Friday, April 23, 2010

You're so nice and you're so smart.

Happy belated Earth Day!

It was a busy one because it was also p-t interview night. It means a late night for me, especially since a bunch of us went to the Drake (2nd time in a week) for drinks afterward. The thing I love about this evening is that it marks what I think of as the descent into summer vacay. Only two months left kids! It'll be a breeze.

Anyway, I organized an Earth Day event that I consider win-win-win because the whole school was involved, the kids were excited, and someone who bothers me got trampled in the fun. The vision of that kept me in stitches all day. Clearly win-win-win.

Today a kid said to me "Miss, you know who you remind me of? That chick from Juno, except you are older and not pregnant."

"I can dig that," I replied.

"That is so something Juno would say," he concluded and laughed.

Anyway, tomorrow is late start (thank goodness) and then I've scheduled quizzes in my classes which makes my day rather quiet, I hope. Then, it will be the weekend! Tomorrow night I'm going for sushi (as I tend to almost every Friday, ha-ha), and then on Saturday I've got a Hawksley Workman show! Sunday will be a day of work, but that's okay, 'cuz I know summer is soon.

Happy weekend everyone!


rawbean said...

Haha hilarious that you were laughing at someone getting literally trampled? Too funny!

Siobhan said...

Being like Juno is cool. And your weekend plans always sound so groovy.

galapogos said...

Up with sushi!

Down with Hawksley!

Jabba said...

Yes, I fear I must ask you to elaborate - trampled?! That sounds like it's worth a blog post on it's own.

Miss Ash said...

Ha, I laughed so hard when I read your delight in the bothersome person getting trampled tee hee!!

Enjoy the concert!

yrautca said...

haha Miss.

Invisible Girl said...

LOL... Okay, that was awesome. Madness!