Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To be caught in the line of design without a proper subject.

Still rocking out to "Forgiveness Rock Record". I am going to get the new New Pornographers' record at some point, but I do best listening to one thing at a time.

It's May. I've counted that I've worked on 7 major extra-curricular projects/events this school year. Projects #s 6 and 7 and are underway right now. I'll be glad when they are done, but again, I'm super proud of myself for pulling off so much this year.

Last night I went out for ice cream at my fave place (Greg's) with a friend but they were out of my favourite flavour: roasted marshmallow. The way that I can describe the amazingness of this flavour is to say that I can taste the fire. Anyway, I guess it just means that I'll have to go back again. What a shame.

This morning I was on the subway with a friend and he was making fun of the fact that I bring two bags to work: a lunch bag and a purse. (And I wasn't even carrying the customary third bag of marking.) There was a lady sitting by us who commented "Men just don't understand! They don't carry anything and then they are asking you for stuff like your pliers and your measuring tape!" We just laughed with her and when she got off, we were like "ummm, does she carry a purse or a tool-box?"

I shared this story with the Group of 9 on facebook that got us to the random conversation of what is in your purse. I carry my wallet, a Tim Card (kept loose for easy access), three lip glosses, a small hair brush, my iPhone, my sunglasses, an umbrella, keys (work + home), my metropass (attached to my home keys), gum, and a book.

So random discussion time: guys how do you get away without carrying a bag? Or do you? Girls - what do you carry?


rawbean said...

Ohhh good question! I carry my purse with wallet and usually an umbrella, keys and other random items. Sometimes I have an extra pair of shoes with me too!

-jason- said...

they're called pockets =p.

i've got this old trifold wallet with my bank/credit cards, ids, tim card, and other random cards/passes. i also have my keys, spare change (usually at least one of every type of coin with 4 pennies ocd i know), chapstick, dentyne ice, tissues cause i seem to be allergic to lots of things, cell, and ipod nano. it's easier in cooler weather cause i'll wear a coat or pullover (more pockets!).

i am always amazed at how much stuff women carry around. i wouldn't be surprised if that lady had a measuring tape, i've seen some random weird stuff in purses.

Siobhan said...

Ooh good question.

Coin purse, wallet, hairbrush, moisturiser, hand sanitisers, 3 lip glosses, lipstick, keys (home and work), water bottle to refill (or filled), banana, sandwiches, headphones, oystercard, phone, gum a book, antihistamines, painkillers, knee bandage.

The banana and sandwiches get eaten. The painkillers and anti histamines get taken. I also sometimes carry an umbrella and/or sunglasses.

I think that is why my back hurts sometimes.

wigsf said...

So, I'm reading these comments by the women and I'm thinking. Are you women homeless? Do you carry that stuff with you every day?

I carry a briefcase with me for work. Filled with files and stuff like that. When I'm not working, the briefcase doesn't come with me.
I carry around with me all the time: keys, wallet, cellphone. So, pocket, pocket and pocket. Let's say my allergies are acting up, tissues, pocket.

I'm looking at some random items carried by the women who've commented prior to me here. Drugs, lotions, umbrellas, hair brush, lip sticks and lip glosses, shoes, food. Seriously, are you women homeless?
I shall itemize how I avoid the situations you look like you can't avoid.
Drugs - If I need 'em, I take 'em in the morning before I leave.
Lotions - If I need some, I lube up in the morning before I leave. (So yes, right now I've got a headache and dry skin, too bad for me, I'll live.)
Umbrella - If the weather forecasts rain, I carry one in my hand. My umbrella has a nice little loopy elastic string thing for easy portability. If no rain, I no carry umbrella. Worst case scenario, I get wet.
Hair brush - I brush my hair in the morning. Afterwords, I have fingers on my hands. (And chances are, my hair right now is longer than yours.)
Lip sticks and lip glosses - I don't spend my whole day kissing things, so I can make one application last a whole day.
Shoes - I only have two feet, I should never require a second pair of shoes.
Food - If I'm really hungry, I'll go buy some. Otherwise, I wait 'til I get home. Should I want to carry a lunch, those plastic shopping bags that cost a nickel. They don't go to waste.
iPods - Those things are so small today, should I feel like I need to bring one, in my pocket it goes. Just wrap the headphones around it.

AlieMalie said...

i just recently bought a purse which i thought would be big enough to shove my laptop in (it's not) so i can easily get away with just having my wallet most days. even so, the purse does contain my diary, camera, iPod and some other random stuff.

definitely doesn't have a measuring tape or pliers in it though ...

congrats on a hugely busy, successful year!

galapogos said...

I don't know why you all carry around all that stuff. I carry my keys, phone, and a very small wallet, just big enough to hold the essentials. And that's it. Oh, if I'm crossing an international border, I carry my passport. This happens more times then you think.

My gf will carry a purse when she's going to work. But on her days off, and if she's with me, all she will take with her is her phone, and her debit card tucked into her cellphone case, and that's it. She won't take her keys because I have my keys, and she doesn't even carry id on her. That part kind of bothers me. And sometimes she will ask me to carry something, and I always say "hell no". You chose to leave the house without a purse, you have to carry your own crap.

yrautca said...

Good post. On days I dont have a client meeting, I carry a satchel. It has a book, a notebook, my keys, wallet, iPhone, Blackberry, hand sanitizer, and sometimes even a pair of shoes when I am wearing some fancy shoes and want to change to walk back home. So there.

Siobhan said...

I need to take the mega strong painkillers at intervals throughout the day. Hence the drugs. And a water bottle.

And my long luscious locks get wrecked by the time I get to work hence the hairbrush. But when I cut them off it will be groovy.

Hurrah! I'll be one step towards being handbag free!

Miss Ash said...

Okay you must tell me where Greg's is...sounds delightful!

What don't I carry in my purse is the easier question....I have bandaids, water bottle, pill case, wallet, lipbalm (several), hand sanitizer, hand lotion, cell phone, floss, nose spray, glasses, sunglasses LOL