Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I miss you now.

Long weekend soon! I need it. Not that I've been working overly hard *this* week (last week was the killer), but I know the next three months are going to kick my ass, so a break in advance will be good.

This song makes me very happy. Press play and listen while you read, if you'd like. The banjo's super neat.

So what's on store for the weekend?

1) Wearing some new threads. Yesterday I was annoyed with someone at work, so I remedied that by an after school shopping trip. First stop: anthropologie. Scored a sparkly silver hoodie and a black tank top on sale. Found a really neat grey tshirt with scrunched sleeves. Second stop: the Gap for new jeans. The guy working was a jean guru, and helped me find an awesome pair: perfect boot cut in dark blue. I wore the jeans today 'cuz was dress down (incidentally the cause of my annoyance), but they, along with the other stuff, will be in heavy rotation this weekend.

2) Warm weather. The forecast calls for summer temperatures (like 25 degrees) in southwestern Ontario over the weekend. Perhaps a little warm for my new hoodie, but I'm fine with that. :)

3) Lots of socializing. I have dinner with work friends tomorrow night, a wedding reception on Friday, a couple of coffee dates with pals from the Rat, and movie plans on Monday afternoon. Social butterfly? You know it.

4) Oh, and of course since it's Easter that does mean I'm taking the train to Stratford to catch up with the family and friends. I like train rides. While I take the train I will listen to the new Angus and Julia Stone album (Down the Way). Thanks (again) to rawbean for that tip. Depending on my mood, I'll read, or knit, or play DoodleJump (new addiction) on my iPhone.

5) This weekend's going to go fast isn't it? Gah. Hope it's great for all of you too. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodnight, California.

Holy exhausting weekend Batman.

Staying overnight at work 'til 2 pm on Saturday was the primary source of the exhaustion. Luckily it was with a beautiful group of children, and there were far worse things I could be doing with my time. I laughed a lot, and even slept a little bit, so it was okay. Oh, and I've been told that I am cute when I sleep, so that's nice to know.

On Saturday, I came home, collapsed in a heap, ate, chilled with the lights off for Earth Hour, and went to bed. Wild times.

Today, I woke up early, and drove to pick up Miss Rilo Kitty from my parents. She hid when I first came inside, and then sort of looked at me with an "oh it's you" look, and nuzzled my foot a bit. Anyway, I spent the afternoon at my 'rents house, where I had lunch and a nice nap and ate my Easter chocolate early (which will mean I get more - haha!).

Once I started packing up Rilo's accessories, she knew something was up. It took both me and my dad to get her into her carrier, and she told me off for pretty much the entire trip back to Toronto. Or maybe it was my singing and driving that offended her. Once she got back home, she was chatty in a happy way (who knew that cats have very obvious tones of meows?) but she's been a little wary of me. Last time, it took her 24 hours to return to her old self.

Anyway, overnight at school + day trip to the Rat makes for a tiring weekend. Thank goodness it's a four-day weekend next. I'll need it.

As I was driving home, I realized what an insane week it's been. I just returned from France on Sunday, some awesome things happened during the week, and then I successfully organized the overnight thing on Friday. Wowza.

And, that caps off an excellent month. March 2010 gets and A++.

I'm totally going to bed early tonight.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We'll make time though there ain't that much of time.

While I was in France, Miss Ash tagged me with a 5 Likes/5 Dislikes meme. Now that I'm off of vacay and back to real-life, it's perfect timing for me to complete the meme! Since I like to get unpleasantness out of the way with, I will start with the dislikes.

5 Dislikes:

1) Dehydration Headaches. I have a bad one right now and the worst thing is that it's my fault because I did not drink enough water today. I've been trying to rehydrate, but I think sleep is the only thing that's going to cure this em-effer.

2) Noisy upstairs neighbours. My upstairs neighbours make so much racket. Seriously, do they go to Ikea every other day and buy new furniture to put together? And could we tread a bit more lightly on our feet please? Their only saving grace is that they tend to go away a lot, so I'll have quiet for weeks at a time.

