Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's almost trip time!

Hey ya kids!

Well, I've been spending a couple of relaxing days in St. Ratford. On Thursday night, I took the train to Stratford to hang with the 'rents and Rilo for a bit. I had a big surprise when I showed up at the train station that evening: they changed the departure time of the train that I've taken for twelve years! Luckily, it left just 25 minutes later, so I was just a little bit early; at least I wasn't late and missed my train.

On Friday I relaxed, did some light shopping at Stratford's crappy mall, and then went out for dinner and drinks with 4/9ths of the Group of 9. It was great catching up with them. Veronica, my travel buddy for the upcoming MA trip was there, and I suspect we are going to have an excellent roadtrip.

Today was another slightly lazy day but I did drive out of town to visit a Group of Niner who couldn't make it last night. Now I'm chilling at the coffee shop with wifi. My visits here are much fewer now that I have an iPhone, but blogging from an iPhone isn't the easiest.

Tomorrow morning Vern is supposed to pick me up at 7 am (we'll see if that happens) and then we are off. We are spending the night at a mountain resort in Hanover, MA. I hope it's at neat as it sounds. I'm excited, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather during the trip.

I enjoy my new Mac a lot. I was playing with the built-in camera to get a new shot for Facebook, and I noticed that my tuft of hair was sticking up like a stem on an apple. You may recall that when I was in Nice, I was on a balcony taking a scenic picture, and some cigarette ash fell on my head from the balcony above, burning off a chunk of my hair. The regrowth of that hair is what is currently making a little apple stem on my head. Here is a picture of it. It makes me laugh.

Last time I got my hair cut, my new hair stylist commented on the "breakage" so he got to hear the story too.

Also, you may be noticing my super cute earrings in this picture. I got those at a super cute boutique that Becca T and I came upon as we were wandering in the Marais. J'adore!

So yah, it's an early night for me. I have to do some laundry then hit the sack. I haven't woken up at 6 am in a long time, I tell you. I am nerving out on my vacay: my laptop's coming with so I can blog and Facebook to my heart's content. I love uploading my pics right away.

Hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, especially if you get a long one!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have a mishmash of things to post about, so instead of a coherent post about one topic, here's bunch of random stuff, yet again.

1) I'm staying up late doing laundry because that's how I party it up during summer vacay. As I was taking a load out of the washer, I came across a pair of strange man's underpants in amongst my stuff. I guess that's one of the joys of sharing laundry facilities: people don't always check if they leave stuff in the washers and I don't check before I start, although I might start that practice now. Blah. Oh well, at least they were most likely clean before they came into contact with my laundry; unless some strange dude is breaking into my apartment and leaving his underwear in amongst my laundry. Ew.

2) The answer to my mail riddle from my previous post is that the letter to the UK arrived first, then the one to Winnipeg, and finally the one to Etobicoke, which is basically the west end of Toronto. Well done Canada Post.

3) I had such a lovely Friday in honour of my friend Jane's birthday. I was totally playing the role of a rich lady who lunches and I liked it. We had lunch at a posh downtown restaurant thanks to the reasonable prix fixe as a result of Summerlicious. The food was excellent and I had a great glass of wine. Check out the presentation of my dessert which was a cherry pudding with vanilla ice cream. It was amazing.

After lunch we headed to the luxury of the spa. We had enough time to relax in the whirlpool before having massages. I was so relaxed after lunch and the spa brought me to a new level of relaxation.

4) The rest of my weekend was pretty lazy. I did see "Despicable Me" which I really liked.

5) Tomorrow I'm driving Miss Rilo to my parents' house so they can take care of her while I'm on my trip. It's so funny to think that last year, my dad was really against Rilo staying with them, and now he asks me "when's Rilo going to come visit next?" She loves being at my parents'; she just hates the car ride there.

Anyway, my laundry is done now, so I should go to bed. I want to be on the road by 10 am, which is an early appointment for me to keep on vacay!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Darling, I'm with saint bernards and we're scouring the Alps and the Andes.

A post of random.

1) I am listening obsessively to the new Los Campesinos! EP "All's Well That Ends". It's four alternate songs from "Romance is Boring" that are more stripped down and bare than the originals. You can download the EP here.

