Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things to be excited about...

1) I just saw the Olympic Torch go through town. I missed it when it went through TO, so yay for second chances. And, it's pretty fun seeing it go through here since it's the most news-worthy thing that's happened here since 1988, when the Calgary torch went through. I was 8 and it was fun times. Anyway, I missed where Peter Mansbridge (my homeboy) got to carry it, but I saw it on its way out of town. Fun.

2) Tonight is Group of 9 Christmas! It def the most raucous Christmas celebration that I go to. I have my tacky gift, and I'm off to get some wine and flowers for the hostess (this year it's Teresa). And, I'm going to sheepishly ask my dad for a ride to the event so that I can perhaps partake in some of the wine.

3) Tomorrow I'm driving to London to meet up with my friend Alison who I haven't seriously seen in over three years. I'm so excited. I'm going to teach her to knit, apparently. She's put in a request. So I'm off to Zellers to get some supplies. Yay Zellers!

4) Then I'm meeting up some more friends in London tomorrow evening for more celebrating. Haven't seen a couple of them in a couple years either. Goodness.

5) Tuesday will be a day of rest, and then on Wednesday, my dear pal Jolene is going to drive me back to TO to be reunited with Rilo Kitty and to do some shopping. Fun!


Claire said...

I get so confused every time you mention London! And don't you just love having to ask your parents for a ride? Makes me feel sixteen again!


Miss Ash said...

So basically you're spending the entire week partying!! Enjoy seeing your old friends!