Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy songs.

Today's one of those days where I have to listen to happy songs. Some of my favourite happy songs are:

1) Red Heart - Hey Rosetta! - I like the part where Tim sings "You look so good when you're laughing you know."

2) Ilfracombe - Hawksley Workman - This is one of Hawksley's most romantic songs. And that's saying a lot 'cuz he's one romantic man.

3) Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright - I think any song that mentions chocolate milk, even in the same line as a carcinogen, would make me happy.

4) Someone I Can Be True With - Sloan - 1 minute and 33 seconds of happiness. Plus any song that compliments brunettes with eyes of chocolate rates high in my books. And a shout-out to Gremlins 2! And it disses The View. So much to love!

5) HFXNHSC - Sloan - My iPod invariably plays this after the above song. It's 1 minute and 12 seconds of happiness.

6) Unemployed Boyfriend - Everclear - I rediscovered this song when I went on a random Everclear spree a couple of months ago. Back in university, Becca T and I *loved* this song, and listened to it constantly. It's so lame, but it reminds me of carefree university days and silliness.

7) 14 Forever - Stars - I like songs that make me think about my youth. I liked being 14. That was the summer when I discovered bad boys, alcohol, and punk rock. Of course, it was all terribly awkward, but it was in good fun.

8) I Feel it All - Feist - Pretty much any Feist song makes me happy, but this one makes me happiest. I think. It's a tough choice.

9) El Scorcho - Weezer - One of the best songs ever in my humble opinion.

10) Into the Dark - Ben Lee - This song came up the other day on my iPod while I was on the subway. I was probably smiling as I listened to it. People probably thought I was crazy but whatevs.

What are some of your happy songs?

ps If music doesn't make you happy, this little video must.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A post about shoes and friendship.

The past few days have been so busy with work-stuff that they have zoomed by and I'm glad they're gone. One important lesson that I learned is to always, always go out with colleagues for drinks, even if you're tired from a long day, even if you don't have a PD tomorrow, because it will be fun. Write that down kids.

Today my friend Teresa from Stratford (Group of 9) was in Toronto doing deliveries for work, so we met up for Starbucks, shoe-shopping, sushi, and then more shopping. What a great Saturday.

She was looking for a specific pair of shoes which we did not come across. However, she ended up buying the very same pair of boots that I bought last week because I had to show them to her in the store, and ranted about their comfort. She had to try them on and fell in love. I was nice enough to let Teresa buy them too. I'm a great friend.

I needed to buy a new comfy pair of black shoes for work, and I was going to go for the classic mary jane style Skechers with which you can't go wrong, except for they are boring. Luckily I was saved by ballet flats with detachable snaps. Here they are with the black snaps included with them.

Here they are with the jewelled snaps that I got for them. Isn't it so cool that I now have a pair of shoes that I can buy jewelery for? Fun!

Take bets on how long it will be until I get my third pair of snaps. Here's the site for the shoes in case you are interested.

I had a great day with Teresa. I don't think I've had one-on-one time in awhile with her and we had a great time catching up about what's been going on in our lives. She is most definitely one of my friends with whom I'm most open. Whenever I really need to talk to someone, she is always one of the first people that I go to because she's a great listener and insightful. I forget how fun she is to shop with. I can't remember the last time we participated in that activity.

So yay for shopping trips with awesome, interesting, and insightful friends!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take it Upon Yourself.

Randomness from the beginning of a long week:

1) Work stress = blargh. This is why this week has been/is going to be long. I also had a stress stomache this evening, and I haven't had one of those in years.

2) I'm reading a really good book right now: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. It's so engrossing. It's about Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress. Both of them left their respective spouses and families to be together, which was a very controversial move in the early 1900s. Anyway, it's a fascinating story, and I admire the way that the author plucked a little-known figure from history, took a lot of time researching her, and then wrote a novel from her voice. I'm the type of reader who reads the author's notes/afterward while I'm reading the novel because I like to get an idea of the writing process. This book's been sitting on my shelf since the summer, and I'm so glad I just picked up.

3) Sloan have a new EP. Yay Sloan!

4) Rilo was chasing her tail this morning as I was getting ready for work. It really made me want to stay home.