2) About a week and a half ago, I mailed out stuff to friends in Etobicoke, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and London, England. You can play a fun game and guess in which order the items arrived.

3) I love Starbucks VIA iced coffee. It's the instant stuff that you make at home. You just put a pack in a shaker with water, and voila! Deliciousness. I started drinking it during the heat wave 'cuz it was too hot for real coffee, and now I have some every morning. Each pack makes 2 big glasses, so it's like $0.50 per serving. It's sad that Becca T is no longer here to share with me, but more coffee for me, I suppose.

4) I have booked the hotels for my Cape Cod/Boston road trip. I'm going with my pal Veronica from high school. I've always been blessed in the fact that every summer I find a great travel buddy to embark with on an adventure.

We leave from St. Ratford on Sunday August 1st. Our itinerary is that the first night we're going to stay at a resort in the Berkshires (a mountainous area in Western Massachusetts) to break up the driving a bit. Nights two through four will be spent in Cape Cod, and nights five through seven will be spent on the outskirts of Boston. Our outskirts hotel is super nice, and within walking distance of commuter train station. It saves us a lot of money since parking is free, and the rates are way cheaper than in the city. It'll only take us 30 minutes to get to Boston by train.

Now all we have to do is fill in what funtivities we'll do while we are there! Oh, and all of our hotels have free wifi, and my laptops coming with us, so expect vacay posts! Did I mention that we're taking Vern's convertible? I don't think I did. But that's def worth mentioning!

5) I love the time that summer vacay allows me to spend with friends. I spent my afternoon with my work spouse (or best work friend as normal people might say). She's moved into my neighbourhood and her new place is a nice 10 minute bike ride from mine.

Tomorrow, I'm celebrating a friend's birthday by going out for a summerlicious lunch, and then we are going to the spa for massages. Relaxation to the max!

6) My lovely pal Siobhan sent me the link to a post about internet grammar on the hilarious blog Hyperbole and A Half. I think a lot of you would enjoy this blog, 'cuz it's very funny. The post about never being an adult reminds me of me. INTERNET FOREVER!

7) I own about a billion unread books, however none of them were appealing for me to start this evening. Instead, I walked down to my fave cheap neighbourhood bookstore and picked up a novel called "What the Body Remembers". I hope it's good. I'm going to stay up late reading it tonight. Well unless I drift off.

8) Well, my calendar tells me that tomorrow's Friday, so I hope you all have great weekends!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A post about stuff.

The past five days have been an awesome whirlwind of busyness. I just woke up from passing out on my couch for an evening nap, and I was going to just write a quick post, but Rawbean had asked on twitter if I was going to post pics of stuff from my shopping trip to the US, so I am going to do that instead of lazing out and just using my words.

Here's the breakdown of the whirlwind.

On Thursday, BT and I did some shopping on Queen St. I got a basket for my bike, a cool camping hat, and some shorts from lululemon that I'd been looking at for a long time. I will post a picture of the basket on my bike once I install it.

On Friday, BT and I went for mani/pedis and sushi for dinner. We had a quiet night since we had to prepare for our shopping marathon on Saturday.

And here is the loot from Saturday's marathon!

a) Shiny stuff from Coach: I've been in the market for a smaller purse and it was love at first sight with the one below. Look how it has a removable long strap (for every day use) as well as a short strap (more dressy use)! It was 40% off! Oh and it's dark purple inside! I have been wanting a Coach wallet as well, so I got the cute purple one below. I'm tired of carrying a larger wallet.

b) I got this cute headband to wear at the wedding I went to on Sunday. The thing with short hair is that it's tricky to dress up, but neat headbands can do the trick!

c) Some random cheap costume jewelry. I wore the big bracelet to the wedding.

d) I loved these sparkly bird earrings as soon as I spied them. I got them even though they weren't exactly a bargain but they are so cute and are so me!

e) I loved this ring from Macy's. It was on sale too! I also wore it to the wedding. As you can tell, I was pretty blinged out at this wedding. Also, note the nice nails from Friday's manicure!

f) Being the school supply that nerd I am, I bought this cute notebook and some pretty pens that will no doubt come in handy once I have to mark again. I did also buy some really nice black pants for work for cheap at the Gap outlet. It killed me to buy something for back to school, but when I can get pants for $28 there that I'd pay $75 for here, I had to do it, even though I really didn't want to think about going back to work.

g) This is the yummy flavour of Crystal Light that's not available here. I bought a modest five boxes of it. Princess Pessimism asked if it's that good, and yes is it!

