Monday, June 29, 2009

Bachelorette Post #6

Welcome to another weekly installment of my comments whilst watching The Bachelorette. This week it’s just me and Rilo, as Becca T is at her cottage, and Mathew is off somewhere. Makes it easier to focus on the show without constantly having to tell people to go get their own ice cream, LOL. I’m a horrible hostess once you’ve made it to the upper echelons of my friend list.

Anyway, Jillian is off to meet the families of the remaining five dudes. Must be fun knowing that in the end of this, she’s going to piss off 80% of the people from these visits.

First visit – Reid in Philly: She greets with a squeal. Dude greets her with a coffee ready. Bonus points for that. Hmmm, Philly looks nice. I’d go there some day if there was a concert there or something.

Nice family house. I wonder what would happen if someone’s family digs were totally dumpy. I guess they wouldn’t be allowed on the show.

Second Visit – Mike in ?: Turns out he’s a twin. She greets dude with a squeal. A little family chit chat. Now, the twins are going to do a switcharoo. That’s going to appease her concerns about his age, that’s for sure. Oh she notices right away. I’m surprised.

More talk about marriage and kids and family and the sister shows up from Australia.

Meeting all of these families would be nerve-wracking, eh?

Third Visit – Kiptyn in San Diego – When she talks about Kiptyn, I think he’s her fave. I pick him to win, even though I still like Mike the best.

I don’t like her outfit. The light blue dress just looks like a nurse’s uniform or something, and I don’t think the jacket really goes with the dress.

Aw, shucks, yet another family likes her.

And the visit ends with a little moment in the hot tub.

Fourth Visit – Jesse in Carmel Valley, CA: I find Jesse unattractive, but he *does* have a winery. So…

Hmmm, this seems to be the rockiest go so far. Jesse apparently hasn’t “opened up” enough yet. Rawbean, I’m unsure if you will be winning that wine of yours.

Oooh, I don’t think his brother describing him as an “emotional ice cube” is going to help anything.

Oh wow, look at the family rocking out. And aw, shucks, yet another family thinks things are going in the right direction. And end with kissing scene.

Fifth visit – Weasly Wes in Austin Texas: (Note: I love Austin. Wes does not deserve to be there.)

Ahh, another greeting squeal from Jillian.

And Wes introduces him to his second family: his band. Then they perform Wes’s watered-down whiny country shlock music. Puke.

And Jake flies in wearing his Pilot’s uniform to tell Jillian about Wes’s fuckwittery! Yes!

Oooh, Jake shows up to tell Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend. Named Laurel. Whooooa. And Jake says that Wes will say that Laurel is just a girl from the past. Lying liar! Argh!

And now she’s going to bust him. Well, not really. It seems like she’s falling for the “she’s my ex-gf and we’re still friends” bullshit. Oh, now it’s going to be Wes vs. Jake; mano e mano. LOL I think that Wes is trying to pull out the grade 2 “she’s a girl AND she’s my friend” definition of girlfriend. They keep arguing. Jillian says she needs time to think things through. Wes sits there smugly. Jake goes and cries.

So after all this she decides to go meet his family to see if she can trust him. Mathew (who just showed up) thinks that his family (step-mom and three sisters) is in on it. And then she decides that it’s a new beginning for them and that she trusts him. Argh. Why are women so stupid about men sometimes?

OMG and when you think things can’t get more emotional, then ED shows up!!! (Ed left the show a couple of weeks ago because of his job.)

And it’s rose ceremony time. Two are going home. I say Jesse and Wes.

The rest of the dudes are shocked when Ed comes back.

Rose time: it’s Reid, then Kiptyn, then Ed (!), then… Wes !?!?! WTF Jillian? You take questionable bad-boy over fun goofy Mike who’s all about the marriage and the children which is what you claim to be. Argh!

