Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's almost trip time!

Hey ya kids!

Well, I've been spending a couple of relaxing days in St. Ratford. On Thursday night, I took the train to Stratford to hang with the 'rents and Rilo for a bit. I had a big surprise when I showed up at the train station that evening: they changed the departure time of the train that I've taken for twelve years! Luckily, it left just 25 minutes later, so I was just a little bit early; at least I wasn't late and missed my train.

On Friday I relaxed, did some light shopping at Stratford's crappy mall, and then went out for dinner and drinks with 4/9ths of the Group of 9. It was great catching up with them. Veronica, my travel buddy for the upcoming MA trip was there, and I suspect we are going to have an excellent roadtrip.

Today was another slightly lazy day but I did drive out of town to visit a Group of Niner who couldn't make it last night. Now I'm chilling at the coffee shop with wifi. My visits here are much fewer now that I have an iPhone, but blogging from an iPhone isn't the easiest.

Tomorrow morning Vern is supposed to pick me up at 7 am (we'll see if that happens) and then we are off. We are spending the night at a mountain resort in Hanover, MA. I hope it's at neat as it sounds. I'm excited, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather during the trip.

I enjoy my new Mac a lot. I was playing with the built-in camera to get a new shot for Facebook, and I noticed that my tuft of hair was sticking up like a stem on an apple. You may recall that when I was in Nice, I was on a balcony taking a scenic picture, and some cigarette ash fell on my head from the balcony above, burning off a chunk of my hair. The regrowth of that hair is what is currently making a little apple stem on my head. Here is a picture of it. It makes me laugh.

Last time I got my hair cut, my new hair stylist commented on the "breakage" so he got to hear the story too.

Also, you may be noticing my super cute earrings in this picture. I got those at a super cute boutique that Becca T and I came upon as we were wandering in the Marais. J'adore!

So yah, it's an early night for me. I have to do some laundry then hit the sack. I haven't woken up at 6 am in a long time, I tell you. I am nerving out on my vacay: my laptop's coming with so I can blog and Facebook to my heart's content. I love uploading my pics right away.

Hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, especially if you get a long one!


wigsf said...

Always with this trips this one.

rawbean said...

Awhh such a lovely post and I have a lot to comment on. First - that is a cute picture!! AND I was immediately drawn to the earrings and am not checking out the website. Thanks for the tip!

I'm so excited for your trip! I think it will be a great time and I can't wait to hear about it.

Claire said...

Such a cute pic! And I am deathly jealous of the new tempted to indulge.....

Have an awesome trip!


Princess Pessimism said...

Have such a fantastic time!! i cant wait to hear all about it.