5) This had me laughing. (Note: only interesting for those who like cats.) Actually, I've never seen this site before, and I really like a lot of their cartoons, especially the one about proper use of the apostrophe.

6) Today kids were asking me all kinds of questions like my age, my marital status, how many kids I have, and my middle name. I'm a fascinating figure, I suppose.

7) Argh. This post rather sucks, but I don't know if I'll be able to post again this week on account of the work stress. So it's a sucky post for posterity's sake.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All is bright.

I had a very lovely weekend.

On Friday night, I had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants with two of my best work pals. I love this restaurant, and I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten there in two years which is pretty sad since it's in my neighbourhood, and it's oh-so-good. I hereby resolve to eat there more often. They now have belly dancers performing on weekends (it's a Middle Eastern restaurant). The girl performing was really good. She balanced a sword on her head and on her hip, but I missed the hip balancing part 'cuz I was too busy complaining about something work-related. This is a danger of having dinner with work pals, I suppose.

After dinner, we met up for drinks with a former co-worker who moved away from Toronto this year. I miss her a lot, but it was very fun catching up with her.

On Saturday, my pal Mathew and I had plans to go shopping in the US, but his car was sick, so we decided to cancel the trip. We went shopping around here instead, and I got a good start on my Christmas shopping.

After shopping, we spontaneously went to see the movie Precious. It's an excellent movie. I just read the book last weekend on the train home from Stratford, and I was looking forward to seeing the movie. The movie is just as good as the book, and I recommend both. Even though it's a graphic story of abuse, it is very hopeful and moving. Oh, and the movie has Lenny Kravitz, and I found out that I still have a grade school crush on Lenny. Awesome. And then we went for sushi!

Today was an errands and chores day. I got my Christmas tree up, which I'm happy about. As I did all of my cleaning and such, I finally listened to the new Tori Amos holiday CD and I really like it. Most of the songs are traditional songs that she has put her own twist on, but there are originals too.

Anyway, it's almost Monday of a busy week. The weekends go so fast, eh?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Song Playlist

Now that all of the transit kerfuffle is over, I can post the music meme that I had kicking around.

Oh, but before that: two pieces of good news! My dad's vision has returned, and they've put him on a lower dose of rat poison. (That last bit of info is for Siobhan.) And, a more trivial piece of good news: I finished my report cards. Woot.

Now onto the music meme. This is stolen from Aaron. It's simply a playlist of really good last tracks from albums. I had fun thinking of them ('cuz I am such a music nerd), and I came across some oldies but goodies, and some songs I haven't thought about in forever.

Ben Folds Five – Evaporated (Whatever and Ever Amen)

Ben Folds Five – Lullabye (The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner)

Coldplay – Everything’s Not Lost (Parachutes)

Constantines – Do What You Can Do (Kensington Heights)

Damine Rice – Eskimo (O)

Elliott Brood – Miss You Now (Mountain Meadows)

Foo Fighters – New Way Home (The Colour and the Shape)

Foo Fighters – M.I.A. (There is Nothing Left to Lose)

The Get-Up Kids – I’ll Catch You (Something to Write Home About)

Great Lake Swimmers – I Became Awake (Ongiara)

Hayden – Lullaby (Skyscraper National Park)

Joel Plaskett – Love This Town (La De Da)

Joel Plaskett – On & On & On (Three)

Kathleen Edwards – Goodnight, California (Asking for Flowers)

Kimya Dawson – My Rollercoaster (Remember That I Love You)

Los Campensinos! – 2007 (The Year that Punk Rock Broke My Heart) (Hold On Now, Youngster…)

Matthew Good (Band) – any last track from any MG/MGB album is outstanding. Change of Season from Underdogs is probably my all time fave last MG track.

Metric – Stadium Love (Fantasies)

Neko Case – The Needle Has Landed (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood)

R.E.M. – Me in Honey (Out of Time)

Rilo Kiley – It Just Is (More Adventurous)

Sloan – I Can Feel It (Twice Removed)

Sloan – I’m Not Through With You Yet (Navy Blues)

Slow Club – Our Most Brilliant Friends (Yeah So)

Smashing Pumpkins – Luna (Siamese Dream)

Stars – Calendar Girl (Set Yourself On Fire)

Tegan and Sara – Call it Off (The Con)

Tori Amos – Yes, Anastasia (Under the Pink)

Weezer – Only in Dreams (The Blue Album)

Wild Strawberries – Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead (Heroine)

Any great last tracks you can think of?