But I called Jesse. Sorry Rawbean. You don’t win your office pool. :(

Awwww, and Mike is gracious in defeat. Oh, he’s young, and would have married her in a heartbeat and cute and goofy. Awwww, this is so sad. And she keeps Wes. Grrrrrrr…

Oh Mike, you say you were probably in love with her, but you were probably just in love with the *idea* of her. (Mathew’s all like: Christy you should email him.)

And now it’s scenes from the next time. They are off to Spain! And it looks like Wes slips up on his own lies. Oooh, I can’t wait!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey unravellin' traveller, where you travellin' to?

Yesterday I realized that in the past three weeks I've been to a bachelorette party, two birthday parties, a baby shower, a baptism, and a retirement party. Tomorrow night I have graduation, and then Friday is the end-of-school party. Luckily, I have a couple of weeks before my first wedding of the summer. I don't think I've ever had so many parties concentrated in a short span of time.

Today I made an appearance at work to clean my desk (it's so organized now!), and clean up some stuff in the lab. I really can't see any reason to make an appearance at school tomorrow since I have grad in the evening. So I am so done!

You may be asking yourself, so what *is* Christielli going to do with her summer? Well, it's a good time to ask that question, since the summer plans that I made back in May, and neglected to blog about, seem like they are real now because:
a) I just received the credit card bill with all my travel bookings on it; and
b) I just got my summer paycheque that will cover said bookings, plus my rent and a few other things. Good thing I have some savings to cover things like, oh, eating.

So, for most of July I will be kicking around Toronto. A couple of my July weekends will be spent traveling to a couple of weddings.

The first wedding is in London Ontario, and it's for a good friend from high school. I'm actually going to be the MC at the wedding, so I'll have to work on my speech during my first week off.

The second wedding is in Timmins. Timmins is like eight hours north of Toronto, and I've never been there (although my mom grew up there). This wedding is for a friend from work, and I'm going to road trip it up with another friend, and there may be some camping involved. I'll let you know about it, 'cuz I'm the least outdoorsy person ever, so I'd go camping just for the fact it would make an insanely funny blog post.

In between weddings, I need to make a list of stuff I want to do in Toronto during the month of July. One of the most important things I want to do is spend lots of time with Becca T, 'cuz she's going to work in Nice, France for 10 months, so I'll really miss her while she's gone.

Anyway, at the end of July is when the overseas-travel fun begins.

I'm going to fly to Paris, France and stay there for a week. I'm going with a friend from high school, and our plans revolve around drinking wine, going to museums, checking out Versailles, and being overall fabuleuses.

Then, my poor friend has to go home, but I'll fly off to Aberdeen to meet up with the
ever awesome and fabulous Claire! Claire and I met when she visited Toronto a couple years ago, and I've so excited to see her again! Basically, I'm going to hijack her life for a week and a half. We'll spend some time in Scotland, and then make our way to London.

So, exciting! I love love love summer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bachelorette Post #5

Well folks, it’s that time of the week again. Diet Dr. Pepper: check. Peanut M&M’s: check. Becca T: check. Rilo: check.

Becca T and I did the train through the Rockies thing two summers ago, but in the opposite direction. It was good times, however, we had to share our train with many other people, and unfortch, it wasn’t a bunch of hot bachelors. The unfairness of it all.

Ironically Becca T is being distracted from the show by this week’s issue of People Magazine that features “Summer’s Hottest Bachelors”. She likes Robert Pattinson the best and I told her she could cut out the picture of him and stick it in her cubicle. LOL

I’m sorry. Robby is not overly attractive. Becca T points out that they kind of match each other though (both dark brown hair, both have large noses). So, if people go for people who like themselves, they are a good match.

But, looking alike isn’t enough. Robby isn’t grown-up enough for Jillian, so the train has been stopped and Robby has been apparently dumped into the wilderness. Quote of the night: “I’m bummed because I just got kicked off a train right now.” I hope he has good survival skills. I think there are bears out there.

Wow. Mike is crying because Robby was left in the Canadian wilderness. Whoa.