However, my poor dear Becca T has the WORST upstairs neighbour ever in Nice: a noisy, angry, loud, alcoholic, abusive French man. This guy shouts at his wife all the time, and they had a big fight one night while I was there. Becca told me that he was yelling at her to "turn on the light when you get up!" He would also constantly scream "Tu m'enerve!" (you annoy me) a lot. Well, dude, you are horrible, and tu m'enerve em-effer!

3) Long staff meetings. I had one tonight. Luckily, I was at the back and got to whisper silly shit to a friend.

4) Incompetence. 'nuf said.

5) Jars in stores that leak. Today I had to buy some paint for a school event, and I picked up a jar of blue paint and some got on my hands. Luckily, I noticed before I got any on my coat.

All right, now onto the pleasantries!


1) Known teenagers. Often people wonder how I can teach teenagers. Teenagers are annoying. And it's true: teenagers that you *don't* know are annoying. I cringe when I see unknown teenagers in public. However, teenagers are an acquired taste. Get to know them and 95% of them are immensely enjoyable people. Hence, because of this fact, you have me actually sleeping over at my workplace tomorrow because they wanted to run an overnight charity event.

2) Old Hawksley Workman songs. The title of this post comes from a new one, but I was listening to some tracks from "From Him & The Girls" tonight and my heart was warmed.

3) The artwork for the new Hole album. I'm always rooting for Courtney Love, even though she gets messier and crazier by the day. However, I came across the artwork for the new Hole album on a gossip blog, and I really like it 'cuz it references two of my fave portraits of two of my fave queens. I dunno how this album will work out, or even when it's supposed to be released, but I like the artwork.

4) All of the books that I've read in 2010. Look over at the sidebar. All killer, no filler so far this year.

5) The continual upswing in my life. I'm going to steal F.I.T.C.'s recent use of the Simpsons quote "everything's coming up Milhouse." Really, everything's coming up Christielli, but it's more fun to say Milhouse.

I'm supposed to tag five people, so I will tag FITC, Becca T (blog revival!), Claire, Siobhan, and Aaron.

Happy weekend!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So much past inside my present.

Well kids, I'm back in Canada, and do you know what tomorrow is?

This blog's 5-year blogoversary.

And unfortch, I've got stuff to do, and jet lag to get over, so I can't throw it too much of a party.

But, it makes me think about how much I've changed over the five years of blogging. When I started, I had just returned to Toronto after my year teaching up north, was getting used to the reality of my school, and living with a new roommate, and I'd traveled nowhere.

Now, I'm thoroughly confident at my school, living on my own, and gone on many trips. In fact, I've just returned from an awesome March Break in France.

I can say without a doubt that I'm happier than I was when I started my blog. I've met a lot of great friends through blogging; heck, I've traveled across continents and oceans to visit some of them. I've made a lot of friends in other areas of my life too. I've also kept up with most of my old friendships, which, as you guys know, is very important to me.

And, on this eve of the five-year blogoversary, I'm just really content. My March Break was awesome; I'm a little jet-lagged but emotionally refreshed. I'm rocking my way through one of my most challenging professional years ever because I've taken on a lot of stuff, but I'm making myself proud of me by rocking it all. There's some nice stuff going on in other parts of my life too. I feel like I'm on a good life upswing right now, and I hope it continues, but if it doesn't, it's okay. I always come out fine in the end. In fact, when stuff goes wrong, I come out stronger and better. But it's nice when it's going well.

And thanks to all of you guys, old and new, for reading and commenting throughout these five years. I've never thought of a proper title for this blog. In case you ever wondered wtf was up with my blog's name... it's just something I typed on a whim five years ago and meant to change, but never got around to.

I'll leave you with some more pictures from my trip.

Here are some shots from my afternoon in Ventimiglia, Italy.

Here are some shots from a little trip to Eze that we took on my last day. Eze is Becca's favourite litte French town (so far).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I love Becca T.

When I open a statement with "I have issues...", my dear friend replies "I've noticed."

She also took me to a Nicoise restaurant tonight and got me drunk.

