Friday, June 18, 2010

Time, you've got me running.

I'm having a great Friday so far, and have the urge to post for the second time in less than twenty-four hours.

Anyway, the weather is great, and all I had to do today was supervise a morning exam (which I'll now have to mark). After exams were done, a friend and I hit up a face sushi place for lunch, and then I had to go to a Ticketmaster outlet to pick up my Sarah Harmer tickets for Tuesday.

The outlet was in a record store, and as I walked in, I encountered a wall of cheap CDs. Usually I skim those walls and there's nothing that interests me, but I could have seriously almost bought every single CD on that wall.

I limited myself to two choices: "Lungs" by Florence + the Machine (based on rawbeans's recent post), and "If it was you" by Tegan and Sara, because I'm not sure how I don't own that one.

Then I moved onto the new release wall and was further assaulted with a bunch of CDs that I wanted. I settled on "No Ghost" by The Acorn 'cuz there's a Christmas song of theirs that I got on some free compilation last year that I really really like so I wanted to check them out further.

Once I had a pile of CDs in my hand, I went to get my tickets and had a nice conversation with the dude who printed them out for me. He was an older rock-type dude; he reminded me of Patrick from Sloan in maybe ten years from now. We discussed all of the great albums coming out next week, and how it seems like their release date has been moved from the typical Tuesday to Monday because of Eminem.

After I got my tickets and wandered to the other cash to buy my CDs, I was like "Wow! Record stores are fun! I'd forgotten. There are ppl here who will talk to you about music, and you can buy physical CDs. Too fun!" Yah, seriously, I'd forgotten what it was like to buy music in a CD store. I was dumbfounded that I'd completely forgotten the enjoyment of a record store. In fact, that very record store was one that I frequented a lot in university, so it was strange to think of how my music-buying habits have changed in less than 10 years.

As I was checking out, a different dude complimented me on the choice of The Acorn, so I was happy with my choice.

Seriously though, this summer I'm going to more record stores. Also, if I were to start listening to The National, which album should I start with? (Ahem, galapogos, that question's for you.)

All right, I'm going to indulge in an afternoon nap, the it's my free Said the Whale + K-Os + Sloan show. Woot.


Miss Ash said...

I feel like I haven't been in a record store in years...I have, like once but seriously that was it. So odd......imagine the youth of today never setting foot in one....

rawbean said...

Ha! I've been selling some of my CD's on craigslist. The thought of buying any more at this point in life is just not going to happen.

Glad you picked up Florence and the Machine. I'm also digging this album by a band called Muchuu. In particular this song called "When I am Brave" - it's soooo good. Addicted!

yrautca said...

Hold on, you and rawbean are now liking the same music? Hell has frozen indeed!

Princess Pessimism said...

Ive never bought one song online

I still make a point of going and buying CD's that I like...i miss reading the liner notes.

Jabba said...

The Acorn are really good!
It IS weird hey - I used to go into music stores and prepare myself for spending a ton of money in one place. Now, in Victoria - I have never set foot in one. It's actually kinda sad. Makes me think of the scenes in Pretty in Pink when she worked in the record longer.