Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm moving past the feeling again.

Well folks, it's the tail end of summer vacation. Yah, yah, I know. Poor Hawaii!*

I knew my adventures had come to an end when I had to get a car to go pick up Miss Rilo Kitty from my parents' house. I'm enrolled in an auto-sharing program. It's a super convenient way to get a car when I need one: I can book online, and I can even reserve one for just a few hours. Anyway, I was ultra-pumped to listen to the new Arcade Fire album on the road, because I finally got it. I always choose a car with an iPod adaptor, but the cord was missing from the car, so I was stuck with radio. Oh well...

Anyway, I had a nice visit with the 'rents and I saw my aunt too. The part of the drive with Miss Rilo is never as smooth as when she's not in the car. She is not a good traveller. She cries the whole time. This time, however, she was able to claw/chew a small hole into her carrier, and escape into the car. Driving on the highway with a loose cat isn't my idea of a good time, but now I've learned to choose a hard plastic cat carrier, instead of a cute soft one with netting that isn't a match for a pissed-off cat who wants out.

Luckily, Miss Rilo doesn't hold grudges, and she still loves me despite the car trip. She's also taken to sleeping up here a lot:

On top of all of that excitement, there is a leak on the first floor of my building, and they have been trying to figure out where the leak is coming from. My apartment is one of the suspects, so I've had people in and out for three days now flushing my toilet and running my water to figure things out. However, apparently my bathtub taps were leaking (I never noticed), so a plumber fixed them while he was here. This morning I was awaken by a request to put a hole in my bathroom wall so they could continue with the forensic plumbing.

So the good news is that my apartment isn't guilty of the leak: it's the unit below me. They now have to have their toilet ripped out. As for the hole in my bathroom wall, it's gonna stick around until the situation is all clear.

Today I had a dentist appointment. Right now I'm waiting for the freezing to wear off so I can eat. I'm hungry.

As for the next week and a bit, I've made a lot of social and beauty appointments. It'll be busy and fun. In case you are wondering, August 30th is the day I have to go in and start planning. My brain has atrophied and is afraid of going back. But do you know what my calf muscles say to my brain? If we can do a 35 km hike, you, my friend, can go back to school!

*Poor Hawaii! is something I say based upon this Triumph video. (Sorry, Youtube won't let me embed this one.) A teacher whining about going back school is exactly like a cloud or two in Hawaii.


Jabba said...

Holy CRAP did that ever go fast?! I feel like it was just last week that I was typing "I can't wait for your summer posts" and now it's almost over!
Ziggy is actually really good in the car. The only thing that gets him really going is when we have to take him on the ferry. I think he gets sea sick!! Awwwhhhh!
I think teachers deserve the time off that you get in the summer. You guys work hard and sometimes put up with a lot of crap from students!

Princess Pessimism said...

WOW - it feels like a week ago that you were blogging about getting report cards together...Yikes that went fast!

rawbean said...

Yes holy crap that did go by super fast! Seems like last year was slower. What the what?

Once I had to drive my brother's dog from my parent's place in Bellingham back to Canada. He is a nervous traveller and he only weighs maybe 10lbs. Anyways, he sat in the passenger seat and stared at me THE WHOLE WAY HOME.

galapogos said...

Cats sleep in the weirdest places sometimes. And I've never met a cat that was a good traveler.

Enjoy your last days of freedom!

Claire said...

Oh goodness, I hear you. I need to do some planning ahead of going in next week and I feel like my brain has seized up!


wigsf said...

Screw Hawaii, you had to drive in a car one day without an iPod adapter during your annual 2 month vacation.

And what else, does the sody pop make your teef hurt?

Miss Ash said...

It took me a minute to find Rilo way up there!!

I'm in agreeal (totally aware that's not a word but PP and I use it Ha!) with everyone else about how fast this summer went by! You accomplished a lot and I think you're in need of some sushi, pedicures and of course starbucks before you go back!!