She is pointing out that I could have more wine because there are two half bottles in the fridge.

I will politely refuse her offer because I have to be outta here at 5 am tomorrow to catch one of my flights that will get me home and back to my drudgery.

Now, I will deal with the open suitcase of doom that has exploded on her living room floor for a week. She is commenting that she does not think it possible to fit the stuff back into my suitcase.

Anyway, after I deal with the suitcase issue, we will watch music videos and I will sleep for a couple hours before I sadly depart Nice. I'll tell you kids about Italy and Eze another time. Cross your fingers that my voyage chez moi goes smoothly.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sea is a good place to think of the future.

It's been another fun couple of days here in the French Riviera. Lots of shopping, food, wandering, and great views of the Mediterranean.

Yesterday morning, Becca T and I walked downtown to have a cappuccino and people-watch. We did some shopping (new clothes for me!), had some lunch in the square, and then went to Vieux Nice for some amazing gelato.

Here's a typical street in Vieux Nice:

The gelato place that we went to had 86 flavours to choose from, including some that are very interesting. I stuck to flavours that I knew would be tasty, because I don't believe in taking risks when it comes to gelato.

After gelato, we rented bikes and biked along the Promenade des Anglais. Becca then had to do some work stuff, so I did some a lot more biking.

In the evening, Becca cooked some very yummy chicken curry and an amazing Colombian pear dish that she learned from a friend here. We drank a bunch of wine and watched La Vie En Rose which is an amazing film about the French singer Edith Piaf. See it if you haven't.

I was on my own today, so I planned to take the bus that goes from Nice to Monaco and beyond. It's a great deal. You can hop on and hop off at any point for only 1 Euro. The end of the line is a town called Menton, so I decided to take it all the way out there first. The views of the sea along this bus route are amazing, and the ride is a bit crazy as the bus speeds along narrow windy seaside roads, often with a huge rock wall on one side.

I hopped off in Menton, and thought, hmmmm what do I want to do? I was hungry, so I decided to have an amazing lunch at a seaside cafe. There were cafes all along the promenade in Menton, and the actual restaurant was across a busy-ish road from the seating area. The waiter had to cross the street to bring you your food which I found hilarious. I had an amazing pizza, since I was only 5 miles from Italy, and a large glass of wine.

Here's the view from my cafe:

I really enjoyed walking around Vieux Menton. Maybe that was 'cuz of the wine? It's quiet compared to Nice, and I stopped for some pistachio gelato as I wandered. Then, it was time to hop on the bus and drive back to Monaco for me to explore a brand new country.

The Monte Carlo part of Monaco is super ritzy, and I saw enough of it from the bus to know I didn't need to stop. Becca went to the casino when she first arrived here, and says that it's actually super sketch. I'm not a casino person at all. I hopped off in the old part of Monaco, and climbed a bajillion steps to get to the palace. Can you see the steps in the picture below? That climb totally cancelled out my gelato.

Here's a picture of me with Monaco in the background. A random cool guy offered to take the picture for me out of the blue. According to Becca T, all the cool ppl around here are German, and when this dude opened his mouth, he supported her hypothesis. He took a bunch of shots too, which made me laugh.

Apparently Monaco has a really low crime-rate because there are cameras installed on the streets and police everywhere. They were installed by the previous Prince Albert, so that he could catch anyone talking smack about him. Anyway, it just gives you a weird feeling, but it is a beautiful place.

Today I could see Italy from Menton, but tomorrow Becca T and I are going to take the train to a small village on the border. I'm excited! And then Saturday's my last full day here. This trip has been so fun and super relaxing. I'm not looking forward to returning to the real world, but I'm not even going to think about that.

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La mer a bercé mon cœur pour la vie.

Enjoyable things I experienced during my first day in Nice:
  • Food shopping: this morning, Becca T and I went to the grocery store and the market. I love foreign food products. My current obsession = Orangina Light. I'm seriously going to drink a big bottle of that a day, I know it.

  • Buying a baguette at a boulangerie then proceeding to make it my lunch and dinner. With some Brie, of course.