We did get back pretty late that night, and seriously, both BT and I felt pretty tired from the trip on Sunday.

Which, of course was the day of the wedding! It was for my friend Flora, who BT and I met in our university residence almost twelve years ago! Flora and I also did teachers' college at the same time, and we have traveled a lot together (Australia, UK, and the Maritimes). She is an amazing friend. The wedding was beautifully organized, and I have to admit that I constantly got emotional since she is such a great friend and I'm so happy for her. I also love her parents, and it was so touching to hear their speech and how happy they are for their daughter.

It was a lovely and fun evening, and here are some silly pictures of stuff from the wedding.

a) I wore my highest heels to the wedding. Now, I've wore these shoes to two other weddings plus this year's prom. However, I think my legs were so tired from the shopping marathon, that it just wasn't working. In between the ceremony and reception, BT and I hit up the Oshawa mall and went straight to Payless, where I got these cute flats for $14. Note the cute pedicure.

b) Isn't this dessert so cute? And trust me, it was tasty!

c) We got these bird salt and pepper shakers as favours. Love them! And that cute Chinese takeout box had personalized chocolate-covered fortune cookies in them, which were very yummy to eat at 1:30 am as BT and I were chatting after the wedding in my apt.

Even though last night was super late, BT and I dragged ourselves out of bed and hit the gym. This evening, we went for one last sushi dinner with BT's sister who was in town to pick her up. Sadly, my temporary roomie for the past two weeks is gone and I'll miss her. :( She's back to France in a month and I don't know if I'll get to see her 'cuz she's in Ottawa, and I gotta hit Stratford, Boston, and go camping. Oh well, I did get two whole weeks of BT time, so I can't be too sad!

This week, I'll be working on planning my Boston trip, and doing some apartment cleaning/organizing. The first is fun, the second is vastly necessary. Hope you all have fantabulous weeks!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

I think the heat is denaturing my brain these days. I CONSTANTLY have the above Beyonce song in my head.

Becca T and I have been watching a lot of shite on Youtube lately. I wake up in the morning and the first words out of my mouth are "Full on double rainbow! What does it mean?" or "I'm on a horse." Seriously, I need to go to something cultural and uplifting like going to the theatre. (Note: I'm hearing great things about Rock of Ages and would really like to see it. Perhaps a date with the work spouse?)

Anyway, we're off on a shopping trip to the States! What am I going to buy? Something shiny and pretty at Coach and a bunch of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Lemonade, that's what.

Happy weekends folks!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can see your halo and don't it feel good?

I spent an evening getting reacquainted with my old friend television. I haven't spent an evening watching so much TV in a long time. I started with some Jeopardy! (I totally would have won), then watched Hot in Cleveland (that show makes me laugh), then caught part of the Bachelorette. I haven't been watching this season, but from what I saw I liked the guy she sent home so boo to her. Becca T and I both didn't like the dude with glasses; his V-neck shirt was too low and he had beady eyes. After the Bachelorette, we caught a silly show called True Beauty and finished with an episode of Glee from my DVD collection (hence the title of this post).

Whoa, when I write it all down, that seems like a lot of TV. It was. I commented to Becca T that my butt was feeling sore from sitting so much. She replied "that means you're getting a good workout." I like how she thinks.

At least I wasn't completely slothful; I did get some laundry done in the meantime.

Other than my night of heroic TV watching, I've been quite busy these days. I often have people ask me if I can handle the two months off without getting bored. I always say it's no problem; summers are way busier than you'd ever think. I spend a lot of my time getting caught up with the people and tasks that sometimes get lost in the craziness of the school year.

The Metric show on Friday night was amazing. The Molson Ampitheatre was packed and with good reason. Emily and co. put on a spectacular show. Metric has definitely one of the best live shows out there, and you guys know that I do go to a lot of concerts, so I know my shit. :)

Since the show I've been busy going out for late night breakfast, sushi, one-year old's birthday parties, pho + ice cream dinners, and a proper late morning breakfast. It's amazing how many people I've been able to see so far this summer. It truly makes me appreciate all of the wonderful people in my life.

