Friday, April 09, 2010

I thought I saw you in the tea leaves.

Quick post 'cuz I'm tired from a long busy day (field trip + concert), but I have to write about a couple funny things.

1) Today I received *three* separate messages from people who've seen me around this week (at a store, on a bus, on the street as they drove by). What the what? Don't you think that's weird? I haven't gotten any messages about anyone seeing me around in well, I dunno if I ever have!

2) The Owen Pallett concert was phenomenal! That man is a talent and is so unique. He makes all of his music by looping his violin (this description of mine most likely sucks), and sings while he plays. It's amazing to watch.

Also, it stopped raining by the time the concert was over, and the walk from the theatre to the streetcar provided a great view of the city's skyline. That, plus awesome music and awesome company makes for a perfect Toronto evening.

Anyway, the funny part occurred on the way home. The concert was out at a theatre on the CNE grounds, which aren't busy at all at this time of year. After the show there was a huge line-up at for the streetcar back to the subway, and the driver was like "What the what? Where are you people coming from?" People told him about the concert, and he was like "Owen Powell... Never heard of him!" People tried to correct him, but he kept explaining to other passengers why the streetcar was packed that "Owen Powell's in town. Yah, I've never heard of him either, but look!"

By the time the streetcar reached Union Station, he said "Well, next time Owen Pallett's in town, I might check him out. I like piano music." So, he finally did get the name right, but wrong instrument. Still, I'll give him an A for effort, and also point out that he's a great asset to the poor TTC and its customer relations problems. Nice dude.

Happy Fridays to you all. I'm looking forward to my weekend of nothing, but I'll bet you that when I write about it, that it will be busier than I anticipated.


Siobhan said...

Sounds like a cool evening. And yay for cool drivers on publictransport (my favourite was a tube driver who said "Please stand clear of the closing doors as we are about to rock and roll").

And my weekend has already filled up with stuff. So am sure yours will too (unless you are much better at saying "no" than I seem to be to my friends and family)

Ooh and WV for this was awesome "tronduck" cool to think of a duck from tron...

The Grunt said...

I'm so behind the times with the music scene.

Miss Ash said...

Eek I don't know who Owen Pallet is either......

Love friendly TTC drivers!

Jabba said...

Once in awhile in Vancouver I would get on a bus and the driver would tell jokes over the intercom as we went over the Granville bridge. So awesome and refreshing. Have a great nothing weekend - that is the sum total of what I have planned too! yay!

galapogos said...

ha ha, how come none of these people stopped to say hi to you? Were you with someone in a cape? (Beware: Seinfeld reference)

Enjoy your weekend!

rawbean said...

Haha that is so random about the people seeing you! Maybe you have a doppleganger (is that what it's called?)

Great to hear that the concert was great! Yee!