Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The future is unwieldy.

This is too funny. So funny that I'll post it even though it doesn't fit properly on my blog. (And yes, I chose the smallest size.)

This sketch reminded me of my dad. For some reason he thinks that I either lose or break everything. His first comment when I told him that I got an iPhone was "how long until you lose or break that thing?"

Seriously, I don't know where he gets the idea of me losing stuff. As a kid, I once thought that I lost $20 on a trip with the 'rents to Niagara Falls, but it turned out it was in my wallet the whole time. As for breaking stuff, again, I don't break a lot of stuff. When I was five I dropped my dad's walkman down the stairs, and it broke, but that's the only major thing I ever remember breaking. Well, except for the time I washed my iPod, but my dad doesn't know about that.

Apparently those two known incidents have branded me as a loser/breaker for life to my dad, and he assumes I'll lose my iPhone. When Rick Mercer says "are you always losing your smaller Apple products?" it makes me laugh and think of my dad. He would think the iSlab is a good product for me. Except that I'd break it.

Now that I've started to reminisce about my childhood, I might as well go on. The other night I was thinking about how much fun I had roaming around the neighbourhood as a kid. I grew up in a fairly small town, and I remember all of the neighbourhood kids having free reign and being allowed to ride our bikes around, go the playground by ourselves, and build forts in nearby fields. Kids don't get that kind of freedom these days, and it's such a shame. That's when I had the most fun, and looking back, it just seems like it's how childhood should be.

I wondered whether my parents were just negligent, but I always roamed free with all the kids in the neighbourhood, so it just wasn't my parents. Were your childhoods like that?

When I think about my childhood, I always think about writing. As an only child, I used to write a lot of stories since I had a lot of free time on my own. I wanted to be writer. I'm happy that I got into blogging; I honestly think that I wouldn't do any non-work writing if I didn't have this outlet.

I'd like to try my hand at writing some short stories. Maybe this summer... I'm also playing around with the idea of taking a creative writing course this summer. Summer would be ideal, because I'd have time to actually write, but it would limit my opportunity to travel. If I went on any sort of extended trip, I'd miss a class, and the ones I've been looking at work out to $80 a pop, so I wouldn't want to miss any. I could take it during the school year, but time is a huge factor.

I think if I was a writer, I would turn out being the typical Canadian writer. You know how that is: stories end up being dark and twisted. I get ideas by fictionalizing events from my real life.

For example, I remember when my best friend and I were hanging out in a tree in one of those fields mentioned above. We were doing whatever kids do, and these two dusty pick-up trucks drove into the field and the drivers, who were sinister-looking characters stepped out and started to survey the area. We were so sure that they were staring at us, and plotting our demise. I remember sitting as still as possible in that tree.

They were there for maybe five minutes, and then they drove off. We spent hours suggesting what kind of misdeeds they were up to. That's where the fictionalization comes in: I could write some sort of dark thing that happened in my story. Which is such stereotypical Canadian literature. But I am Canadian, so...

Anyway, here is a post that started with "ha-ha look at this Rick Mercer video" and ended up with me setting out to write some twisted stories based on small events from my carefree small town Ontario 80s childhood.

If I do say so myself, I love the way my mind works. It's like a roller-coaster kids.


rawbean said...

I totally roamed free as a child - it was fantastic! I feel sorry for kids today who don't get to do that!

We had it good.

wigsf said...

WIGSF Interprets the Typical Canadian Story: uncomfortable sex.
Face it folks, that's every Canadian story that I've ever read.

Claire said...

Yay for dark tales! Massive step up from whatever chicklit I'll probably make up!


yrautca said...

When we were kids, we'd go out to play without supervision, ride our bikes wherever we wanted and just generally had more freedom than kids today. Those were the good innocent times.

I was also a writer and also wrote about real life situations by adding fiction to them. Recently my parents discovered my old diary and scanned and sent me a satirical account I wrote when I was a kid.

Miss Ash said...

Rick Mercer cracks me up!

We were able to ride our bikes, visit parks freely as children. But I do remember a new male neighbour moving in and wanting to take a few of us for ice cream...my mother said NO! I didn't understand why at the time, now I see she was just being protective.

-jason- said...

funny stuff from rick mercer. his segments are so good.

reminds me of this old one from madtv. with the irack.

my childhood was much like yours... running around the neighborhood. summers were the best, i remember playing manhunt. there were also times when new construction would be going on in my parents development, and we'd spend our time playing king of the hill or something like that.

you mentioning hanging out in a tree really makes me want to climb a tree. it's been so long since i've done that.

Becca said...

I love your blog. It makes me smile :)