Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decade of Awesomeness!!!!

So wigsf thinks this decade sucked musically, but I completely disagree. I didn't think I could make a list of my 10 favourite albums of the decade, but it was easier than I thought. It was made easier by the fact that I am procrastinating from cleaning and packing. Anyway, these are ten albums that are very special to me, and they all came out in the past ten years. Note: these are just *my* favourite albums, because I don't think I could make a best-of list, because I'm not a music expert, just an expert in what I like.

It was also weird thinking that back in the early part of the decade, I was still in university! Using dial-up! And Napster! It's crazy to think about how much life has changed in the past ten years. This article is brilliant, if you'd like to take a walk down memory lane.

Anyway, here are my fave albums of the aughts, as they seem to be calling them in the media. My dad, if he were here, would say that he was the first to use that term. Seriously though, these ten albums were the soundtrack of my decade, but there was lots of other awesome stuff too.

10) Three – Joel Plaskett (2009): I think this album is great enough to be on this list. Do you notice that on decade lists the stuff that comes out in the last year gets shafted? Triple album of awesomeness is what this is.

9) Fox Confessor Brings the Flood – Neko Case (2006): Neko is a brilliant vocalist and songwriter. I bought this album thinking “oh, I’m not going to like this; she’s just too country for me.” But nope, I was won over on the first listen and that was that.

8) Hospital Music – Matthew Good (2007): Maybe, just maybe, I love this album because I listened to it in heavy rotation as I took a train through the Rockies, but it’s a great album, and highly personal. You all know that I love Matthew Good a lot, and he’d have to pop up on this list. Also, I got into blogging because of Matthew Good, just so you know.

7) Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie (2003): Becca T sent me this CD for Christmas when I taught up north. Something about its lyrics and haunting melodies fit my life perfectly when I taught up there.

6) The Reminder – Feist (2007): This is an album that keeps growing on me and growing on me. But it’s just so good, and every time I listen to it, I fall in love with something else.

5) (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (2001) – Hawksley Workman: This album played a pivotal role in my life. It marked the first time I ever shirked my real-life responsibilities to go to a concert. And what a show it was! It was the CD-release party for this album, and Hawksley performed it with a string quartet. I was supposed to be in stats class, Becca T was supposed to be writing an essay instead, but going to this show was a much better decision. We both fell in love with the song “No Beginning, No End” and for weeks on end, this album was all we listened to.

4) The Beekeeper – Tori Amos (2005): This is my personal favourite Tori Amos album, probably because it’s her most accessible. It’s chock full of beautiful melodies, and “Sleeps With Butterflies” is my most-listened to song ever. This album taps into my spirituality and femininity like no other ever has. (My goodness, I should date it!)

3) Set Yourself on Fire – Stars (2005): The first time I ever heard Stars was when the song “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” came up randomly on my iPod. I have never been so taken by one track. I ran out and bought the album, and it’s high-energy, political, and beautiful. Love.

2) You Were Here – Sarah Harmer (2000): I wasn’t sure if this came out in the ‘00s, but iTunes said it came out in 2000. This is a desert island album for me. It’s that awesome.

1) Reconstruction Site – The Weakerthans (2003): This is such a special album for me. I remember first discovering the Weakerthans (my very favourite band) in late 2000 when I was downloading stuff very slowly on freakin’ dial-up using Napster. I saw this album evolve on stage. They played songs from it the first time I ever saw them on a hot and sweaty evening at the Reverb with my dear friend Eric in the summer of 2001. This album’s got my favourite song EVER (Reconstruction Site), a song written from the point of view of a cat, and they best Winnipeg-related song ever. What else can I say about this album? It might roll its eyes at this, but I’m so glad that it exists.


wigsf said...

The reason best of a decade lists omit stuff from the last year of the decade is because the stuff is too new. We don't yet know the full effect and response of the, in this case, album. You never know, maybe in a couple of years, you might hate Three. You probably won't, but you never know. What is more likely to happen is that you just sorta stop listening to it and kind of forget it even exists. And that is proof enough that the record really isn't anything special.

And we could argue all day and all night. It's either I'm to stubborn to see things your way and you're to stubborn to see things my way; or we just have very differing points of view on what makes a good piece of music.

I'm certain it's the former,
Not so sure it's the latter,
But no one's gonna read this,
So I'm sure it doesn't matter.


Merry Christmas!

Claire said...

Yay! A music post! :-)


Aaron said...

Damn, you beat me to this one too! No crossover albums though.

Some great picks in there.

Miss Ash said...

I totally forgot about Sarah Harmer though I do love Tori and I laughed out loud at your "I should date it"

The Grunt said...

The Strokes pretty much kicked off this decade. That comment probably makes me lame.