Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Permalight, say goodnight.

Time for a random post.

1) Work's keeping me on my toes. So much to do. I've taken on too much this year. I'm still having fun, but my stress-level is above where I'd like it to be.

2) I like that it's been sunny lately. Makes running around while doing errands after school much more pleasant.

3) I am SUCKING at my new year's resolutions. I haven't been to the gym in forever and I'm feeling it. Realistically, I'm not going to be able to go any time soon, since I have a week to get ready for my trip, but once I'm back from vacay, I'm going to become a new woman, dammit. I know that exercise will decrease my stress levels and make me feel better.

4) All the iTunes gift cards that I got for my bday are burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. There is no new music that I'm really interested in right now, and I'm unaware of any upcoming albums that I want. Usually I'm counting down to a few albums, so this is weird for me. Any suggestions?

5) Well, I am doing better than the statement above indicates. Yesterday I got Rogue Wave's new album "Permalight" and it's good. I would describe it as electro-poppy with moments that invoke Death Cab for Cutie, but not in a lame way. I like it so fun. It's fun, and a good listen going into spring.

6) Now I'm downloading the Submarines' album from a couple years ago, "Honeysuckle Weeks". I liked some of their stuff before, and their song on the recent i-Whatever commercial is good, so I'm confident I'll enjoy the album.

7) What to do when life reminds you that time has gone by and you're no longer a kid? My solution: laugh about it. I have a student teacher right now (which is making life a bit easier, but is more work at the same time), and he would have been in high school when I was a student teacher. Ha-ha, I've been in this job a long time. Ha-ha.

Then, today I needed to buy some makeup, and the girl at the counter said "was this type recommended to you years ago?" and I said yah. She suggested that my skin has changed since then so it was time to change what makeup I use. Yay for no longer having skin that behaves like a teenager!

Anyway, I just find it hilarious that the same day that I'm feeling old about how long I've been teaching, I also get it broken to me that my skin is aging.

8) Tomorrow night I have a cooking-class-birthday-party. Doesn't that sound fun? I hear there's going to be a lot of red wine!

9) Friday night will be get my life in order (I hope) night. Maybe I can stick in some gym time that evening?

10) Saturday I have brunch with coworkers, and then I'll be driving Miss Rilo Kitty to her grandparents'. I'll crash that night in St. Ratford, then head back Sunday morning. It'll be strange not having her around this week, and I won't be able to pick her up 'til the weekend after I'm back from my trip. She'll miss me too, but I know she'll enjoy being doted upon by my 'rents.

11) Sunday evening I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland. I've been waiting for that movie to come out since I heard of its inception. My inner-goth and I are very excited!

12) Also, do you guys remember a few posts ago where I was asking the Universe for some good vibes? I think it's working. Thanks. I got two pieces of good news today!


rawbean said...

Yay for good vibes.

I really like Fern Beard from that Submarines album. I played it over and over - yea one of those.

As for suggesting other albums...I just started to listen to an interesting album by Emiliana Torrini - interesting - hard to say if you would like it!

wigsf said...

the new Black Crowes album, or get some old music, nothing wrong with old music.

Siobhan said...

Peter Gabriel's new album is better than I expected - you might be able to access streaming via last fm or youtube if my word is not good enough for you.

Also check out first aid kit

who do quite beautiful songs, they were live on Marc Riley's show on six music the other night and sounded as beautiful when not on record.

Um there are loads of other bands too at the moment but first aid kit have a memorable name so stuck. I really love Hard Believer by them. The harmonies are lovely.

Generally it is worth checking out who Marc has had playing in session on his show as they are almost always great