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Transit Rant

So, I totally had a cool music-related post ready to go for today, but then something newsworthy affected my day, so I'll blog about that and save the music for when the most exciting part of my day is that I find a nice pencil on the floor or something.

After a very busy day at work (as usual), I heard from a coworker that the subway was closed between Bloor and Eglinton. Of course, that stretch makes up part of my way home. They had shuttle buses running. However, this would mean standing outside forever and ever in a huge irate crowd. No, thank you.

I considered taking an alternate route that would involve a bus, but I figured out a lot of people would do the same thing, so I decided to walk it. Sure I was in work clothes (thank goodness not a skirt) and not wearing shoes particularly appropriate for walking 5+ km in, but it was a really nice evening; not too hot and not too cold.

So, I hiked up Yonge Street for awhile with the masses. There were so many people. It was crazy getting around the crowd of people waiting for the shuttle bus. I'm glad I walked. So much more pleasant than a crowded bus. I had my iPod and I was happy.

Here comes my rant: why the eff are people so negative about the TTC? I have been taking the TTC to work for 5 years now, and I have been late for work *once* because of delays. Once. I'm reading all of these comments about people complaining about the *constant* delays on the TTC and I wonder if I've been taking a different transit system than they have been. Constant delays? I would say very *occasional* delays, perhaps. Seriously, five years of commuting and I have very few complaints. Granted, I live on a bus route with very frequent buses (that I only take in the morning; I walk after work), and the rest is on the subway. I suspect that other bus routes and streetcar routes might be worse.

My point is that I'm highly satisfied with the TTC after five years of very frequent use. It's not perfect, there are occasional delays, but I know I'm less frustrated that I would be if I drove. And I can nap on the way. I'm pretty sure that I would be inconvenienced by construction, accidents, and traffic far more often on the road than I would be on the TTC.

This is perhaps the second or third time I've had to do the walk up Yonge due to transit problems. The other two times were for perhaps half hour closures. (I'm too impatient to wait in these situations so I choose to walk.) This time, the subway was partially closed for six hours, I believe, but they had it fixed ahead of time. I already had an alternate route planned for tomorrow morning, but thankfully everything's fixed.

In closing, nothing's perfect, but the TTC isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. And I had a nice walk this evening. And I don't have to feel guilty for not going to the gym tonight.

Rant out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Read Becca T's blog!

I had a good Monday. First, I got an email from my friend Alison, who is back from Japan after being there for, umm, three? years. Anyway, she was one of my roommates in university, and we such fun together. When I was hanging out with Claire this summer, she reminded me a lot of my dear friend Alison, and I think I told her so a couple of times.

Then, I got to talk with my dearest Becca T on the phone today after work. Oh how I wish that phone call could be followed up with a frappucino and some sushi, as it would have been in the past, but alas she's in Nice.

And her blog about it is great. Seriously, stop reading this silliness and go there. (Her goal is to blog more, but if more people commented, even complete strangers or random well-wishers, she'll be motivated. Hint. Hint.)

Anyway, it was so good talking to her on the phone, especially with the stress of the past few days and such. I'm so excited for visiting her during March Break. It's the big "look-forward-to" that I have in life these days. I'm hoping to meet Becca T in Paris (oh, Paris), spend the weekend there, spend some time lounging in Nice, and then go on some side jaunts to little towns, and possibly Morocco or possibly Italy.

The good news is that it's midterm time too, which means the calendar is getting ever closer to March Break.

I also went out for sushi for dinner in honour of Becca T, and because I was really craving salmon rolls. And then, I did officially start my Christmas shopping today. Let the madness begin.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If you are wondering if I want you to, I want you to.

First of all, thanks so much to everyone for their support on my last post. It's always nice having a built-in support network when you need it.

Anyway, here's the dad update. On Friday, he had to spend the whole day at the hospital getting various tests done and talking to various people, which is his least favourite way to spend a day. The doctor seems to think the vision he lost will come back on its own. And he's been put on all sorts of medications and treatments to ensure the whole stroke thing doesn't happen again. So, overall, I would assess this whole situation as unnerving, but phew in that I think everything will be OK.

