Thursday, July 22, 2010

Darling, I'm with saint bernards and we're scouring the Alps and the Andes.

A post of random.

1) I am listening obsessively to the new Los Campesinos! EP "All's Well That Ends". It's four alternate songs from "Romance is Boring" that are more stripped down and bare than the originals. You can download the EP here.

2) About a week and a half ago, I mailed out stuff to friends in Etobicoke, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and London, England. You can play a fun game and guess in which order the items arrived.

3) I love Starbucks VIA iced coffee. It's the instant stuff that you make at home. You just put a pack in a shaker with water, and voila! Deliciousness. I started drinking it during the heat wave 'cuz it was too hot for real coffee, and now I have some every morning. Each pack makes 2 big glasses, so it's like $0.50 per serving. It's sad that Becca T is no longer here to share with me, but more coffee for me, I suppose.

4) I have booked the hotels for my Cape Cod/Boston road trip. I'm going with my pal Veronica from high school. I've always been blessed in the fact that every summer I find a great travel buddy to embark with on an adventure.

We leave from St. Ratford on Sunday August 1st. Our itinerary is that the first night we're going to stay at a resort in the Berkshires (a mountainous area in Western Massachusetts) to break up the driving a bit. Nights two through four will be spent in Cape Cod, and nights five through seven will be spent on the outskirts of Boston. Our outskirts hotel is super nice, and within walking distance of commuter train station. It saves us a lot of money since parking is free, and the rates are way cheaper than in the city. It'll only take us 30 minutes to get to Boston by train.

Now all we have to do is fill in what funtivities we'll do while we are there! Oh, and all of our hotels have free wifi, and my laptops coming with us, so expect vacay posts! Did I mention that we're taking Vern's convertible? I don't think I did. But that's def worth mentioning!

5) I love the time that summer vacay allows me to spend with friends. I spent my afternoon with my work spouse (or best work friend as normal people might say). She's moved into my neighbourhood and her new place is a nice 10 minute bike ride from mine.

Tomorrow, I'm celebrating a friend's birthday by going out for a summerlicious lunch, and then we are going to the spa for massages. Relaxation to the max!

6) My lovely pal Siobhan sent me the link to a post about internet grammar on the hilarious blog Hyperbole and A Half. I think a lot of you would enjoy this blog, 'cuz it's very funny. The post about never being an adult reminds me of me. INTERNET FOREVER!

7) I own about a billion unread books, however none of them were appealing for me to start this evening. Instead, I walked down to my fave cheap neighbourhood bookstore and picked up a novel called "What the Body Remembers". I hope it's good. I'm going to stay up late reading it tonight. Well unless I drift off.

8) Well, my calendar tells me that tomorrow's Friday, so I hope you all have great weekends!


wigsf said...

I'll wait for the weekend to begin before getting my hopes up about having a great weekend.

Miss Ash said...

Can't wait to hear about your adventure! And I say the packages will arrive as you wrote them Etobicoke, Winnipeg and England :)

Jabba said...

Okay - that post about never being an adult is awesome. Sometimes I feel that way too. I'm an ADULT? I don't FEEL like an adult....
And the grammer post - genius.

Your week trip is exciting! I'm imagining you two with pretty polka-dot scarves tied around your hair zooming down the highway in the convertible. Oh, and you're also wearing plastic sunglasses in colours to match your scarves.

I'm guessing the letter arrived in London before Manitoba.

Princess Pessimism said...

Youre going to Boston!!! I used to live out there. I can give you the short cuts that will take about a half our off your drive, AND recommend pubs and restaurants (if youve never been that is....) IE: beantown pub and Quincey Market is a must. LOL When are you going??

Claire said...

Yay holidays! I'm so jealous, feels like I haven't been away in ages!


galapogos said...

I'm in the wrong line of work. I need summers off.

Siobhan said...

Your holidays sound immense. I am seriously jealous. :)

And thanks for mentioning me, I'm glad you liked it!