Sunday, February 28, 2010

Won't you let your red heart show?

So this is the big day: the last day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. And of course, what that means is that it's the "big" hockey game. You know, the one for men's gold, which because of an awesome save by Roberto Luongo will be between Canada and the US.

Last night I watch a lot of Olympics on TV. How could I not? There was a gold medal curling game, a gold medal in longtrack speedskating, a gold medal in snowboarding, and a bronze in 4-man bobsled. That brought our haul up to 25 medals, which is Canada's highest ever, and we have 13 gold, which is a tie for the most-ever at a Winter Olympics.

In between all the excitement, CTV showed a video-essay by a writer from the Globe and Mail. During the essay, they played Hey Rosetta!'s song "Red Heart", and I can't believe I had never connected this song, one of my favourites, to the Olympics before.

Because, I think it sums up why this Olympics were super-special: we showed our red hearts.

Canada is a country of very quiet patriotism. Most Canadians strongly love their country, but we don't show it like other countries do. But really, we all love our country. How could you not? The people are awesome, and I think our athletes are a great representation of this. How could you not be affected by the relationship between Alexandre Bilodeau and his brother? How could you not be proud of Joannie Rochette's skate? Or of Clara Hughes' last medal?

Obviously, Olympic athletes are not average Canadians, but I think their struggles and stories are just like anyone else's, but on a bigger stage. And we should celebrate our athletes, and celebrate all of ourselves for over-coming any hardships that we face.

Another thing I love about Canada is our multi-culturalism. We are the most successful example of multiculturalism in the world. We're all Canadians, but all cultures are welcome to keep their roots, and for the most part, we live together harmoniously and learn from each other.

I love living in Toronto, which apparently is the world's most multi-cultural city. My day to day existence totally shows this. Yesterday I went to a birthday party for my friend's daughter. The party was a mixture of all cultures, but since my friend is Filipina, her family was there, and there was awesome food too. My school has something like 40 different cultures represented in it. I've learned so much, and I love it.

The last, and silliest thing, that I love about Canada is how we party. When Jon Montgomery won his gold medal, and drank from a pitcher of beer while walking down the streets of Whistler, I'm sure every Canadian smiled. And how ridiculous is the tempest in the teapot about the women's hockey team celebrating on the ice? That looked like a lot of fun, and they deserved it.

Anyway, thank goodness for these Olympics for being such a great experience for our country, even for someone like me who used it as a chance to spend some quality time with her couch, and her cat.

And tonight's the big game, and I will watch it (as long as I can stand it), and I hope that we win, but regardless, the Olympics were a great success, and our athletes did an amazing job.

As did the rest of the country, especially all people on the streets of Vancouver, at letting their red hearts show.

Here's the song. It's awesome. Listen to it, and have fun watching the hockey game!


yrautca said...

I am a Canada fan. I havent been but want to soon. I love Canada for some of the reasons you mentioned. They arent as gung-ho about nationalism as US is. They are an open society who accepts. They are smarter (almost all Canadian banks didnt get in trouble when shit was hitting the fan globally). I dont know why I have this soft spot for Canada. I might even root for them today.

rawbean said...

Great post Christielli! Really well written and reflects my sentiments exactly!

I just went to Tim Horton's and there were Canadians everywhere all excited and trying to get a spot in the bar with their friends at 10am on a Sunday - ahhhh feels good to be Canadian right now.

-jason- said...

under an hour til the start of the game. i think vancouver and canada did a great job of hosting. i'm also happy that canada came back this past week getting its hands on some hardware too. good haul! i'm sorry to say that i'll be cheering on team usa when the puck drops though. good luck!

wigsf said...

Gotta say, this hockey game feels like it's going by unnoticed here in NYC, nobody seems to care about it.

Claire said...

Hooray for Canada! Love you guys to pieces, and am thrilled you've all has such a great Olympics!


-jason- said...

congrats. great game.

Miss Ash said...

I really love this post, it made me feel proud to be Canadian! Everything you've said is true!

Anonymous said...

Can someone find that CTV commercial they played after the game with Red Heart playing behind it? It was seriously one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen. Huddled around the TV with my family we were all to tears watching this. I love this country. I love my country.

Anonymous said...

Great post! and great game. Did you join the party on Younge St? I heard they had to shut it down for a while.