Thursday, January 21, 2010

And we dance to yesterday, oh.

Right now, I'm chilling on my couch, watching MuchMusic and they are actually playing music videos. That's so 1995! I must admit that I'm digging some stuff. I like Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and I do like Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I'm going to come out on my blog and admit that Gaga's okay with me. I thought she was super-talented when she performed on SNL (as did a fellow music geek of mine) and I like her eccentricity when it comes to wardrobe. Anyone who wears a dress made of Kermit the Frogs, is OK with me. Also, I have some happy memories to go with that song too.

Ugh, now it's Owl City. I like owls, but not Owl City. I've never heard anything sound so much like something else. Sometimes I'll hear Owl City being played somewhere, and for a brief moment, I think it's the Postal Service, but it's just the watered-down version. Bah.

Anyway, I'll stop live-blogging MuchMusic. But seriously, nothing else was on, and I'm staying up to watch Conan. I want to catch his last few shows. Last night's show was hilarious.

I'm also really loving a new single, We Dance to Yesterday, by my dear Hawksley. It's so appropriate that I'm writing about it as I'm feeling nostalgic since I found music videos on TV. I love how Hawksley can take pretty much any style of music (rock, pop, country, gospel, cabaret, electronic) and make it his own.

The video below is a little bit cheesy, but I love the end when he plays the drums. He's such a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. This song sounds a little 80s to me, and it makes me want to dance. My recommendation: press play, and go do other stuff on the internet while you listen, if you don't feel like watching.

This weekend's going to be pretty quiet I think, but next weekend, I'm going to have to get my proverbial dancing shoes on to celebrate the end of the first semester by partaking in a fabulous tradition. I'm excited!

Anyway, until then, I still have one more weekend, and it'll be fabulous if chilled.


rawbean said...

I posted something!

And speaking of post....YES Owl City totally sounds like Postal Service!

wigsf said...

I stopped watching muchmusic around 1995 for the very reason that there wasn't enough music on the station. Although I liked champagne supernova and ironic, I really felt those videos being played at least four times a day was a bit unneccesary. Haven't watched not-so-muchmusic since.

Siobhan said...

To quote a friend of mine called Rob

"you know how the postal service are awesome?"
"but they haven't released an album for like 7 years."
"so how about we shamelessly rip them off, bin all the aspects which made that album great and smother the whole unholy mess in autotune?" "great idea, what shall we call it?" "how about... Owl City?"

I have also not listened to enough Hawksley Workman. This post has reminded me I need to remedy this.


Jocelyn said...

bizarre video, but great song. but i can't say i wasn't warned.

Claire said...


I like Gaga too.

Bad Romance is a tune (and is *amazing* to work out to!).

I'm so glad someone muso agrees!


Aaron said...

yikes, what kind of music nerd sees talent on SNL?! hah

I'm amazed there isn't a station out there that's tried to reclaim playing actual music videos. The only ones I ever see are the ones being mocked on that jury show thing. I can't even remember the last time I flipped past at some obscure hour and caught part of The Wedge.

Miss Ash said...

What's the tradition?