Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crosswords hidden in the landscape...

I feel that I am falling behind in everything. Schoolwork, reading for book clubs, Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, cleaning, socializing, everything. I have a to-do list that seems to grow daily.

So what have I been doing?

Knitting while watching music videos.

Yesterday, the fates decided that I was going to make giant strides forward in realizing one of my life-long goals: learning to knit mittens.

I had decided that after work, I'd stop by the Starbucks in Indigo, treat myself to a biscotti and latte, and start the book that I should have read by Saturday. I read for a bit, then decided that I'd browse around the store. On the bargain book table, I came across a book on knitting. I skimmed through it and noticed a pattern for mittens. I looked over it, and realized that it required skills that I didn't have. But, said skills were explained elsewhere in the book and looked possible. I got excited, bought the book, and proceeded to the craft store and acquired the new needles that I needed to knit mittens. Whenever I start a new project, I always have to buy some new yarn, so I got some fun blue yarn.

I raced home in the cold, and kerplunked on the couch with my new supplies and book. I started to teach myself how to knit in the round on double-pointed needles, and by the end of the evening, I had almost a whole cuff completed. I also listened to a good portion of MuchMusic's list of top 100 videos. I can't believe they were actually showing videos. I thought they'd abandoned those.

This evening I got a lot more of my first mitten finished while watching Ugly Betty, the Office, and more music videos. Here's a picture of my progress.

So, in summary, maybe I am behind in all of the everyday trivialities of life, but in the meantime, I am in the process of checking off a thing on my lifelong to-do list, so I guess that puts me ahead of things after all.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turn off your headlights and go slowly, I don't want it to let up.

Quick post.

Montreal was lots of fun. I like the city. I got my Starbucks mug. I ate great food (mmmm poutine!), did some shopping (got some super cute shoes), and bonded with my coworkers/friends. It was a great weekend.

This week was busy, hence lack of posting. Parent-teacher interviews, professional development, and the like. We also got our first snow storm.

This weekend, my friend Wendy from high school is visiting and we're starting our Christmas shopping.

Will write a better post and catch up on blog-reading in the near future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh great intentions, I've got the best of interventions.

I was just sitting on my couch, crocheting a red and white candy cane striped scarf for myself, when I realized that I haven't posted in quite awhile. I've been busy with quite a few ventures, like learning how to crochet, so the old blog has been neglected. This neglection (not a word, but I'll use it) has been furthered by the fact that it is report card season, so much of this evening prior to crocheting was spent marking and typing in comments.

This weekend I'm travelling to Montreal with some coworkers, so it promises to be a fun time. I'll be in the middle of packing madness tomorrow night oh what will I wear?) since we will be leaving at the bell, so I realized that there definitely would not be time to update the old blog then.

I'm looking forward to my trip. The odd thing, and there always is an odd thing with me, is that right now the only part of this trip I've really thought about is that fact that I must get to Starbucks to get a Starbucks Montreal mug to add to my collection.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Proud and strange and so hopelessly hopeful.

Le sigh. What an amazing show last night. Not that I ever suspected anything less.

The show I'm referring to, of course, was the Weakerthans with Jenn Grant and *Christine Fellows* at the Phoenix. It's been over 2 years since I last saw the Weakerthans play in Toronto, and I'm glad that long spell is over. After chatting with various people, and reading reviews of the show, it seems to be the general consensus that the Weakerthans have really developed into such a dynamic live band with a high energy show. I totally concur, which makes me ponder how awesome is the existence of a band with such strong songwriting and a great live show.

Anyhow, my dear friend Becca T was able to go to the show with me, even though there was a early scare that she wouldn't be able to attend because of a work-related commitment. Thankfully she was able to get out of that. We met up early for a sushi dinner (quelle surprise) and discussion of what merchandise we were going to buy, what songs we wanted to hear, and how psyched we were that another favourite artist of ours, Christine Fellows, was opening.

