Thursday, March 27, 2008

You know with love come strange currencies.

Gargh. I'm going through a period of high levels of unmotivation. This insane amount of inactivity has lead to me even being unmotivated for the weekend. Why? Because I'm going to spend most of the weekend catching up on work because I'm so behind because of my unmotivated stated. Hence, I become even more unmotivated. It's so circular.

I blame the weather. Hello? Spring? Where are you? I'm not feeling you yet. I've got a snazzy new red coat that I'd like to wear, but I'm still stuck wearing my black down jacket with the faux fur around the hood. I mean, I loved it when I broke it out in November, but 5 months later, it's getting old and tired and ready to be put away for the season. It's time for new outerwear.

In happier news, I redeemed a free coffee today at Tim Horton's and won another on my next cup. Of course, I forgot my winning tab on my desk at work, so I guess I'll be paying for tomorrow's coffee, but still, at least I have something to look forward to this weekend, I guess. I think whoever at Tim Horton's decided to have "Roll Up the Rim to Win" at this time of year was brilliant. They know that spring never comes early in this country, no matter what the stupid groundhog says, and that we all need some sort of ray of hope at this time of year.

Okay, but in things to look forward to news, April 1st is the release day for the new REM album, and it's getting some good reviews. Of course, I did see most of it performed lived at SXSW (yeah, I know, shut up, you lucky duck Christielli, you), but still, I like when albums I'm excited for are getting good reviews. Also, Sweeny Todd comes out on DVD that day too, so I can buy it and see if I can desensitize myself to the gory parts. (Likely not since I'll keep my eyes closed during them.)

All right, well happy weekend. Hope everyone has more fun and does less work than I'll be doing! :D

Monday, March 24, 2008

Are you restless like me?

Yesterday was my blog's third birthday.

I'd known the bday was coming up for awhile, and I didn't feel like navigating the slowness of dial-up at the 'rents house, so I decided that I'd do the post today. I think that I would have forgotten about it, but this morning as I was on the train back to Toronto, I was listening to all of my Kathleen Edwards stuff on shuffle on my iPod, which included the album "Back To Me" which I always associate with the time period during which I started blogging.

I went back and read last year's blogoversary post to see what was going on last year. As I skimmed through last March's archives, I was amazed by the number of posts; I was blogging every 2 days! How did I find so much to say? I find these days I'm usually hurting to find something to blog about, or actually finding the time to blog.

I also noticed that I had complained about not having seen the Weakerthans in two years. Well, since then, I've see them *four times* (one being at SXSW, of course)! Yeah, baby!

Also, I was nervous/excited about having to move to my own place during the summer. Well, here I sit in said apartment now. I really feel like I lucked out. I love this apartment and I am digging the whole being on my own thing. I had thought that I'd get a cat when I had my own place. That hasn't happened. I think that an insane amount of running around (trips out West, Montreal, New York, Texas) has delayed me in that venture. I dunno about the cat thing. I'd still like a pet, but I enjoy the freedom, and lack of hair, brought about by not having a cat.

Lastly, in last year's blogoversary post, I'd commented that I'd enjoyed the social networking of blogging. Since then, I've actually met bloggers in real life, and I feel that my blog-life has totally overlapped with my real life. I've visited some bloggers, have had others visit me, participated in many blogger-CD exchanges, and just totally made friends for life through this thing. That was a totally unexpected, but very pleasant side effect of blogging that materialized in the past year of blogging.

So yeah, even though I feel that my posting mojo has perhaps waned in the past year, my blog is still an integral facet of my life, and it'll be interesting to see what will have happened in life come the next blogoversary.

I'll leave you with an awesome SXSW picture taken by my blog buddy AlieMalie ('cuz she's got mad camera skills) during the Weakerthans show. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am just a speck of dust inside a giant's eye.

Things that I currently find enjoyable:

a) Found luggage! (My bag made it back from being stuck in Kansas City last night.)

b) Kimya Dawson's song "I Like Giants"

c) The free new REM video for the song "Living Well is the best Revenge" on iTunes (at least in the Cdn Itunes store)

d) Long hot showers (not environmentally friendly, I know, but enjoyable nevertheless)

e) Blue shampoo and conditioner - it's just fun putting something blue on my hair for some reason... makes getting up in the morning and getting ready for work a little less distasteful

f) The colour red (I got a new red coat for spring... if it ever comes, and a new red summer dress when I was in Texas... we do have summer here, right? I forget.)

g) Getting a Tim Horton's Half-Coffee-Half-Hot-Chocolate concoction in the morning. I still enjoy it even though my cup is never a winner.

h) Knitting mittens with sparkly wool; the pair I'm working on now are actually going to be for myself. Probably by the time I finish them, it will no longer be mitten weather... wait, do we even have non-mitten weather here? I forget what it's like.

i) The fact that I saw lots of signs like the one below in Austin.

j)Upcoming four day weekends!

k) The above weekend means that Lent will be over. I lented from celebrity gossip blogs, and I'll be able to go back to them I guess. Somedays I miss this guilty pleasure which I find appalling, so I'm hoping that 40 days without will have broken my habit.

k)Going out for coffee with Becca T to exchange little presents and stories from our recent travels (she to NYC, me to Texas).

