Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Raise your hand if you do what you're told.

One of my coworkers has organized an after-work yoga class on Tuesdays, and I got myself talked into joining. Last week was our first session, and I really enjoyed it despite the fact that before the class I was a slightly-skeptical yoga virgin. I'll admit that I felt the effects of the yoga in my weak shoulders and arms the day after, but I still really enjoyed it and felt super relaxed after the class. (Note: my favourite part is the last pose, called the corpse pose, where you just lie there on the mat. I like it because I like lying around, and the word corpse makes me think of my favourite movie: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.)

Anyway, yesterday I missed the second class because I had gone on a field trip. I still brought my fashionable yoga gear to school just in case I made back in time, but I didn't. Today I heard that everyone was really sore from yesterday's class, so I'm a little bit scared of next week's class.

Since I had my clothes with me, I headed to the gym right after work. I walked home at about 6:30 pm, dreaming of making myself a warm and tasty dinner. As I approached my building, I noticed it was strangely dark, as were the buildings around it. I stumbled up the darkened stairs to my apartment, used the backlight on my iPod to help me locate candles, and gave my parents a call. Since they always watch the 6 pm Toronto news, I figured they would be a good substitute for the internet to find out what was up. They did not disappoint me, and it turns out that there was some sort of underground explosion that lead to a good portion of my street being without power.

Since making a nice warm dinner was out of the question, I decided to take myself out for some sushi, and to buy a flashlight. My sushi was delicious, and on my way to get a flashlight I stumbled across a super cute pair of black wedge heels that were on sale that I just had to buy. They'll forever be known to me as my power failure shoes. I was so excited by them that I *almost* forgot about the flashlight.

I love (note a little bit of sarcasm) that the power went out on a night where the temperature was dropping quickly, and I spent the night in my warmest pjs, huddled under blankets and using up the last battery power on my cell phone. I'm really enjoying my electricity this evening: I love that I can comfortably sit in my apartment wearing my favourite red tank top and think about how in two weeks from today, I'll be on March Break and I'll be in Texas where the weather will be much, much warmer. :)

On tap for this weekend: not leaving Toronto (after going to St.Ratford last weekend for my dad's bday and a packed social calendar, and of course NYC the weekend before), a bday dinner at a Moroccan restaurant with belly dancers, and a whole lot of relaxing or so I hope. Yay!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey world, you've been travelling far, I've been waiting by my guitar...

Holla for me now being in my mid-late-twenties. Man how those years creep up on you.

But... if my bday weekend is any indication of how my year of 28 is going to be, well, it's going to be fan-freaking-tastic. My weekend trip to New York was by far the best birthday I've ever had, and I'm a girl who had bowling and skating parties back in the day too. ;)

I'll be cliche and say I <3 NY. Going to New York City, and seeing a Broadway show, had always been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old or so, hence that made the trip even a little bit more exciting.

Anyhow, I went with three of my friends from work. I think I'm so lucky to have made such awesome friends at work. I honestly feel the kind of fun kindredness with my pals at work that I feel with my friends back from high school, and I find this amazing. I think I get this feeling because we have a penchant for partying, getting into a bit of trouble, gossiping, and taking fun road trips. That was my high school girlfriend experience, and it's cool to have that again with people in Toronto.

We had a boring pd day, and we high-tailed it out of school as fast as we could. The worst traffic we faced was actually getting out of Toronto; after that it was pretty smooth-sailing although the drive was long and pretty monotonous since it was at night. We stopped a couple of times along the way. We actually celebrated my bday at a McDonald's with a giant cookie that one of my pals baked for me. Again, that made me remember high school more, since we had more than a few birthday celebrations at McDonald's.

We finally got into the city at about 1 am, and arrived at our very very awesome hotel. We so scored on that one. It had a great location, and had just been newly renovated and decorated. Actually, the renovations were not quite finished, hence the fact we could afford such a great hotel.

The following days were filled with lots of walking around the city, shopping, exploring neat neighbourhoods, eating great food, and just laughing about crazy things. I loved just being in the city. It so felt like you were walking into any number of TV shows or movies. I guess since New York City is the setting for so many things, it has such a familiarity to anyone even if you've never visited before.

Probably my favourite part of the trip was when we took the F-Train over to Brooklyn and explored a neighbourhood called DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). There is the best view of the skyline from a boardwalk here, and the neighbourhood itself was so cool. I'm such a neighbourhood girl; I have lots of faves here in Toronto too. I also loved Greenwich Village, which we explored a lot on the first day.

We saw the show Spring Awakening (which won the 2007 Tony Award for best musical). The music, performers, and production were all excellent, but I felt the show was lacking a storyline that I cared about. However, just seeing a Broadway show was fabulous. After the show, we walked around Times Square in the rain, and I scored an awesome new pair of Converse All-Stars. That was a great souvenir purchase, along with my traditional city Starbucks mug (which was actually the first purchase of the first day).