We got to the show sufficiently early enough to purchase some stuff (a curling-related Weakerthans t-shirt and the new Christine Fellows CD for me), and stake out a really good spot very close to the stage. Our spot afforded us such a great view; there have been times I've been at the Phoenix and haven't been able to see very well at all, but last night was great.

Christine Fellows came on first (I owe Becca T a coffee because I did not recognize her with a different hair colour). She only played new stuff. It was all highly enjoyable and well performed, but I was really hoping to hear "Souvenirs" live. But, no worries, because she has a December 14th show here that Becca T and I will definitely attend.

The second opening act, Jenn Grant, was perfectly cromulent. Ron Sexsmith made a guest appearance during one number. Of course, I must admit that I was too excited for my favourite band of all-time to play to really fully pay attention.

I felt like that Weakerthans have entered a new phase of their evolution with this show. They now have lights and don't have to set up their own equipment like the old days. Jim Bryson also played with them. They opened with Psalm for the Elks' Lodge Last Call. The entire set was amazing. I even enjoyed the song "History for the Defeated" which is my least favourite Weakerthans song. The song opens with the line "There's blood in the sink, he's plunging his wrists in." I find this line so graphic and disturbing that I cannot listen to it comfortably. For this reason, I don't even have that song on my iPod. Anyhow, it was the first time I have seen it live, I think, and it was well-performed, of course, but it won't be making its way on to my iPod anytime in the near future.

I was very psyched that they played my very favourite song of all time, "Reconstruction Site", because they hadn't played it when I saw them in Hamilton in June. Another highlight for me was "Manifest" because I like the trumpet in that song. I enjoyed "Benediction" as well, because Christine Fellows came on to sing the Sarah Harmer vocals. Highly enjoyable. My only *slight* disappointment was that they didn't play "Reunion Tour" which is my favourite song from the new album.

I didn't bring my camera to the show because it takes crappy live pictures, and I get distracted when I try to take picture and I'm happier without it. Below is a picture of John K Samson from the Chart Magazine review of the show.

Anyhow, yay for concerts and I'm so excited to see them again in Toronto sometime soon.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A shadow of me in the moon, well, I was in a movie in my head...

I feel like I haven't had a quiet night at home like I'm having right now in awhile. I had thought that I had plans to watch Heroes with Becca T, but she has to work, so I'm taping it and saving it to watch it later. It's much more fun to watch Heroes with my Heroes buddy.

Since I'd thought I'd be busy tonight, I didn't bother bringing any work home (I'll pay for that tomorrow), so I've been sitting around, drinking tea, listening to music, and reading. I think I may finally finish my first book since September. I've started about 5 or 6, but I keep losing interest fast.

I had quite a nice weekend. I spent Friday night helping Claire say goodbye to Toronto. We went out for drinks on Queen St. and had quite a good time. She was kind enough to bring me a copy of this week's Eye Magazine, which she had noticed had my beloved Weakerthans on the cover. I get to see them this Thursday!! And, from the article, I learned that *Christine Fellows* will be opening for them and she is also coming out with a new album tomorrow (it was reviewed well). I am very excited to purchase it tomorrow so that I can listen to it in preparation for this week's show. Oh, and I'm expanding my spending allowance to one Weakerthans Tshirt and perhaps a Christine Fellows' Tshirt too. Woo-hoo!

I had to wake up quite early the next morning because I was catching a ride home with a friend. I spent a quite weekend in Stratford; my only social activity was going out for a beverage with a couple of friends.

I also spent some time hanging out with my parents. We watched "Reign Over Me" (a serious Adam Sandler movie), which I enjoyed overall. I also skunked my dad in a game of cribbage, which always makes me happy.

Tomorrow I start my crochet course, which makes me happy. I like being crafty. Then, I'll just be in count-down to Weakerthans mode for a couple of days. Expect a review post soon after the show!