Thursday, March 11, 2010


I should be using my lunch time more productively, but here I am blogging from my iPhone instead.

I am ready for this work day to be done so I can go home and get everything ready for my trip.

I hope I will get some time to chill in France. I think I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep this past week, which I've never done before to my knowledge. So that goes to show you my state of mind. Well maybe not so much my state of mind but the amount of stuff on my mind.

But really, there is some wonderful stuff going on these days, and I'm off to France in 30 hours. I'll just feel more excited and better when my bags are packed and my to-do list is done.


Claire said...

Definitely sounds like you need the break, honey. Hope it all goods well and you get packed OK. Don't forget to send me a postcard ;).


wigsf said...

That's the problem with vacations, the waiting for the day when you leave is longer than the vacation itself.

rawbean said...

Yea don't forget to stop and rest when you need to - don't want to burn out!

Nice work blogging from the iphone!

Siobhan said...

Sounds like you need the break. I hope it all goes swimmingly. And that you have a marvellous time swanning round France in the springtime. X

Anonymous said...

I grind my teeth too in my sleep, it makes my jaw hurt a lot. I haven't discovered a solution for it either.

Good luck with the packing and the to-do list. :)

Aaron said...

I hope you find time to chill in France too! That's one thing that's always made me wonder about the quick vacations, so much travel time and settling in and touristy stuff, when do you get to relax and soak it in?

It should be old hat for you this time around, so I'd bet you'll be fine! Au revoir!

yrautca said...

Just relax. I know easier said but hey its your chance to enjoy France and you should just try and get into a zen state of mind.

-jason- said...

enjoy your trip!

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