Monday, February 08, 2010

Dear Universe,


I could use a little bit of luck in the next few weeks. Good vibes, positive energy, and nice stuff like that.



wigsf said...

Dear Internet,

Give Christielli some good lucks and some good vibes.

Jocelyn said...

not that i control any of that, but i'll be attempting to send some your way in hopes that the universe will comply.

Claire said...

I'll be a-praying and a-vibing, honey. And if you need to chat, email me up!


rawbean said...

What's happening?? It's not the thorn is it?

Christielli said...

Don't worry all. I just feel like I need more positivity. I am having a really nice day though, so the vibes must be already working!

Oh and rawbean, the thorn is at a new school. :)

The Grunt said...

I'm doing a good luck and positive vibes dance for you right now:)