Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And I'm jello baby.

2 hours until Weezer! (Or at least until I meet my friends at the show.)

I bought three new albums today (Ben Folds, Jack's Mannequin and Jenny Lewis).

That sums up the important parts of right now.

ps If they don't play El Scorcho, I'm going to lie to myself and say that they did.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's all about making good time.

I just had the best Friday night. Basically, I got to do many of my favourite things in one evening. They include:

- Stopping for a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino on the way home from school.

- Having a delicious nap.

- Having sushi with Becca T at a place on Bloor that gives you complimentary green tea *and* ice cream.

- Finding a certain type of spicy milk chocolate bars at a random convenience store while picking up gum. I've been looking for these chocolate bars since I was randomly given one last Christmas.

- Killing time having a latte and looking around a book store before the Two Hours Traffic show.

- While walking down the street to the concert, Becca T overheard some guy mutter "stupid kids" at us because he had to move slightly out of the way to pass us. We were very flattered that someone would call us stupid kids. It must mean we look young!

- The Two Hours Traffic show was excellent. First of all, it was an early show at a small venue and only $10. The band was awesome. Their album "Little Jabs" was the soundtrack to my summer. It's the type of hand-clappable, dancable, singable indie rock that makes the most fun type of show. They played all of my fave songs from this album, plus some new ones that were excellent.

- Since the show was done early, we decided to go for a beverage somewhere. Luckily, we walked in the wrong direction of the pub I wanted to go to, which resulted us having to backtrack and we ran into my friend Eric, whom I love dearly. He was actually at the same show that we were! (His partner loves the band... I had forgotten about that.) Anyway, running into Eric is 10 times better for me than it would be run into a celebrity. He's one of my favourite people ever, and we're totally going to make plans to hang out soon.

- Unfortch, Eric couldn't join us for a beverage, but we did manage to have a drink on a patio, which is a pretty great thing to still be able to do in late September.

- While chatting, Becca T used the f-word, and I can count on one times the number of times on one hand that she had sworn in our ten-year friendship. It made me happy.

- On our way home, we decided to eat our spicy chocolate bars to celebrate an awesome Friday night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

For lunch it's chocolate and coke, fruit punch, or something with glucose.

I love Thursday nights, even though I'm often a little comatose and exhausted from the preceding week. Today I felt a little bit yucky. I had a headache that I believe was combined from staying up too late and being dehydrated. My body totally rebels if I don't drink enough water, and I haven't been doing that enough lately, so yeah, I'm gonna work on that. Anyway, my morning coffee cured the headache for awhile, but it returned in the afternoon. I really think that I should be allowed to send a student to Tim Horton's to get coffee for me when necessary.

Anyway, I'm excited for the weekend and the next few days. Tomorrow night I'm going for sushi with Becca T and then we're heading off to see Two Hours Traffic. (Finally, concert #1!)

On Saturday, I have my work spouse's birthday party, and I have to finish knitting a pair of mittens before then (I'm 70% finished the second mitt). Some background on my work spouse: she has the desk beside me at work and is one of my work friends who went to Montreal and New York with me last year. She's been at my school for two fewer years than I have. Anyway, it's kind of funny because I actually met her before she came to our school. When I got my permanent contract with the board, I had to go up to the office to sign it, and there was another person signing her contract at the same time, and we chatted a little bit. Fast forward a year later, and she was transferred to my school, and since I have a crazy good memory, I recognized her. Since then we've become really good friends. When we were driving to NYC, we discussed the theory of work spouses in the car (i.e. people who pair up in the workplace) and the two of us got identified as work spouses. We laugh about this a lot and talk about it and I think people think we're weird. However, one of the things I like best in life is how you can randomly meet a person, and then a few years later they are your good friend, and it just seems so serendipitous.

Sunday will be a typical lazy Sunday. I love lazy Sundays. Then I'll have a busy Monday with some work-related stuff. Tuesday is Weezer! I saw them last in 2002. I went to that show with my friend Jon, and my friend Mathew was also at the show with his friends but we saw each other and chatted. I didn't really know my friend Mathew well back then, and it's funny to think that 6 years later, he's one of my closest friends, and we're going to see Weezer along with other close friends. Again, more friendship serendipity.

