Saturday, February 13, 2010

But I'm thinking a lot.

Yay long weekend!! How I need needed you!

First off Friday was a pd day. I knit during the pd day, which has the side effect of turning me into a conversation piece.

As I was leaving school on Friday afternoon, it was sunny and beautiful. Sarah Harmer's "Weakened State" popped up on my iPod. It was a perfect song to walk to on such a nice day, but the lyrics reminded me of negative things that happened in my 20s and I'm glad that I'll be turning over a new leaf soon. No more weakened states for me. I hope.

Last night, I watched the Olympic ceremonies with the 'rents. I really enjoyed them and they made me proud to be Canadian. They show cased so much that I love about Canada: great music, multiculturalism, culture, great heroes, and working together. Go Canada!

Anyway, today I'm driving out to the country, to visit my pal Joanna, and tonight, I am going to party in Kitchener with some pals. I love fun times. To adapt some words from Ralph Wiggum, fun times are fun.

ps Becca T just updated her blog and the post made me smile.


-jason- said...

i very much enjoyed the opening ceremonies too. though i'm not canadian, it made me proud to grow up just 20 minutes away from a country with all those qualities that you listed! hope you have a happy birthday weekend!

wigsf said...

saw the highlights of the opening ceremonies, too predictable. c'mon, show me something unexpected. surprise me.

so wow, you get a four day weekend, I get a one day weekend. hooray for you.

Aaron said...

woo Kitchener! far less sarcastic woo for long weekends!

rawbean said...

Sounds like a great weekend! When exactly is your birthday???

Let me tell you that 30's are nothing to fear - in fact they are pretty good.