  • Eating lunch on the beach near where Becca's taking French classes. During her class, I could have gone for a walk or done a number of things, but I was quite content sitting on a rock staring into the Mediterranean.

  • Taking the scenic route back to Becca's and seeing some neat parts of Nice like the Promenade des Anglais, a beautiful park with palm trees, and the, ahem, shopping area.

  • Finishing dinner by splitting a giant chocolate bar and having tea. Becca had to go to a work thing tonight, and that gives me some downtime to catch up on internet-y things and even post some pictures from my trip. When she comes back, we're going to drink some wine, and maybe even eat more chocolate.
Anyway, here are some pictures:

Our last view of Paris as we chilled on the steps of the Pantheon.

View of Nice from a staircase at Becca's school.*

This is how I spent my afternoon.

Palm Trees!

A fountain in downtown Nice. Some sort of demonstration was going on around it.

*Getting this picture was painful. BT told me to go up this staircase to get a great view of Nice. However, there was some dude smoking on the landing above me. As I was enjoying the view, I felt something hot on my head, and could smell burning hair. He'd dropped cigarette ash onto my head! I wanted to yell swear words at him, but I wanted him effing-well understand what I was saying, and I couldn't think of how to curse in French. Plus, I wanted to get the damned stuff off my head before it burned a bald spot into my scalp. It hurt, and I lost a clump of hair. All I could do was get to the beach ASAP to make everything better. And then it was.

Tomorrow will be another nice day in Nice. :) I'm loving this trip.

ps Wes - we saw another one of your doppelgangers today. No pictures yet because those guys are too fast for one of us to get out a camera! I should always be on the ready...

Monday, March 15, 2010

High fat? No, high FUN!!!!

Bonjour mes cheries! I am writing this from Becca T's fabulous marble-floored flat in Nice, on the gorgeous Cote d'Azur. I have not actually seen the coast yet since we arrived this evening, but I am confident it will be gorgeous. Right now BT is working on an assignment for her French course, and I am blogging as to not distract her. She is singing Bad Romance as she works. It's funny.

Anyway, we had a AMAZING time in Paris! Find me someone who does not have an AMAZING time in Paris, and I'll have to verbally berate them. There is no way you can't love that city.

My flight on Friday night was pretty good, although there were not one, but two, groups of teenagers also on their way to Paris. What kind of deity of cruel irony did that to me? I am trying to escape groups of teenagers for a week, and I'm stuck on a seven hour flight with them.

However, I perfected the Christielli-method of flight: have some wine with your plane dinner, and then out like a light you will go. I slept very well on the flight.

As soon as I went through the marvel of French customs, which consists of a cursory glance at your passport, I was able to quickly grab my luggage and meet BT's flight in the neighbouring terminal. It was so great to see my beloved pal in person! It's been so long! And what better place to catch up with a friend than in Paris?

We quickly grabbed the RER to the Centre of Paris, and it was super easy to find our hotel with my spatial memory of Paris from the summer. Now, this hotel was in the Latin Quarter, where I stayed last trip, but it was the hotel where BT stayed a couple of years ago. Her description was "it's super budget, but it's fine" and I was OK with that.

She did not warn me about the stairs of death.

To get to our room, we had to go up many flights of windy narrow stairs. The kinds that are triangular in shape and hard to walk on because they are much smaller than your foot. Try doing that with your suitcase after a long journey! I had to have a shower right away to recover, and I scalded my hand in the hot hot hot water. At least there was hot water, right?

The toilet wasn't in our room. You had to take a flight on the death stairs to get there. After I returned from my first trip there, I asked BT "how did you stay here for a week? That washroom is so small! I think I bruised my knees on the door!" BT laughed and informed me there was a bigger washroom on the next flight up. Thanks for the tip, buddy old pal.