Anyway, the bday weekend in NYC was a great success. Now, it's only 3 more weeks 'til March Break and SXSW in Austin. Such awesomeness. Life is so great these days. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Falling slowly, eyes that know me, and I can't go back.

It had been snowing here for what seemed like forever, but today is sunny and beautiful; albeit windy and cold. I'll take the windy and the cold if I can have sun, thanks very much. Although really, the snow wasn't that bad; it made for some very picturesque scenes in the past few days. I don't mind waiting for the bus so much in the morning if there are big snowflakes falling down. However, my bus waits are never that long; I live on an awesome route. Anyhow, the sun makes me happy, and the cold keeps the snow from melting so that it's not all gross and slushy out and my feet stay dry.

Anyhow, the sunny morning actually turned me into a morning person today. Here it is before noon and I've already been to the gym and back and have run other errands. I'm so productive this morning that in fact, I could not buy the new knitting needles required to make my dad's birthday hat since the store wasn't open while I was going by on my way home from the gym.

I had a fabulous week. It was the start of the a new semester and I think I've got some good classes yet again. I had the worst classes in the world my first year at my school, so I think I've paid my dues and the gods of class composition have smiled upon me yet again. Since that first year, I have had some rather eccentric classes who have driven me crazy at times, but nothing like those first year classes. You could argue that perhaps that it is my teaching that has improved, which it has, but I still think if I got those classes from back in the day, they would drive me to use up all of my sick days for my mental health despite the experience I've gained.

In areas other than work, life's going well too. Becca T and I went to see the filming of The Hour with George Strombolopous one day this week, and that was cool. She was a bit worried that I might have a melt down since I've stated on occasion that I seldomly watch that show because I cannot focus during it due to the immense attractiveness of the host, but I averted any embarassing displays of affection and kept my cool.

Also this week, my Montreal/NYC buddies from work and I scored a really good deal on a hotel for next weekend. I am *so* excited for this trip; I can't believe it's only five days away!

I've been having a fairly low-key weekend. I went to see the movie Persoplis with a book club friend. We'd read the graphic novel that this movie is based upon a couple years ago. It's a really good movie; I'd definitely recommend it, as well as the book. I haven't read Persepolis II yet (which is covered in the movie), but I'll get to it someday.

Other than that, this weekend has been spent catching up on sleep (I never get enough during the week), getting some stuff organized, reading, and relaxing. I have no homework this weekend for the first weekend in what feels like forever and I love it. Usually by this time on Sunday, I'm mopey because I know my evening will be filled with planning, and marking, but not this weekend. It's fabulous not having that. I will enjoy it while I can.

So yay for low-key weekends. And yay for super-exciting weekends with trips!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

It was like seeing the starry night for the very first time.

It's crazy how a week can make a huge difference in your life.

The week before the one that just passed, I was feeling like I was in a huge rut, hence the fact I was listening to Stars' song "Today Will Be Better, I swear" quite a bit.

The week that just passed gave me a reprieve from the rut I felt that I'd fallen into. It helped that it was exam week; during exam week, there are no regular classes, the kids just come in the morning to write their exams and then leave and I've got the rest of the afternoon to work. The pace of exam week is so much less hectic than a regular week, and that makes a girl have to listen to "Today Will Be Better, I Wwear" less often than she usually would.

One evening of last week involved me staying out far too late with some friends from work. It was a really really fun night, but I slept in as a result of it, and showed up to work a bit late. If there's one thing that I am, it's punctual, and this is the first time in the 13 or so years that I have been employed that I have actually made it to work late. Luckily, one of my friends covered for me, and I was able to sneak in with no one the wiser. And my friend who covered for me is so awesome that there was a cappuccino waiting for me on my desk. I got a really fun rush of irresponsibility (or was that just a hangover?) as I sneaked into the building.

And, I got to see the Weakerthans for free last night. It was fabulous.

And, I also started planning my March Break SXSW trip to Austin TX this weekend. I have my flights booked and it looks like I'll get to explore both Austin and Dallas while I'm in Texas.

And I found out tonight that the Weakerthans are playing a showcase while I'm in Austin, and I so hope that I'll be able to go to that!

And, the new Hawksley Workman CD is awesome.

And, my birthday trip to NYC is coming up quickly, and we've bought tickets to a broadway show.

And, I got to see the movie "Once", which was really good, and I'm going to borrow the soundtrack from a friend to put on my iPod.

And, there was a kickass snowstorm on Friday, which was OK because I did not have to make it to work at a specific time and a lot of people didn't even both to come in, so I got to hog the photocopier and get ready for the new semester.

And, I've had lots of time to spend with various enjoyable people in my life.

And, things are just awesome right now. Hmmmm, maybe I could almost delete "Today Will Be Better, I Swear" from my iPod, but it's always good to have it there on backup, and it's a great song even when it's not needed for therapeutic reasons.