And, as usual, my family tends to take things with a bit of humour. When I saw my dad on Friday when I arrived home, I said "so I hear you've lost sight in one eye. That sort of matches the one foot you have." (He had to have part of his foot amputated a result of a blockage in his leg back in 2006.)

My dad replied: "Yah, all I have to do now is to figure out a way to lose an arm and I'll be half a man!"

It was quite funny.

So, I've had a nice weekend at home. Yesterday, I spent the morning driving my dad around to do some errands, then I chilled in the afternoon, and then went out for drinks with many members of the group of 9 and affiliates in honour of Sandee's birthday, which was super fun.

Well, I could go on but I can't because I'm posting from a coffee shop and my battery's about to die. I'm taking the late train back tonight, which means Monday is going to be painful, but I'll survive.

Hope the rest of you had great weekends!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family and friends.

Last night I had a rather, well, unnerving phone conversation with my mother.

She mentioned that my aunt, not my dad, was going to pick me up on Friday at the train station, and I said "oh don't worry, my friend Wendy's going to pick me up and then we are going to go out for coffee."

"Oh good. Well, your father can't drive because he had two mini-strokes on the weekend and didn't realize it."

What? Strokes? Two? This weekend? And you're telling me now?

"He couldn't see out of one eye, and I made him go to the doctor, and then they did a CAT scan, and it turns out he had two mini-strokes in the part of his brain that controls vision."

So I did my research and I found out that what my dad had is called a transient ischemic attack, and it's a warning sign for a potential stroke. However, since my dad is now getting care and has been put on new blood thinning medications, the risk of a stroke in the future has been greatly reduced. So phew, I think. I just hope that his vision will come back and he'll be able to drive again. Of course, we don't know if this is possible, so we'll have to be patient and wait to find out.

And, it's good that I had already planned to go home this weekend since I can help my parents by picking up groceries and whatever they need. And luckily, my aunt's around to help them out until, and after, then. And perhaps more weekend trips to St. Ratford will be in the cards in the near future.

But, I think why I've found this so unnerving is because it's bringing back all of the familiar emotions that I felt when my parents were both quite sick way back in 2006. (My dad had bypass surgery, and my mom had an MS attack brought on by the stress of my dad's surgery.) I constantly think about how glad I am that that whole part of my life is over, but hearing that my dad had two mini-strokes brought back all of those scary, awful feelings.

And it made me feel so alone. Especially since the person who I lean on for most stuff is in France. And being an only child sucks during these times. I'd gladly give up the extra toys I had as a kid, and not having to split the college fund for a sibling nowadays. (I would have had liked to have a sibling as a kid too. I played Monopoly with my cat for goodness' sakes.)

But, then, I posted about what happened on the Group of 9 message board, and I felt so much better. Within hours, I had offers from friends who would go visit my parents and get their groceries, and stories and words of encouragement.

Also, my friends at work who I'd usually tell about these things aren't there (and I just had dinner with some of them hours before the news), so I didn't have anyone to talk today, until the end of the day where I opened up to another coworker, who made me feel better.

And now typing this out is making me feel better. It sucks, it's scary, but I know that my dad will be fine for now. After enduring 2006, and the fact that my parents are older, and my mom has MS, I think I'm very aware of my parents' mortality and it freaks the hell out of me, since they *are* my family, besides my aunt.

But so are my friends. And thank God for them. And I'm sure Rilo would be up for a game of Monopoly if I need it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And now there is no turning back my dear Jack.

Random stuff from the past couple days:

1) I'm in my own little emo-heaven right now. Jack's Mannequin just released a new EP "Dear Jack" and it makes me oh-so-happy. And, there is a new Dashboard Confessional album out too, and I'm on my first listen now and my heart of stone is melting, as usually happens when I'm listening to my favourite emo artists who speak to my inner sixteen year old self. JM and DC are like grilled cheese sandwiches to me; perhaps a little low in nutritional value, but the ultimate in comfort.

2) Speaking of grilled cheese, that was my dinner. I actually broke my spatula when I was making them. Weird.

3) Speaking of new albums, I also bought the Tori Amos holiday album "Midwinter Graces". I tried to listen to it, but it's a little early still for Christmas music. I think it's gonna be brilliant once I'm in the holiday spirit. Oh, how I love Tori. She's just so special. My pal Eric and I are going to have a Christmas/Tori evening with egg nog sometime soon.