Oh no! That weasely Wes has sneaked into her bedchamber! Ahhhh, he’s so blatent about how he’s just on to sell records. Who would buy the record of a lying weasel??? Oooh, he’s so villainous!

Wow. Beautiful scenery. This show is such a tourism ad for Western Canada.

Hmmm, I think I might find Reid a bit attractive. Both with and without the glasses.

Hide and seek is kind of cute, but Jake made it super corny when he said “I slipped in a little cuddle.”

LOL Reid’s overanalyzing reminds me of a certain friend of mine who will remain nameless.

Becca T is falling out of love with Jake because his hair is too flat.

Becca T: “Is that Kiptyn? He’s talking too much.”

Ohhhhhhhh, no! Tanner is flashing his tighty whiteys! So unnecessary!!! Gah! Jillian: “I didn’t need to see the package yet, although it was huge…” Someone comments: “it was like seeing a horse with underwear on.”

Now Tanner’s caressing her feet. “Now that I’ve felt how soft her feet are, I want her to meet my family,” he says.
Jesse is boring. Too much talk.

Okay, I’ll admit it. Breakdancer Mike is goofy and cute.

Drama between Tanner and weasely Wes. I hate Wes.

These guys all talk too much don’t you think?

And, after a one-on-one date with Reid, the train arrives in Banff Springs.

Anyway, the rose ceremony wasn’t very revolutionary. Wes was kept which is so crazy. Tanner was let go, which is no surprise. They had very little one-on-one time. Also, Jake was let go ‘cuz he’s too nice.

But… all of the scenes from the rest of the season are super exciting! OMG, dudes coming back! Problems in the bedroom! Lots of crying! Sign me up!

Soooooooo… now that we are down to five (at least for now), who are you cheering for? There’s Reid, Mike, Wes, Kiptyn, and Jesse. I think I’m cheering for Mike. Becca’s too sad that Jake’s gone to cheer for any of them. Mathew can’t even keep them straight enough to have a favourite. (He showed up late again.)

So, until next week Bachelorette fans!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, joy, I can see you.

I like:

a) Diet Dr. Pepper. My local convenience store is making a killing off of me. I am addicted to the stuff and have started craving it at odd times. What a wonderful chemical soup it is.

b) Warm sunshine! Hello, where have you been? I was so unprepared for you today that I got a sunburn while meandering about town. Sunblock, Christy, Sunblock. Anyway, I wandered around U of T campus today 'cuz I went to my friend's daughter's baptism at a church on campus. I felt very nostalgic as I wandered around, since I have very fond memories of my university days.

This is Robarts Library which looks like a turkey. Whose idea it was to make it look like that, I'll never know. Anyway, I spent a bit of time at that library back in the day, but U of T has a gajillion libraries and I spent more time in the Med Sci, Earth Science, and Zoology libraries that this one.

This is University College. I like it 'cuz it's all gothy.

This is Convocation Hall. I took first-year anthro, bio, and psych, and second-year bio in this monstrosity. I also graduated from it twice.

c) My friend Mathew. He had a bday party on Saturday, so I thought I'd give him a shoutout. He's turning all of 27 on Wednesday, and is concerned about brain decline because of this study. Welcome to the club, buddy. Here's a picture of him playing with his camera. Will he kick my ass for posting this? Let's see...

d) Peanut M&Ms. The best part is if you get a peanut M&M that doesn't have a peanut in it, it's like an extra large super chocolately M&M. Mistakes can be great!

e) The album Still Night, Still Light by Au Revoir Simone. Thanks for the tip, rawbean! I've been listening to it all weekend and it's great. I got a iTunes gift card as a gift, so I had to break it in.

f)Boys who wear plaid shirts and worn-out Chucks and make me CDs. I have lots of new musical candy to get me through the summer. Plus some comedy too.

