Monday, March 01, 2010

Sun in an empty room.

So how about that hockey game last night?

That was pretty damned sweet. I almost missed the end 'cuz I had dinner plans, on Yonge Street, but luckily good old Sidney Crosby finished it off so I could see the end, and make it to dinner on time. And I was able to outsmart the crazy fans that turned Yonge Street into a party by crossing it by using the subway underpass. It was fun to watch all of the screaming, the flags, and high-fiving random strangers. One of the most bizarre sights was watching a poor "Not in Service" bus trying to cross the intersection while people were trying to write hockey slogans in the dirt that covered its surface. That's brilliance.

I argue that we truly deserved that gold just based on viewership alone. I say that a country where 80% of the population tuned into the game at some point truly deserves the gold medal. Sorry US, you guys didn't want it badly enough! ;)

This win brought back fond memories of our 2002 defeat of the US in Salt Lake City. I was in university back then and I lived in an apartment near Yonge and Bloor with my dear Becca T.

Becca T isn't a sports fan at all. She's not like me, who isn't a sports fan, but then morphs into one during the Olympics. She's hardcore.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was excited for the game. Becca suggested we grab dinner that night.

"Sure," I replied, "but I'd like to see the hockey game end."

"What hockey game?" said the understandably perplexed Becca T, since I don't think I'd ever postponed dinner plans so that I could watch the outcome of a sporting event.

"It's the gold medal hockey game. Canada vs. USA. It's a big deal." Becca T scoffed at my explanation and then retreated to her room to read or study or something.

Now, I'm sure you all remember your Olympic hockey history, and that game had a similar end to last night's game, albeit far less heart-attack inducing to watch. When it ended, I told Becca T that I was ready for dinner, and we grabbed our coats and headed out to Yonge. Which, just like last night, was covered in Canadian flags and crazed hockey fans.

"What is this? What's happening?" exclaimed a confused, but rather excited and pleased Becca T. I had to remind her of the hockey game that I had watched, and how it was a big deal, and that the party on the street was the result of the outcome of that game.

"Oh, if I'd known there would have been a party I might have watched the game. Well, actually not. I don't like hockey, but this is exciting. Yay!" And with that, we had dinner while watching Yonge St. go crazy.

Last night's dinner company was far more clued into what was going on than Becca T was back in 2002, but I think every time that Canada wins gold in hockey, and Yonge errupts into a river of red and white, I'll always remember 2002 and Becca's reaction.

So that brings us today. And how I've yet to turn on my TV 'cuz there's no point. *Sigh* To ease my pain and withdrawl, I bought myself a new book, and I'm going to stay up too late reading that.

p.s. And this post concludes this blog's hockey/sports coverage for most likely the next four years. Unless any Toronto team becomes good and I decide to hop on that bandwagon. Bahahahaha. Yah, right. When hell freezes over.


Anonymous said...

lol, yeah, your Toronto teams aren't doing so well lately. For the gold medal game in 2002, I was actually watching it in a pub in San Diego. I was the only Canada fan there, so when they won, I tried not to be too loud, I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. But it was pretty sweet to see the disappointment on their faces when we beat them on their own ice. :)

rawbean said...

Did you watch the Bachelor? Weird stuff! I can't watch that show anymore.

I miss the Olympics. Haven't been downtown yet. It will be really weird.

wigsf said...

I never understood why people run into the streets and shouting when a team wins something. It never made any sense to me. And this was before my neighbour got hit by car downtown somewhere after the Jays won the World Series. She had amnesia for like a month or so afterwords. I felt bad for her because you know, she got run over by a car, but I also felt like she might have deserved it. What the heck was she doing running into the streets in the first place? That's where the cars are.

The funniest of these celebrations are always after football games though. When Italy won the World Cup in 1982, I was too young to remember this, but my mother told me about what my father did. He was watching the game down on St. Clair, obviously. Two days later, he came home, with no shoes and wearing somebody else's pants. At what point does celebration turn into "Hey, let's trade pants!"

I'm glad I was out of town that day. See, I'm a real sports fan. I watch the game for the excitement of the game itself. I don't do it just because everybody else is doing it. Sure, I'm glad Canada won, 'cause if Canada didn't, all the athletes and coaches who worked their butts off would be spit on in the streets.

yrautca said...

I am not into hockey but this Olympics made a fan out of me. Its interesting how you can draw the comparison between Salt Lake and Vancouver. I am now interested in following NHL. Most Canadians including Crosby play for NHL teams but I hear that NHL hockey is nowhere near as exciting as what we saw.

Miss Ash said...

Yes I got sucked into that game as well which is funny as I usually will only watch football! I do like to go to live sporting events though, must be the vibe, feeding off of everyones Yonge St that night! I love when everyone is happy!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I remember that day ;) it was so exciting :D