Monday, May 17, 2010

What to do?

Last night, I was offered a ticket to go see a Jays' game. Since I have been to one in ages, I decided to ignore the pile of work that I ignored this weekend, and say yes.

So I until 6:45 pm to decide what to do with my time.

Here are my options:

a) Sit here at school and work. Pros: Will get lots done. Cons: Will be at school.

b) Go to Starbucks and work. Pros: I'll be at Starbucks. Cons: Will have to drag my bag of work to the baseball game.

c) Abandon work at school and go to Starbucks and read David Sedaris book that I picked up yesterday. Pros: Lots of laughs. Cons: Pile of work not depleted.

Okay, as I wrote this out, I've come up with a happy compromise: work for a solid hour and a bit, then go to Starbuck with Sedaris book.



AlieMalie said...

Starbucks. definitely.

Miss Ash said...

I'm with AlieMalie...Starbucks always wins ;)

rawbean said...

Glad you already came up with a solid compromise. Sounds like the best option.

But where does the Jay's game come into play....

yrautca said...

What a slacker!

galapogos said...

Was there a non-Jays option? Because that's what I would have picked.

Claire said...

I like the compromise!


Jocelyn said...

that's using your brain :)

Princess Pessimism said...

i vote starbucks (even though youve already made the decision, and this is yesteraday for you...)

I'll always vote starbucks.