g) Scrabble for my Nintendo DS. I hadn't played my DS in a long time, but decided to get this game. I've become one of those people who play video games on the subway now. But, I'm going to have mad Scrabble skillz after I master the training games.

h) The fact that the coming (and last!) week of work more or less requires me making appearances here and there. I've exited the land of stress and report cards and marking and I like it!

i) My new Birkenstocks. They'll give me an interesting foot tan by the end of the summer, but fuck it, they're cute and comfy.

j) The cartoon below. It warms my edumactor's heart!

k) Bachelorette night is tomorrow! Happy Monday kids! Note: item h) on this list allows me to stay up late writing silly blog posts. Win! (As Claire would say.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We throw parties, you throw knives.

Randomness from a busy week:

1) Tonight I went to a "Pre-Baby Party" for my work pal Fea who's having a baby in a few weeks. I was listed as a co-planner, but really all I did was act as a sounding board for the head planner. The other planner made a super-duper cake. The theme of the party was "Modern Tea Party". I was in charge of favours for guests (funky tealight holders with Zen tea attached) and donated my iPod for dance-rock modern-tea-party music (Los Campensinos!, Metric, Matt & Kim, Phoenix and a few other things). We had it on the patio of a cool hippie cafe in the Annex, and thank goodness the rain held out. It was really fun, and I'm so full of delicious food and cake.

2) After the tea party, I dropped by Shopper's to run an errand. I was browsing the magazines, and there were two little boys dressed in uniforms looking at video game magazines (any Nintendo Power fans from back in the day?) Anyway, one of them pointed at a magazine and said "excuse me, can you tell me how much this is?" I looked at the magazine and said "It's $12.99. Wow! That's a lot!" The kid kind of looked at me funny and said "I have that much under my bed."

Moral of the story: video game magazines are expensive, but kids these days have a lot of money these days so it doesn't matter.

3) So I'm in a happy work place right now. Marking: all done. Failure phone calls: done. Extra chances: given. Report cards: done. To-do list for Monday: written. Taking Friday off: you betcha.

4) So, I guess I just admitted to ya'll that I have a long weekend. What's in store? Tomorrow I'm going to try and clean my apartment a bit (it's a disaster and I don't feel like dealing with it right now), and I'm hoping for good weather so I can spend some time outside. On Saturday, I have my friend Mathew's birthday party. Sunday, I think I'll go to my work spouse's baby's baptism.

Oh, and I want to drink some fizzy drinks too. It's all the same if the fizzy drinks are nice.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bachelorette Post #4

Well, we’ve already reached Bachelorette post #4! At the end of this show, it will mean that I’ve spent 8 hours of my life watching this show. Time well spent? Let’s not think about it.

Anyway, this post is brought to you by only me and Becca T.

Oh look, the opening is a like a montage of her squealing.

She’s wearing another hoodie. A girl after my heart. However, I bet I have more.

Mike: “It feels good in the hood.” I love lame-ass lines. I might adopt that one.

“Spark-of-awesomeness.” There’s another. Good job Mike.

Becca T, the queen of scarves, finds Jillian’s scarf a bit too sparkly.

Becca T had problems opening a couple bottles of sparkling wine at her party. Apparently she needed a saber.

Is that a leopard-print tie on Mike? It is! Ick!

Another hoodie. Turquoise this time.

She’s driving a snowmobile. She’s a girl after my pal Christa’s heart.

“8 guys snowmobiling in Whistler. This is every Canadian girl’s dream,” says Jillian. “Not mine!” exclaim me and Becca T. “My dream is to hang out with 8 guys on a beach in Hawaii,” says Becca.

Ahhhh, foot-fetish Tanner. My favourite shit-disturber. The snow must not be his fave ‘cuz snow boots aren’t the most revealing.

She’s totally into weasely-Wes a lot. Yuck.

Becca T and I still can’t keep track of them, especially when they’re wearing hats. Oh, mystery man in the hat turns out to be Kiptyn. She likes him as much as she likes the weasel.