Our first day was a classic Becca T/Christielli day. We went to Starbucks which BT misses immensely since there isn't one in Nice. We caught up over frappucinos, then headed off to the Musee de Cluny to see "The Lady & The Unicorn" tapestries. They are awesome. The rest of the museum was a little dry (it's medieval), but the tapestries were worth the admission. After our requisite culture, we did some shopping, and had sushi for dinner (none in Nice either). Then we sat on the steps of the Panthenon to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Yes, I got my video, but then Becca T pointed out that since I took it vertically, it would be sideways. Fail. Then the tower stopped sparkling, and it was def too cold out to wait another hour. Anyway, a sideways video is better than no video, right?

We went for a glass of wine at a place with a cute friendly dog, then risked the stairs of death to bed. A very successful Parisian Saturday.

On Sunday morning, we hiked to the Marais for brunch. I wanted to go to the fabulous restaurant that I brunched in at the summer, but we got there too early. Since we were famished, we found another that my guidebook recommended, and it was so awesome. We got there just before the rush; as we left there was a long line-up out the door. The name of the place translates to "the small dog in the teapot" and it was all decked out in Alice in Wonderland murals. It was great, and the brunch was to die for. I had yogurt with fruit, freshly pressed OJ, espresso, a mini croissant, a mini pain au chocolat, toast, and eggs and bacon. So good.

After brunch we wandered around the stores in the Marais and I splurged on the coolest silver bird earrings by a Paris jewelery designer. I love them.

The rest of our day was spent doing a lot of walking around Paris (we definitely walked off brunch), another Starbucks stop, and some touristy moments. We went to Saint Chappelle, which is a church with the most amazing stained glass that you've ever seen, and La Conciergerie, which is the remains of the prison from revolutionary days. We got to see a recreation of Marie Antoinette's cell. It was eerie, but you know how I love my gothiness and my French royalty, so I enjoyed it.

Then we hiked back up the stairs of death for a nap, and went for dinner at a super cute restaurant that I ate at last time in Paris. I knew BT would love it, and I'm so glad that she agreed to go. This restaurant, conveniently located up the street from our hotel, is in an old horse stable. In the summer, there are lots of tables outside, but in the winter, people sit in the cellar, which has the feeling of a dungeon, and is awesome. The restaurant is family-run, and the owner likes to give people free alcohol; we got free sangria, and free glasses of this very very strong liquer. Also, he only charged us 5 Euros for our wine! And the food was great.

Needless to say that the trip back up the stairs of death was extra dangerous last night.

We had a super rude awakening at seven a.m. this morning; a random water leak sprung from our ceiling right onto my suitcase! However, it hit my waterproof jacket, so everything was A-OK. We laughed about it, and when BT told the owners, they were very concerned, but didn't really apologize. That illustrates a huge difference between hyper-apologetic Canadians, and the laissez-faire attitude of the French.

Today's morning/afternoon was spent having coffee with a work-friend of Becca's, and spending sometime in the lovely sunny weather in Luxembourg gardens. It was beautiful. In the mid-afternoon we caught the train to the airport for our flight to Nice. The flight was all right, it arrived a bit late so we didn't get to BT's until about 9 pm. BT cooked me a fabulous dinner of microwaved baked potatoes. Almost better than what you'd get in a Parisian restaurant. I should have just come straight here!

Well, that's a super long post. I have a lot of exciting things on my itinerary over the next few days. I'll keep you in suspense. BT has work stuff tomorrow night, so I'll check in with all of your blogs as I chill here and watch some movies.

Note: The title of this post comes from an episode of Will and Grace that Becca T and I watched way back in university. Jack said that in reference to ice cream or something, and BT and I have quoted that line ever since. While walking by a shop in Paris with beautiful pastries, BT resurrected this line, and I laughed and laughed. It sums up being in France perfectly.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Voila mon passport, ah, Gerard Depardieu...

Well today's the day. I'm sooooo excited. I contained myself while adding the extra o's to so, because to truly indicate my level of excitement, a lot of o's would be needed, and I don't want to break the o key.

