Thursday, April 29, 2010

All we want, baby, is everything.

Here is a list of things I want, and comments on whether or not I have my wants.

1) Dark purple Chucks - On the subway yesterday morning, I saw two people wearing low cut dark purple chucks and I realized that I *need* a pair of those suckers because: a) I love purple; and b) I love Chucks.

I will get them because I just did my taxes and I got a refund so mine they will be.

2) Boston Red Sox Tickets - Two members of the group of 9 and I are going on a road trip to Boston during the first week of August. I really wanted to go see a game and get a little bit drunk at Fenway.

Yesterday I looked up tickets online and all that's left is obstructed view seats. That lead me to wonder what that term means. Thankfully, some crazy Red Sox fan has created a website where you can see a photo of the view from most of the seats in Fenway. I looked up the ones we could have gotten, and we would have had a great view of a giant green post with the number 23 on it, plus a little bit of baseball action on the side.

So, $52 per person for a view of a post, not to mention the cost of the beer? I think I'll have to pass, even thought it would have been a cool vacay activity.

Solution: I'm gonna go to a Jays game and drink beer there. Heck, they need my attendance 1 000 000 times more than the Red Sox do.

3) I'd like a glass of pop. I just bought some, so I'll be back in a second.

4) All right, I got #3 pretty quickly. Next item: I'd kind of like to see the New Pornographers at the Sound Academy on June 15th. I should start plotting that. I hope Neko'll be there. Also, I want their new album which comes out next week. I'll get that 'cuz I still have iTunes money left over from my bday!

5) I want to be better at living in the moment. I spend too much time worrying about the past and future. The moment's where it's at! Any tips at getting better at that?

6) I want a bike. I've been planning on buying a bike for at least 3 years now. I tell you, it's going to happen this summer because all I have planned is the trip to Boston, so it would be a great time to explore Toronto by bicycle. I might even start looking for my bike this weekend, if I can find time in between social plans (Friday night sushi with Mathew, Sat. night party, coffee with Fea at some point, and then sushi/gelato lunch on Sunday with my friend Flora).

7) I want a new computer. That will happen this summer as well, unless I get buyer's jitters.

8) I want to organize my apartment a little bit better this summer and get some artwork framed that I've had around here since last summer. Yeesh.

Okay, so in summery (typo - I'm leaving it), I'd like it to be summer. But I also need to work on living in the moment. I'm a walking contradiction, I am.

Happy weekend folks!


AlieMalie said...

just ... get a mac. also, i think they give educators a massive discount!!

yrautca said...

Pruple Chucks with purple what you need. Didnt know you were a baseball fan like that. Thats hardcore. Get a bike before you get a 'puter - Bikes are the awesome-o.

Christielli said...

Aliemalie - you know I'm going to get a Mac. They give teachers $100.

yrautca - Not a hardcore baseball fan, but a hardcore fan of having fun. So baseball in Boston sounded like it would be fun.

-jason- said...

getting sox tickets cheaply is pretty impossible. they've sold out every one of their home games since 2003. the best is to know someone that works @ beth israel deaconess medical center... they can get up to 2 day of game tickets since they're the red sox's official hospital.

rawbean said...

Holy crap you already have a lot of comments!

Great post though and I hope you will post a picture of your new shoes once you get them. I tried on some old style converse shoes and they looked awful on me for some reason! I hope you have better luck because they sure are cute!

galapogos said...

I'm agree with you on the purple chucks, I want a pair too. I'm on a purple craze myself lately, I have like 4 t-shirts that are all a different shade of purple, a purple cardigan, and I just bought a purple pair of jeans. Sadly I have no baseball to see here, not that I would anyway, but I wish we still had a basketball team. That I would see. I try to limit my pop intake. I've already seen the New Pornographers. I'm incapable of living in the moment. I already own a bike. Yes, definitely buy an Apple. And I'm an organizational freak, so my place is already organized.

Lists are fun!

wigsf said...

This was a good post.

Okay, I'm trying to deliver a link to the purple Taylor but the website doesn't want to cooperate with my request. Maybe you'll have to just go to a shoe store like everybody else.

Miss Ash said...

Are chucks comfy? I gotta ask as I have a few friends who LOVE them. Go for it, and enjoy that gelato yummm!

Aaron said...

$52 doesn't even seem THAT high compared to the new Jays price model.

So many summer activities, so little summer to squeeze them all in!

Princess Pessimism said...

If you go to the Chuck website, you'll see that they put out a Clash line of high top chucks. The black ones with the red stripe are AMAZING.....I also like the army green ones. The other two i could do without, but theres a GREAT pair with Blondie thrown across them (I think they;re in the punk line too....)

Claire said...

Have you been in my head? I'm so with you on number 1 and 5 through 8...