Sunday, January 31, 2010

How high your highest of heights? How low are your lows?

Randomness from this weekend:

a) Went out with friends from work to celebrate the end of the first semester. It was fun, but not as fun as the very first time we smashed down the end of a semester. I guess that's life: you can't really replicate things no matter how hard you try.

b) Flava Flav ended up being at the place where we were. No joke. My friend's fbook status sums it up: "It's surprising that Flavour Flav doesn't realize his 15 minutes are up, especially considering he's always got a clock around his neck. I've never seen so many people head for the coatcheck."

c) Saturday was spa day with my friend Jane. It was super relaxing as usual. On my way home, I walked at a slow pace which is very much unlike me.

d) Saturday night rather sucked. After I got home, I had a yucky headache and I felt like shit. So, I had a hot bath and went to bed super-early and slept in late this morning.

e) I still didn't feel 100% on Sunday morning, so I ended up sticking around home and watching Glee DVDs. I really like Glee. I'm just starting to watch it. I wish I had an unmarried version of Mr. Schue at my school. (I'm not into home-wrecking... although does it count if the wife is horrible?) I think I could totally win him over with my nerdiness, musical coolness, and the fact that the kids like me. Anyway, I'm enjoying the show a lot, even though it would be nice to see the teachers mark once in awhile. Realism, please, ha-ha.

f) I am feeling better now. I should have done some housework/schoolwork, but I ended up watching the Grammies instead. I always chose to suffer through awards shows. I don't know why, but I do. Ah, this year it was worth it to see Lady Gaga's attire.

g) Tomorrow is the start of a new semester. New classes. New dynamics. I have to go to work tomorrow not knowing really what to expect. It'll be OK though. I've done this change over enough times in my day.

Hope every one has nice Mondays!

ps I got my Los Campesinos! tickets, and my buddy from Winnipeg is coming down for the show. I'm so excited!


rawbean said...

The thing about Award Shows is that if you don't watch it's like you missed out. I mean who wants to be the loser around the water cooler the next day that didn't watch! But yea they are never good.

The Grunt said...

Flavor Flav!

wigsf said...

You're supposed to feel better after going to the spa. If I was you, I'd demand my money back.

Claire said...

Flava Flav? I love it.


Miss Ash said...

Okay seriously Flava Flav??? Did ANYONE take a photo like s sneaky cellphone cam photo.....

RunKevinRun said...

Spas secretly infuse the air with downers. Or cough medicine. In short spas are lovely.

PS I don't like Mondays.

Jocelyn said...

haha i need to look up who mr. schue is. or just start watching glee.

JO said...

Love the flava flav comment, that made my week!