Thursday, March 25, 2010

We'll make time though there ain't that much of time.

While I was in France, Miss Ash tagged me with a 5 Likes/5 Dislikes meme. Now that I'm off of vacay and back to real-life, it's perfect timing for me to complete the meme! Since I like to get unpleasantness out of the way with, I will start with the dislikes.

5 Dislikes:

1) Dehydration Headaches. I have a bad one right now and the worst thing is that it's my fault because I did not drink enough water today. I've been trying to rehydrate, but I think sleep is the only thing that's going to cure this em-effer.

2) Noisy upstairs neighbours. My upstairs neighbours make so much racket. Seriously, do they go to Ikea every other day and buy new furniture to put together? And could we tread a bit more lightly on our feet please? Their only saving grace is that they tend to go away a lot, so I'll have quiet for weeks at a time.

However, my poor dear Becca T has the WORST upstairs neighbour ever in Nice: a noisy, angry, loud, alcoholic, abusive French man. This guy shouts at his wife all the time, and they had a big fight one night while I was there. Becca told me that he was yelling at her to "turn on the light when you get up!" He would also constantly scream "Tu m'enerve!" (you annoy me) a lot. Well, dude, you are horrible, and tu m'enerve em-effer!

3) Long staff meetings. I had one tonight. Luckily, I was at the back and got to whisper silly shit to a friend.

4) Incompetence. 'nuf said.

5) Jars in stores that leak. Today I had to buy some paint for a school event, and I picked up a jar of blue paint and some got on my hands. Luckily, I noticed before I got any on my coat.

All right, now onto the pleasantries!


1) Known teenagers. Often people wonder how I can teach teenagers. Teenagers are annoying. And it's true: teenagers that you *don't* know are annoying. I cringe when I see unknown teenagers in public. However, teenagers are an acquired taste. Get to know them and 95% of them are immensely enjoyable people. Hence, because of this fact, you have me actually sleeping over at my workplace tomorrow because they wanted to run an overnight charity event.

2) Old Hawksley Workman songs. The title of this post comes from a new one, but I was listening to some tracks from "From Him & The Girls" tonight and my heart was warmed.

3) The artwork for the new Hole album. I'm always rooting for Courtney Love, even though she gets messier and crazier by the day. However, I came across the artwork for the new Hole album on a gossip blog, and I really like it 'cuz it references two of my fave portraits of two of my fave queens. I dunno how this album will work out, or even when it's supposed to be released, but I like the artwork.

4) All of the books that I've read in 2010. Look over at the sidebar. All killer, no filler so far this year.

5) The continual upswing in my life. I'm going to steal F.I.T.C.'s recent use of the Simpsons quote "everything's coming up Milhouse." Really, everything's coming up Christielli, but it's more fun to say Milhouse.

I'm supposed to tag five people, so I will tag FITC, Becca T (blog revival!), Claire, Siobhan, and Aaron.

Happy weekend!


wigsf said...

Yup, that album cover sure beats that photo montage she did for Revolver magazine. Yikes!

yrautca said...

Dehydration headache? Is that what you get from drinking too much beer?

I've read Alice Munro's collection of stories. I like her.

fyi, the emm-effers upstairs are having sex.

Miss Ash said...

My friend had upstairs neighbours that sounded like they were riding pogo sticks all day long. And they yelled alot boo!