4) I have been treating myself to Starbucks holiday beverages. I had a Caramel Brule Latte on Miss A's advice (it was delightful) and an egg nog latte. The first sip of the egg nog latte is always the best one.

5) I went out for sushi last night because I had this wicked craving for salmon rolls. And, it looks like the fates are taking me for sushi tomorrow night too.

6) I used to be a phone person, but I've found that ever since I've become a chronic blogger/facebooker/emailer/twitterer, I don't do the phone call thing so much. However, tonight I had some free time, so I gave an old friend a call and had a lovely chat. Need to do this more.

7) Oh, does this Dashboard album make me happy. Right now I'm listening to a song called "no news is bad news" and I want kind of want to shout "sing it brother!" but you know, the cat might think I'm crazy.

8) I love how much of a princess Miss Rilo Kitty is. Right now she is sleeping on the good pillow on the good sofa. As if merely furniture isn't enough for her highness, she must be on a pillow on top of the furniture.

9) Last night I really needed to do laundry, but didn't feel like it, so I bought a new outfit instead. Then, when I got home, I felt that my new outfit was out of place in a messy bedroom, so I went on a laundry/organizational spree.

10) I'm going home this weekend for a break, and to celebrate my friend Sandee's birthday. I'm looking forward to going for a walk around the river, doing some downtown shopping, chilling with the 'rents gossiping with friends, and bringing out the silly Christielli in honour of Sandee.

And since I like mulitples of ten, I'll stop there. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Boogie Woogie Sheep

I'm sure that if you've perused any entertainment section of a newspaper lately, or googled something, you are well aware of the fact that Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

I, like probably all of you who read this blog, am a total child of Sesame Street. Did you all go through the phase in grade two or so where other kids would say "Sesame Street is so lame" and you'd agree to keep your schoolyard cred in check, but then as soon as you'd get home you'd watch it? Well, schoolyard cred be damned, I'll admit to it now.

Anyway, since I was feeling under the weather this weekend (and we did have lovely weather this weekend), I spent a lot of time on my couch resting, and watching some vintage Sesame Street on Youtube. And I realized, man did I learn a lot from that

Here are some of the important things that I learned from Sesame Street.

(Note: I don't expect you to watch these all now, but honestly, if you are having a bad day, watching will make you feel better. Maybe bookmark this post just in case.)

1) Eat your vegetables.

My fave part of this song is when Eddie says "What are you? Are you some kind of weirdo?" and Captain Vegetable says "Do I look like a weirdo?"

I noticed that in the comments, someone mentioned that Captain Vegetable would make a good Halloween Costume. I have noted this for next year.

Also, I saw that they made an updated Captain Vegetable with John Leguizamo playing him. Is nothing sacred?

2) It ain't bad to feel mad.

Goats are wise. And funny.

3) Co-operate

4) Own your eccentricity.

I love Bert 'cuz he thinks oatmeal, pigeons, and bottle caps are cool.

5) Don't be a know-it all. Listen when someone is trying to warn you of something. (Or, at least, don't keep going back to the same restaurant if you don't get along with the server.)

6) Culture is important. And, pipes are edible.

Note: I read that Alistair Cookie doesn't have a pipe in non-vintage Monsterpiece Theatre. Oh, thank goodness. I developed a pipe habit as a result of watching Sesame Street. Insert giant eyeroll.

7) Public transit may be imperfect, but it if it's good enough for Bert and Kermit and Betty Lou, it's good enough for me.

8) Dance yourself to sleep. Even if it annoys your BFF.

Anyway, if there's one thing I know, it's that Jim Henson is in heaven. What a great man.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wild card inside.

I love when something fun happens spontaneously. Especially when it involves live music, of course.

Last night, I was up way later than I should be, and I notice a tweet from a friend saying that at the last minute *Feist* is replacing Kristen Chenoweth at the Holt Renfrew Holiday Window Unveiling on Bloor Street event tonight. (Holt's is Canada's most high end department store.) So yay! Twitter is good for something besides being silly! After a few more quick tweets, we made arrangements to meet up at the event this evening.

Anyway, it was awesome to have something to look forward as I slogged through another school day.

