Friday, December 04, 2009

Insanity, but the good kind.

I'm crazy busy these days. Surprisingly though, I actually got two whole lunches to myself this week. No meetings, no events, just me eating my lunch. I didn't know what to do with a calm 40 minute interval.

Anyway, work is super busy with planning talent shows (don't ask), working on a bunch of environmental projects, planning field trips, being sent off for PD, and I have to teach too. A friend and I have planned a special treat for ourselves that we are calling "code awesome" that I'm really looking forward to.

Tomorrow is my work Christmas party of all things. How did that happen? I'm looking forward to it. It's really low-key, which is nice, because I don't have time to search for a new outfit, etc. One year it was some place sort of fancy, and I got my hair did (quoting tonight's 30 Rock there), and a new dress and everything. Thankfully it's not like that this year because I would not have the time nor the energy.

On Saturday I'm going to see Phoenix! Get this: on Saturday there's a Hey Rosetta! show, the Phoenix show, and a show with Weezer with Jack's Mannequin. How fair is it that there are three good shows in one night?? WTF?? Anyway, Phoenix won because it was announced first and my friend Mathew got tickets eons ago. Really though, it was the best choice because I've never seen them before, whereas I've seen all of the others.

This evening my plan was to watch The Office/30 Rock and then to do some laundry. However, I passed out on my couch after dinner only to wake up to see I'd missed the Office. I watched 30 Rock, and abandoned the laundry plan to work on Christmas cards and presents to mail out tomorrow. I feel productive as I now have a big bag of stuff to cart to the Post Office tomorrow.

I feel insanely busy these days, but I am happy that all of the things I'm busy with have turned out to be fun, and work stuff seems to be coming together nicely. (Knock on wood.)

Anyway, it somehow has become 12:16 am and I have to get to work early tomorrow which I have been stuggling with all year. Hmmm, I will motivate myself by stopping at Starbucks for a eggnog latte if I can get out the door by 7:15 am.

Happy weekend!


rawbean said...

I hear you on the "sooo busy" front. It's nuts.

Oh Man I have not been keeping up with 30 Rock. Sounds like it was a good one.

AND OMG - can't wait to hear about how Phoenix is!

rawbean said...

Weird I just went here after your blog:

Miss Ash said...

I want to hear about this code awesome event......