Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A burst of moon, a blast of air.

So yah, I kind of sucked at writing my post clearly yesterday. The Jays' game was last night, and instead of going home in between work and the game, I stayed at work, marked, then headed out to Starbucks. I realized after I wrote my post that I was sketchy on the details, but IE kept crashing on my horrible work computer, so I left it without being able to edit.

Anyway, the game was fun. The Jays lost (8-3) but it was great being at a ball game. I haven't gone in forever. Being at the *Skydome* always brings back great memories of when I was a huge baseball fan when I was a kid. I named one of my cats after Joe Carter believe it or not. I'd like to get back into it, but I think all the other stuff I have going on in life makes it tricky to commit to being a baseball fan.

Here's my belated weekend update.

I spent Friday night sleeping off my cold. It's almost gone now, thankfully.

On Saturday, I went shopping for a wedding shower gift, and then hung out with Mathew in the evening. We tried a new sushi place in my neighbourhood, then watched the movie "Whip It". I liked the movie a lot. I also had a great time catching up with my buddy 'cuz I remember laughing a lot.

On Sunday, I booked myself a Zipcar (I love car-sharing) and headed out to Whitby for the shower. The shower was for my friend Flora, who is a good friend from university. Becca T and I used to visit Flora out in Whitby a lot, and driving out there brought back good memories. I really missed Becca while I was at the shower, but she'll be back soon, and living on my couch for a couple of weeks.

On Sunday evening, I went to see the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I chose it based on the fact it got very good reviews, and everyone's reading those books these days. Heck, I even gave my dad a copy of the book for his bday. Anyway, the movie was pretty interesting, but insanely dark and graphic! I was expecting something a long the lines of the Da Vinci Code, which is rather innocuous.

I had to cover my eyes many times which amused my movie company to no end. It's a little bit shocking that so many people are into such a dark disturbing story, but I can see why 'cuz it was intriguing. I dunno if I approve of my dad reading such material, but he did request the sequel to the first book for Fathers' Day and I'll prolly get it for him because then he can fill me in on the details.

Right now I'm almost halfway through another really busy work week. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend, but it will prove to be busy too: school play on Friday night, trip to St. Ratford on Saturday and Sunday, and then some Toronto-chilling time on Monday. It will fly as long weekends always do.


rawbean said...

Ohhhh movie company....hehe.... :)

galapogos said...

Movie company?? Are there people out there that only come over for movies? Is this a paid service or strictly volunteer? What is the end of the movie situation, do they just leave or do you discuss the movie? I have so many questions.

Christielli said...

Galapogos - movie company = the person went to the movie w me. That's it. ;)

wigsf said...

Galapogos just gave me an awesome idea. A movie club, like a book club, but without the hassle of reading a book. A group of people get together once a week, watch a movie, then go out for coffee and discuss it.

AlieMalie said...

oooh, i've been thinking of going to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." is it worth it?

glad you had some company at the movies, too. and galapogos, i'm pretty sure it'd be voluntary, but hey ... who WOULDN'T volunteer to go to the movies with christielli?

Miss Ash said...

Rawbean's comment cracked me up! I was waiting for her to add a *wink* or a *nudge* with a smile LOL