Hoodie #3. Gray.

I think even I would enjoy a date on a glacier.

Becca T just called Jesse the “voice fetish guy” ‘cuz he said that Jillian’s voice was arousing.

Becca T really likes Jillian’s green shirt.

Mathew made it for the end of the show!

Jillian should stop crying about Ed. (He’s decided to leave ‘cuz of his job.) She’s got nine other guys.

Oh shut up, your heart’s not broken, honey. You’ve got a bunch of others. You clearly liked some of the others more anyway.

Becca T thinks that foot fetish guy always looks frightened.

She’s keeping foot fetish! We are all shocked. She doesn’t seem attracted to him. Again, I think he’s a plant from the producers there for entertainment and snitching.

Oh, she’s kept the Weasel. Mark’s all like “how dare you!” with his eyes.

Oh poor Mark. He just mentioned he’s been cheated on four times. That’s a lot.

And now it’s the best part: scenes from the next Bachelorette. Next week: the Rockies. And, in the future: overnight dates where someone can’t get it up! Oh no! Poor guy to have that happen on TV. And look, more scenes of Jillian crying.

Back to Christy’s life in the next post!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We all go out and we all come home.

Holla kids from the all-too-rare drunk post!

So tonight was my BFF (I will freely use that term) Becca T's wine and cheese.

I went to her house first to help set up for the party. When we were done, we had nothing left to do, so we sat around and sang to my iPod. As we were belting out Joel Plaskett's "True Patriot Love", I commented to BT "you know you're comfortable with a person when you'll just sit there and sing."

Anyway, the party was super super fun. I did my best to ensure that drunk-Christielli was in attendance.

I was cool enough that I actually introduced two people to each other who knew each other quite well. "Hey ________, meet___________." Then I looked at them and said "Hey didn't you guys travel to Costa Rica together?" Yup, they had. They also went on a trip to Florida together too and informed me of this. However, then they complimented me on how welcoming am I since I was nice enough to at least introduce themselves to each other. Then, I promptly bumped into one of them, causing her to spill red wine on herself. But, it's true! White wine does get red wine out so all was well!!!

Another awesome part of the party was giving Becca T her gift. When Mathew, Becca T and I went shopping in the States, there was an extravagant purse that Becca really liked. Mathew and I surreptitiously sneaked off to buy it, and she didn't know. Then, I emailled a couple other people to go in on it, and voila! Expensive purse for Becca T. She was sooooooooooo excited to get it. She had no clue. She carried it around for most of the party. Muahahahaha. I love giving someone something much loved and completely unexpected.

I love just chilling with my university friends too. I find I only see these people at parties, but I love them. I loved when my friend Ali told the story about how her husband (my pal Jon) had gone with her to the Bay to buy a vacuum, and then asked them "I have a Sears card, what can you do for me?" thinking that he was at Sears. I find this insanely amusing.

During this whole party, I found myself really missing my friend Alison. I met Alison in my second year of university. She had grown up with Becca T. The three of us actually lived together one year. Anyway, she's been in Japan for two years now with her husband and she will email me sporadically. Becca says they might be moving back and I hope so 'cuz I so miss her. I think I've changed a lot since the two of us were friends, but I know that she'd dig the person that I am now. I miss her. I'm going to email her tomorrow when I'm sober and tell her as much.

Yay for lasting friendships and drunk post out.

ps As I was posting this, a friend of mine sent me the following video and it's fucking awesome.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watch, you're moving in an elliptical pattern.

Holla from the busiest week I've had in a long long time. Let's rundown shall we?

Monday - Weekly Bachelorette-viewing session with Mathew and Becca T (see previous post). For some reason, Mathew and Becca T have Rilo photo-taking competitions whenever they're at my place. Here's a shot from this week courtesy of Mathew.

Tuesday - On Monday, I found out from my work spouse that we had Tuesday tickets for Riverdance. She couldn't make it because her baby hasn't taken to a bottle yet, so I went to her place for a visit and to pick up the tickets. It was fun laughing about silly work stuff.

