Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Asking for Flowers

Since I was faced with a concert cancellation this morning, I decided to see what else was going on in town. I messaged my pals from Winnipeg with some options, and we decided to head off to the Drake Hotel to see if we could catch Kathleen Edwards there. She's doing a residency there which means she's playing there a bunch of Tuesdays in a row.

Anyway, I was quite happy with this alternate event. I love Kathleen; she's definitely one of my favourite artists. The Drake is a great place to take out-of-towners because it's oh-so-cool. We took a crowded Queen streetcar out to the Drake, and relaxed on the patio with some beer and yummy food (Drake burger with fries... om-nom-nom).

Then it was time to get our tickets. We got to the desk and they told us they were sold out. Picture three very unhappy faces.

But, blam! Luck finally smiled our way. While we were still registering the bad news, the lady at the desk was like "wait, there are three extra tickets here for people who haven't showed. Take them." Picture three very happy faces.

Thanks for pulling through serendipity! Woot!

Anyway, I'd never seen a show at the underground part of the Drake, and it's a really nice intimate space. We chilled for a bit, and then Kathleen and her band came on and played an amazing set. I was reminded of how much I love her. She can rock out and is hilarious. Also, her songs are beautiful and no-holds-barred at the same time. She reminds you not to put up with any bullshit from boys, and isn't afraid to curse about it either.

We were definitely able to find a silver lining in a cloud of volcanic ash. The Rolling Stones were right: "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find that you get what you need." I needed a rock show, and I got one.

Oh, and Los Campesinos!, I know we will meet each other someday. We will.


AlieMalie said...

so glad that it all worked out in the end!

rawbean said...

That is great about the tickets - wow what luck.

Oh and while you were on the patio, you should know that there is a hotel room there called the Music Room because it's right next to the patio and the girl staying there can hear all the music from outside. It's lovely. Yes that's where I stayed for three nights.

But yes super cool hotel! Like the little cafe next door too!

galapogos said...

ha ha, glad to see things worked out in the end. That's cool that you just happen to have such a great Plan B. You guys seem to get more great shows there then we do here. Bah!

Sidenote: I'm noticing on your little player on the side that you listened to Hannah Georgas. Did I recommend that to you? Cause that would be really weird if I didn't.

Siobhan said...

Hurrah for serendipity. I'm glad it worked our you had a great night.

I'm also glad that through blogging (and Claire) we met, as you are pretty great.


wigsf said...

I stayed uptown, went out for dinner instead. Ate way too much.

Again, damn you volcano!

Miss Ash said...

It's sooo odd how a volcano in Iceland is affecting Torontonians :)

*snoopydance* for the tickets, that's amazing luck!

Ummm my "word verification" is imcest eek!

Jabba said...

What awesome luck - it sounds like you being there was totally meant to be. Don't you just love nights like that when everything just works out??