Oh! And I also caught the World Cup final game in the midst of all of that. I watched the whole game, and I have to admit that I liked it, even though I don't understand off-sides, yellow cards, and all that stuff.

Becca T is still with me for another week. This week has some down time for me, but I've got a dentist appointment, a mani-pedi, a US shopping trip, and a wedding to keep me busy. Again, totally no time to get bored.

And, this week I'll have more time to get back to the gym and read some more. I'm slogging my way through Sybil. The first 200 pages of the book were great, but it's lost steam and I just want to be done with it. I have about 50 pages left. I can't wait to start on something new.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying this wonderful summer month too!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Come on, baby, play me something like, "Here Comes the Sun"

I woke up to rain, glorious rain, this morning and I couldn't be happier. I think the insane heatwave we've been having is going to break finally.

It's been a busy week. Becca T arrived on Tuesday evening, and I've been able to spend some good quality time with her. One of the things that has been priority for us is to spend time in air-conditioned places, so we've been going to lots of coffee shops, random movies, and the like.

I hope that the rain takes a bit of a break this evening because I'm going to see Metric at the Moslon Ampitheatre. I have covered seats, but not everyone is so lucky, so I hope it stops. I'm very excited for the show though.

This weekend I have a lot of socializing to do which makes me happy. Hope you all have good weekends too. :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

But holidays are made for reading...

... especially when the temperatures with the humidex reaches over 40 degrees Celsius. The title of this post comes from the song "Things to Forget" by Sarah Harmer. It always runs through my head when I spend a good deal of time reading during my holidays.

This post is going to be about the book that I'm currently reading and how I discovered it. Summertime usually allows me to discover some weird true story that I become a little bit obsessed with. Last year, it was the story of Jackie O's eccentric and destitute cousins that is portrayed in the movie "Grey Gardens". I highly recommend that movie. It was made last year for HBO and stars Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

I discovered this year's odd obsession when a friend of mine sent me a link to a Futurama episode that has something to do with iPhones (I haven't watched it yet). The site had all kinds of other TV shows on it, and I started to watch an episode of "The United States of Tara" that stars Toni Collette. It's about a suburban wife and mother that has multiple personalities. It was all right, but it got me to thinking about some women with multiple personalities who had written a book that I saw on Oprah when I was a kid. I started doing some googling so I could see if I could find out what happened to her. My research lead me to Sybil, who is an early case of multiple personalities before the woman on Oprah.

Sybil is a book about a woman with multiple personalities written by a journalist. It is based largely upon her treatment by her psychiatrist and her own experiences. It was made into two made-for-TV movies: a 1976 adaptation starring Sally Field, and a 2007 version.

I found the Sally Field version on YouTube in 19 parts. I started to watch it and became hooked. First of all, they don't make movies like this anymore. It was originally shown on two nights, so it's pretty long (3 hrs). This gave a lot of time for character/setting development. I found that the movie was really detailed, and at first I thought "man, this is slow" but at the end I appreciated it because I got to know the character(s) and how she lived. Her apartment was featured a lot, and I feel like I got to know it, and its posters of cats, very well.

Sally Field is a really amazing actress in it. She does a great job of portraying Sybil and her other personalities. All together Sybil had 16 personalities, but only maybe six were shown in the movie. But Sally did a great job of showing the differences between them. Oh and the scenes with Sybil's mother were super creepy! I recommend the 1976 version of the movie, but only if you have time and patience.

I tried to watch the 2007 version which is much shorter but I couldn't really get into it. I will give it another shot, but frankly, I missed Sally.

I wasn't quite ready to leave the world of Sybil and her other personalities, so I decided to pick up the book. According to the cover, the book was a huge bestseller back in the 70s. I am LOVING it! It's non-fiction, but it reads like a novel, and it's very well done. I'm about halfway through, and it's obviously way more in-depth than the movie. I think the movie was a good adaptation, but I'm enjoying getting to know the story more through the book.

And that's the strange reading that I've been doing in the heat of my holidays. But seriously, I so love discovering some neat story that was always there just waiting for me to find it in some random way.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I died so I could haunt you.

Forgive the gothiness of the title of this post. It's from the Stars song of the same name and I really like the song.