Becca T joined me for Riverdance and it was pretty good.

Wednesday was the annual celebration of Becca T's birth. I met up with her after school to see a taping of The Hour with everyone's boyfriend, George Strombolopolous. It was fun and he chatted with us! We went up after the taping to get a picture taken, and he noticed a binder in my bag and asked me what was up with that, and I explained I was a teacher who came from work, and he asked me if the kids call me "Teach" or "Miss", and then wished me a happy summer. Sigh.

Here's a shot courtesy of Becca T:

After the Hour, we met up with some peeps for a fun sushi dinner. Here's a picture of some edamame that I destroyed. How I love edamame.

Today - Did some laundry (yay clean clothes!), and I'm going to run out for gelato with some peeps in seven minutes. Yum, gelato.

Tomorrow - drinks with new Sloan friend.

Saturday - Big wine and cheese bash at Becca T's.

Sunday - I have to figure out some favours for a baby shower I'm helping to organize for my pal Fea from school.


1) I love love love the new Phoenix album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix". So fun. Got a copy for Becca T.

2) I just saw that they have Scrabble for Nintendo DS. I'm so going to buy that.

3) I first saw this bizarrely funny clip in university. A bunch of friends and I used to randomly act it out. Then a couple of days ago, a friend from work who knows I have a bizarre sense of humour sent it to me. It brought back so many happy memories.

Happy weekends!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Bachelorette Post #3

Welcome to Bachelorette post #3!

I’ve got Rolo ice cream, popcorn, and my Bachelorette buddies Becca T and Mathew here.

All right there have been some distractions, but now we’re ready to get going on the post. Jillian is on a date with Kiptyn. They are in Vancouver! They are in Stanley Park! They’re going to Granville Island! Becca T and I are reminiscing about when we were there two summers ago. (Rawbean, are you reminiscing about your day-to-day existence?)

Jillian just said something about it’s “every woman’s dream to be in the kitchen, all flustered, hoping the meal will turn out…” WRONG. It is my dream to be as far away from the kitchen as possible. It’s not Becca’s dream either to be in a kitchen. It’s Mathew’s dream though. (He likes to cook.)

Becca T: “We’re not paying enough attention to the show. We need to concentrate more. We have to focus. I want some ice cream.”

Jillian does her little dance behind the closed door after Kiptyn leaves. Mathew: “Do you guys do that?” Becca T: “Always.”

Yay curling. Let’s use every Canadian stereotype. Next stop: Tim Horton’s.

Becca T’s fave is Jake. She is incensed that Jillian thinks he’s too perfect.

Oooh, David is such a creepy, yucky, dude. Glad he didn’t get the kiss. Bet he’s offed tonight.

I really dislike Mike’s hair. It’s so, um, swarthy.

Oh look, it’s Grouse Mountain!

Oh, Mark’s face is *priceless* as Mike is giving the toast on this super awkward date with three people.

Jillian decides to give the rose to Mark. Mathew: “Is that big hair or little hair?”

Tanner P. is hilarious ‘cuz he’s making fun of Wes.

It annoys me that the “country-singing turd’s” name is Wes ‘cuz I have a buddy named Wes and he’s totally awesome. I’d name this yucky Wes something else if I could.

Ooh, my favourite* (Tanner P w the foot fetish) is dishing the dirt about dudes with girlfriends at home. Awesome.

*Note: he’s not my favourite (I don’t really care for any of them), but he amuses me consistently.

Hmmm, Jillian says she wants to know who has a girlfriend ‘cuz she doesn’t like to be lead on and have her time wasted. Say it sister.

Maybe my foot fetish friend is devious and made it up!

Lots of drama unfolds. Does someone have a girlfriend? Is Tanner lying? Jillian goes to have a moment with the pictures to figure it out. Mathew says “how is looking at pictures going to help her?” I reply “Hmmm, maybe she’ll notice someone’s wearing a wedding ring in their picture.”

