Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A post about hair-dos, eavesdropping, and books.

After a summer of lots of fun, my hair was looking a little bit worse for the wear. Bangs in my eyes, shagginess all over, dried out ends, and colour washed out by the sunshine. I decided that that was that, and I was going to get it overhauled: I'd have it cut and dyed. Basically I'd tell the stylist to go nuts, because I wanted something new.

I've been rather "homeless" when it comes to hair salons since April-ish. My longtime stylist moved, so I went to a slightly pricier place in my neighbourhood. I enjoyed the proximity, the atmosphere, and the free drinks. I decided to make it the location of my overhaul.

Whenever I say I'm going to get my hair overhauled, it never ends up being as drastic as my statement. I wanted my hair darker, but I realized I do like my style (a layered bob that's longer in the front, shorter in the back, with bangs). So really, the overhaul wasn't much. I had the hair trimmed so there are no more bangs in my eyes, and it looks neat again.

As for the colour, it's a nice subtle difference, and no longer looks washed out. The stylist recommended that I get some highlights put it to make my hair look fuller. I have super fine hair, and if someone says something will add body to my hair, I say do it.

I was happy with the end results until I got the bill. I have never ever paid that much for my hair in my life! I had an estimate in my head of how much it would cost, and I though I was being a little bit extravagant, but it was twice that! I'm surprised I didn't faint at the counter! Why was it more than I thought? Well, the only places in my life I have ever gotten my coloured have been in Stratford, and there when they colour your hair, they cut it for free. I thought that was the norm. Here, I had to pay for the colouring + the cut, so hence the heart attack for me. Seriously, what have the rest of you experienced on this matter?? When you get your hair coloured, do you have to pay for the cut too? Or is this a small-town thing?

Anyway, here's a picture of the end result from the back. Please tell me it's beautiful.

Anyway, the atmosphere of the salon was really cool. I got complimentary lattes and hand and shoulder massages. Also, there was an interesting older gentleman getting "a little taken off the top" who was seated next to me. As I was sitting with foil on my head, I listened a bit to his conversation with his stylist. She asked him what was the last book that he read, and he commented that he'd read the latest book by Richard B. Wright which is called "Mr. Shakespeare's Bastard".

The "books to read" part of my brain immediately took note. Richard B. Wright is the author of one of my favourite books ever: Clara Callan. I haven't really kept up with his writing since then, but this new one sounds so interesting. It's written from the point of view of Shakespeare's illegitimate daughter. Now, I'm not sure if there's any historical evidence that there was one, but that's an interesting premise don't you think?

I got home and researched the book immediately: it doesn't even get released until mid-September! Older gentleman at the salon apparently has some connections!

Anyway, since I spent a lot on my hair, I vowed to be frugal ASAP, so I looked to see if the Toronto Public Library had it in their database yet, and they did! 37 holds so far, but for the TPL and their bazillion copies of anything, that will only take a month or so to get through.* Unfortunately, my account needed to be updated before I could place a hold, so I hopped on my bike to fix that situation, plus put a bunch of holds on other books too.

So, I'm really excited for that book.

Right now I'm reading a really great book. I picked it up yesterday on a whim. It's called "The Girl in the Blue Dress" by Gaynor Arnold. It's fiction that's loosely based on the relationship between Charles Dickens and his wife. Did you know that he sent his longtime wife and mother of ten children to live in a shabby apartment so that he could conduct an affair with an actress? And, he released a statement to the papers blaming her for the separation because she was an insufficient housekeeper? Neither did I! It's a good book, and I'm zipping through it.

I also have Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" on the go. It's non-fiction about the author and her family's quest to eat locally for a year. It's really good so far, but I took a break from it because I was craving fiction.

Congratulations if you made it through this rambling post. What are you reading these days?

*My estimate for this time is based on experience. Years ago, on a lark, I put a hold on a book with 1000+ holds to see how long it would take to receive. It took about six months. I never got the book because my roommate at the time forgot to give me the message until it was too late to get the book. Luckily for her, it was just an experiment, and not something I really wanted to read. I think I would have been a little bit peeved if that had been the case.

p.s. One last piece of excitement from today: Los Campesinos! are playing in Toronto on October 8th! YAY!!! Hopefully I'll get to see them this time, barring any interference from pesky Icelandic volcanoes!


Alex said...

it's gorgeous! i love the color and the highlights and OMG it is *so* shiny!

with regards to the color and no charge for the cut, that's what I've heard is the norm as well. I don't color my hair, but a ton of my friends see the same stylist I see back home and he never charges them for a cut if they're also getting a color at the same time.


yrautca said...

That color and length are my fave and I am not just saying it. The color is especially great. I need a good book now that I am recovering.

Princess Pessimism said...

I love your hair!!

I went to get my hair done once, and because its to the middle of my back, getting it hilighted and an inch cut off cost me 190 dollars!!! I almost died when they said it...

Jabba said...

Your hair looks great! Not that I knew what it was like before....but it looks good now. Man, I need some layers....and I've never coloured my hair....

I have Clara Callan on my pile of books! I'll move it up the list. I didn't know that about Dickens...I must say that it doesn't change his status in the list of my favourite authors....he's still #3. As long as there are no ZOMBIES in The Girl in the Blue Dress I would totally read it.

I put a hold on a book last week and it still isn't in and there are no holds on it! And I'm BETWEEN BOOKS....starting to hyperventilate...

K said...

Books are the last things I borrow from the bibliotheque. I like these things called CDs and DVDs. Frugal is as frugal does.

rawbean said...

Beautiful haircut!

The other day I walked right by my old hairdresser whom I basically abandoned for another....yikes. Awkward. I pretended I didn't see her.

wigsf said...

I think you missed a golden opportunity. With the new school year starting up, you could have wowed returning students and faculty by going blonde.
Sure, your hair looks fine and all, but it's not "Oh my God, is that Christielli?"

galapogos said...

Looks great!

Yeah, that has been my experience for women at the salon, they have had to pay for the cut and colour, and yeah, its really pricey. I haven't found anyone I really like since I moved to Vancouver. I found a cool place where they give you a beer, but I wasn't pleased with any of the stylists.

Miss Ash said...

Love the highlights!!

I've always had to pay for the cut and colour! I can't believe there are places that won't charge for the cut that's insane! I used to pay about $140 but I found a cheaper place yay!!

The Grunt said...

Your hair looks superb!

Claire said...

The hair is super cute!

I've just finished a book...now to choose another lovely from the pile. :)