And, since the girl just called, I'm off to meet up with her, thus ending this trifle of a post. I'm thinking I'm due for a deep post one of these days, but wait, have I ever had a deep post?? I'm unsure of that.

Anyhow, happy Easter and eat a lot of chocolate! :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

There ain't no party in the sad, sad city... the Ghostland Observatory quote that came to mind as I sit here in my apartment thinking about how I have to go back to work tomorrow after a fantastic March Break.

I saw Ghostland Observatory play during my very brief post-SXSW jaunt to Dallas at the end of my trip. They are a super fun electro-rock band from Austin, and I think the above song is totally becoming my new party anthem. Dallas was fun, and I got to see a little bit extra of it this morning when I flew out. Turns out there are *two* Dallas airports, and I of course went to the wrong one to fly home. Thank goodness I tend to arrive for flights at crazy-early times, and had just enough time to call AlieMalie and say "I'm at the wrong airport" and have her get me and deposit me at the correct airport.

The fact that the Dallas airport snafu sorted itself out, gives me hope that the Air-Canada-"delaying"-my-bag snafu will also sort itself out. Yup. Hate when that happens. Mostly because it makes me think of all of the money I have tied up in the clothing/beauty products/shoes that I shove into my bag in order to cover all possible fashion bases while on vacay. It seemed like the bags of a lot of people on my flight also didn't make it to Toronto, so I don't feel so worried. But, the worst this is that my new green hi-top Chucks will not be able to be worn on St. Patrick's Day! Gah!!!!

Anyway, let's check off the things that were accomplished during this trip:

a) Fulfilled life-long dream of going to SXSW
b) Saw REM in a small venue
c) Fulfilled life-long dream of seeing The Weakerthans at SXSW. Now I just have to see them play *in Winnipeg* and maybe all of my life-long Weakerthans related dreams will be fulfilled.
d) Saw the Alamo. My mother says that my father will be pleased of this.
e) Scored three new Starbucks City Mugs (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas). All of them are validated by spending time in each city.
f) Fell in love with Austin Texas. Great food. Cupcake-mobiles. Bats. Bands. Great indie shopping. Music everywhere. What's not to love?
g) Got to spend time with an awesome blog buddy. :) Who'd have ever thought that starting this thing almost three years ago would ultimately result in me going to SXSW, and making awesome friends?
h) Saw Kimya Dawson perform "Loose Lips", my 2nd fave song from the Juno soundtrack.
i) Got to see a really small, really awesome Blue Rodeo concert with lots of random Canadians (and others) hopping up on stage.
j) Got a sunburn while participating in St. Patrick's day activities. Can't do that here.

Okay, however, sadly, March Break is at an end. *sigh* I have to wake up for work in 5 hours. Oh, there ain't no party in the sad, sad city for sure.

Friday, March 14, 2008

How I don't know how to sing...

Okay, here's a quick SXSW post.

First I LOVE SXSW!!!!!!! But, Was there any doubt that was going to happen?

Okay, after a smooth flight with a stopover in Dallas (I was also thoroughly impressed with the Dallas airport - there was the coolest shuttle between terminals), I arrived in Austin to BEAUTIFUL weather. I probably owe AlieMalie $10 'cuz I told her that I should pay her a quarter for every time I said "I'm in love with this weather".

Anyway, our first stop was food at the Magnolia Cafe, where we ran into none other but Michael Stipe. Of course, I insisted on being cool and not talking to him, but it was cool passing him as we were entering the restaurant.

Then, we wandered around Austin for a bit. In the evening, we bought our SXSW bracelets that let us into all of the shows. We made a game plan of shows that we wanted to see, and had our plan of attack. We figured we'd first start with where REM was playing that night, but I assumed that there was no way that we'd get in, hence we had several backup plans. Anyhow, apparently the Michael Stipe sighting earlier in the day had been a good omen and we got in! We were so close to the front that I could see Michael Stipe's facial expressions as he performed. It was such a great show. They mainly played new material, and from the sounds of it, the new album is going to be great. Anyhow, I can't believe that I saw REM in such a small venue!

