Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What I'd really like for Christmas...

'cuz my mom's been asking...

1) A flight to Paris for the March Break, and then a connecting flight/train to Nice. Well, I've actually found the Paris flight, and at a reasonable price, but it would be nice if Santa slipped me the cash for it.

2) Los Campensinos! to play in Toronto next year on a date that is convenient for me. Oh, and if Santa could slip me the cash for that show, that'd be nice. Oooh, and if I could fly in a good pal from Winnipeg to see the show with me, even better!

3) A better metabolism. Or failing that, a healthy personal gourmet chef and a personal trainer. But really, the better metabolism is the preferred gift.

4) A new phone. I'm tired of all of the kids having a better phone than I do. I think that I want an iPhone. I might actually buy that as a birthday gift for myself, but again, some cash towards that would be nice.

5) One of those awesome cat houses/play centres for Rilo. I'd buy her one myself, but it's hard to transport on the bus. So maybe I'd like a ride to the pet store. And some cash, of course.

6) I'd like the salt stains from last winter to disappear from my Uggs. (Yes, I have Uggs, but they're not the ugly Uggs, they're more stylized and have a zipper and a buckle and I love them.)

7) I'd like all of my friends to get whatever will make them happy. I have some friends who could use new jobs, so that would be cool if they could get those.

8) A large box of bath products from Lush.

9) Some new lululemon pants.

10) Some new perfume. I'm kind of liking Lola by Marc Jacobs, but I dunno. I actually could get this for myself for free 'cuz I have a plethora of Shopper's Optimum points.

So, in summary, my mom might be able to hook me up with #s 8 and 9.

What do you kids what for Christmas this year?


-jason- said...

keep your retro old school phone! if you do get a new one, might i suggest waiting for some more of the android platform phones to come out? iphones are great and all, but i'm sure the nerd in you would also like the excellent open-source platform by google too!

i hope you get your christmas wishes!

wigsf said...

Oh gee, now you tell me. I already got your gift. Well, I guess you don't want it so off to the incinerator.

Aaron said...

re: 3)

Why not get a better metabolism AND a personal gourmet chef to make whatever he can throw at you? mmmm

Anonymous said...

not a baby, it needs to wait till the new year!

I would also like a mat leave top up, a new bed, a nanny, and I must say, a speedier metabolism would be great!


Jocelyn said...

all very reasonable and necessary! thanks for the book suggestion. i've heard that it is really good, but i only trust your judgments ;)

Miss Ash said...

Love numbers 8 and 9!! As for the salt stains on your Uggs...booo!! Salt stains are a pain in the arse, thanks for reminding me that they are on their way :P

I want a laptop bag, some lululemon gear, a MAC gift certificate and of course a faster metabolism LOL.

Anonymous said...

sounds like your mom should just leave you a wad of cash...

You'll be happy to know that at this point i'm pretty happy with my life so that is one part of number 7 down. i do just start the new job on Monday so things could change drastically, but I doubt it :)