Friday, January 29, 2010

Little things.

I like when I know that I'm appreciated. It's rare, but it happened today, and I really appreciated the appreciation.

I'm in a line of work where I work as hard as I can for the benefit of others, and even though I can feel the thankfulness, and I know it's there, it's rare that the thankfulness is spoken, or that I receive a tangible token of it. When it happens, it's really special, and keeps me going. Especially when the thank you comes from someone that a couple of months ago, I didn't think I'd be able to reach.

Also, it boggles my mind how I'm so awesome at some areas of my life, and so incredibly inept in others.

Also, why is there a word such as inept, but no such word as ept?

Also, having dinner with a bunch of teenagers is hilarious. I get to field questions like:

a) What is pilaf? (Umm, it has something to do with rice.)

b) What is sourdough bread? (It's a type of bread.) Ha-ha Miss. You're funny.

c) What is jambalaya? (It's spicy.)

d) Can I order a *insert name of alcoholic beverage here*? (Ha-ha. Now you're funny.)

e) Is so-and-so a good math teacher? (I don't know. I've never had her.) Ha-ha Miss. Good answer.

f) Really? You guys seriously throw stuff down the stairs to mark it? Really? So I could just write blah blah blah and it wouldn't matter? (Even if you say something really silly, there's a little bit of them that sort of believes you because you're a teacher.)

g) Why did you become a teacher? (Well, I always was one because I've been explaining things to people for as long as I can remember. In grade 8, the line-up at my desk was longer than the one at the teacher's desk.)

I saw a book at Indigo today called "Six-word autobiographies". I think mine would be "I have always been a teacher."

Bring on the new semester!


wigsf said...

In today's world of teachers being accused of youth-corrupting, are you even allowed to see your students outside the classroom?

Siobhan said...

You rock.


And I like your six work autobiography. I have no idea what mine would be. I know it would contain at least one typo though.

Christielli said...

wigsf - It was for an extracurricular thing.

Thanks Siobhan!

yrautca said...

I think teachers are awesome and I often think of trying to become one. Some day soon.

Cool blog. Its got depth.