Then, on Wednesday, I'm hanging out with a new friend. I'm often not really good at meeting new people; I think it's because I'm so comfortable in all of the close friendships I have now, so I don't really bother to look for new friends. However, occasionally new people do come my way. It will be interesting whether my trend of friendship serendipity will continue.

So, in summary, yay for weekends and fabulous friendships!

ps Talking about meeting friends, meeting Becca T was so hilarious. We were randomly selected as roommates in university residence. When I met her, I think I immediately asked her about music, and she knew none of the bands I liked, and said that she listened to country music. I was dismayed. Then, I asked her if she was 19 (drinking age here), which lead her to suspect I was an alcoholic. Also, I had a picture of Gavin Rossdale on my wall (lame, I know), who she thought was some rock star who committed suicide back in the day, and she was concerned that I was going to be some weird depressive chick. I think if some spirit of the future has swept into our room at that point and told us that we'd be awesome friends 10 years down the road, we would have told it that it was crazy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This part of the day bewilders me.

Happy autumnal equinox! This really should be my favourite day of the year, since fall is my favourite season, but it's really been fall in my books since I had to put on the ol' teacher threads and be back in that mode. So really, today's not really the beginning of anything for me, but today's Google logo made me a little bit happy.

My iPod has wisdom in it that astounds me. When I put it on shuffle, it can often find just the right song to cheer me up. Lately, I've been feeling a little bit on the emo side. This could be the result of listening to too much emo, or not enough emo. It's a deliciate balance, I think. Anyhow, my iPod's been giving me a lot of Weakerthans and Christine Fellows in the mix which makes me feel less emo, and more autumnal, and more content. So good for it.

Speaking of Christine Fellows, I just found out that she's playing here in October, which means another potential concert for me. That will make #8. I've never had such a lineup in my life, but I like it.

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep with my usual case of the Sunday night blues, I was thinking about my logical/mathematical side. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, but it's something that I've learned about many times in my educational path. When I've taken the quizzes, it turns out that my linguistic and interpersonal intelligences are rather high, but my logical/mathematical intelligence could kick their collective asses.

I've always liked the regularity of numbers. I have a deep longing/need for certainty in my life, and I think that's why I've always been drawn to numbers. Math was always my best class in school, and I loved it because I could always get the right answer. Even if I made a mistake, I loved that I could always find it and make sense of it. For those reasons, I've always been drawn to all things logical/mathematical. In fact, when I'm bored, I make up equations for myself to solve, and when I'm trying to calm myself down, I sometime recite my favourite formulas in my head. Yes, this would make most normal people probably more upset, but it does the trick for me.

Anyway, I got to thinking how I wished there were equations that I could solve for many things that I am uncertain of in life. Or even if there was some grand equation that could explain human behaviour. Life would be so much simpler then. I've actually come across books that try to attempt such things in a semi-jokey/semi-serious way, but I see right through their assumptions in a heartbeat.

Right now I'm trying to figure something out, and I think I'm on the right track, but a formula would really be helpful is all I'm saying.

Also, you may be wondering why I'm not a math teacher. Well, it's so hard to explain numbers to someone who can't make sense of them when they are so clear to me. I sometimes teach math, but I've been lucky enough to teach science most of the time, and the rest of the time I have my class for remedial type kids who are working on every subject under the Sun, including math. Anyway, I steer clear of math, because it often makes me want to weep when someone just can't get it. Not that I blame them; I understand some people's brains just aren't wired that way. No big deal. I can't even throw a softball or draw a straight line or sing on key so I can't judge. And I know there are a lot of people who would get frustrated trying to show me how to do those things.

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is that if there were nice equations for everything in life I would be far less emo, but since there are not, my iPod can often do the trick for me. I just may have taken a couple points away from my linguistic intelligence with this post.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I read you, and God I'm good at it. I'm so spot on.

Last night I had started writing a post and then I got distracted and totally abandoned the post, only to remember it when I was falling asleep in bed. Anyway, that post has been relegated to the dimension of deleted posts, since I couldn't really figure out what I was trying to say with it anyway.

I've almost made it through the third week of the school year, which seems like quite a feat. I'm still adjusting to the new schedule, which involves me teaching grade nines during period 4 when they are high energy, and I'm low energy. However, they were really good little scientists today, so I was quite pleased.

