Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you like to chit chat?

Here's a discussion post for all you bloggers out there. Non-bloggers are welcome to join in on the convo too.

How open are you about your blog to people in your "real life"? Does everyone know? Or is your blog just for the blogosphere? Or perhaps you are selective about who knows about your blog?

I'm selective.

I would say that about 80% of my close friends in real life know about my blog. I know that maybe only three read it on a regular basis, and the rest check in now and then. Sometimes I'll stumble across someone who reads my blog more than I think they do. I'll launch into a story and they'll be like "yah, I read about it on your blog" and I'll reply "oh" and then an awkward silence will follow 'cuz there's nothing left to say and one of us will have to find a new topic of conversation.

Who doesn't know about my blog? Well, basically anyone who I've met from work. When I started my blog, it was no biggie. I wasn't close friends with anyone from work, and I don't like the idea of work and blogging mixing. But now it's kind of weird 'cuz I am very close friends with several people at work and I find it strange that they don't know about my blog. I guess really it only comes up when I'm off visiting a blog friend in a fun location (Texas, the UK) and they are like "oh how do you know this person?" and I mumble something lame but not exactly a lie in response. Like, oh, I met her when she was visiting a mutual friend here and we hit it off and now look! We are pals! Totally a half-truth, ha-ha.

And then comes to the topic of new people I meet: when or do I tell them about the blog? The irony of my life is that any new people that I meet tend to be from:
a) work (so no blog talk);
b) through mutual non-work friends (no problem talking about the blog...); or
c) through the blog so obviously they know.

And of course, before blog talk comes up, a certain level of friendship has to be reached, and I find most of my close friends are old friends anyway. It's rare that I strike up a really close friendship with a "new" person. (Hmmm, am I actually xenophobic? That's a post for another day!)

However, sometimes a different scenario comes up, and I have to think, hmmm, when or do I bring up that I'm a blogger? It's not that there is anything wrong at all with blogging, it's just there's five years of my life up here, and it's a pretty overwhelming thing to tell someone about. What if they read it and think differently about me? However, blog-Christielli is just as mothereffing cool/nerdy as real-life Christielli, so why would I be worried? There aren't any secrets here, but just a lot of thoughts, I suppose.

So anyway, what are everyone else's blog-disclosure policies?

p.s. Post title comes from a song from Hannah Georgas' new album "This Is Good" which is lives up to its name.


AlieMalie said...

i've slowly opened up my blog to real life people and people at work know that i blog but i don't tell them where and, as far as i can tell, they haven't found it (save the research department but that's because they track all things related to work, like crazy, obscene, sarcastic videos about the union). that being said, it's really more of a case by case thing.

also, i love that the mutual friends in your example are also bloggers who had never met before ... nice, christielli, NICE. ;)

galapogos said...

I tend to keep it as much of a secret as possible. I definitely don't tell people I work with, it just seems wrong to have them reading it. I haven't told any of my close friends, excluding of course the friends I met through the blog.

I think the most difficult decision about this is something you didn't touch upon at all. And that is what/when do you tell your significant other? I think this can be the most troubling part about blogging. You obviously don't tell them in the beginning, unless of course you met through the blog or through people you know through the blog. So eventually the question does arise, when do I tell them or do you tell them at all? If you don't tell them, it can be difficult to continue with the blog, especially if you move in together. So if you do decide to tell them, how long do you wait? And if you wait too long, are they going to be upset? But if you tell them too soon, then that's trouble too. Its all very complicated.

I've told my girlfriend about it, and she reads it occasionally. I think it bothers her though, so she tries to avoid it. But its a very difficult balance.

rawbean said...

I just go with the flow. Sometimes I will tell people right away, other times not so much. I try and keep my content relatively neutral so it doesn't matter if they read about it.

I'm not really keen on people who are secretive about their blogs. Like loser - it's on the internet - it's not exactly a private diary. Yea you can be anonymous but just own up to it for Christ's sake. I have no sympathy for people who dish on their blog and then get caught and wonder why people are pissed off.