It's really cool that part of Bloor Street is closed down for this event. We had to endure a few minutes of commercials for ET Canada, then there was an opening band, whose name I forget, but they were basically the bluegrass version of the Jonas Brothers, as Jason noted.

After some chit chat from Holt's CEO, Feist was on. Oh how I love Feist. She hadn't played all year, so she joked that this show was her 2009 tour. It was a complete last minute thing: I guess she only found out last night too that she was playing. (I wonder how all of this was arranged? Were organizers stressing over who to call, and someone was like "let's call Feist!" And how does one get ahold of Feist at the last minute?)

Feist played about five songs, and they were all awesome. I love her voice. I love how she plays guitar. And her banter is funny.

It's funny to think that about a year ago, I saw her play at the Air Canada Centre. I remember the dude who went with me commenting after the show "it was all right, but I wouldn't want to see her every night." I thought that was stupid comment. (I'm not even in touch with that dude anymore, ha-ha.) Anyway, not only was it a dumb way to assess a concert, I'm pretty sure that one could see Feist every night. She's that awesome.

Oh, and as for this year's holiday window display, all I could see was badass looking giant penguins and snowmen tricked out in coiture. I forgot my camera (of course), but one day I'll walk by and get some pictures. Holt's windows are always all sorts of interesting.

And, I was home in time to let my feet thaw, drink hot chocolate, and catch The Office and 30 Rock. Win!

And, tomorrow is Friday. I'm being sent off to a workshop, but on the bright side, it means I can wear jeans, and be a little more passive during the working day than I usually am.

Happy weekends everyone!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Everyone else is doing it...

...talking about H1N1 that is. Most conversations that I have with anyone these days seem to go along the lines of "Hi, how are you? How about that H1N1? Are you going to get the vaccine?" It's even been a hot topic on the Group of 9 wall on Facebook.

One of my classes today was all worked up over H1N1. One kid was coughing a bit, and then someone asked me if I had any hand sanitizer, so I ended up walking around the room squirting everyone with some, which amused me more then anything.

They were also all abuzz over this Youtube video of a woman who had a negative reaction to the flu vaccine.

I don't watch much news on TV these days, and I'm glad I don't. The media isn't very good at fairly covering anything, and it seems like people are more confused and scared than actually informed about H1N1. The video above is good example. You have a one in a million chance of having such an adverse reaction to the flu shot, however people get so worked up once they see one person on TV to whom this has happened. Discussing this video with my class made me think of the availability heuristic that I learned about in psych class: basically, if we can bring something easily to our mind, most likely because it's extraordinary and memorable, we think that there's a greater chance it will happen.

I love Rick Mercer's rant on H1N1. We might as well accept the fact that comedians (the Mercers, Stewarts, etc.) are the people in our society who give the best criticism of current events. That's a giant fail to the "real" media.

So, everyone, are you going to get the H1N1 vaccine? I will, however, I'm not going to wait five hours in line to get it. Hopefully, the distribution of the vaccine will become smoother (it's a mess here). Either that, or it's time for me to join a professional hockey team.

But, provided that I can eventually get access to the shot, I will get it. Here's the rationale behind my decision:

a) My motivation is purely selfish. Taking time off in my profession requires advanced planning and organization. If I get felled by a flu that hits you right away, I'll have to scramble to put together lesson plans while feeling like death. Not fun. I'll take the sore arm.

b) Also, being that I work with around people, and take public transit, and I don't shy away from crowded places, I will most definitely come into contact with someone with H1N1. Don't want it, thanks.

c) I don't want to give it to anyone else either.

d) I'm not afraid of the "newness" of the shot. It's just a flu shot for a new strain of influenza. The seasonal flu shot is always tailored for whatever new flu viruses are going around the year. The only thing "new" about this flu shot is that the particular adjuvant in the shot has not been used in Canada before . Similar ones have been used in Europe. The adjuvant doesn't contain any new or revolutionary chemicals. Interestingly, it contains vitamin E and squalene (derived from shark liver).

So, how about everyone else? Are you afraid of H1N1? Are you becoming 80% Purell? Are you going to get the shot?

ps When I was thinking of writing this post, the title of the Cranberries' first album came into my head. So, as I've been writing, I dusted out my old Cranberries CDs from the 90s (they're not even on my iPod), and I've been listening to them. I feel sixteen again!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just another door that won't open for me anymore.