Anyway, when it's Saturday, I'll be in Paris. PARIS! Yay! Really, my interests in Paris are pastries, wine, coffee, shopping, and chilling. I've done all of the tourist-y stuff in Paris, so this visit is about all of the above. There is a museum that Becca T wants to go to, and well, I won't mind going out to the suburb of St. Denis to track down Marie Antoinette's grave (remember, two of my interests are French monarchy, and graves... I'm so werid), but I don't know if there will be time for that. It's okay though, 'cuz I know that Paris and I will meet again and then I can see my beloved queen's grave.

Oh, I guess there is one more thing on my to-do list. Our hotel is in the same area in which my hotel was this summer, which is near the Pantheon. On the last night of our trip, my pal Heather and I sat on the steps of the Pantheon, and watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle with lights. I got a really great video of it, which I erased when I was over-served at a Scottish wedding and couldn't tell the difference between "play" and "erase" on my camera. Argh. Anyway, my goal is to recreate that video. It might be too cloudy, but it will be attempted.

Musically, I plan to listen to a lot of Feist while in France. There's something so French about Feist (well, I think she lives/writes in Paris), even though she sings in English and is from Canada. Oh and you know that I'll be listening to a lot of Phoenix too because they are my fave Parisian band.

On Monday, Becca T and I fly to Nice, and then I'll be chilling in the south of France for five full days. I'm not sure what's on the itinerary then, but I think there will be some exciting side trips and whatnot. And wine. And coffee. And pastries.

This morning, I ran one of my dear friends at work who teaches French. I pretty much have a good friend in every department I think... I'm so cross-circular! Anyway, she was wearing a chunky bangle bracelet that read "que serait le monde sans les filles?" I was able to translate it on the spot (mon francais n'est-ce pas trop mauvais): it reads "what would the world be like without girls?" My friend lent me the bracelet to take to France with me, and I intend to take pictures of it in random places.

I'm very excited to see Becca T too. I haven't seen her since I before I left for France the last time! I miss her a lot, and I know we'll have a great time catching up. I have a lot to fill her in on.

I'm sure I'll check in here from Nice. Until then, au revoir tout le monde!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I should be using my lunch time more productively, but here I am blogging from my iPhone instead.

I am ready for this work day to be done so I can go home and get everything ready for my trip.

I hope I will get some time to chill in France. I think I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep this past week, which I've never done before to my knowledge. So that goes to show you my state of mind. Well maybe not so much my state of mind but the amount of stuff on my mind.

But really, there is some wonderful stuff going on these days, and I'm off to France in 30 hours. I'll just feel more excited and better when my bags are packed and my to-do list is done.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

I had a busy and very pleasant weekend, but it definitely tired me out, hence I've been completely useless tonight. I should be cleaning/doing laundry/starting to get ready to pack, but I'm exhausted. I still have three nights, right? That's the motto of the procrastinator.

So why not do a weekend rundown, shall we? On Friday night, I spent the evening working on some pages for a scrapbook. One of the traditions of my group of friends from high school (aka the Group of 9), is to make a scrapbook when someone gets married. Well, my pal Teresa got married last week in Costa Rica, so we're working on getting her scrapbook ready before her reception. (Don't worry G of 9ers who read this, she doesn't read my blog, so I'm not spoiling anything.) Anyway, I spent my Friday digging through boxes of photos and stuff to get the pages together, and it was actually quite enjoyable. I never spend time going through old stuff, and it's a good to be forced to do it every once in awhile, because it reminds me how lucky I am to have had piles of fun in my high school and university days.

On Saturday, I enjoyed sleeping in, and then I met up with some pals for a lovely brunch at a very nice French restaurant in my neighbourhood. The weather was so lovely, that I was tempted to suggest that we eat on the patio, as some people actually were, but I'm smart enough not to be fooled by the sun and mild temperatures: it's not quite patio weather yet. Yet.

After brunch, I picked up the Zipcar I booked, and then ran home to pack up Miss Rilo Kitty and her accessories so I could drive her to St. Ratford to be watched by my parents while I'm in France. (Holy deja vu from the summer, eh?) Anyway, she was pretty grumpy during the car ride, as expected. She was crying a lot, but got quiet once I was well outside of the city. Once I arrived at my parents, she seemed to remember where she was, and settled in nicely.