Anyway, the theme of this post is summer, so far, in point form.
  • lots of sunshine and heat
  • searching for the perfect pair of camping pants takes me two days
  • but it's pretty sweet when I find them; gotta go return the reject pair sometime
  • listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene, Stars, and Sarah Harmer
  • my shoulders are red from a bike ride in the sun in a tank top with no sunblock (shame on negligent me)
  • Rilo likes to play and sleep in my translucent turquoise dining room curtains
  • it's not the best idea to bake homemade mac 'n cheese on a hot night when one doesn't have AC... but it's still a good idea, just not the best.
  • talked to Becca T on her Canadian summer cell phone... she's here in two days!
  • I should not buy any more books, but Indigo just had a buy 3 get one free sale, and I discovered a weird book from the 70s about a woman with multiple personalities that I just had to read which prompted me to partake in the sale
  • there's a lovely plant on my dining room table from a colleague to whom I lent a bunch of resources for summer school (note: I am against me teaching summer school... ever.)
  • I want to get up for a 9:30 am yoga class tomorrow... but there's also one at 7 pm.... will I make it with that knowledge?
Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of July too.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me.

Welcome to a post with a focus: a movie review! You don't see that around here very often, that's for sure.

On Thursday, I headed downtown to see the Broken Social Scene Movie "This Movie is Broken". I totally would have seen it last weekend, but you know, riots downtown meant the theatre was closed.

The movie takes place in the summer of 2009 in Toronto. It was nice be reminded of that summer, and the city-wide garbage strike with the heaps of garbage being dumped in parks, and the smell, oh, the smell.

Broken Social Scene were supposed to do their annual concert on the island, but the ferry drivers were also on strike, so the concert was canceled. Instead, they decided to put on a free show at the Harbourfront.

If you know me, you'd assume that I would have been there at that show with proverbial bells on, but alas, I was the MC for a good friend's wedding that weekend, so I had caught a train to St. Ratford for that event.

Luckily for me, they decided to make a movie of the event! Woot! The movie is very different in that it shows a lot of footage of the show, with a fictional love story wound around the show itself. I loved the idea. Here, watch the trailer:

The concert footage amazing. It was hard to keep myself from clapping during the performances. Seeing the show made me really eff-ing wish that I could have been there, but seriously, seeing it in a theatre is the next best thing.

The love story was all right. It was really sweet at the beginning, but then it sort of fizzled a bit. However, the more important love story was the band's love of Toronto. Even though their big show was cancelled, they put on a free hometown show, and pulled out all the stops, as you can see from the number of people on the stage. Toronto, garbage strike and all, looked fabulous in the movie, and it made me glad that I'm going to spend most of my summer in the city.

Anyway, overall, I'd give the music part of the music 5/5 and the story 3/5. That averages out to a healthy 4/5. It's only playing in Toronto and Vancouver right now, but I'm sure the DVD will be out soon enough.

Here is someone's footage of what was my favourite song in the movie. It's "Anthems for a 17-year old girl" and seriously, if you were ever a 17-year old girl or even just liked one at some point, I challenge you not to fall in love with this song. Seeing Emily (from Metric), Feist, and Amy (from Stars) sing together on this song is amazing. Again, it's too bad I wasn't there, but I had to spend time with all of my best friends from when I was a 17-year old girl. I'm so happy they made this movie though.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. It's bike-ride in the heat time for me! Movie review done.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

At 3 am, they play Oh Canada.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

This afternoon, I'm going to check out the Broken Social Scene movie "This Movie is Broken" and then go for dinner. It will make for a very Canadian day since I'll be watching a Canadian movie, eating at a local restaurant owned by Canadians, and I'm sure I'll make a Tim Horton's run at some point today.

I've been enjoying the start of my summer a lot. On Thursday night, we had a very nice graduation ceremony for my favourite graduating class ever. I'm going to miss those kids a lot. After grad, I went out for dinner with four of my favourite work friends, and that dinner morphed into a very late and very fun night. I needed one of those.

Yesterday was our year-end party and now I'm stress free for two whole months. I love it!

Well, I'm going to go for a bike ride this morning and then head out. I will leave you with my annual Canada Day tradition: listening to this song at least once.