Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shout into the wind: this'll never be the same.

Well, I got my birthday wish: Los Campesinos! is coming here in April, and I'm just waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Yay!

Also, I planned the Toronto part of my birthday today. I found a pub on a nice tree-lined street that would block off a big section for a lot of people. Should be fun.

It's weird figuring out who to invite though: friends change a lot over the course of time. I feel that I'm losing track of some of my university friends, and even former roommates. I feel really close to my work friends these days, although there is so much about me that they don't know. However, they see me pretty much every day, and understand my daily frustrations, and we have lots of fun together. Anyway, I decided just to invite everyone, and I bet I'll have some surprises show up. It'll be good.

It's also really weird that Becca T's not going to be at my party. I'm going to see her in less than two months, which is exciting, but I'm sad that she won't be there for my 30th birthday.

Also, I think a lot of friends probably think that I turned 30 last year, because Mathew and Becca T threw me a surprise party, and then I headed off to NYC. Oh shit, I just broke the mentioning my age moratorium. Oh well.

I'm taking off to St. Ratford for my actual birthday weekend, but I really wish that I was taking off somewhere else. But seriously, stfu self, you're taking off soon enough to France.

Anyway, I'm looking forward a lot to Friday for the big end of semester party with my work friends. I need a good night out. And, February tends to be a huge party month for me, and March is going to awesome, and so is April. It's just getting through the January blahs that's tough.


Jocelyn said...

i think people with february birthdays somehow turn out the coolest :) your plans sound fun!!

wigsf said...

happy birfday, eventually...