Your blog is super easy going and you don't offend so I think if there is someone you want to know about it eventually just go for it! It's actually not as a big of a deal as some of us bloggers think it is.

Siobhan said...

I don't tell people unless it comes up. And it seems it rarely does.

I don't link to it from facebook any more though but that was just because recently a family friend died, and I wrote about my grief and did not want others who were also grieving to have to know about mine, as I did not want it to intrude. So I disconnected it (and in the process topped my RSS feeds for a week or so -oops)

Matthew knows I blog but does not read it any more, now we live together, I guess he figures anything worth mentioning will come up in person.

So I'm selective, but for no other reason than it does not seem to be the first thing to tell people about. But it has got me some great freind ships and I am pretty open about that too.

Makes me think of the couples I know who met via Join Me. Now all my friends and family know I met Matthew through it, but none of his do. He can't see a way to tell them, but I can, because it does come up!

Not sure how any of this helps your discussion though, but I like your blog, and like the question.

wigsf said...

My cousin showed me blog to my mother, specifically the post with my stickpeople drawings of boobies. My mother has not been back to my blog since. (I've actually checked her history to make sure she hasn't been back.)

As for what I blog about or who I blog about. Everybody is fair game. I change the names around to keep it somewhat anonymous, but everybody and everything is fair game.

When I meet new people, I don't talk about my blog. I wait for them to bring it up. At my brother's wedding, the maid of honour mentioned to me that she took a peek at my blog once or twice. She said I have some interesting opinions of women.
My blog is mostly for entertainment purposes; my entertainment. If anybody else enjoys it, well that's a just a bonus.

As for the differences (if any) between real Christielli and blog Christielli; well, I've only met you once but you seemed very much like your blog personna. I wouldn't necessarily use the term "cool/nerdy" but I wouldn't really argue against it.

Christielli said...

Wow! So much input. Thanks guys.

So to further the convo, I'm going to leave a comment which I typically don't do but should do more often. (Ironically I am at work making sure that no one is watching me.)

Aliemalie - really I should classify that truth as maybe a quarter or 1/8th truth!

Wes - I was wondering if your gf knew about your new blog! Now I know! Oh, and are you reading between the lines with my post?

Rawbean - LOL at loser. I wasn't even thinking about that situation. I was just thinking about normal bloggers and who they tell. I think we all over-worry about people will think about our little hobby. Keeping up a good blog is something that only a few rare awesome (for the most part) people are able to do.

Siobhan - If it wasn't for blogging, there's no way we would have ever met, that's for sure! I find it interesting that Matthew hasn't explained Join Me to his family. How do they think you guys have met or does he use the "mutual friends" explanation?

Wigsf - You say that everyone is fair game on your blog. I think one of my hesitations in telling someone new about my blog is maybe they will be afraid that I will blog about them and don't want it. I usually ask friends if it's okay if I blog about them before I do, and they have always been fine about it. Prolly 'cuz all I write is that they are awesome.

LOL My word verif is "comenta"!

yrautca said...

Ooohhhh great post...

I have not told ANYONE my blog address. My family doesnt know I blog. My friends dont either. But funny thing is that I have told plenty of girls about the blog without giving them the blog address. Usually when I am talking about photography I tell them I blog pics etc.

There was a time my blogger buddies had never seen a pic of me or knew my name. Now I have my pics on there, and a select few know my name.

I love that my blog is my space and I can keep it private. And I LOVE my blog buddies.

yrautca said...

Ouch I just read RB's comment; did she just call me a Loser?

Christielli said...

LOL @ yrautca... No, she didn't call you a loser. Being anonymous is OK. Lying or writing mean stuff about others is not. :)

Yah, I used to *never* put a pic of myself on the blog either, but now there's the odd one (when I go on vacay).

Interesting that you only tell girls...

Princess Pessimism said...

I WASNT a big fan of telling people that I blogged - except for all of my close friends who read it, and commented...but now that Ive started blogging again, i posted it on FB. LOL!!!