganized and shove my papers into my bag just like some of my own students do. Heck, at the very least, I felt that I was representing my school with flair.

Anyway, today at lunch I broke down and bought a folder for my papers at Grand & Toy. I couldn't hack the disorganization anymore; but still, at least I'm not one of the people who has a binder with dividers.

After the irony of me sitting in a desk wore off, I was surprised at how easily I morphed into student mode and how comfortable the familiar position felt. I listened most of the time, but my mind did wander and when it did, I made up math problems for myself to solve. I wish I had a cooler talent like drawing, but no, that's what I was given.

I was lucky enough to sit behind the class clown. Even in a room full of teachers, there's one. He teased me for being a keener and highlighting what I read; it's really not a strategy to enhance my learning; I've always done it to stay awake when I'm reading something that I'm forced to read. Then we noticed that our intructor had left the room, and everyone was still quietly reading, and then had a good laugh picturing what would happen if we left our classes in the same manner. Reading is the last thing they'd be doing.

Being a student in a classroom setting made me wonder how I was able to hack being a student for 18 years. I think it helped that from grade 11 on, I more or less took stuff I was interested in (math and science) and that I wasn't in the same windowless room for 6 hrs a day. Yeesh.

After class, I had a productive evening scrounging up some boxes, and adhering to the packing schedule that I made myself yesterday while half-listening to the introductory material in class. Today was clearing out my bathroom day. I have an unfortunate condition that I will call BPADD - Beauty Product Attention Deficit Disorder. I'll by a new shampoo, conditioner, eyeshadow, moisturizer, what have you, use it a few times, and then awhile later I'll go shopping and find a new product. The old product will be shoved under my sink, and I'll try the product. A lot of half finished bottles of product were chucked today. When I move, I'm going to put myself on a strict cosmetic diet - I'm not allowed to buy anything new 'til I finish what I have. Yeesh.

Aside - I have the sweetest friends. One of my fave coworkers went to school today, and noticed a that a shipment of paper had come in for summer school, so she unpacked it for them and then brought me a bunch of boxes. I'm so lucky.

Okay, bed time. I'm going to try to be super attentive in class tomorrow.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

At 3 am, they play O Canada... True patriot love a la la la la.

Goodness! It's 11:27 pm and I almost did not do my Canada Day tradition: listen to the song "True Patriot Love" by the Joel Plaskett Emergency. Rest assured, I have righted my wrong just in time, and I'm listening to it now, and I'll listen to it a couple of times, just to be safe.

I've been having a pretty low-key long weekend. I spent Friday recovering from Thursday, pre-ordering my Harry Potter book, and getting a stack of books from the library.

On Saturday, I met up with a couple of friends for sushi, followed by a beer on a patio, and a bit of shopping.

I also picked up season 2 of Arrested Development and have been watching that. I never was into that show when it was on tv, but I had a friend lend season 1 to me awhile ago and I've watched that season twice. I like the show so much that I figure I'll just break down and buy the other two seasons instead of waiting to have them lent to me. Then I'll have to of course get season one as well, so that I will have the complete series.

This morning I went to pick up the keys to my new apartment! It looks great! They remodelled the entire kitchen for me and it looks beautiful. I'm excited to move in; however I'll miss this apartment, my roommate, the balcony, and the view, though not necessarily in that order. My roommate is #1, of course. Today we discussed the necessity of going out for an end-of-successful-living-arrangement dinner sometime before I get too busy packing.

This evening I took advantage of the view by watching Canada Day fireworks across the city from my bedroom window. Have I mentioned that I'll miss this view? ;)

I'm also obsessed with listening to the stream of the new Matt Good album "Hospital Music". It's amazing. I love every song. Yay!

Hope you all had wonderful Canada Days. :)