Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take me with you, I start to miss you.

So my weekend of nothingness is over. There was actually some stuff going on, but I did chill out a bit and procrastinate instead of doing stuff, so I think I feel good.

On Friday night, I went for sushi with my dear pal Mathew. The conversation randomly turned to how Mathew (who I consider like the brother that I never had) would test out any boy that I might bring to meet him.

First, he will drink out of dude's beverage. This actually stems from something that Becca T and I did when we met one of our friend's boyfriends for the first time. We were having dinner, and Becca T and I ordered diet pop (because we chose brain cancer over diabetes), and the other two ordered regular pop. Becca was convinced that hers wasn't diet, so she tasted mine to compare, and well, things progressed and basically Becca and I were drinking everyone's pop to solve the mystery. We eventually got to tasting everyone's drinks before someone had the good sense to ask the waitress to bring replacements. Then Becca T pointed out "ummm, this is the first time we're meeting boyfriend over here" and to which I responded "this *is* a pretty accurate representation of what we're like, so it's good he knows." Luckily, boyfriend was not offended and he got our stamp of approval. We're going to the wedding this summer.

Mathew retold the above story to me, which is hilarious 'cuz I'd forgotten about it and I was there, yet he remembered it and he wasn't. He has decided this is a good test of a new person because they should not freak out under these circumstances and take it in stride.

However, he thinks that something extreme should be done to test out that they have the cajones to get mad for the right reasons, and to see what they're like when they are angry. He's decided that pouring a drink over their head is the way to go there.

Maybe I shouldn't bring any boys home to meet Mathew ever.

So yah, that dinner conversation, among others, had me cracking up, hence Friday night gets a thumbs-up.

Saturday was super girlie day for me. In the morning, I got my eyebrows and nails done. Then I walked to Starbucks and got one of my fave things: a chocolate banana Vivanno smoothie. I walked home, had lunch and then a nap, and then went to get my haircut. My fabulous hair stylist broke it to me that he's leaving the city, so I'm a little bummed about that, but it's better to just appreciate the fact that my hair had two years of excellent cuts and move on. Guess next time I book, I'll just go to a random person at the same salon and see how it works out.

Today I enjoyed some good nothing time, but as I expected, some last minute social plans would come my way. One of my friends from university who lives in Switzerland is in town, so other friends threw a dinner party for her. It was a fun time, and a lot of catching up happened.

Well, now I'm facing a long week of work. I've got some stuff coming up this weekend to look forward to, and the week after next proves to be one of the busiest EVER. I'm talking concerts, visitors, dinners, springdowns (silliness with coworkers), p-t interviews, Earth Week events, and applications for work stuff due. At least I had a chill weekend going into it.


AlieMalie said...

good luck with your super busy week in the near future!

glad your weekend was so chill!

The Grunt said...

My weekend was low key.

galapogos said...

I don't know how I would react if I got a drink poured onto my head, probably not very good. I mean, now I have to wear that shirt for the rest of the evening, that's gotta suck.

What's a weekend??

wigsf said...

I would recommend my stylist, but lately, I don't know. I'm only going back to him because we're like cousins. Not because I'm getting a good do there. Last couple of times, I didn't like the end result.

Siobhan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Best of luck for the week.


Jabba said...

Don't you find that it takes FOREVER to find the right fit with a hair stylist?! I found the perfect one for me in Vancouver and then moved 5 days after I met her. It only took me 12 years.....

Miss Ash said...

Oh my god you and your friends sound like me and my friends! We do the exact same thing, though I'm not sure I would try a strangers drink! I'd steal a fry off his plate though :)

-jason- said...

sounds like you had an excellent weekend. hope this long week goes by quickly!

word verif: pookin

sounds dirty.

Jocelyn said...

Hilarious conversation with Mathew. HILARIOUS. Maybe he could pretend that dumping the drink on the guy's head was an accident, thereby not scaring him to leave but still being able to gauge his reaction to having a drink poured on his head.

rawbean said...

I like the vision of you and your friends swapping drinks in front of and with this new guy! That would have been hilarious!

I just found a new great hairdresser and I'm so happy! Hope your new stylist rocks, but at least you got one good last cut with this guy!