Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post #800!

That's a lot of posts, Batman. I can't believe that I'm only 200 away from the "I'll never get to one-thousand"-th post. Thanks for reading bloggarinos.

Post #800 is going to be an always-exciting weekend rundown complete with recipe links. Recipe links? That's new!

On Friday, I decided it was time for me to go the Harry Potter exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. I love Harry Potter, and I think the only thing that had kept me away for so long was the location. I mean, I'm used to going there with 20-40 teenagers in tow, and it just wouldn't be the same to go on my own, ha-ha.

However, it was amazing, and I'm glad I went. The Harry Potter books, and movies, are one of my favourite things, and it was amazing seeing the costumes and props in real life. I had completely forgotten about the hilarity that is Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart in the second movie. I got to sit in Hagrid's chair, saw Buckbeak and Fawkes, and probably my favourite was seeing little Dobby. I have to say that overall the Harry Potter movies are an awesome adaptation of an incredible series of books. Well done movie people. I enjoyed my afternoon of nerding out.

On Friday night I chilled and procrastinated the inevitable: the cleaning of the disastrous apartment. For the past week, I've had people in and out of my place without warning because of a plumbing situation, and it's been a little embarrassing because of the disaster. I felt like saying "I don't normally live like this" but I still couldn't muster the courage to start the overwhelming job. Saturday morning was when I finally got my ass in gear, and I did a really really good clean. There's still some organizing stuff I need to do, and some laundry, but if the people need to continue coming in here this week they'll be like "whoa! what happened here?"

One sad side-effect of the cleaning is that I realize I have enough clothes and no back-to-school shopping is needed. :( Well, maybe one outfit...

On Saturday night, Steve came over for dinner and I made this delicious Moroccan Chickpea & Vegetable Stew that is from the blog Everyone Likes Sandwiches that I discovered through rawbean and/or Jabba. Then we went to see "The Other Guys" which was funny, provided you find silly Will Ferrell movies funny (I do). This morning, I made haute egg sandwiches for breakfast which were really yummy. I was so intrigued by the interesting combination of ingredients in this recipe that I just had to try it, and I loved it. Cheese, apples, and honey forever!

This afternoon I treated my beat-up hands and feet for a mani/pedi. Fingers are now silver; toes are now periwinkle. My friend Fea was also able to join me which was fun 'cuz we got to catch up about our respective summer travels and commiserate about the inevitable. We met up again at my work spouse's new house in my neighbourhood for a BBQ. The weather sucked, but at least it stopped raining so we could chill outside. Anyway, it was fun meeting up with friends from work, and seeing them on a regular basis is one reason to look forward to September.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to have Mel, the craziest member of the G of 9, visit me but she's postponed until Thursday. I'll have to figure out what to do with a free day now. On Tuesday, I'm getting my hair cut and dyed (!) for back to school. I want to go darker. I'm excited for that. Wednesday is dinner at my fave neighbourhood Mexican place with friends. Yay for having lots of fun stuff on tap for the last proper week of vacation. However, I just ask for time not to fly while I'm having fun.


rawbean said...

I totally know what you mean re: messy apartment. I need to tidy mine and have been procrastinating like crazy. Hope nobody drops in unexpectedly!

The Grunt said...

Happy #800!

Princess Pessimism said...

i LOVED the harry potter exhibit, and am so looking forward to the theme park in florida this november! a large number of my friends are enlisting me to bring back pumpkin juice, and a variety of other things for them, since I think im the first person that I know of in my social circle to be going. (I even bought the exhibit guidebook, which was a good idea!)

I spent 7 hours 2 weeks ago cleaning my place. Thats the stuff nightmares are made of....

I ALSO saw the other guys this weekend, and was so disappointed. I felt like the movie could have been another half hour longer, with all of the jumps that they did in the script. I feel like there was way more to the story, and they either did a really bad job editing....but I just felt like there was a really bad flow to the story line.

I also saw piranha - there was a scene that made me gag. LOL

s.g said...

the evil side of me is happy teachers have to go back and the fun is over. mostly cause I am not teaching and had to work this summer - so perhaps I am very bitter. I told many a people that I did not go to school this long to work.

Miss Ash said...

Yay for number 800!!!

Okay I just checked out that stew recipe and i'm drooling!!! Totally making that and totally checking out their other recipes!!! Thanks for the link!!!

Enjoy your mani/pedi!!

the2scoops said...

The Potter exhibit was great, checked it out the week before. Little surprised that the costume's worn by Robert Pattinson weren't under glass and guard.