Sunday, July 04, 2010

I died so I could haunt you.

Forgive the gothiness of the title of this post. It's from the Stars song of the same name and I really like the song.

Anyway, the theme of this post is summer, so far, in point form.
  • lots of sunshine and heat
  • searching for the perfect pair of camping pants takes me two days
  • but it's pretty sweet when I find them; gotta go return the reject pair sometime
  • listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene, Stars, and Sarah Harmer
  • my shoulders are red from a bike ride in the sun in a tank top with no sunblock (shame on negligent me)
  • Rilo likes to play and sleep in my translucent turquoise dining room curtains
  • it's not the best idea to bake homemade mac 'n cheese on a hot night when one doesn't have AC... but it's still a good idea, just not the best.
  • talked to Becca T on her Canadian summer cell phone... she's here in two days!
  • I should not buy any more books, but Indigo just had a buy 3 get one free sale, and I discovered a weird book from the 70s about a woman with multiple personalities that I just had to read which prompted me to partake in the sale
  • there's a lovely plant on my dining room table from a colleague to whom I lent a bunch of resources for summer school (note: I am against me teaching summer school... ever.)
  • I want to get up for a 9:30 am yoga class tomorrow... but there's also one at 7 pm.... will I make it with that knowledge?
Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of July too.


Jabba said...

Holy crap I LOVE that song and the entire new Stars album!
You should get up for the 9:30 class, then come home and go back to bed!!
I had mac and cheese on the weekend too, but it isn't that sunny here so it wasn't too hot. I'd still make it on the hottest day of they year though because it's THAT good.

The Grunt said...

AC is required down here. Even the homeless and the animals are outfitted with it.

My July is going alright so far.

wigsf said...

With a goth title like the one you offered up, I expect a much gothier post. I demand more usage of the words: despair, blight and sorrow.

rawbean said...

I'm jealous of your heat wave. It's been so lame weather wise here, all overcast and mild.....booo! I want sunburnt shoulders!

Miss Ash said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying your bike so much!!!

I say 7pm yoga class will win!!