First of all, thanks to everyone for cheering me up after I posted my list of annoyances last post. I think I'm less annoyed about most of the things. I've been getting plenty of compliments on my hair, the eyebrows will be taken care of tomorrow, I still miss Becca T, but I'm def going to investigate Skype, and I'll take a step back from the rest of it.

Here are some random going-ons from the last few days.

a) I've discovered the show "Intervention" on the internet. I don't get A&E, so I'd never even heard of it before. I feel guilty for watching it, because it is so exploitive, graphic, and disturbing, but I've been watching episodes like they are leftover Halloween candy. Soon someone's going to have to pull an Intervention intervention on me.

b) John K. Samson (of the Weakerthans) put out a solo EP that was released today. It's only three songs, but it makes me happy. A pal of mine from Winnipeg describes it as "so very Winnipeg" and is currently explaining all of the inside references to me.

c) I had a very long day (13 hours) at work today. On my way home, I treated myself to the next Sookie Stackhouse novel. (These are the books that the TV show "True Blood" is based on.)

d) I think I'm fighting off a cold. My throat's been just a little scratchy the past two days. I hope I can keep it at bay.

e) How did it become November?

f) Why do I always come home with an elastic band around my wrist? Rilo loves to chew them off of me, so I know she hopes that I'll never solve the elastic band mystery.

g) I had Portuguese chicken for dinner tonight with rice, potato balls, and salad. So good! I should have eaten more of it.

h) Can I interest anyone in a set of element posters to mark?

i) I had to take my rings off today at school 'cuz of a demo I was doing and I forget them there. My right had feels terribly naked, and my thumb keeps going to play with them, but it's strange that they aren't there. And I didn't realize that I had the habit of playing with my rings with my thumb as I think until they were gone.

Bed time. Week's almost half over. Phew.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Life is always hard for the belle of the boulevard.

So, I did have a good weekend. I did. All the Halloween activities that I worked so hard on for school were a success. My costume went over well. I had fun. I hung out with friends this weekend. I saw "Where the Wild Things Are" which was interesting. I listened a lot to the new Tegan and Sara, which is amazing. I read a fun vampire book (the first of the series that "True Blood" is based on). I got an extra hour of sleep. I went for an awesome walk where I got momentarily lost in the cemetery. It's good leaf crunching weather.

However, despite all of these things, I'm dismayed by a few things, and even though I've just complained to a couple of people about them, I think I'm going to vent them here and hopefully they will leave my system.

Here's the list of things I'm annoyed about:

a) A person who told me they'd do something, but is not doing that thing. Said person can still redeem themselves.

b) I had a hair appointment on Saturday, but it started half an hour late, which resulted in me missing my eyebrow appointment elsewhere. (It's rescheduled for Wednesday.)

c) I told my stylist I just wanted my hair trimmed in the back, and my bangs trimmed. He said "Oh, I thought you were growing it out." I said "no, not really." And suddenly, my hair is super short! Gah. I think it'll grow to a good length in a few weeks though. I'd break up with my stylist, but his cuts always grow out well, so I'll be fine I think.

d) I was in a bitchy mood on Saturday because of the hair, so I was annoying and whiny to a friend. However, I apologized to him, but he wanted to argue the fact. So I argued, when I really should have just stuck with the "I'm sorry", so I think I've made things worse, but if my apology was just accepted, I think I wouldn't have fallen in the arguing trap. So anyway, I'm annoyed that my apology just wasn't accepted, and that because I was a petty person, I now have to re-apologize.

e) I miss Becca T. I would really like to sit down and drink a bottle of red wine with someone, and she's my favourite person to drink with, especially when I'm in an "annoyed at ten million things" mood. Well actually, there are a bunch of other people who could stand in for Becca T, but they are in London England, London Ontario, Vancouver, Winnipeg, North Bay, Midland, or the greater St. Ratford area. All of my good Toronto wine-drinking buddies are breast-feeding now. :(

Anyway, I feel better now, I think. Well, I'd feel better if I didn't have work tomorrow, but let's hope the kids are well behaved. And, work takes my mind off of stuff too, 'cuz I'm too busy to think.