Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your beauty must rubbing off on me.

Awww, another wonderful weekend is in its waning hours. Sniffle.

This weekend had a lot of my favourite things: sushi, socializing, sleeping, a show, Starbucks, and shopping. Go alliteration!

The show was Hawksley Workman at Massey Hall, and it was wonderful. There was no opening act: just close to three hours of Hawksley and his band. The show opened up with Mr. Lonely, Hawksley's longtime pianist, playing a medley of Hawksley's songs. It was really special. I grew through my twenties listening to Hawksley and hearing all kinds of old favourites mashed together made me quite nostalgic.

Also what made me nostalgic was that Hawksley played four songs from 2001's (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves. That was the album that just came out when Becca T and I discovered Hawksley, and I was sad that she wasn't there, because those songs remind of the days when Becca T and I would play all Hawksley, all the time. That was our credo, and we couldn't listen to anything else if we tried.

His new stuff was really good too. Highlights were "We'll Make Time", "We Dance to Yesterday", "Robot Heart" and "Song for Sarah Jane". Another highlight was when he played the drums during "Smoke, Baby" which is an older song. Hawksley is a drummer, and getting to see him play is amazing. Seriously, he *is* one of the most talented musicians around. He plays everything, produces other great records (like Hey Rosetta!), and is one of the most amazing and diverse songwriters ever. His style is rather out there and very cabaret, but I believe there is a Hawksley song for everyone and anyone.

It's hard to say what my fave song of the show was, but I think it was the final surprise encore song. The band had just finished an amazing "No Beginning, No End" which is the song that made both Becca T and I fall in love with Hawksley back in the Delicious Wolves days. However, Hawksley came out for one last song on his own, which was the lovely "Ilfracombe". He was losing his voice through the song, and kept coughing, messing up the lyrics and joking about it: "I bet you guys thought you paid for a professional show!" However, it was so special that he wanted to play one last song for the hometown crowd on the last night of his tour, and "Ilfracombe" is one of my favourites and it was beautiful in its quirks and imperfections.

I could keep going on about the show but I won't. I've been on a Hawksley binge today (quelle surprise) and I've been downloading a lot of the singles he's released this year. He's realeased two albums this year. "Meat" was released as a tradition album back in January, and he's been releasing the second "Milk" on a track-by-track basis. I've been very impressed by some of the stuff that has come out of "Milk" so far.

I had a really nice Sunday. I slept in, went to the gym (a lot of the "Milk" songs are great for the gym!), and then headed to the Eaton Centre for some shopping. I picked up a pair of lavender flats that I'd been eying at Aldo, a cute work outfit to go with the shoes, a new pair of headphones that I will keep away from the beast who likes to snack on them, and a new Tshirt with an owl on it.

I rented "The Young Victoria" tonight, and I'm going to knit as I watch it. I think it's supposed to be really good, so I'm looking forward to it. Unlike Monday, which I'm not really looking forward to, but I guess you can't have weekends without starting the week. So bring it, Monday will be my attitude.

Happy new week blogarinos!


Siobhan said...

Bring it,Monday!

Glad your weekend was great, it sounds just perfect and I am extremely jealous.

Miss Ash said...

Hmmm I'm noticing a theme on your blog...sushi and starbucks!

I do enjoy hearing new bands as opening acts however nothing beats seeing the artist you've gone to see for the full show time! Yay!

galapogos said...

Sounds like another great weekend.

Enjoy your week!

yrautca said...

Mondays suck!

Hey, did you notice all your favorite things begin with an S?

Princess Pessimism said...

ohhhhh...i went to see Echo and the Bunnymen this past weekend. They were AWESOME!!! And the Phoenix is a great venue for shows....