Today, we did some shopping in the afternoon where I purchased a few of my favourite things: new Chucks, an Austin Starbucks mug, and a new hoodie. Then we headed back downtown to see more shows. Today I got to see Martha Wainwright, The Islands, Priscilla Aun, a crazy band called Man Man, and *drumroll* The Weakerthans!!!! We were three rows from the front and it was amazing. I can't believe that I got to fulfill my dream of going to SXSW. (I think I've wanted to go ever since I developed my current level of musical geekiness sometime in university.) But, not only that, I saw my favourite band perform!!!

Anyhow, I should get off this hotel computer, but suffice to say I have one more day of musical fun planned. Tomorrow I'm hoping to see Yo La Tengo, Kimya Dawson, Oh Susannah, and Blue Rodeo. Then it's off to Dallas for a day, and then *sob* back home.

Sooo, I suppose I'll blog again from the sad part of when the trip is done. But I'll add some great pictures then! Okay, but honest to goodness, if you are a fellow music geek, and I know most of you who read this are, you need need need need to go to SXSW someday. Just being here is awesome. You hear music everywhere you go. Ahhh! :D

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

F is my favourite letter as you know.

In a week from this moment, I'll probably be in super-excited overdrive mode since I'll be leaving for Austin and SXSW-fun at 7:15 the next morning. If there is one thing that I like about the fact that time flies much faster as you are older, it's that things that you are super-excited about approach much more quickly than they used to. I remember when I'd look forward to a concert or something when I was a teenager, and it would take *forever* to approach.

Anyhow, life is going swimmingly right now, especially since there are only 3 more teaching days until March Break. I'm totally in the mood right now to do a music post, since I love how certain songs become the soundtrack of times in my life, and how a year from now these songs will remind me of now, and bring back found memories, I'm sure. So here are 10 fabulous songs that are on heavy rotation on my iPod these days.

1) Get Home - Sarah Slean: This song was a free iTunes download a few weeks ago and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's one of those songs that although is a little bit sad, it just makes me happy because it makes my heart skip a beat because it's so pretty.

2) The Cheapest Key - Kathleen Edwards: She is totally one of my fave artists, and her new album came out today. I cheated by streaming songs from her website this week, so I know a lot of the songs already. This one totally rocks, and I walked by a record store today where they were blasting this song and it sounded so good. So much fun, and I think her album will be one of my faves from 2008.

3) Piano Blink (los manlicious mix) - Hawksley Workman: This song is quickly creeping its way up on my most played list. There are two mixes of this song on Hawksley's new album, and this one is incredibly awesome (the other one is only awesome). I'm seeing Hawksley on Saturday, and I hope he plays the song in the style of this mix.

4) Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley: I'd downloaded a couple tracks from this album months ago, and then as I was playing around with iTunes this weekend, I saw that I could complete my album for $5. So glad I did because I came across some really awesome tracks, like this one.

5) Not Tonight - Tegan and Sara: I love Tegan and Sara, but I only really know their last two albums. This came up on my friend's iPod while we were driving to NYC and I loved it and had to get it. It reminds me of the trip, and I just love singing along to it. As a result, getting into older Tegan and Sara is on my to-do list.

6) New York, New York - Ryan Adams: Someone sent this song to me post-NYC and it makes me think of NYC and makes me happy. I really liked NYC.

7) Fools Like Me - Lisa Loeb: Another song that came up on someone's iPod during the long drive to NYC that I have been listening to a lot since the trip. I like girly stuff like this.

8) My Favourite Game - The Cardigans: I've been listening a lot to old Cardigans singles for some reason lately. This song makes for a great workout song.

9) Nolita Fairytale - Vanessa Carleton: I always have a few guilty pleasures on the go, and I've been listening to this song a lot since I heard it one day while shopping in American Eagle Outfitters (another guilty pleasure). I pretty much like any song with the word fairytale in the title (see Tori Amos's A Sorta Fairytale), and I really like this. Something else girly to go with song #7 I suppose.

10) Trying to Pull Myself Away - Glen Hansard: I really like the Once soundtrack, and I especially like this song since it rocks. It might just be the least girly song on this list now that I scan the rest of the titles...

So, I guess my current listening habits are all about things that are girly and/or remind me of NYC. Hmmm, interesting. I guess even my watching habits fit with this theme. I just watched the first season of 30 Rock, which I now officially love, and it makes me happy with its NYC setting, and it is girly (TGS does stand for The Girlie Show). Anyway, 30 Rock is another addiction of mine these days. I think I'm going to rewatch the whole first season. :)