On my way home from work, my work spouse and I came up with the idea of having an old-fashioned girlie girl sleepover like those of our youths with some of our fave female coworkers. We could crash on someone's living room floor in sleeping bags, wear fun pjs, do up our hair in pigtails, prank call boys we like, watch cheesy movies, and maybe sneak into the liquor cabinet.

Ironically, on the same eve of this sleepover talk, I'm having one of my friends from high school crash at my place for a couple nights while she's in town for a conference. And, well, it kind of feels like a sleepover, which is fun, except that I have to get up for work way too early in the morning and teach teenagers instead of being one. It'd be nice to be able to trade places with them every once in awhile.

Anyway, there is a lot of concert news in my life. I have *seven* concerts now lined up between now and December. I've never had such a schedule before, but all of these shows are absolute necessities. They are:

- Two Hours Traffic (never seen but fell in love with their album Little Jabs)
- Weezer (last saw them in 2002 and vowed that I'd see them again. Bonus fun: I'm going to the concert with my best guy friend, his best friend, and my bestest bud Becca T. Such good company.)
- Great Lake Swimmers (my fave new band find of 2007)
- Feist w Hayden (this is a new addition to the roster... I really wanted to see Feist on her current tour and see Hayden since I haven't seen him in awhile. I'm really excited for this new addition for a multiple of reasons, actually.)
- Jack's Mannequin (I will probably be the oldest person there, but they are so emolicious!)
- Hawksley with Hey Rosetta! (I was so psyched when I heard this week that one of my new fave bands is opening for my always-beloved Hawksley.)
- Stars (Just added this week. I'm in row D!)

I think 2008 has truly been the year of the concert for me. I've seen most of my favourite artists (the only one missing is Mr. Ben Folds), gone to freakin' SXSW and seen a lot of bands I'd never seen before. Also, I've had really really good company for all of the shows that I attended, and that makes the shows extra-awesome.

And tomorrow's Friday! :D Talk about extra-awesome.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Second dates and lipstick tissues, New York gets pretty heavy, girl I hope it doesn't crush you.

Since my last post I have:

- twisted my ankle as a result of *two stairs* at work that presented a challenge to me. It was all swollen and sore for a couple days, so I took it easy and it's all better.

- sheepishly called my superintendent one morning because I was pretty sure that I left my straightening iron on. Thank goodness she's really nice.

- saw a great outdoor concert on a beautiful sunny evening at Yonge-Dundas square. Emm Gryner, who is an enjoyable singer, and one of my fave bands, Great Lake Swimmers, played. Both acts were really good. However, I question if anyone would sound bad on a cool, sunny, autumn evening.

- went shopping after the concert since I was right by the mall and got a new pair of jeans and a fun new colourful stripy purse. Total retail therapy to make my ankle feel better, I think.

- spent a lovely Friday evening getting manicures and pedicures with pals from work, then going for Mexican food afterwards. I ate so much, including churos and had 2 mango margaritas which rendered me momentarily tipsy, but it was oh-so-fun.

- added another concert to my fall concert-going schedule. (There are now five). My pal Mathew agreed to see Jack's Mannequin, my second favourite emo band ever, with me even though we'll probably be the oldest people there.

- went make-up shopping at the mall with Becca T and then ran into a former student when we went out for sushi afterwards. It was slightly awkward, but thankfully, the kid was leaving (although technically he's an adult now).

- skipped out on another TIFF-sponsored concert on Saturday night because it was just too rainy.

- had a very very lazy Sunday.

Next week: busyness at work, friend from high school crashing at my place, and assorted other craziness. I really *could* use another weekend day.

And tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day at Starbucks! I'll let you know how many I hit up for free coffees. *sigh* The lack of a Starbucks near my school is so disheartening to me.

Monday, September 08, 2008

So I'll curate some situations, make my job a big vacation...

Two blog posts in two days? What is this? My blogging heyday circa 2005/2006? Well, no, don't expect a post tomorrow, but I had a really good Monday (of all days) and it just required a post.

Anyway, when I arrived at work this morning, I saw a very full mailbox in the staffroom and realized that it was mine. In between the usual crap, were two books. One was wrapped secretly in an opaque plastic bag with a note explaining that a friend of mine was passing along an inside joke that was given to her from a friend of hers and to not open it with people around.

