Thursday, August 12, 2010


Let's play the fun game of where in the world will Christielli be for the next three days? Well, the title of this post gave it away, but it's one of the least likely activities you'd expect *me* to be doing.

However, I am a fan of trying new things (albeit reluctantly), and since I am an environmentalist, I should probably get out into the environment every now and then. Right? And, since I am dating a super fun cute guy who loves camping, and he actually agreed to go with me enthusiastically (even with the caveat of "it'll be like camping with a five-year-old"), it's probably the right time to get my outdoors on.

We leave tomorrow morning, and are doing about a 35 km hike over Fri/Sat/Sun. I'm going to have to sleep in a tent for two nights. I think the last time I slept in a tent was in high school, and it was most likely on my friend Sandee's lawn during one of her infamous May 2-4 parties. I'm going to have to eat dehydrated food. I'm going to have to go to the bathroom outdoors, which I've never done before.

This upcoming camping trip has provided much laughter to my friends. When I was telling my work spouse about it, she said "Christy! You are going to have to wear running shoes!" (What, did she think I was going to do it in heels?) Now she's actually someone who is *less* outdoorsy than me. She asked me if there are little houses along the path where you can take a break, charge your camera batteries, go to the washroom, and have a nap in a proper bed for a bit. She was appalled that there weren't.

More than one person I know has wished for the ability to turn into a fly to watch me camping. I'm going to be extra cautious around flies, because I wouldn't want to accidentally smoosh a friend of mine, just in case they were granted that power somehow.

Also I have been reminded that I've made the statement "I don't camp" on more than one occasion by more than one person.

However, since I do have an army of people praying for me and wishing me luck, I really think it should go well. If there's one thing I've always had a plethora of, it's well-wishers. And their well-wishes will help me get by, I know it.

So, hopefully, that will reduce the anxiety of my brave camping buddy 'cuz he was a bit worried when I described some people's reactions. However, the ones who did laugh the hardest are the ones who are less outdoorsy than I, so it's not like camping experts were laughing at me. I think I avoided this by not knowing very many camping experts...

Anyway, again, wish me luck, pray for no rain (the forecast isn't great, but I refuse to believe it), and stay tuned for the hilarious post-camping post.


Siobhan said...

Hey you can add me to the well wishers and people who are less adept at camping than you. I've only camped in recent years at a festival and there is music, rubbish toilets and places to buy pizza there.

But next year I will be camping so look forward to see how it goes to give me an idea of if I will cope!

All the best it sounds like fun!

wigsf said...

I will be waiting for the post-camping post, assuming you survive. Be warned, I've been taunting bears while wearing a Christielli mask, so I don't think you'll be well liked in Ontario's more forested regions.

(And don't ask where I got the mask, I had it custom made.)

galapogos said...

"since I am dating a super fun cute guy..."

Is this the first mention of this, because it seems very off-the-cuff?

Anyways, have fun!

Jabba said...

Yay! I hope you have a great trip and your flashlight doesn't go out on you while you're in the middle of a scary forest in the middle of the night.
Just think of how good a martini and your bed will be when you get home. I'm sure you'll love it though.

Alex said...

hope you have a blast! i KNOW you'll have a blast!

jason said...

I think you'll have a really fun time. Don't forget the s'mores. Good luck with the trek!

Miss Ash said...

Okay wait I'm stuck on the part where you "havent gone to the washroom outside".....really....never ever....?!?

Have fun!!!

s.g said...

I too am shocked that you never went to the washroom outdoors on a side road near my hood.
Tips - leaves of 3 let is be. Find a fallen log to go over, that keeps your bottom off the ground. Bring sanitizer as no washroom is also no tap to wash after.

Aaron said...

Awesome! Sometimes the ridiculousness of the weather makes it all the more fun. I'd say rain beats sweating it out all weekend anyway! Have fun!

rawbean said...

Haha this is so funny! I think the most interesting part will be you guys setting up the tent. You might be a little stunned. I was when I went camping earlier this year.

Have a great time! I hope you guys are at least bring smores!

Princess Pessimism said...

i swear to god - you could have taken this right off of my goal list that i blogged about earlier this summer - you just turned it into an entire post - where mine was one paragraph...maky sure you dont use poison ivy for toilet paper. EEK

I Need Waterwings said...

much like I said on FB, bring baby wipes. They will be your best friends.

Apart from that, enjoy the outdoors. It's lovely out there.

The Grunt said...

Just remember that raccoons are not cats.