She kept Tanner! Hmmm, I am so curious!!! Does Juan have the girlfriend? Does she know that ‘cuz Tanner was talking to him during the rose ceremony? Ewww, Juan has a smarmy smile. He insists he doesn’t have a girlfriend though.

We are all so glad that David is gone.

This was a pretty good episode with all of the drama, and it looks like next week in Whistler is going to be even more dramatic!

Until next week, Bachelorette-a-rinos!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chocolate is a band-aid, no matter what they say.

So I'm sitting here in the coffee shop in St. Ratford that has wifi, drinking a big ol' chocolate milkshake, and a country song with the above line comes on. Does this mean I'm bleeding?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And my family and my friends and all the little kids who love me make strong.

It's been post-a-rama around here these days, but today was completely post-worthy.

Today is the first time ever in my teaching career that kids made me cry.

Before you think that the hooligans finally got to me, you know of course it was good crying.

We had a year end eco-celebration with my posse and their well-wishers today. We received the environmental award that we had been working on over the year, so of course, we needed to have a party.

Last night, I wanted to get each member of the posse a little gift, so I bought Indigo out of their supply of environmentally-friendly bookmarks complete with inspirational quotes and a little plantable leaves that will sprout into flowers.

However, the posse outdid me. They got me a plant, and they made me the most AMAZING scrapbook ever. It made me cry! They wrote me a poem, included tonnes of pictures of everything we did all year, and even all wrote me individual messages. You should see this book. It is the mother of all scrapbooks. The messages were so heartfelt and really made me tear up. It's seriously the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me!

My favourite page is the pictures of them assembling the book itself. Priceless. Also they had a bit of fun mocking me about how they fooled me into thinking that they were taking group pictures yesterday for the yearbook, and how they even put together some of the book together in my class. Oh, and they got me to contribute a bunch of stuff too, under the guise that it was for the yearbook.

I showed a couple of my colleagues the book (as I cried a little), and then showed it to Becca T when we went out for post-work frappucinos. Becca T said "this warms my heart, and it's not even written for me."

On of the funniest parts of this is that I must have looked happy as I was walking down the street from my school. There was a creepy construction dude who's working on the library near our school, and he was all like "ooh, you're smiling, I like that." It was so creepy and I laughed because I think it's hilarious that the fact I was happy 'cuz of something my students did for me resulted in me getting catcalls from said creep.

Anyway, so in summary, the kids are all right, and I swear these kids of mine are going to run the world (you should see this scrapbook), and now I have to go write individualized thank you cards to all of them because they are so sweet.

Also, I'm going to spend some of my weekend scrapbooking as part of a tradition that me and *my* high school friends have. Hmmmm, maybe I should outsource. I know who I could get.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Here's a post about three objects that I like. I called it "Souvenirs" because I'm listening to the song of the same name by Christine Fellows. It's my second-most-listened-to-song ever.

1) New bird randomly given to me by my pal Fea, for whom I recently bought the gnome. I think I'm going to name him Norman, and he sits on my bookshelf (pardon the dust).

I like birds a lot. I never knew that I liked birds a lot until Becca T would point out that lots of stuff that I like had birds on it, and I embraced my love of birds whole-heartedly. Now whenever friends see something cool that's bird-related, they either a) buy it for me; or b) email me about it. This weekend upcoming, I have a date with my friend Sandee to check out bird stuff at a little store in St. Ratford called "Anything Grows".

2) My work keys with neat-o owl key covers that Becca T gave me for Christmas. The owl faces are kind of rubbing off a couple of them. Good thing I have two extras. Many people at work comment about them, and a lot of the kids really like them and ask to hold them which makes me laugh because you'd expect that more from elementary school kids as opposed to high school kids.