The second book was a book about Haunted Ontario. This puzzled me, because there was no note attached. I thought perhaps maybe it was for the library, and accidentally placed in my mailbox, but then I remembered that I do really like ghost stories, and perhaps that someone *was* giving it to me. I thought about who at school would know about my inner gothiness, and suspected it was a gift from my pal with whom I went to San Fran. Either that, or maybe it was a gift from some ghost in the school. Hmmm, even better! Anyway, I did track down my San Fran buddy and it was indeed her who gave it to me. However, this does not mean that there are not ghosts in my school. I know that there are the ghosts of some past students that haunt me still. Ha-ha.

While I was enjoying the books in my mailbox, another coworker of mine gave me a free train ticket to go home to St. Ratford for Thanksgiving weekend. She'd be on a train that was late, and got a free ticket in turn, and couldn't use it, so thought of me. Yay! That saves me some change!

I finally made the trek up to the third floor, opened my secret inside joke book and had a good laugh with my work spouse. (Sorry, I can't divulge the contents of the book... it's a little incriminating. I know, I know. Really cruel.) Then, I remembered that there was an assembly period 1 which means I wouldn't have teach, just sit in the caf with the kids and perhaps have an eyes-open nap.

My next period was my prep, and I needed a few things from the dollar store for a lab I want to do this week, so I wandered over to the mall, got the stuff, a coffee, and picked up Season 4 of the Office on DVD.

My afternoon was really good. Both of my classes made me feel like a really good teacher.

On my way home from work I got sushi for supper.

Then, in the evening, I walked to Becca T's neighbourhood, and we went out for tea at Starbucks. I am addicted to their Zen tea. Yum. Also, Becca T spotted a notice in Starbucks that Mondays are teacher appreciation days at Starbucks, and teachers get a free coffee. Hey... there are about 3243 Starbuckses in Toronto, so ya think I could score that many free coffees in one day? Oh my, just thinking of all of that caffeine gives me the shakes.

Even though I had to walk to and from Becca T's in the rain, I found out that my new over-priced hoodie is rather water-resistant for a hoodie.

I hope all Mondays this year are this pleasant.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Keep me beside you 'cuz it's been too long now.

I like rainy Sunday mornings where there's not much to do except contemplate going for a latte and going grocery shopping.

I like the return of Pumpkin-flavoured lattes in time for fall.

I like having a steady influx of new music provided to me by friends.

I like that I realized that I needed to exchange my colourful overpriced hoodie for one in basic black with silver stitching, because I'm a basic black with silver stitching kind of girl.

I like when friends get really good news.

I like that my BFF is back in town.

I like my classes thus far this year.

I like that all of the kids, even the ones who don't have a stellar academic history, are into doing their homework and working hard at this time of year. It's adorable.

I like that I have a lot of fun things to look forward to in the fall like concerts, new albums, ghost walks, Thanksgiving, Halloween, visits from friends, and manicures and pedicures with work pals.

I like not having an online course to worry about anymore.

I like that I overheard my work spouse telling her math class that they are not there to draw or to talk about their feelings.

I like that my pal Mathew calls me Ms. Hoover when asking me about school.

I like fresh starts.

I really do like this time of year.

Monday, September 01, 2008

So we forgot to fall apart that day...

Tomorrow I have to go back to school for another year. I calculated that this is the beginning of my 24th school year. I told that to a kid last week and she felt sorry for me. I can think of worse places to spend 24 years. I'm totally not too cool for school.

This commercial used to be funny to me:

I found out via facebook from a dear old blog buddy today that Stars released a new EP today. It's called "Sad Robots EP". Am I a sad robot? Yeah, on labour day I am always a bit of a sad robot. But the EP is great.

My coworker texted me today just in case I forgot that summer I was over. I told her that my strategy was to never go to sleep and then summer would never end. Unfortch, I'm a bit sleepy right now so I guess I'll have to end summer.

But... with the end of summer comes fall and fall is my favourite season because there are crunchy leaves and cool weather and I can wear my new lulu hoodie (totally unnecessary splurge). And there are lots of fun concerts and then Halloween will come and I can think about ghosts and other gothy things. And, school's not so bad 'cuz I'll see my friends (I am such a kid), and make new friends (there's a new teacher) and my classes will be good and will make me happy.

So bring on the 24th year, I say! Hmmmm, maybe that Staples' commercial isn't so bad after all.