That evening, I went to drop off my scrapbook pages at the house of the scrapbook organizer (my pal Christa) and we spent sometime watching a long DVD of photos from my friend Sandra's wedding that I was MC at this summer. It was pretty fun, and pretty much all I was up to, since I was pretty tired from the drive.

Sunday morning I spent some more time with my parents, said goodbye to Rilo, and hit the road. I had a great drive back with little traffic and made it back to Toronto in good time. I had evening plans to see Alice in Wonderland, so I had to get ready and run off downtown shortly after I got back home.

I really liked the movie. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, so anything in his style makes me automatically happy. It's like an update of the Disney cartoon version: Alice is a young woman in this movie, and they make reference to visiting Wonderland before when she was young. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie a lot and loved Johnny Depp (of course). I especially liked that Alice kicked some ass at the end of movie, and it made me think about how I'm so over fairy tales where girls get rescued by princes. Eff that. It's so much better when they go out swinging and then take control of their own lives. This Alice in Wonderland is definitely a movie that's great for girls to see, imho. And I totally did not, did not, download the Avril Lavigne song that plays at the end of the movie. Especially after I made fun of it to my movie pal.

Anyway, after the movie I stayed out kind of late (for a school night) having tea, but I made it home just in time to catch the end of the Oscars. I wasn't into the Oscars this year because I haven't seen many of the movies at all (except for Precious, and Up!). I mean, I haven't even seen Avatar yet. Am I the last person who hasn't see that? Probably.

Unfortunately the weekend ended, and I had to drag myself to work this morning, where someone was already looking for me frantically as the day began. Super.

Hope you all have good weeks, and I'll check from the midst of cleaning/packing hell sometime this week. Yes, yes, I know... poor baby is going to France and has to pack. Wah. STFU Christielli.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Every day I wake up, I chose love, I chose light and I try.

I had a wonderful evening with great food, great company, and lots of laughter. It made me realize that:
  • I love my city. I had dinner in a historic building with a beautiful view of Toronto's skyline from King St. Gorgeous. I love this city.

  • I love my friends. All of 'em, whether they be my work family, those who've always been there, or my blog buddies.

  • I love my job. Seriously, I get *paid* for caring about people and being a nerd. Things I'd happily do for free.

  • I love music. The new album that I downloaded last night (The Submarines' Honeysuckle Weeks) completely fits my mood/outlook right now.

  • I love possibilities.

  • I'm going to France in a week!

  • I love red wine.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Permalight, say goodnight.

Time for a random post.

1) Work's keeping me on my toes. So much to do. I've taken on too much this year. I'm still having fun, but my stress-level is above where I'd like it to be.

2) I like that it's been sunny lately. Makes running around while doing errands after school much more pleasant.

3) I am SUCKING at my new year's resolutions. I haven't been to the gym in forever and I'm feeling it. Realistically, I'm not going to be able to go any time soon, since I have a week to get ready for my trip, but once I'm back from vacay, I'm going to become a new woman, dammit. I know that exercise will decrease my stress levels and make me feel better.

4) All the iTunes gift cards that I got for my bday are burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. There is no new music that I'm really interested in right now, and I'm unaware of any upcoming albums that I want. Usually I'm counting down to a few albums, so this is weird for me. Any suggestions?

5) Well, I am doing better than the statement above indicates. Yesterday I got Rogue Wave's new album "Permalight" and it's good. I would describe it as electro-poppy with moments that invoke Death Cab for Cutie, but not in a lame way. I like it so fun. It's fun, and a good listen going into spring.

6) Now I'm downloading the Submarines' album from a couple years ago, "Honeysuckle Weeks". I liked some of their stuff before, and their song on the recent i-Whatever commercial is good, so I'm confident I'll enjoy the album.

7) What to do when life reminds you that time has gone by and you're no longer a kid? My solution: laugh about it. I have a student teacher right now (which is making life a bit easier, but is more work at the same time), and he would have been in high school when I was a student teacher. Ha-ha, I've been in this job a long time. Ha-ha.