3) My new copy of Jane Eyre. Today I was shopping in Indigo, and they had these "heirloom-bound" versions of classics on sale. Now, I don't really read as much classic literature as I should, but I've always loved Jane Eyre, and the book was so pretty (and did I mention it was on sale?), and I don't actually have a copy to call my own, so I bought it. Nevermind the fact that my parents have at least three copies of Jane Eyre in the book room at home. Yes, we have a book room. I guess most people would call it a library, but the shelves are all ghetto 'cuz my dad built them, so the term library is too fancy for the book room.

ps I should be doing something useful. Hence this completely useless post. :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Bachelorette Post #2

All right, it's time for Bachelorette post #2. This week my pals Mathew and Becca T dropped by to watch with me. Fun times. Here are our random observations.

The host has an easy job. Seems like he works twice a week: at the beginning of the episode and at the end. Sign me up for his job.

Oh! How I hate her squeals! (She squealed when she saw Ed at the beginning of their one-on-one date.)

I think she’s wearing a lululemon hoodie. She is.

Mathew thinks Ed says “like” too much.

What? The CityTV dude just called The Bachelorette “family-friendly programming”?

Ed is twiddling his thumbs. Becca T doesn’t like him very much because he is boring. Mathew pointed out that they are showing the interesting part of their time together, imagine all of the boring stuff they had to cut out.

There should be a maximum of ONE person named Tanner on any show.

Becca T thinks Ed got a pity rose ‘cuz he asked.

This Western movie date thing is the most contrived thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But I love the fuzzy leopard chaps though. And they're on foot fetish guy.

Good thing Jillian is on reality TV and not scripted TV, ‘cuz she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

Ooooh, could Wes be the lying liar? The other dudes seem to think so.

Mathew notes that she must like possessive guys after she says it’s cute that Wes was jealous.

All three of us LOLed during the gay cowboy scene.

LOL OMG Foot Fetish Tanner is rubbing her feet on his face! In a hot-tub filled with a bunch of other dudes no less.

Who is this dude with her now? Argh! I still can’t keep them straight. Becca T tells me it’s Robby. This is why it’s best to watch this show with others.

Mathew thinks Sasha looks genuine. Becca T says he’s not bad.

Now I have to go fetch these kids popcorn after I just fed them ice cream. Becca T says “the ice cream wasn’t very filling, there wasn’t enough Rolo in it.” Now she’s mocking the size of my bowls. They are not big enough for her liking.

Moronic line of the evening courtesy of Sasha: “I know in my heart I’m looking for this mythical unicorn.”

OMG, so she decided that she can’t be his unicorn, and doesn’t give him the rose, and the send him home on a city bus!! The rest of the guys cheer. Mathew says: “What jerks.” We all agree that sending him home on a bus is pretty crappy.

We all think that Wes is here for a record deal and not for love. News to Wes: you and your guitar and your song suck. LOL at Mathew: “Do you think he ripped that song off the internet?”

I wonder if she gets to keep her wardrobe at the end of this. Becca T hopes so.

Oh! Another classic line courtesy of foot fetish guy: “I want to make a connection with her feet.” I swear, he’s gotta be a paid actor on the show for comic relief.

Becca and I agree that David’s angry eyes are very scary.

Becca T on David: “He’s crazy. I wouldn’t want to date him.”

Oooh, it’s rose ceremony time! She picked Becca T’s guy (Jake) first. Becca T is pleased. She can keep watching. Ahhh, foot fetish stays. Probably ‘cuz he’s an actor and she’s forced to keep him. Oh, and she keeps Mr. In-it-for-a-record-contract. OH MY GOODNESS, she keeps Crazy David! Becca T thinks that she’s forced to keep him ‘cuz of the drama.

We know nothing about the guys she didn’t keep. Oh, they got rid of one of the Tanners. There were too many of them.

And they’re off to Vancouver next week! Becca T says she’ll be back, as long as I have two containers of Rolo ice cream. Mathew says maybe if he’s not tired from work.