Then, today I needed to buy some makeup, and the girl at the counter said "was this type recommended to you years ago?" and I said yah. She suggested that my skin has changed since then so it was time to change what makeup I use. Yay for no longer having skin that behaves like a teenager!

Anyway, I just find it hilarious that the same day that I'm feeling old about how long I've been teaching, I also get it broken to me that my skin is aging.

8) Tomorrow night I have a cooking-class-birthday-party. Doesn't that sound fun? I hear there's going to be a lot of red wine!

9) Friday night will be get my life in order (I hope) night. Maybe I can stick in some gym time that evening?

10) Saturday I have brunch with coworkers, and then I'll be driving Miss Rilo Kitty to her grandparents'. I'll crash that night in St. Ratford, then head back Sunday morning. It'll be strange not having her around this week, and I won't be able to pick her up 'til the weekend after I'm back from my trip. She'll miss me too, but I know she'll enjoy being doted upon by my 'rents.

11) Sunday evening I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland. I've been waiting for that movie to come out since I heard of its inception. My inner-goth and I are very excited!

12) Also, do you guys remember a few posts ago where I was asking the Universe for some good vibes? I think it's working. Thanks. I got two pieces of good news today!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sun in an empty room.

So how about that hockey game last night?

That was pretty damned sweet. I almost missed the end 'cuz I had dinner plans, on Yonge Street, but luckily good old Sidney Crosby finished it off so I could see the end, and make it to dinner on time. And I was able to outsmart the crazy fans that turned Yonge Street into a party by crossing it by using the subway underpass. It was fun to watch all of the screaming, the flags, and high-fiving random strangers. One of the most bizarre sights was watching a poor "Not in Service" bus trying to cross the intersection while people were trying to write hockey slogans in the dirt that covered its surface. That's brilliance.

I argue that we truly deserved that gold just based on viewership alone. I say that a country where 80% of the population tuned into the game at some point truly deserves the gold medal. Sorry US, you guys didn't want it badly enough! ;)

This win brought back fond memories of our 2002 defeat of the US in Salt Lake City. I was in university back then and I lived in an apartment near Yonge and Bloor with my dear Becca T.

Becca T isn't a sports fan at all. She's not like me, who isn't a sports fan, but then morphs into one during the Olympics. She's hardcore.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was excited for the game. Becca suggested we grab dinner that night.

"Sure," I replied, "but I'd like to see the hockey game end."

"What hockey game?" said the understandably perplexed Becca T, since I don't think I'd ever postponed dinner plans so that I could watch the outcome of a sporting event.

"It's the gold medal hockey game. Canada vs. USA. It's a big deal." Becca T scoffed at my explanation and then retreated to her room to read or study or something.

Now, I'm sure you all remember your Olympic hockey history, and that game had a similar end to last night's game, albeit far less heart-attack inducing to watch. When it ended, I told Becca T that I was ready for dinner, and we grabbed our coats and headed out to Yonge. Which, just like last night, was covered in Canadian flags and crazed hockey fans.

"What is this? What's happening?" exclaimed a confused, but rather excited and pleased Becca T. I had to remind her of the hockey game that I had watched, and how it was a big deal, and that the party on the street was the result of the outcome of that game.

"Oh, if I'd known there would have been a party I might have watched the game. Well, actually not. I don't like hockey, but this is exciting. Yay!" And with that, we had dinner while watching Yonge St. go crazy.

Last night's dinner company was far more clued into what was going on than Becca T was back in 2002, but I think every time that Canada wins gold in hockey, and Yonge errupts into a river of red and white, I'll always remember 2002 and Becca's reaction.

So that brings us today. And how I've yet to turn on my TV 'cuz there's no point. *Sigh* To ease my pain and withdrawl, I bought myself a new book, and I'm going to stay up too late reading that.

p.s. And this post concludes this blog's hockey/sports coverage for most likely the next four years. Unless any Toronto team becomes good and I decide to hop on that bandwagon. Bahahahaha. Yah, right. When hell freezes over.